The Thing About Change

Whether we like it or not we have entered a new spin zone called video reality. Photo journalists and ubiquitous cell phone camera users are streaming video around the globe by the second at the rate of transfer it would have taken a century to deliver — just a decade ago.

It is hard for the world to appreciate the transformational effect the combination of Apple and Facebook are making across the communication landscape of the planet. Sometimes, from our point of view here in America, it’s easy to forget that the lesser developed countries (a few of whom we are trying to bomb to pieces at the moment) have not yet graduated from AM radio to the cassette deck. Not to worry, they are jumping across decades of technology straight to the iPod.

What is even harder (but hopefully not impossible) for us to wrap our heads around is that these people in these undeveloped countries we are bombing are just like we were 200 years ago. They work hard to survive and raise their families, and they just want a better future for their children than they had for themselves. They have no quarrel with us.

Social changes used to evolve over centuries, giving people plenty of time to get used to them. The thing is though, in today’s world, the social landscape can change nations in less than a generation, or even in less than a decade. Cornerstones to everyone’s life like work and church used to be handed down from generation to generation and were left mostly intact. People knew what to expect out of life and lived with it. That is no longer true.

Even when people migrated to the cities for work they still maintained their connections to their roots, their family and their church. Family, history, and tradition held things together. People were easy to keep in line.

Now it doesn’t matter where on the planet you are; you can connect with anybody anywhere at any time in a nanosecond. Nothing can be swept beneath the video carpet. Knowledge and information will win out over superstition and evil; countries can’t be kept in the dark any longer since instant video keeps truthful information up to the second everywhere!

Kudos technology.

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