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IT & Business Services

The information technology and related computing industries in Canada constitute almost six percent of our nation’s total GDP, and it is difficult to think of a business that does not dependent on data processing, automated business systems, advanced communications, electronic records, the Internet and some form of e-commerce, and the developing integration of content, communications and computing in convergent transactions. Bennett Jones represents some of the world’s largest multinational IT and computing enterprises as well as small businesses that depend upon IT infrastructures.

Of the 18 lawyers recognized as leading technology transaction lawyers in Canada by the 2012 Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada, three of them practise at Bennett Jones. Our IT lawyers are regularly retained by large and sophisticated clients, including general counsel, CIOs, audit committees, business development executives and procurement directors to provide legal, consulting and transactional assistance related to: technology development; R&D transactions: strategic alliances; business intelligence software procurement; ERP, CRM and all related enterprise systems procurement and implementation; IT consulting retainers; VAR, marketing representative and other distribution channel transactions; offshore manufacturing; convergence transactions among communications, entertainment and computing enterprises; new media transactions, including sensory technologies and all gaming products and services; all aspects of regulation, such as export control, CICA audit guidelines for data processing, technology standards, regulatory compliance and privacy matters; IT governance issues; procurement best practices, including RFPs, contracting processes and related risk management; e-commerce and website legal issues; B2B exchanges and B2B procurement; Internet and IT use policies; and large and complex outsourcing and related shared service transactions.

Our IT vendor clients include emerging IT businesses and some of the world’s most sophisticated multinational IT and computing corporations. We assist foreign IT businesses to penetrate the Canadian market, develop their distribution strategies, execute transactions and ensure that they are carrying on business in full legal compliance in Canada. Industries who purchase and depend upon IT that we are best known for representing include: manufacturing; telecommunications; mining sector; both established energy and emerging energy sectors, such as atomic, oil and gas, wind power, agra-fuels, and hydrogen fuel cell; health care sectors; the finance sectors, such as banking, insurance and investment applications of IT; all highly regulated industries, such as the media, transportation and pharmaceutical sectors; and many municipalities, provincial governments, quasi-governmental agencies and Crown corporations. comments disabled due to abuse