Life Gives Us Two Choices

When we are born into this world we are all given a vessel to live in. It is our own body; to grow in, to learn from, and to use as we see fit. Many people of different beliefs think that body and soul are one, a package deal. One can’t survive without the other. When the body dies, that vessel and all its contents are gone forever.

For many others, the soul lives on after the body dies; more on this subject later.

Based upon a belief in theory one, that when the body dies so does the soul, we could look at our lives like hourglasses. When we are first born we are most full of life, and as we live our lives we use up time like sands in an hourglass; only when the sands fall through the hourglass, there is no bottom vessel to catch them.

If we get lucky in life nothing ruptures our vessel and the sands of time run out slowly. A long lifespan is a result, but still, when the sand runs out of the vessel, the vessel is empty. What that life was, so full at birth, is now gone. Many lives end abruptly, their vessel gets broken, and for those people the sands of time ran out all at once. But all life ends in a blink. Even after a long protracted illness life still blinks out in an instant.

In this theory of life, all life on this planet (carbon-based life forms anyway) is alive one minute and gone the next; atoms to ashes, dust to dust. The atoms in our used up vessels get recycled into the next life. It’s interesting to me that eternal atoms are a fact of life. Sharing a unique combination of eternal atoms gives all of us an everlasting quality doesn’t it?

The second theory is that humans (as far as I know no other animals or life forms on earth, just humans) have two separate parts and when the vessel itself dies the soul lives on. We make a choice while living whether we want to have a blissful hereafter or spend an eternity roasting in hell. Humm, millions and billions of lives have come and gone on this planet and only one man had the courtesy to come back from the dead to speak of life on the other side, and at that for mere moments.

Here is my question. Didn’t that person have a special advantage to begin with? I mean, it is an acknowledged fact that his birth was unique in the entire world; nothing like the birth of Christ, before or since. No other person, not even his sisters and brothers, or the vessel of his birth, his mother, had his special DNA.  A 50% X 50% blend of DNA; half human/half God. In my mind anyway, therein lies the fly in the ointment.

So to continue my question, given the uniqueness of this one individual in all of humanity, what gives anyone the idea they could replicate his feat? I mean, Jesus was half God to begin with. He had all the power of the universe on his side and it still took Him three days to muster up the strength for a brief visit before moving on to his reward for being crucified permanently. I mean, not one visit in some 2000 years! You could say that Jesus left earth without a backward glance at humanity. And who could blame him? Look at the suffering he endured while in the company of his half brothers in humanity, earthlings!

So we have two choices. Either we are one body and one soul, or we are body and soul. The odds are one billion to one that since our bodies and souls come into this world together they go out together. Occam’s Razor speaks to the truth on this point. In all matters with multiple solutions the simplest solution invariably turns out to be the best solution.

Here is my answer to life. Live life as if your life will never be fuller than it was at your birth. Live life releasing the sands of life slowly and fill the vacuum they leave in your vessel with knowledge. Gain knowledge about this journey, unimaginably difficult, and yet at other times fabulously rewarding, this gift of life we all share for a brief moment in time. Knowledge, or wisdom, is the only thing that can replace the sands of time.

One last thought. Some people spend their whole lives attempting to fill the hole they feel growing in them as the sands of time run out. Too many people try to fill that hole with stuff; stuff like, money, cars, houses, boats, stuff. Stuff will never fill you. Stuff is like concrete. Stuff can never swell or expand like knowledge can to fill the virtual space inside you. Your virtual self, you see, is as big as the universe you choose to live in. Your universe can be as big as your imagination or as small as one man.

It is up to you to decide.

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