Goodwill is on a one-way street now.

As a sign of our national goodwill American taxpayers have provided our elected officials extraordinary, some might even go as far as to say outrageous, salary and benefit packages. The reason for our extraordinary generosity is to relieve our most trusted officials from the everyday challenges in life so they will be free to concentrate exclusively on the affairs of the nation. To further free themselves from daily concerns our legislators also removed the burden of taxation from themselves. Heaven knows we wouldn’t want them to have to spend valuable time on the onerous burden of keeping track of income and expenses, and then be expected to send a piece of their hard-earned money back to the government like the rest of Americans do.

(The Lord knows if our legislators had to prepare their own tax returns they would rewrite the code to something intelligible, or at least intelligent.)

So our elite are well fed, they get first-class service everywhere, tax-free incomes, and diplomatic perks like paid vacations (junkets) anywhere around the globe they have a yen to visit.

Speaking for myself, I would be inclined to do the best job for my employer, the American taxpayer, as humanly possible. Assuming all the other elected officials elevated to godlike status adopted the same selfless dedication to their constituents, we should be the most satisfied electorate of any democratic society on earth.

If our congressmen and senators loved us as much as we love them, and did for us as we do for them, they should enjoy at least a 90% favorability rating.


I mean you can’t please everybody. You can miss a few hard cases and still get an A grade. Pleasing 9 out of 10 people who voted for you shouldn’t be a problem if you are doing what you were elected to do.


So riddle me this. Congress has an approval rating in the very low double digits, perhaps even as low as 9%. How is this even possible? How can the Goodwill we extend to our elected officials go almost completely unreciprocated?

Clearly the love affair between Congress and those who elect its members is over. It is time for divorce.


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