Looking For feedback.WHAT CHALLENGES YOU MOST.




Fear sets in will I lose.

Is your subconscious mind sabotaging you?

It might be.

I’ll explain in a sec.

First, let me ask you this:

What is your vision?

You see, without a vision – you won’t be able to

“hang in” long enough to have real success.

In fact, I suspect that your lack of vision might be the reason

you aren’t succeeding online.

Here’s why: when you are chasing something

like: money, pay debts off, get rich, etc. –> your subconscious

mind KNOWS it doesn’t matter.

Because really, money, paying debts off, getting rich, just

doesn’t REALLY matter.

So your mind holds you back from breaking through – basically it

sabotages you.

But when you focus on a vision . . . like helping

people get their health back so they don’t die early, like helping

people gain confidence so their lives are changed, or even

helping orphan children live a more normal life –your subsconscious

gets excited and comes through for you.

It wants to see you make this live-changing result in others’ lives,

And it KNOWS you need money to accomplish all of that.

And as you help people, the money just comes in.

Make sense?

Find your vision.

Stop trying to “make money” and start focusing on “changing lives”

Find your vision and a way to accomplish it.

Check this out is it for you.



I hope this helps!

Helmut W

About Helmut E Weiss

Hi Want to specially thank all those who have read my Articles. I have found the niches I write about are relevant to life and struggles we go through if it helped someone a little bit.My Interest are wide and like some feedback on how it could be even better an setting up a social network blog forum for a very small fee to cover some costs. Where many topics can be discussed from a to z topics can be discussed.You will also learn techniques for helping others achieve their dreams likes, dislikes,rants and how we can make it a better World.Love people and life an all it has to offer.Father of do great sons an their Beautiful Wives,4 grandchildren .Live In Southern Ontario Canada .Love helping others. Everything that happens to us happens with purpose, and sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in a cage of fear and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures, treat these situations as your teachers and they will become your tools in both self empowerment and success. Stop thinking and feeling as if you’re a failure, because you’re not. How can others accept you if YOU can’t accept YOU? When you see others who you envy for any reason (beauty, wealth,etc), focus on your own self empowerment, not self pitying.Self-acceptance is not about how you fit into other peoples' idea of the world, it is about accepting yourself in the world regardless of how others view you.When people feel down and low about themselves, help them up.Rather than join others in feeling low, choose to help them out through leading by example. The more you radiate confidence, the more others will also feel and start to absorb that confidence themselves.It is important to realize that you are human, you will make mistakes,you will hurt others accidentally, others will do the same, and that it's all okay.Learn to forgive yourself and others even before these things happen, and you will find that the strength of compassion within overcomes anything. God Bless you all for being . contact me at helmstir@gmail.com Love to have your input to my social blog idea and more. Helmut Weiss like to share knowlege that I have aquired in Marketing and helping others achieve.Whether Information on building lists to websites building traffic or all around having fun diong what you love.Love life my family and 4 Grand kids talk to me and see how attraction marketing can work for you.Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/Helmstir or facebook Search Helmut Weiss
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