What could possibly be greater than God?

In some belief systems God created the universe, earth and man within the space of six days; and then rested on the seventh.

According to mathematicians, physicists and astronomers worldwide the universe was created as a result of a big bang which occurred during a very small piece of 1 trillionth of a second. A tiny, incredibly dense ball of trillion degree temperature, highly energetic strings of pure energy expanded at a rate faster than the speed of light until they passed through the Higgs-bosun field and acquired the “God Particle”. This particle field gave these tiny strings of energy the property of gravity. Outfitted with gravity these tiny strings could now begin to assemble, as they cooled, into subatomic particles, atoms, and eventually the universe as we now see it.

But back to everyone’s theory of a God. In the almost universally held opinion of every Western religion a God created the universe we inhabit. Even Eastern religions have a central figure (Buddha for example) who encompasses the very spirit of their religion. Whether this God went further and created the “heavens and earth” and “mankind” in particular are other subjects entirely.

Here is my question. If you accept that current string theory is as close to putting everything we currently know about the universe into as homogeneous theory as possible, you must also agree to the possibility of alternate universes. According to Stephen Hawking’s and other geniuses there may be as many as 10 or 12 or perhaps an infinite number of alternate universes.

If a God created each one, who is behind the curtain pulling the strings for the entire universal performance? Pythagoras may have been the first person to recognize that numbers seem to be the basis behind everything. The atoms, molecules, planets and galaxies, not to mention alternate universes, can all be described by and all dance to a music mosaic of numbers.

We have been able to develop an extraordinary perspective from an amazing array of analytical tools using the simplest of all numbers, zero and one. I can’t imagine what being able to investigate and differentiate each primary number universe or to carry each Fibonacci sequence to its mathematical end would mean in terms of cosmic knowledge.

It seems the more we learn about the universe the more we realize we don’t know much about what we just learned. Knowledge is not finite but grows. Infinite knowledge requires an entire and growing universe to contain it and we have an infinite amount of knowledge yet to learn. I guess the answer to my own question, “What could be greater than God?” would be the chief what’s in charge of all the gods in charge of individual universes in the multi-verse, or in other words, the ONE who controls the sum of all the knowledge contained in all universes. WOW

Can you imagine the entourage necessary to carry that ONE’s baggage?

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