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December 30, 2010

cement vertical roller mill for sale

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The vertical mill is a kind of mill equipment, widely used in cement chemicals, coal, electricity and other fields. With the advantages of small footprint, low power consumption, small noise, simple process, layout compact, combined with crushing, drying, grinding, classifying as a whole, the vertical roller mill has become the preferred equipment for milling cement raw meal in the modern cement production factories.
The world’s first vertical mill was developed by Loesche Company from Germany, who had the mature design already in the year of 1925. At present, the largest vertical mill – LM63.4, has a capacity of 840 TPH, with the millstone diameter of 6.3mm, the power of 5600 KW and is equiped with 4 rollers.

The current abroad manufacturers of vertical mills mainly include Loesehe Company, Fuller Company, UBE Company (LM series of vertical mill), FLS Company (Atox Mill), KHD Company (RM mill) and Pfeiffer Company (MPS series of vertical mill). The domestic manufacturers of vertical mills have a relatively small amount, whose R&D and production are still in the developing level. However, compared with international brands, the domestic brands have some unique characteristics, which are better suited to the domestic market.

The SBM vertical roller mill, capable of grinding and drying materials simultaneously, is our key product: Introduced in 2004, the SBM technology has been continuously improved and optimi-sed to provide superior grinding equipment to our clients. Over 2,00 SBM mills are currently used worldwide in diverse applications, delivering efficient and reliable performance.

In the cement sector, the initial main range of application, namely the processing of coal and raw material, was expanded to include cement grinding. The first SBM vertical roller mill for cement grinding went into operation at Hanover-based Teutonia Zement in 2007, and GEBR. PFEIFFER AG have since established themselves as expert suppliers of cement grinding equipment.

Moreover, SBM mills are also to be found in power plants, an exclusive licence having been granted to Hitachi Babcock, entitling them to manufacture SBM coal mills for coal-fired power stations.

Besides the SBM vertical roller mill, Gebr. SBM AG’s product range encompasses special machines for the classification and drying of mineral bulk materials and for the preparation of lime and gypsum.

In fact, the options have their pros and cons, there is not a perfect solution, the key is when the owners to choose the goal must be clear. Select the program to be considered advanced and mature, but also consider the quality of employees can fit. Such as the one to save tons of cement from the lower operating costs, power consumption, the choice of the final vertical roller mill grinding system is certainly the most advanced. On the current level of technology, consider the grinding station has a running cost advantages and to ensure the quality of cement, endorsed grinding station should be closed-circuit grinding roller press + form grinding process.

December 22, 2010

concrete crushers

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Concrete is a construction material composed of cement (commonly Portland cement) and other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate made of gravels or crushed rocks such as limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand), water, and chemical admixtures.

Hardened concrete that has been processed for reuse, usually as aggregates. Concrete recycling is an increasingly common method of disposing of concrete structures. Concrete crusher debris was once routinely shipped to landfills for disposal, but recycling is increasing due to improved environmental awareness, governmental laws, and economic benefits.

Reinforced concrete contains rebar and other metallic reinforcements, which are removed with magnets and recycled elsewhere. The remaining aggregate chunks are sorted by size. Larger chunks may go through the crusher again. Smaller pieces of concrete are used as gravel for new construction projects. Aggregate base gravel is laid down as the lowest layer in a road, with fresh concrete or asphalt placed over it. Crushed recycled concrete can sometimes be used as the dry aggregate for brand new concrete if it is free of contaminants, though the use of recycled concrete limits strength and is not allowed in many jurisdictions.

Concrete crusher manufacturer SBM machinery, which is a professional manufacturer of concrete crushing equipment, provides concrete crushing equipment, concrete crushing machine and concrete crushing plant for sale, hire, rental. If you have concrete need to be crushed or recycling, you can buy or hire our concrete crushing plant.

December 21, 2010

limestone crusher and limestone crushing process

Limestone crusher used in stone quarry

In stone quarry, there are several types of stone crushers that can be used in limestone crushing plant.

Limestone jaw crusher is the widely used primary limestone crusher machine, it is mainly used in primary crushing process. Fixed jaw plate, and movable jaw plate are wearable parts. Different jaw crushers have different output, the usual capacity is 1-5 t/p, 30-50tph, 50-80tph, 80-120tph, 120-200tph, 200-300tph, 300-400tph, 400-500tph.

Impact crusher is also common stone crushing machine used in limestone quarry. It has the functions of crushing and shaping, can make very good cubic shape. The stone materials are mainly used for road, highway, water conservancy, airport, civil construction etc. The market prices of stones made by impact crusher is higher than that by fineness jaw crusher or compound cone crusher; the quick wear parts cost of impact crusher is also high for high hardness stones.

Limestone mobile crusher is the complete crushing unit, includes feeding, crushing, screening process. for example, limestone mobile jaw crusher includes vibrating feeder, primary jaw crusher, vibrating screen, and belt conveyor. There are other models, such as limestone mobile impact crusher, limestone mobile cone crusher, crawler type mobile crusher.

Hammer crusher for limestone crushing: Hammer crusher is the fine limestone crushing machine. In limestone processing plant, it is main limestone quarry machine used to crush limestone into powder.

Limestone crushing and grinding process:

Limestone is important buiding materials, and raw materials for cement production. We must crush limestone into suitable size through limestone crushing process or grind them into sand or powder by limestone grinding machine in limestone processing plant.

Limestone crushing process need limestone crusher equipment. In this process, we usually use jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher such as portable mobile crusher, crawler type mobile crusher. These machines are used to crush limestones into smaller particles. According to the different products, we choose the different crushing process. Usually limestone crushing plant includes primary crushing process and secondary crushing process. If the product is sand, the limestone particles must do stone shapping through sand making machine. If you need the stone powder, using limestone grinding machines to grind these crushed limestone particles into powder. In this grinding process, hammer mill, ball mill, vertical mill are usually used.

Limestone crushing plant

In cement plant, limestone is the important raw material to make cement. It goes through crushing, grinding process, then make into powder.

In casting sand production line, limestone is crushed into the particles with 58 – 57 mesh. This limestone sand is better than the performance of quartz sand in manufacturing of machinery.

SBM is a mining machine manufacturer in China, and provides all kinds of stone crushers and grinding mills, such as aggregate crusher (limestone crusher, marble crusher, granite crusher, gravel crusher), ore crusher, coal crusher, cement mill, concrete crusher, and gold mining equipments. We can also design the special complete crushing plant according to the requirements of customers. Now, our products have exported to more than 130 countries, such as USA, UAE, Germany, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Rusia, Canana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, France, Brazil, Mexico.

Cement mill,Cement crusher,Cement grinding mill,Cement Ball Mill,Vertical Cement Mill

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Cement mill is kind of cement grinding mill.Cement crushers are widely used in cement mining.Cement mill includes many kinds of grinding mill,such as cement ball mill and vertical cement mill. So is cement crusher. Cement mill, cement crushing, and cement conveyor, cement screen.

Cement in powder form can be changed from plasticity paste to hard stone-like body and can become a total cemented granular materials through physical and chemical processes after being mixed with water. So cement is a good mineral binder. Cement can be not only hardened in the air, but also better hardened in the water in which it will maintain and develop strength. So cement is kind of cementitious material which will be of stronger hardness in water. Cement mil is used for cement grinding. Cement crusher is applied for cement crushing. In cement mining, you need to choose suitable cement grinding mill and cement crusher.

In cement production process, cement crusher is very important since most of the raw materials will have to be crushed before being used to process cement, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal, etc. Limestone is the largest amount of raw material during cement production. After limestone mining, limestone is generally of large size and high hardness. Therefore the limestone crushing is very important in the whole material crushing. Usually we choose jaw crusher for limestone crushing since jaw crusher is of easy principle, convenient maintainence and low cost. However, if the whole cement mining scale is of large size, we usually choose cone crusher or impact crusher to assit jaw crusher and to be secondary or tertiary cement crusher machine. Also cement conveyor is used to transport these materials to next procedure, such as vibrating cement screen to screen out required fineness. In some production sites, we use a whole mobile crusher to complete the whole cement crushing and screening production since the mobile crusher is equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, vibrating feeder,vibrating screen,etc.

In the cement grinding, grinding mill will be used to grind the cement clinker to an appropriate size to increase the size of its hydration, accelerate hydration rate so that it can meet the cement paste setting, hardening requirements. There are many kinds of cement grinding mill, such as ball mill, high pressure suspension grinding mill,coarse powder grinding mill, raymond mill, vertical mill, etc. In the exact production site, we can choose suitable cement grinding mill according to the exact requirement and material information. This procedure is almost the last process of cement production. So cement grinding will directly influence the products quality.

Traditional cement mill also named as cement ball mill. Ball mill is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. The Ball Mill is used to grind many kinds of mine and other materials, or beneficiation. It is widely used in building material, chemical industry, etc. There are two ways of grinding: the dry process and the wet process. It can be divided into tabular type and flowing type according to different forms of discharging material.

coal mill processing

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Coal mill is major equipment of cement plant and used for drying and grinding coal. The equipment is mainly consisted of feed device, main bearings, rotating parts, drive device, selling device, high-voltage start-up device and lubrication system. The raw material is fed into mill by feeding equipment. The hot wind enters into the mill by inlet end. As the mill cylinder rotates, the coal and hot air exchange heat in the mill. The coal is crushed and grinded in the mill. When the coal is being grinded, the powder is brought out of the mill by the hot air going through the mill.
    The coal mill we make is with reasonable structure, high grinding efficiency and is the ideal equipment for coal processing.

Ball grinding mill is the early coal mill used in coal powder plant, there are two types, wet ball mill and dry ball mill. This type coal mill performance is rather good:

  1. the output is high
  2. the maintenance is friendly
  3. the operation is easy
  4. safety control of this coal mill

Vertical mill is the most common coal mining equipment in milling plant, so vertical mill is also called vertical coal mill, it set up the coal mill stardard.

Raymond mill is also the early coal mill, the capacity of this coal mill can be up to 6-8 t/p. The finess of the finished product can be adjusted from 100 mesh to 325 mesh according to the requirements.

SBM is a professional coal mill manufacturer in China, and supply coal mills for sale with best price all over the world. We also can design coal mill according to the special requirements of our customers.

Coal mill process

Coal is mined by explosion, then crushed by coal crusher into small pieces. In this coal crushing process, several types of coal crusher are used. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher can be used as coal pulverizer.

After crushing, small pieces of coal enter into the coal mill for grinding. Usually a complete coal milling line includes coal mill, impulse dust cleaner, piping device, cyclone collector device, classifier. The stones are squeezed by roller and ring into powder, the powder is collected by cyclone collector. In order to ptotect the environment, we also install the cloth deduster.

Improper operation of the coal mill may cause the explosion of the machine . What is the proper method to operate coal mill to avoid the disaster?

1. change the piling method of the coal to make the coal accumulate little ; thus avoid the spontaneous combustion
of the coal .
2. change the gap of the grate bar from 25mm to 22mm; thus decrease the wind speed and increase the drying speed .
3. add a settling chamber between the coal mill and the pipe; thus prevent the hot coal powder enter the coal mill .
4. add a explosion-proof valve at the opening .
5. increase the fineness of the coal from 10% to 15% .
6. make up strict safety rules .
If the coal mill stops for 3 days, empty the coal hopper or put a layer of raw meat powder on the surface to isolate the coal from the oxygen before stopping the coal mill, close the hot wind valve and open the close wind valve and then stop the feeding. remember to empty the coal in the coal mill before stopping the machine and not to stop the collector immediately .
Check the following things when operating the coal mill: the airing is ok; there is no overfeeding or underfeeding; the temperature is not too high; the order of starting and stopping the coal mill is right; the temperature of the air from the coal mill is higher the dew point.
Make an emergency plan; when an explosion happens, close the hot wind valve and the pneumatic valve, prevent the hot coal powder enter the collector and if the temperature is over 80 degree centigrade, start the carbon dioxide extinguisher.
we should pay attention to avoid safety problem in operating the coal mill. as long as we obey the safety rules, the safety problems surely can be avoided.

December 20, 2010

gold mining equipemnt design for your mining business

Gold mining projects are distributed almost over the world,especially in Australia,China,California,south Africa,Canada,Ghana,Alaska,Arizona,Georgia,Peru,BC,Philippines,Tanzania,UK,Michigan,Mongolia,Utah,the USA,Mali,New Zealand,NZ,Nevada,Colordo,Oregon,GA,India,Adaho,Malaysia,Russia etc.In the places listed above,gold mines are easy to find while gold ore crushed slags were once everywhere after gold ore was crushed by gold mining machines such as gold ore crushers , gold ore vibrating screen,gold mining plant or other equipment that can be used in the gold mining processing.
Gold Ore Mining Products

To design a perfect gold ore mining plant line, crushers above is usually used as crushing equipment as well as miners also need vibrating feeders ,vibrating screen and belt conveyors to form a line fit for individual gold mining conditions.
Simple Gold Mining Plant line with SBM gold mining equipemnt

gold ore crushing plant
This is a simple gold ore crushing plant line for you to consider about it.
In this gold mining plant line , Impact stone crusher and Jaw stone crusher are used for primary crushing machinery because of its high capacity of feeding stones. Spring cone crusher is used for the secondory crusher for it is good at breaking a liittle big gold ore into smaller rocks which can be crushed into as small as sand..What links primary gold ore crusher and secondory gold ore plant are belt conveyors. Also , vibrating feeders and vibrating screen are necessary for the design of gold ore stone crushing plant.

Any uncovered quantity of gold is a manifold higher in value than the gold that has been dug out since the beginning of gold mining. In fact it is stated that only 10 percent of gold have been discovered so far. Within this backdrop, many new gold prospectors use up-to-date gold mining equipment and methods to unearth gold and get maximum results for their effort. Gold prospectors know by experience that using new gold mining equipment is the way to find hidden gold deposits with minimum effort.

Gold mining equipment include gold metal detectors, sluice boxes, gold panning kits, gold dredges, underwater metal detectors and gold mining tools. Unlike traditional gold mining equipment, which limits the possibility of finding a large quantity of gold, electronic gold metal detectors greatly help gold miners to increase their productions. Electronic gold metal detectors are powerful enough to find even meager quantities of gold in very deep locations. They also easily detect other metals from gold minimizing time wastages. Two special electronic gold detectors are Minelab Eureka and Bounty Hunger Landranger.

Many individual gold prospectors use sluice boxes. This is an easier and effective method than panning, as they wash a great amount of sand within a short span of time. Normally gold miners use wooden sluice boxes. Although wooden sluice boxes are heavy, they are fine for the task. Large heavy sluice boxes have to be built on the gold mining site, as they cannot be shifted easily to another place. They can rip off a large portion of river bottom. Gold dredgers, on the other hand, are very expensive. Therefore, they are not affordable for individual gold prospectors but are only suitable for large companies.

Finding gold in areas otherwise unreachable, the underwater metal detector comes in handy to help prospectors in locating gold. One such under water metal detector is Viper Trident which is a remarkably effective tool to locate gold. Gold prospectors are able to achieve their goals in reaching for gold in deep out of the way places which till now without the use of these detectors were incapable to explore in the earlier prospecting. These underwater metal detectors have its uses on land as well in many other types of work. Gold prospectors with inadequate experience and knowledge of locating deeply situated gold can effectively put the underwater metal detectors to use with no particular instructions, as this piece of equipment is straightforward and easy to use.

Gold mining equipment did not change much until the last decade. All the same, there are many new types of equipment now, such as underwater metal detectors, suction dredgers etc., that help increase the production or gold manifold. Gold mining equipment are made to withstand tough conditions and they can last long, as gold prospectors are most often working in very far distant locations, away from easy access to getting replacements in the event the equipment breaks. Before adding new equipment, gold prospectors should educate themselves on the subject to find effective gold mining equipment.

concrete crushing equipment,concrete crusher plant

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Concrete is a composite construction material composed of cement and other cement materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate, water, and chemical admixtures. And there are many waste garbage of concrete have been produced every day. So we need make concrete crushing.

Waste concrete is crushed when reused as a backfilling material or roadway subgrade material. In the process, cement particles that measure 200 µm or less are generated in addition to large particles that are reused. The cement particles, of which a major component is cement hydrate, are discarded because the strength is too low for reuse as a concrete material. So you need the crushing machine to reuse the wast concrete.

Concrete Crushing Machine

We have introduced concrete crushing plant, where you will need concrete crushing equipment. Here we will introduce you the exact concrete crusher, concrete grinding machine and mobile concrete crusher. For more info about SBM concrete crushing equipment, please contact us. You are most welcome.

Concrete crusher equipment

For concrete crushing equipment , you can choose jaw crusher, spring cone crusher,symons cone crusher, VSI5X impact crusher, etc. According to your capacity, choose exact concrete crusher model.

Mobile concrete crushing equipment: there are many types of mobile concrete crushers, such as mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, crawler type hydraulic-driven track mobile crusher plant, etc. The mobile concrete crushing equipment is of lots advantages which are important for some mining sites. If you want to purchase mobile crusher for concrete crushing or other materials crushing, you can contact us. We will provide you the best suitable equipment along with perfect services.

Concrete Crushing Machinery

SBM is a professional mining crushers manufacturer and industry grinding mills manufacturer. SBM company has independent import-export right with a perfect international market department to deal with oversea trade. It has a professional pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service faculty to provide considerate and all-around-way service to the customers.

SBM supply the the best crushing equipment,concrete crushing,mining equipment. Our service : We spare no efforts to perfect our pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services and focus on every detail from the design stage until the final installation.We adhere to the principle that customer always comes first. Our business is successful only when customers obtain satisfaction from our crushing/ milling products and service. And we can speak aloud "SBM crushing equipment stand the test of time !". We stand here in crushing equipment, concrete crushing, mining equipment area 25 years servicing for you for every time. Stone Crushing and Screening Plants | Sand Making and Washing Plants | Grinding Mill Production Line

December 16, 2010

Bauxite Crusher is widely used in bauxite crushing plant and bauxite grinding production line

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Bauxite is one of the most important industrial minerals and it being the aluminium ore, is the principal raw material for the production of alumina. Bauxite is formed by lateritization of various silicate rocks such as granite, gneiss, basalt, syenite, and shale. The bauxite rock usually includes other materials such as iron hydroxides, clay, silt and free silica. It most often occurs as a residual soil material in tropical and subtropical areas. It is the primary source of aluminum.

There are several crushers for choose to be bauxite crusher.
Jaw crusher, whose reduction ratio is up to 4-6 and the finished products are even, can be widely used in crushing hard, medium-hard, soft ore, such as various kinds of ore, slag, building stones, marble, etc with compression strength below 320Pa. This machine is suitable for mines, building materials, highway, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc.
impact crusher is optimized and widely applied in the first and secondary crushing. It can crush material like granite, basalt, bluestone, etc the longest side of which is less than 500mm, and anti-pressure strength is not more than 320Mpa, and the final product is ideal device for aggregation used in highway and railway surface as well as water and electricity industry.

Cone crusher series has a feature of reliable construction, high productivity , easy adjustment and low operating cost. It is widely used both domestic and abroad in metallurgy, architecture, roak making , chemistry and silicate industry for crushing various mid-hard and hard ores and rocks. It’s spring release system acts as an overload protection to allow the tramp iron to pass without damage to the crushing chamber. The sealing system uses double dry oil and water sealing to separate the lubricating oil from stone dust to provide its reliable operationg .The crushing chamber has atandard, medium and short head typer to fit the needs of medium crushing , medium-fine crushing and fine crushing.

The hammer crusher (hammer mill) crushes materials by the collisions between high-speed hammer and materials. Its features are simple structure, high reduction ration, high efficiency and etc. The hammer crusher(hammer mill) are developed for both dry and wet crushing of brittle, medium-hard materials for the mining, cement, coal, metallurgic, construction material, road building and petroleum & chemical industries.

In the bauxite production process, we will mainly introduce to you bauxite grinding system.

For the bauxite powder grinding equipment, ball mill is used. The whole powder grinding system uses loop flow system. Meantime you can select the separator in accordance with the requirements. After crushed by bauxite crushers, the materials are grinded in the powder grinding equipment and discharged to high efficiency separator by elevator. Pulse bag dust catcher is also needed in the whole bauxite grinding plant.

SBM is a professional manufacturer of bauxite grinding mill and bauxite grinding plant. The commonest bauxite grinding mill is SBM MSB coarse powder mill. Besides, SBM can supply raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill, etc and design kinds of whole grinding plant on the basis of customers’ requirement. SBM grinding mill is your best choice of grinding bauxite.

These bauxite crusher can compose a complete bauxite crushing plant. It is the mainly machine in bauxite processing, and it’s capacity can be adjusted. SBM is a professional manufacturer of bauxite crusher and bauxite grinding machine. If you need bauxite crusher and bauxite grinding mill, you can contact us.

December 14, 2010

stone crusher machine for sandstone mining

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Stone Crushing Plant

The stone-making production line produced by our company can provide you with all-around technical support. The whole line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw stone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. According to specific requirements, we can combine different models together to meet various needs
1. brief introduction of stone production line:
First the raw materials are regularly conveyed into the elementary-crushing machine by the vibrating feeder, then the belt conveyor transfers the elementary products to impact crusher for secondary crush. The secondary products will be separated into stone of different sizes by the vibrating screen. The parts not satisfying the needs will be returned to the impact crusher for further crush.

2. Features of the stone-making production line:

The whole line is highly automatic and the size of the finished products is even, good-shaped and can be adjustable, with high crushing ratio, low power consumption and high capacity, which is suitable for big, middle and small projects, such as road and bridge construction.
The complete product line assures matching the right crusher to individual customer application requirements.

Sandstone is sand cemented together into rock, the structure is stable. Its color has a wide range from nearly white to nearly black, with gray, brown, red, pink and buff in between. The chemical constitution of sandstone is the same as that of sand; the rock is thus composed essentially of quartz. The cementing material that binds together the grains of sand is usually composed of silica, calcium carbonate, or iron oxide. Sandstones are used for variety of purposes. They are mainly used in paving, construction, road building etc. It is used as ornamental rocks for buildings, monuments, grave stones, and many other possible uses.

Sandstone Crusher and Crushing Plant

In the construction and quarry, the sandstone is getting more and more widely used. The crushed stone is used mostly as aggregate for road construction and maintenance. It is also used for making cement and lime and other chemical applications, and in agriculture. Our company is the major crusher manufacturer in China, we have many types stone crusher machines for your reference, like cone crusher series plant, impact crusher series plant, jaw crusher series plant, or our new product portable series crusher plant.

The mobile stone crusher has excellent performances, the design idea is based on the client’s requirements, which clears faults of the crushing place, surroundings and the complex basic configurations. It is really supply simpler, high efficient and lower cost machines for clients.

December 13, 2010

Copper Crusher – Copper Ore Crusher – SME Crushing Plant

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