Are Generic Medicines Safe?

I get frequent requests for more information on the subject of generic medicines. Most consumers are aware that generic versions of their prescriptions are far less expensive than their namebrand counterparts. Naturally they suspect that there is something different about them and that the generic version is probably inferior in some way.

The truth is a generic version of a drug may not be identical to the namebrand in all particulars. For example, buffering agents or coatings may be altered slightly, or the color and size may be different from the namebrand version of the product.

These are merely cosmetic changes. The actual chemical composition of both generic and original versions of any medication should be identical. Sometimes drugs induce adverse side effects and manufacturers attempt to lessen any negative reactions to their drugs. What you end up getting is a kind of a cocktail with the main ingredient being the same as a generic product.  In addition you also get a few extra ingredients targeted at mitigating any side effects commonly associated with the main product. (Like the olive in a martini )

Many of the most widely used medications today have been or soon will be seeing their patents expire. Drugs like Lipitor and Viagra, perhaps two of the most widely recognized names in the entire pharmacy pharmacopeia next to aspirin, are both now available in generic versions.

Parmsplace has concluded that generic medications are, in the overwhelming number of cases, identical to their namebrand counterparts. All medications may cause side effects or adverse reactions but reactions are specific to an individual person. Not everybody has the same reaction to a medicine. Therefore, there is no reason to assume you will be any better off buying a more expensive product.

If you have been offered a generic replacement for something you are paying an arm or a leg for, try it. You shouldn’t notice anything different besides the extra jingle in your jeans.

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