WordPress bloggers

I don’t own my own WordPress blog site but I have had phenomenal success with a few of my blogs using the host WordPress site…Until recently.

During July the entire site was shut down (at least in my neighborhood) for approximately four days. When the site came back online over half my blogs were closed to comments due to “the abuse of comments”.

I am not sure what that means. I checked a few other iblog@blog articles and found those articles to be closed to comments also.

Does anyone using the WordPress site know what this was about? With over 50 million bloggers using this site this radical change to the comments section must’ve caused a loss of millions of dollars in revenue. For those of us who use blogs to feed our websites this drastic action has caused the entire site to lose its best feature; that of author/reader direct communication.

In short, a great deal of the “fun” and “engagement” between a writer and reader has been lost. I will have to move to another blog site.

After tens of thousands of comments I am at a loss to understand why such a radical action took place. Any explanation would be appreciated. Please write me directly if you have an answer, or even a clue, since comments to this blog will no doubt be closed “due to abuse”.

You can reach me at my email address: bobparmelee4@gmail.com I hope to hear from every one of WordPress’s 50 million viewers to see if we can’t pinpoint the culprit responsible for causing such disruption and loss of revenue.

Thanks for listening, Bob Parmelee

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