Republican Progress Plan… Back The Truck Up

Is attempting to govern the future by divining the “true” meaning of the Constitution the way to move forward? Is interpreting what was in the minds of the founders when they created our Constitution originally still relevant to life in the U.S.A. today? Advice, especially good advice, extends through time, but advice is not a roadmap to anywhere. The conditions our founding fathers lived with 200 years ago bear little resemblance to the conditions we are living with today.

Simply put, the world of today bears no relationship to the world of 1789. Our numerous amendments to the Constitution over the years bear witness to that fact.

We are now in the dawn of the 21st-century. My question is, just how relevant can a document over 200 years old be in deciding our way forward? Back then it took over three days for a message to get from Philadelphia to Boston on horseback. Today it takes about 30 nanoseconds by microwave.

No one doubts the times have changed but shouldn’t our interpretation of our laws change with the times? Currently one of the most progressive legislative accomplishments to benefit US citizens since social security, Obamacare, is being reviewed by the “Supremes”. In every industrialized society but our own nationally mandated affordable healthcare is considered a right for all citizens.

We have finally begun to catch up to the rest of the modern world in agreeing that providing national healthcare, free education, and a reasonable standard of living should rate as high on the nation’s agenda as waging wars. For one thing, it’s far cheaper. For another, it is the civilized thing to do.

To me at least it sounded like we were beginning to make real progress. We were finally putting easing people’s lives on a par with taking people’s lives. Providing health care to our own poor citizens was almost on a par with providing death and destruction to our “alleged enemies”, the poor people in other countries.

We should never be allowed to forget that the people who create wars, from which the only output is death and destruction, are never at risk themselves. We can never forget that the people who make huge fortunes dealing in wars, their implements and their aftermath, people like Dick Cheney, are never, ever, in harm’s way themselves.

So what do you agree with, America? Should we devote our future to assured destruction by backing the truck up on human rights and continuing spending our treasure on fruitless wars of attrition; wars which will inevitably lead to retribution? (How soon we forget both World War I and World War II when Germany thought it was destined to rule the planet.) Should we use whatever means necessary, even if it means resurrecting Ben Franklin and the other founders, to defeat Obamacare before it even gets going?

Or should we give ourselves a break here in our country and tell the war mongers to start fighting their wars themselves and leave the poor people out of it?

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