Want to live forever, or at least a lot longer?

Not everybody does, you know, but if you do, surprise surprise, you may not have long to wait.

Now that we can manufacture new cells using our own DNA, living longer becomes a simple plumbing problem; out with the trash  in our cells which cause errors in cell replication and on with producing exact duplicates to the original cells.

However, we’re not quite there yet, so maintenance is still the key to longevity.  If you keep in tip top condition through proper diet and exercise chances are good you will, if you are still under 40, live to well over 100 years old!

One of the key ingredients to life everlasting turns out to have a lot to do with free radicals crashing round and about our bodies and doing irreparable damage to our brain cells and our cardiovascular network.

Science has recently focused in on one of the key molecules discovered to help us live longer. It has hidden itself in the color red among natures fruits, seeds, and roots but is found in abundance, relatively speaking, in the

Honorable Grape;

or more particularly in red wine.  The name of this incredible antioxidant is


What this molecule does is it goes to work on a cellular level ridding the body of those aggressive molecules that gang up on and in individual cells in your body, and whose action results in imperfect cell reproduction.

This, in turn, causes cellular degeneration which results in early aging.

As I said earlier, aging is simply a nano sized plumbing problem of flushing out the trash which collects in our cells. If you would like more information or how to obtain this product, in combination with a host of other anti-aging nutrients and minerals, follow the link below:


When you land on the page scroll down to the link for Chinese Herbal Remedies and be prepared to be amazed at the variety of medicinal herbs available.

Warmest regards and great health to all, Bob Parmelee

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