What is in a name?

Huge savings, that’s what!

If you find yourself suffering from old sports injuries, or a touch of arthritis, something out of ancient history may provide relief. The Chinese have been perfecting herbal remedies for thousands of years. So we looked into it, and…

Parmsplace has partnered up with one of the most comprehensive generic supply houses on the planet, as well as the largest supplier of Chinese herbal remedies.

In addition to herbal or generic versions of household names like Lipitor and Viagra,you can also find those medicines you need whose names are too hard to pronounce….

Always at unbelievable prices.

Just type the name of your prescription in the search window to find out whether we can supply your needs and to see how much you can save.

(In case you didn’t know.)

A generic product name is just the unflattering birth name given to a product by scientists before it gets it’s more user-friendly name from the marketing department.

Like Marion Morrison deciding that he would get along better in life with a more macho  name like John Wayne, pharmacy companies prefer to give their products names  more easily remembered.

I would bet you’ve never heard of atorvastin calcium, but I would bet you have heard of Lipitor before. These products are the same thing. So ….

Please bookmark this link and prove to yourself you can save a fortune by replacing those name brand medicines with the same chemicals but at savings of at least 50%.

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Health care, and in particular holistic and herbal medicines are the way of the future.

Click below to have a look.


Warmest regards, Bob Parmelee

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