Who is ED anyway?

All over the TV I hear tell about this ED guy. I don’t care what channel you surf to and land on, if you sit through a couple of ad cycles, commercials for ED will appear. (Appear – explode onscreen with beautiful, scantily clad models and pretty pills is more like it.)

So who or what is ED? Why, erectile dysfunction of course. In layman’s language that means you have lost either your urge to procreate, or your ability to perform with the necessary rigor, or both.

For men this can seem like the end of the world for several important reasons. First, our manliness is tied to our sexuality. Our sexuality is so interconnected to who we think we are we even measure ourselves by the size of our “love” handle. When our equipment deflates so does our ego. Sometimes our ego deflates to the point where we no longer consider ourselves men anymore.

Sex is also very good for everyone’s overall health and sense of well-being. Scientists have discovered that during an orgasm, in both men and women, endorphins are released into the brain. These are the real “feel good” agents in our brains which account for the “afterglow” and “sense of contentment” that accompany our body’s release of tension. Sex is one of the best sleep aids known to man for this very reason. After the release of an orgasm and subsequent sleep the body seems to be able to repair itself much more quickly and easily than it can without the release those of endorphins.

So it’s easy to see how despair can easily set in when we think our sexuality is doomed to the dustbin of history.

Well, buck up me hearty, all is not lost! It turns out the whole problem is a plumbing problem and easily repairable.

Compare a man’s equipment, if you can for a minute, to one of those long skinny circus balloons. Once inflated the balloon is tied off to prevent the air from escaping. Otherwise the balloon would lose its shape and deflate to a wrinkled caricature of its former glory.

Men have a muscle to do the same thing in our body to keep blood in our penis. When it closes it effectively allows blood to be pumped into our penis but not to go back out. Our penis has no choice but to inflate like a balloon. It will stay that way until something, like an orgasm, allows that valve to reopen, which in turn permits the blood to flow back out. Of course the penis deflates as a result. If the valve never closes tight the penis never inflates right.

To fix the problem we merely need to encourage that lazy old valve to close tightly again. Today’s new drugs do this very effectively.

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Herbs and the bugs that munch on them…

Fellow health devotees,

From what we can gather, cures for all diseases known to man have their roots in the natural pharmacopeia provided by the earth. From the rain forests of the Amazon to the caterpillars of Tibet, nature’s herbs and the bugs that munch on them have kept man alive and thriving throughout our entire history.

The Chinese have been perfecting the use of herbs in cures for just about everything for thousands of years.

They learned how to combine herbs in ways that increase each herb’s healing potential; just like the drug companies try to do with synthetic replacements.

However, the difference between the natural healing proteins and their synthetic versions is the hangover you get from side effects which always seem to accompany synthetic drugs.

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Warmest regards, Bob Parmelee

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