The US is hooked on war like a junkie on meth.

I am old, going on ancient. As a young man I suffered through the Vietnam War during prime time. I was an engineering student in a military/industrial college during the 67-71 period in American war history and I saw two distinct forces at work at the time.

On the one side stood my potential employers; the military-industrial complex. This was the enormously powerful group of companies which took global hold after the Second World War. At the end of WWII the war machine was a huge piece of the American economy. There were giant profits in war matériel, a huge skilled labor force in place to make weapons of war, and an entire Third World of nations to use them on. On the other side of the war machine were students and people of peace.

We have been terraforming and terrorizing large pieces of world real estate for over half a century now. We haven’t accomplished anything of significance, but we have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars needed elsewhere trying to bend the world to our way of thinking. The peasants who have been on the receiving end of our smart bombs aren’t pleased but they haven’t had any success at repelling our invasions.

So what does it say about Americans that we are willing to support one of the bloodiest military regimes on the planet? In case you haven’t noticed, our war machine grinds on regardless of which party controls the White House or Congress. Death panels do exist. These are the military-industrial CEOs who decide where their air cannons and smart bombs will be used next.

We are not directly involved in every conflict on the planet, so not all war deaths have our fingerprints on them, but our agents are always in there somewhere. Google Mexico/ the drug war/ weapons supplier and guess which country pops up? So are we a country without a conscience? Is profit our only motive, our core value? Is everything our leaders say or do from Congress on up to the President just lip service to protect our war machine? Weigh in on this America. I for one am tired of seeing America being spelled in blood all over the globe.

We don’t have to be the biggest supplier of weapons of mass destruction on this planet. If we took the money we are wasting blowing Afghanistan to smithereens and spent it building our own roads, bridges, schools and hospitals, believe me this country and the rest of the world would be far better off for it. If we used the money spent in Afghanistan on humane and beneficial projects for the people in that poor country do we actually believe they would be trying to kill us for our kindness?

I won the draft back then and so was spared the direct experience of war but many of my friends weren’t so lucky. I saw these people I grew up with come back after a tour duty changed forever. Some died, some survived but no one was ever the same again. Being forced to participate in the most barbarian of human activities is the most soul corrupting activity imaginable. Being involved in the deaths of millions of women and children, not to mention their husbands and brothers, for the sake of profits of soulless corporations makes all of us somewhat less than human.

For men of good conscience an experience of this nature is utterly demoralizing.

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