So we have God the father, and God the son.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have God the mother, or God the daughter? If the father and son concept isn’t the best example of sexism on the planet I don’t know what it is.

In all of nature it is the female of the species which gives birth. How I know this is that by definition the females have the ovaries and the ovaries produce the eggs; that makes females the women. Males are merely the sperm donors.

So here we are, men only, sitting around, smoking our bowls and contemplating the birth of the universe. Under ordinary circumstances, say if we were discussing cows, chickens, or children, we would have no trouble conceding that it is the females who do the birthing. But when the conversation shifts to the birth of the universe men seem to have a huge brain fart. Apparently we can give the female member of all species on this planet credit for the birth of everything under the sun, but when it comes to the birthing of a sun, that is a man’s job.

What changed? Where did God’s ovaries and eggs (the germs of a new universe) come from? In nature an egg has been known in extreme cases to develop into a fetus without benefit of a sperm cell. I know of no case in nature where a sperm did anything on its own but die and unfulfilled short life. Our universe came from the egg of life, not the sperm.

Give a woman a chance and she’ll tell you who, and only who, is capable of giving birth to anything besides a brain fart. But really, folks, the argument is academic. According to the Bible, at first there was only God. My best guess is if we could peer into that brilliant ball of light to see the image we created, we would find God equipped with both a beard and boobs. That’s right folks… God was a hermaphrodite. God was the ying and the yang, all +s and -s rolled into one, a pure ball of energy. Sex was not a factor; the procreation of a universe was only a thought away.

So when God split into both energy and matter (E= MC X C), SHE also spawned two forms of matter; matter as we know it and the opposite number where a negative charge is on the inside of an atom and the electron has a positive charge. Matter and antimatter. Yin and Yang. It is quite simple really, and sex had nothing to do with it; at least it didn’t until  the Big Bang. Since then men and women seem to be at opposite  polarities.  More on this subject to follow.


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