Here in the West we have what I call the “Western Diet”.

This diet is a real killer!

In one of the better movies of the 70s, The Adventures
of Remo William
s, Joel Grey’s character, a world-class
health conscious Korean assassin, says about the diet we have
here in the West “the reason you call your food fast
food is because it speeds you into the grave.

Here is what goes into fast food:

Ø    sugar saturated, chemically altered, nonfood fillers
Ø    highly processed salt laden flours and animal fats

Where is the food?  Eating these types of pseudo-foods is why
the West suffers such high rates of diseases like diabetes,
osteoporosis, heart and coronary artery disease,
joint disease and cancers.

Virtually all cases of type 2 diabetes and obesity are caused by this type of diet. 

One out of every three people with cancer can trace their cancer back to this “Western”diet.
(source: Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food)

So the real culprit in unhealthy diets, IMHO, is not whether your diet is high-protein, high-fat, or high carbohydrate in nature.  What matters is whether you are eating real food, not chemically saturated highly processed concoctions sold as food but providing very little of it.  You can eat enough fast food at one sitting to provide enough calories to last a day, and leave the table still starved for nutrition.


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