The Two Theories of Creation

There are two distinctly different theories about the birth of the universe. I believe I am fairly representing the points from both sides of the debate.

Astrophysicists have determined there was an event called a singularity and have given it the name “the big bang”. This event sparked the conversion of energy into matter. As this matter cooled, condensed and passed through the Higgs bosun particle field it acquired the property required to hold our universe together (gravity) and became everything in existence. This process started some 15 billion years ago and has advanced to where we are today.

On the other hand, we have what I call the 6K theory. This theory suggests that a supreme being created the heavens and earth and everything in between approximately 6000 years ago. Early civilization produced some of the greatest minds in all history, but… They didn’t have the math and science we have today or the tools we use to measure our world, so they made a few mistakes. They looked upon the midnight sky as if it were a giant canvas. Everything shining down on earth appeared to be the same distance away except for those bright lights in our immediate solar system they could see moving about. They drew their astronomical conclusions from this false set of data. They concluded that the Earth was the center of the universe. They didn’t realize that as they looked into space they were looking back in time. It is possible they overestimated the importance of this world and mankind’s place in the grand scheme of the universe.

For the 6K theory to be correct “God” had to do one heck of a lot of backfilling; 15 billion years worth, or thereabouts. Background material in the form of billions of galaxies and trillions of stars had to be planted throughout the universe in order for the universe to be discovered by us in the shape it is in today. Four billion years of background and false trails, including fossil records hundreds of millions of years old from creatures no longer on earth today had to be planted around our world. Geological evidence of vast tectonic plate movements and ice ages and meteorite impacts had to be created in order for them to be discovered by us.

So what makes more sense? Let’s look more closely.

On the one hand man has evolved over the last 2 million years within a universe that has been evolving for 15 billion years. Or, mankind started out from within the Garden of Eden with a brand spanking new universe, artfully arranged to look 15 billion years old, just 6000 years ago. According to the Bible God created man. Shortly after God created His perfect universe and plan for it, He realized His first error. He realized Adam would be incomplete without a mate, and to guarantee man would be incomplete forever God took a rib from Adam and created a woman He named Eve. Now this second adjustment to the plan was a real doozy at the time. Apparently God neglected to take into consideration the behavior of His second human creation, Eve, and the havoc she would soon create in the Garden. All we know for sure is that God was so disgusted with the behavior of Adam and Eve He kicked them out of his paradise forever, or at least from the time he caught them seeking knowledge until now.

If you are still on the fence about which theory makes more sense perhaps these ancient words from a philosopher known for his clarity and common sense will help. Occam’s razor states that whenever more than one solution presents itself to a problem the correct solution will inevitably turn out to be the simplest solution. Either we have 15 billion years of evolution that got us to where we are today, or we have 15 billion years of false trails and background story for the 6K theory to be correct. You decide.

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