The Truth About Lies

Lies are all around us. We live our entire lives among them.

They percolate among us until they takeover our thoughts and emotions, our finances and finally our freedoms.

• Lies which lead us into phony wars.
• Lies about the true cost of those wars and their results.
• Lies, which lead us into phony mortgages. These were even called liar’s loans.
• Lies that scare us into forfeiting our privacy.
• Lies that promise us security and cost us our freedoms in the bargain.
• Lies about global warming.
• Lies about national health care.
• Lies from our congressmen and senators, and even our presidents.
• Lies from our news media.
• Lies from our parents, siblings, children and friends.
• Lies from our lovers.

The above list is by no means a complete liars list. Lies are as common as cornflakes. But how about we add in the misconceptions, half-truths, exaggerations and distortions, and hundreds more cracks the truth can fall into or slip completely through.

Is it any wonder nobody listens to anybody anymore? Why bother, what’s the point? I have known people who would rather tell a lie when the truth was 10 times easier to tell.

Some of our most prestigious federal agencies are based on deception. One of the most secretive professions to spring up recently is called “perception management”. This profession involves creating a “truth” and then selling the “truth” to a gullible public wholesale. PM people are to spin doctors as neurosurgeons are to witch doctors.

So does the truth, which is as often as not a matter of individual perception, matter? After all, we seem to be able to function without very much of the real deal.

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