Resveratrol to the rescue…

… heart rescue that is. Resveratrol was fairly recently discovered hiding among nature’s seeds and roots and fruits primarily in the color red. I know, weird, apparently just another of life’s mysteries, but researchers following up on an old wives tale discovered it. The old wives tale maintained that wine was good for the heart. I always assumed that the rosie glow one gets from drinking wine and the romantic spell it can create were what the tale was about.

Well I was wrong. The wives tale was actually referring to the benefits our heart “the actual organ” gets from wine. Wine is loaded with antioxidants which help to prevent heart disease. They do this by increasing the good cholesterol levels in our blood and thereby help to prevent arterial hardening and plaque from building up in your cardiovascular system.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to start drinking gallons of wine daily to keep your heart healthy. Researchers began to investigate what substance in red wine could be responsible for the healthy benefits. They boiled these choices down to the flavonoids in wine and in particular one they named resveratrol.

They zeroed in on this particular substance because it does the same cellular repair work for the plants which create it as it seems to do in lab animals. It protects plant cells from the effects of poor nutrition or bad growing conditions, and the plant itself from insect attacks and plant diseases.

After looking at resveratrol levels in dozens of plants it turns out resveratrol is found in the highest concentration levels in an herb called knotweed. This herb is almost exclusively found in China and Japan and that’s where most of the world supply comes from now.

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