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Day of the Dead:Snake or ?

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Jarrot, Steven Jay September 04, 1962  Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Wo… and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 Paradise West Drive number B: La Quinta, California 92253.Last night with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington.

The events of the Merry Month of May 2013, my sister from another mother had a thing with Steven Jay Jarrot, and he made a promise to her and was not able to keep it. For some reason or another Steven became the person who he has always been, and two years is the lenagth of time he was able to maintiene the mast of his truth self, that his family has known and loves since the day he arrived. I wanted to continue the story where it  is now, but that will have to wait a bit longer.

This is the early part of the history of the blame game that is currently played thought out this family. I like to call them the Jewish Army of 2005, just because more members may have been alive then. Was not that interested in learning the history of the Jarrots, the living ones are just pillars of the desert and they are charmed. I wish them all while always, just want to let them know if they are human they have red blood, and that makes us all the same. But the things that has come from the head of this Army, Sima Jarrot black women in her house is something to scream about and wave you hands in the air, as if that was not a good thing. Take it any way you like, but it sounded to me the first time LLissa told me, that was not very Godlike. There are other words that would work better, but you can fill in the blanks yourself, or not.

It has been a long day and I am not ready to go back there to the recesses of my mind for the stories of why, how, and when the snake within Steven Jay Jarrot was created, there are events that shaped him when he was a child. Not interested enought to go there for excuses and other causes to point the fingers at. Why bother? When you point your fingers at another you have three more fingers pointed at yourself. And when you throw dirt at other people you loss ground. This is not a common lesson, and the days when it was being covered the Jarrots were not able to go, or someone died perhaps? They were not able to remember this is the way they elect to handled the people that they cross, that do not buy into the family unit, Jewish Army of 2005. Blacks women are not allowed in the house of Sima Jarrot, because in her house, human waste matters smell like flowers all year long. Except Blacks of course that is the natural brown loaves that smell like a bathroom in her house, so they are not allowed, if you can believe that one. Call it what it is, okay?




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This is another great day to be alive, wonder where snake Steven Jay Jarrot, is hiding out still, he made it back from Ventura, California. First of June came around, payday for him, got county check of $850, since he has perfected paying taxes. Yet, he has not find time to cheat death. Steven is trying to cheat death, and he has a couple of times at least in the last two years. Steven has been seen, at the apartment building at 277 E. Stevens Road, Palm Springs, California again. He was there on the 3rd , to start blowing more smoke up the backsides of Jason and Robert that live at that location in the unit behind the dumpsters, to collect on a car they believed they were buying. Steven has sold that same sliver/gray grand ma at least two times. Ricky and Tonya thought that they were buying this same car as well. So to say the least there are two sets of people that believed they got cheated by Steven Jay Jarrot on that car deal. He has created a bill of sale, from the owner that lives in Cathedral City, so the Spanish Marty loss money on that car also. She had tried to snake a viper, and she lost that battle with Steven on the car 2001 Grandam GTO, that he uses not for more money out of two different parties.

The story continues instead of being broke and homeless, he bought another RV that is brown and older, that he drives on the North Side of Palm Springs, looking for the people that pushes pills and meth, pot and anything else he has stolen to resale more than once. There was Marty the Brasilia that got cheated out of money for the grandma car that he stole from her, by cutting her out of the deal, and the car was stolen from her because the snake Steven saw it coming. Now please tell me if the shades of gray of Steven Jay Jarrot, has been presented enough yet?

 Steven is such a colorful charter that he reminds me of a snake in the grass or a wolf in the hen house. If you are not Sheri Jarrot, mother of the greatest Jewish woman to be, or the bald-headed baby- Rachel Jarrot, or the grandmother Sima, or the sister Jackie, than you can take trust me, as a finger to one and all others. Trust me from a Jewish member of this army of frogs, is just the same as everyone‘s   else fuck you. This is the translation for this family of Jarrots of La Quinta, California. Mama Sima is 94 and lives with son Steven Jay Jarrot at 50925 Paradise West Drive #B, La Quinta, and she is collecting cash from the contacts that depend on Steven to cheat them on a monthly basis.

There are some many of them that it is funny, how well Steven Jay Jarrot, learned how to blow smoke up others tail ends, and how they all ask for more. So there are more lessons to be learned for the few or the many that think, the Jarrots shit out roses or the flowers of your choice. Crocks, liars, snakes, frogs, or wolves in the hen house are a few of the words to tell the story of this Army of Jewish Mankind.

Beware and know from out of the gate that Steven Jay Jarrot, is a snake, and steals from the poor, disable and the people that have an expiration date because of their life style. Lots of the people have AIDS, Cancer, and kidney problems, and problems with their health that has a time limit on how much time they will be alive. Of course if you have good practices in place for control then you do not have to worry about falling off track around this prince of frogs. The kids that he had, that are still alive and walking in the free world, have stories of being green with very with the lifestyle of dear daddy, Steven Jay Jarrot

. Charley or Charles Jarrot, is a thief, and stolen from daddy $160 thousand dollars from daddy at the age of 14, and daddy was blind to the fact for two years. It was okay, he lied to daddy every Thursday when he came from under the rocks where he lived to get a $200 reward for being alive. Is this a healthy message for a kid born in 1988 to have about father? The reason for the thief was because Charley hated the fact that daddy was a used car salesman, and a professional poker player, and not the normal kind of dad, just like the kids he went to school with, Steven Jay Jarrot was not like the others daddies. Poor baby, Charley had to steal from daddy, and then lie daddy for two years. And he did not go to jail. Wow, that is the world of the Jewish in this Army.

Moving right alone, now Steven has picked up the pot to sell, and the meth to sell and he picked up another RV and a van to get around in the shadows that he likes to shine in. It is sad that the true colors, of Steven has not come to light yet, but it is coming and soon he will have his days in court. Do you agree with the actions of Steven Jay Jarrot? He took the life of his last victims, and stole her edification more than once to give to Reese Smith 333, so that LLisssa could die, and get buried and planted in an unmarked grave, was the plan for the disable black veteran that wanted to give him a different kind of life. He just wanted the money he assisted her in getting without her, and he had her death set for the first of June. Only he did not want to wait. So it was just another dream of his without a real dead line.

So Phyllissa Desilva, or just LLissa Desilva made it to May 5, 2013, and marked the end of Steven Jay Jarrot inside. He is now on the outside looking in again. He has a RV that he got for $850, from his welfare check this month? How about the second van that Steven purchase in April, 2013 where did the money come from. How about the three motorcycles with vin numbers L37LMGFVXAZ010052 year model :Make Daix and the other one L37LMGFVOAZ010044 year model 2010 –make DAXI, that both have transfer title April 17,2013, both of these were purchase with cash from the $850, Steven Jay Jarrot receive from SSI? There is a lot more things that he paid for with cash, that had been a gift to LLissa, on her birthday, how about $12,000? Gift for Steven from the disable veteran, so that is why he wanted her dead for cash, how can he justified his actions are behavior? Can this be actions or a guy who cares about others, just like he cares about his self?  I do not think so.

There are more people that have stories to tell about how they trusted Steven, and got the Jewish solution of Fuck you, in more than one way. It is how Paul and Sima Jarrot taught their kids. It does not matter who gets in the way of the crocked deals with cars, motorcycles, RV, and anyway transportation, trades for sex with other men for Steven Jay Jarrot, he calls his self the oral specialist of craigslist, late night of course. Steven likes the men that are dark because they have a bigger stick to suck and stick up his big button backside, and he will do it for nothing because he likes it so much. He had been, now it is, and can be reach at 7608512267. I am sure he can tell you what was not right about story above. Believe me get ready for him to blame others for his actions and lack of honor.  It is the Jewish way for this army of frogs.

Lions on top. Lions on mountain tops. Lions at the top of food chain. Top of morning to you, lions in wait on mountain tops. Air clear, air cold, cats on top of food chains. Ponds for the mules, donkeys, and the monkeys on the backs of Steve, Rachel, Sheri, Charley, Daniel George 7608512267 .Sima  Jarrots, lies white or half lies, not truth or honest to trade lies: hate that rules the world in the eyes of hell hounds.

Dreamers, dancers, and talkers, songs to sing, on sands of time. Freaks out to party and play to death. Bones in a box, asses to ashes. Class especially  to teach, goodnight on the beach. Sunny and bright dazes in classes. Life changes and views and noses get stuck in the air. Happy Birthday greetings, rebirths and birthdays every day. Strangers to friends, Dukes, Moores, and Battles angels in the host of angels, words gifts to share, tips and tales. Good times left, stories and tales of frogs, snakes, and land whales…..Dates on beach, land whales, frogs and freaks.. Crook since 14 years old: only Charles R. Jarrot …… only Charles R. Jarrot: 7607778998: Gay just …

com/116817659002042232438/posts/Z9ooSwcJx4W …Standards Set Brighter Dazes 2014: Time to tell…. hope flying, heated fires to burn. Words to the wise, words to the simple, words in English, words to grow, words to expand, words to turn things around. Ships to sails, boats to floats, bumps in the roads, joys and pains, tales to share, how to stand your ground. One nuts to stand, one nut to grow to a tall tree, birds and bees, flowers for treats, dazes in the sun, life is a beach. Gifts to share, tips and tales, birds and bees, gardens to grow, snakes and frogs to dodge, monkeys and swingers in the dogwood trees, trips to hell and back, hell hounds on earth, snakes in the grass, frogs and toads, to dodge, monkeys in dogwood trees.

Bald Headed Baby:Thief just like Her Sire

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Rachel Jarrot, has not been very helpful for the Black disable Llissa Desilva, because she did not like her, she did not been questioned what the meaning that she told daddy (Steven Jay Jarrot), party like a Jewish Star, because Rock Stars have nothing next to her. Was not sure of what she meant then, and still have no idea what that means. But this is a statement that rules her world. And she was delighted that Daddy stole all the personal property of LLissa’s such as clothes, hats, legal papers for issues with the Post Office, Veterans Medical Centers in Tucson, Seattle, and Redlands, pictures of her family and let’s not forget the 2001 Toyota Solara that was load with keepsakes of hers as well as having the car stolen and taken to Ventura, all these acts by Steven were okay, and included her $900 to learn how to drive with AAA, so now she has a membership not LLissa. She was one of the drivers for the cars that were paid with money that LLissa received that her father stole to give to her. She loves her daddy just for the money not for the life he represents,  as long as she get money ,she does not care who gets hurts or who get killed in the process. This person is the next greatest Jewish woman to live account to Sheri Jarrot, hairdresser of La Quinta, and daddy dearest who lives to steal for the weak. All three of them had cars to drive that poor little Llissa paid for.

We also know that Rachel Jarrot, turned 18 last month on April 16,2013 and that she should be out of high school this year. I hope the best for this balded baby with the $6000 wig for a second look at what she was at 16 years old. Just like daddy she has not learned that you cannot stop time and expect things to wait for you and not change. Not in this world is how it works. Not only is this balded baby of Steven Jay Jarrot, and the cow that begat her the hairdresser of 53205 Avienda Ramirez in La Quinta, California, crocks, thieves and liars, but they can justified everything that they do and point the fingers at others.

According to Sheri Jarrot, the hairdresser, mother of this want to be greatest Jewish woman, she is perfect with the $6000 wig from Beverly Hills, California, but they both feel that LLissa Desilva should pay for the association with the daddy the snake. He stole from LLissa Desilva of Palm Springs, California for two years in the name of love. Not love for the poor confused black veteran to help her stay on track, he set her up to died for the bald headed baby. The actions and the behavior of this family, and let’s not it was Steven Jay Jarrot, who gave the commands for the money spent of LLissa Desilva to give to his kid. He did not know the meaning of the word.

Steven Jay Jarrot, wanted LLissa Desilva dead, and he wanted her money to make his lifestyle better. He was and still is a meth head, and his world is ruled with this drug, he wanted LLissa to stave to death. On May 5, 2013 he made statement that death would be welcome for him during a fire that almost killed both of them (Steven and LLissa), in a RV that caught on fire in Redlands, California in August of 2012. It was a possibilities that occurred early morning, and they were no longer able to live in that RV. So Steven sold the RV two times, and was okay with not answering phone calls for the return of $1100 from Nelson and his family, and Carlos and his wife ended up with the RV, and he was delighted to cheat them out of the money that he was given. Carlos had to spent Thousands to get the RV back on the road, so that he could leave the state and go to green pastures in Texas.

The RV did not make it, and Steven Jay Jarrot, was delighted that they could not take time to write about the disappointment of getting a lemon from him. He wanted to prove himself to his in laws, Carlos did and needed a place for his family while working in the oil fields that was open to him. It was terrible that Steven thought this was acceptable behavior. It was not. And it has never been the right thing to do for a honest, decent, or trustworthy thing to have done. But Steven is a thief that can justified anything and everything that he does. He has been lucky so far that he has not crossed the lines and come to the attention of the police and other law enforcers officers that were ready to go to bat, to correct these actions. Why would they?

Steven stole LLissa Desilva, car and told police numerals times, it was a gift from the disable veteran, which is and was not the case. So he told story to AAA on May 9, 2013, just before he had her removed from the account, to add Daniel George of 121 Palm #407, in Ventura, California so that he could receive stolen car by AAA, and Rachel Jarrot got her driving license thought AAA for $900, that LLissa paid for without her consent. So now Rachel Jarrot is 18, and the receiver of stolen cash for lessons, and a membership in AAA, and she is so delighted that LLissa is out of her father’s life. The actions of Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Sheri Jarrot, Charles Jarrot, and let’s not forget Sima Jarrot, who likes to select who she will speck English to, are in bed together with robbing from the disable and weak, LLissa Desilva. LLissa paid with cash and almost her life to live with this army of frogs. It was okay, LLissa was not Jewish, and Steven Jay Jarrot, was not able to inject the Jewish element, because he could not get a hard one ever.He was never a man, in the real sense of the word, he is just a male with out a stick for fun or business of selling asses to highest bidder for meth, pot or cash. Player poker on Facebook is how Steven Jay Jarrot spends his days in Ventura, California at Daniel George house at 121 or maybe 151 Palm #407 daily now. Can not leave home because of crimes committed and discussed in this post. Housing Authority owns the building that he lives in, and where Steven Jay Jarrot is hiding out from the Police of Palm Springs for crimes committed.

Steven Jay Jarrot used LLissa to get men so that he could have sex the way he wanted it. He liked men more than women, and he was hurt because his girth was to much for the men that like the muscles not the fat that Steven shape and size was and still is. He started out at a 38 inch waist, and now he is at 44 inches around the middle, and believe me it is not a pretty site to see him laying down. He looks like a whale stuck on the beach. Is there a market for this over sized man? He likes sex with men, he has no use for female sex,  that is the lie that he lives if he goes out with women. Fake sex by using mouth and  an oral specialist of Craigslist late nights looking for men to put a hard one in his mouth or backside. Sex  with women are fake and they are used to find bisexual men to play with Steven , and no tool for the exchange unless you bring another man for the sex with women is how he enjoys pounds of men with hard stiff tools to suck on.

Regardless there are excuses and fingers pointed at LLissa Desilva, because this is what she wanted, and there is more hate to be displayed for picking up a snake, and she had to pay for that display of hate from them. It was okay because we are dealing with Jewish Stars, that are so much better than rock stars, words used by Rachel Jarrot. She wants it all, and daddy and the hairdresser are not concern who has to be the victim in order to get the better life for Rachel Jarrot, because she is bald-headed and has $6000 Kosher wig for graduation this summer. She is going to rule her world with funds stolen from LLissa Desilva, and use her car to get there. AAA towed the disable veterans car to Ventura, California because Steven told lies that it had been a gift. He forgot to mention it had been a dream, and that would have been the only way for him to get car. He was okay stealing 2001 Toyota  Solara with AAA to assist. This car was stolen on May 9, 2013, from 277 E. Stevens Road, in Palm Springs, California during the night, in the shadows of the law and the policy of AAA.  This was okay with Daniel George who replaced LLissa on membership, and Rachel Jarrot was also added to the account as well. There guilt for these actions are not there, and they can justified it because Steven Jay Jarrot said it was okay, and that was good enough for them.

In conclusion, steal from the disable black veteran, because we are going to kill her with our actions,,  and Rachel Jarrot was part of the army that stole from LLissa Desilva, and she is considered just a dumb ass, Rachel’s point of view, so that has happen to her was requested by same dumb ass,black veteran just because she is not Jewish. So we can do whatever we want and she is a dumb ass that won’t do the follow-ups is what the Jarrots, and Daniel George believes.