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36 Fun, Safe, & Super Effectiveworkout videos, starting in just 30 minutes per day. ($360 value)
12-Week ExclusiveFit Body Transformation Plan
3 Intensity Levelsin each exercise video, designed for ACHIEVABLE & OPTIMAL RESULTS for people of all fitness levels.
1 Ebook:The FAT BURNING Blueprint($27 Value)
Maximizethe AFTER BURN EFFECT to burn more calories and fat for the ENTIRE DAY!
Dedicatedtrainer consultation ($60 value)
Intensityincreases as your body adapts.
Targetedto all your trouble zones.
Workoutanytime, anywhere, on any device.
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NOPills, Gym, Additional Equipment Purchase.
Personalizedworkout routine.
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Fitness is not “one size fits all”. That´s why we specifically created Workout Buddy X® to provide the most EFFECTIVE & ACHIEVABLE solution for people of ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

With combined 40 years of experience, our world-class trainerswill teach you the secrets of training the SMARTER. SAFER, & MORE EFFICIENT way, so you will be burning more calories for up to 48 hours AFTER the workout. Simply follow your personalized FIT BODY TRANSFORMATION workout calendar and do the best you can everyday. Finally, you WILL achieve amazing results in just 12 short weeks!

FIT TIP #1: Each WBX Exercise Video has 3 different intensity levels designed specifically for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Start at your own comfort level, then kick it up a notch as your quickly see & feel the improvements!

FIT TIP #2: If you start with level-3 moves and start running low on gas, you can drop down to level-2 or level-1, but try to finish the entire circuit. This way you will burn the most amounts of calories and fat!

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workout secrets dvds
  • Discover the secrets of: Afterburn Training, getting rid of trouble zones, muscle confusion, long-term weight loss, Dynamic Interval Training, and many more.
  • Learn how to train and what to eat the smarter and more efficient way, so you can lose fat faster and more effectively.
workout videos
  • WORKOUT anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Different daily workout routines from 36 dynamic streaming videos.
  • Do the best you can at your own intensity level.
  • Follow your optimized training schedule for maximum results!!
diet video
  • Learn simple eating strategy to avoid fat storage, boost energy, and minimze hunger.
  • FUEL your body with the right QUANTITY and QUALITY nutrients to maximize each workout.
  • Focus on what you CAN eat.
  • Craving management tips.
transformation video exercise
  • TRANSFORM you body into a24/7 FAT BURNING MACHINE.
  • Optimal & achievable results for PEOPLE OF ALL FITNESS LEVELS!
  • Develop sexy lean muscles, 6-pack abs, and get in the BEST SHAPE of your life!
  • Keep the weight off for good.

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Philippe Til FAST Workout Videos

BONUS #1: FREE EBook- $27 Value

You’ll also get “The FAT BURNING Blueprint”, a comprehensive eating guide to jump-start your transformation.

EBook Highlights:

*5 Foods you must not eat: Cut down a bit of stomach fat everyday by never eating these 5 foods
*How you can “Eat more to Burn More”
*WHAT, HOW, and HOW MUCH to eat that prevent fat storage, avoid hunger, and achieve long-term results
*Debunk common myths, fad diets, and metabolism boosters
*Cooking tips to make tasty fat burning foods
*Secrets to boost metabolism and burn more fat naturally
*Craving management


BONUS #2: Unlimited Trainer Consultation – $60 Value

Each member is assigned with a dedicated staff trainer. We are with you in every step of the way!

*Understand your individual needs

*Unlimited trainer consultation

*Personalized motivations

*Additional workout customizations

*Weekly tips and check-ups


BONUS #3: Web Tools – $13 Value

Automatic Calendar Tracking

*Follow WBX Calendar for your optimized workout routine
*Automatically earn a “STAR” for each completed workout. The more stars you earn, the more calories you burn, and the thinner you look!

Auto-Webcam Photo Diary

*Turn AUTO WEBCAM feature ON to capture snapshots of your workouts
*Study workout photos to correct form and document exactly how you look during your transformation process

Discussion Boards

Interact, motivate, and get tips from 1000’s of WBX members on the discussion boards


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  • 36 exclusive FIT BODY TRANSFORMATION™ workout videos
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  • 1 copy of The FAT BURNING Blueprint eBook
  • 12-week optimized workout plan with Automatic Calendar Tracking
  • Diet & Nutrition Guide
  • Discussion Board, Tips & Motivation
  • Auto Webcam
  • 30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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5 Reasons why WBX will work for YOU


3 intensity levels ensuring optimal & achievable results for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.


Develop lean muscles to boost metabolism and maximize the Afterburn Effect to burn more calories even when you sleep!


No gym. No pills. No additional equipment purchase. We’ll show you how to “transform your body with your own body!”


Variety and intensity constantly changes to keep the workouts fun, challenging, and effective.


Get motivation, tips, and customization with a dedicated personal trainer right at your home!

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