Daily Events: Family Affairs, Animals Under The Skin.

In the middle of the knight, the sons to shine, the animals to fly, in the heat of the moments, love, luck, lust, lessons, pages to books. Notes to the knights, schools of hard knocks, how to stand tall. Rites, reasons, seasons of right and left turns, there left to get the right moves in place, back to squares.


Under the surface, under the skin, under the lights of the moon, sons to shine, honey bees in every thing,  leaders of the packs, monkeys types to dodge, heads to count. Excuses and assholes, things we have in common, fingers in the air, blame donkeys, blame others, blame the faces in the mirror. Songs to sing, glory dazes to come, how great life was in the good old dazes. Views, voices, values, dances in the knights, sons to shine, wishes on stars, slugs, sluts, snakes in the grass, spiders and worms, mud shots.


Pigs, hogs, hoes, ghosts and spooks, golden cattle, dinner on the table, men and mice, cartoon hits across the decades. Ride them high, ride them low, songs to sing, balls and chains, lovers, haters, suckers for free shit, faces in the crowds, donkeys in the hills, monkeys in packs to dodge. Family affairs, peas to pods, frogs to groups, plenty of fish in the seas, lots of frogs in the water, seals under the surfaces.


Cheap fucks, cheap dates, whales on land, bald heads to cover, sons to shine, wishes on hares to blow in the winds. Wigs, caps, hats and horns, bald heads to cover, views on short hair, bald headed fucks, men and mice, silent knights, monkey types to leave alone. Snakes in the grass, spiders and worms, twists and turns, under the surface, skins to shed, 9 times a years.

Cali Cow: Rays of Lights.Sisters Of Rites, Tricks, Treats, Fun With Frogs.Morning Meals.

Words that we use tell a story about your life and times, if you respect yourself, and the same old tire stories that you tell everybody, is not needed for all the people that you cross paths with. I wanted to talk about snakes in the grass in a couple of different ways, and the actions that were created behind the choices that we are living with. Men and women met and marry and live life together because they cannot face life without the other, and in a perfect world they are complete together.
Wise, witty, charming, tall tree to stand taller than the images of Thor.

I am a Sorcerer. Dreams to have, dreams to work.ls).Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is- Mark Twain. Fridays, Always Happy, Moments By Moments. Life Is A Beach Blog Time running away with me, Fridays, happy and delight for another one, time to share, moments by moments, the love and the luck, the running to races, rats to run.

In the shadows of the knights, moons out to shine, sons to remember, roles played over the decades, winners, losers, loafers,learners, lions on top, monkeys in packs to dodge. Monkey types, crooks, cheaters,liars, projections about their views, faces in the mirror, dimes to drop, cards to play. Clowns, cons, cattle runs, games to play, let the chips fall, faces in layers of shit, dung and fecal matters, mud shots.


Shots to the head, heads to bury, bodies to burn, witches in the dances in the trees, bad company, bad luck, excuses and assholes, things we have in common. Blooms to fly, winds in the winds, birds and bees, songs in the dogwood trees. Birds and bees, dogface butterflies, Cali chicks and babes, birthday daily, chances to change, views, voices, values, cattle calls.

One step at a time. Nice shot.Not news, history recorded, walking on sunshine, babies in the air, stars to shine. Sons to shine.Stars😍Wishes,Clear Dazes, Sonny Bright, Giants 2. Good Times, Lessons To Learn, Daily Events: Family Affairs, Animals Under The Skin, Sunny And Bright, Dances In The Lights, Leaders: Battles Tests Over Times: Paths Crossed:Trades Made.

Wakeena Austin Massai you are so so true you have always understood that is why I admire you one day I’m gona be as wise as you much love to you from me always my friend bless you wakeena…..Edward Blackwood, birds to fly, men and bees, songs in the winds, bumps in the road, pits in the bowls of cherries, frogs in ponds, bats out of hell, glory dazes done.



Wishes, hopes, dreams in motion, cars, houses, swimming pools, where the donkeys roam, faces in shadows, in the middle of the knights, coins to flip. Daily Events: Family Affairs, Animals Under The Skin. Hanyyds In the air, wigs and hats to fly, cheers and chaps, another great day, to be alive. Winners, sinners, saints, losers, learners,roles to play, hats to wear, dances in the shade, chicks and babes.


Windows to lights, doors to beginnings, houses to homes, wheels to turn, clocks to watch, babes and chicks, good time toads, bitches with stars, heads in the clouds.Cash, credit, coins on hand, lots of windows and doors to open again. Thanks and praises, to the gods on high, thanks and praises for the fairies, pixies, and earth angels.

Always Happy, Moments By Moments. Life Is A Beach. Rebirths Daily. Cool Cats, Nine Lives.


Hands to hold, hands to carry, races for rites, seasons of lovers, haters, suckers, fuckers, a time for all things, in the shadows, in the dark. Night and day, changes daily, waves of words, waves on the water, good times, shots taken, history created, blue oceans of tears, fears, hopes, wishes, and dreams. Rocks to road, gems to stones, pages to books, wheels to cars, lessons to learn, daily events, in real time. Daily Events: Family Affairs, Animals Under The Skin.

Greeting – How are you? good or fine? | WordReference Forums A Dance in the Woods . 😍😍❤❤🙏🏼✌️. You? Me? Us?The Fairy and the Frogs:Plenty Of Fish In The Seas, Tricks, Trades, Barter Wits And Charms. Dreams. Frogs and snakes, rats and tigers, sings to stars, stars bright tonight. Good times, dances in darkness, dances in the rain. Fridays, Always Happy, Moments By Moments. Life Is A Beach. Time running away with me.Peace, Love, Happiness, Joys And Pains, Dances On Sands, Angel Host.

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