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June 30, 2012

Portland cement clinker

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Portland cement clinker is a dark grey nodular material made by heating ground limestone and clay at a temperature of about 1400 C-1500 C. The nodules are ground up to a fine powder to produce cement, with a small amount of gypsum added to control the setting properties.

Polished section of nodule (scanning electron microscope image). Most of the nodule is alite (light grey) – some clusters of belite are visible (arrowed). Aluminate and ferrite are present but not visible at this relatively low magnification.

Nodules range in size from 1mm to 25mm or more and are composed mainly of calcium silicates, typically 70%-80%. The strength of concrete is mainly due to the reaction of these calcium silicates with water.

Portland cement clinker contains four main minerals:

Alite: approximately tricalcium silicate (typically about 65% of the total)

Belite: approximately dicalcium silicate (typically about 15% of the total)

Aluminate: very approximately tricalcium aluminate (typically about 7% of the total)

Ferrite: very approximately tetracalcium aluminoferrite (typically about 8% of the total)

The balance is made up of alkali sulfates and minor impurities. The typical mineral contents shown are subject to wide variation.

Optical microscope image (polished section) of nodule. Brown crystals are alite, blue crystals are belite, bright interstitial material is mainly ferrite, with small dark inclusions of aluminate. Grey material is the epoxy resin used to make the specimen. NB: Alite is not actually brown and belite is not actually blue – they appear brown and blue here because the polished section has been etched to show the crystals more clearly.

June 26, 2012

Ore machinery – ore breakage and grinding process

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The basic purpose of ore breakage

The basic purpose of ore breakage is make ore, raw materials or fuel reaches a certain size requirement. In dressing, crushed ore purpose is:

Ore Machinery

Ore machinery

(1) Supply Raymond milling machine, high-pressure suspended roller grinding machine, micro powder grinding machine, vertical milling machine (mill) and most reasonable feed size, or autogenous grinding, gravel mill for providing qualified grinding medium;

(2) Use the corresponding broken machines, such as jaw, impactor, cone crusher etc make coarse grained embedded cloth mineral preliminary monomer disintegrate, in order to macrolevel choose don’t methods, such as heavy medium chosen mineral, jig choose, the dry magnetic separation and washing, etc.;

(3) Make high grade of iron ore reaches a certain requirements, in order to direct the granularity of smelting, etc.

Different purposes require different particle size, so there are different types of crushed ore process. Broken section is the most basic crushed ore process units. Broken and different section number of different combination with a sieve crusher.they, they have different crushed ore process. Broken section is by screening assignments, and the screen product of crushing assignments.

Individual broken section can not including screening homework or also includes two screening homework.

Advance screening is entering the broken section in ore to sieve out in advance of grain of level, qualified can reduce the amount of ore into crusher, improve the production ability; crusher.they Also can prevent the rich ore have shattered. In handling contains moisture higher and powder grinding more ore, damp kuangfen will jam crusher, and the crushing cavity significantly reduced crusher production capacity. Using the advance screening of wet and fine away for crusher kuangfen, than the normal working conditions caused. Therefore, the application of advance screening fine particle in the ore mainly according to level (less than min crusher row of the width of the ore mouth the content of grain level) to decide. Fine grained higher level, the content of the advance screening favorable.

Advance screening thus gain two conclusions:

(1) advance screening in the broken section are necessary; Check the screening last only commonly adopted in a fractured section.

(2) broken section number for 2 ~ 3 period normally.

Common crushed ore process including:

(1) two paragraphs has two legs crushed ore process opening and two paragraphs a closed-circuit two types. Two segments break open the crushing product ore process income only in size thick, simple small concentrators or industrial enterprise adopt, the first paragraph don’t set screening in advance. In this case, when the crude ore containing mud and water for high, to make production can be carried out as normal, small concentrators also can use. Small concentrators processing underground mining granularity, and small undressed ore by the second paragraph compare big broken back crusher, can be made two paragraphs a closed-circuit crushing process.

(2) three sections of a closed-circuit crushed ore process, as grinding preparation homework, obtained the widespread application. Whether underground mining or open mining ores, as long as the crude ore contains mud is not high, can effectively adapt. Therefore, the scale of different concentrator can use. Three segments break open with three sections of a mining process, compared the homenork particle are coarse crushing product obtained, but it can simplify crushing workshop equipment configuration, save infrastructure investment. Therefore, when grinding of feed size requirement is lax and grinding period by the coarse grinding rod milling, and dealing with contains moisture higher shale ores and by topography restrictions under such circumstances, can use this process.

In treating of mud water higher ore, it away like three sections of a homenork that, easy to make screen and crushing cavity jam. Using three sections of the broken open add great grinding ore process, do not need complex closed-circuit screening and returning to the product transportation homework; And by rod milling feed size change influence is lesser, rows of granularity, can guarantee ore under section grinding homework operation stability; Meanwhile, production processes that produce less, so the dust can improve labor health conditions. When asked to grind mineral content granularity of thicker (re-election factory) or brittle (tungsten, tin handle), large proportion (lead) minerals, can use this process. Only very hard ore and handle the concentrator, super size crushing to reduce paragraphs than or increase total crushing ratio, just consider to use four part breakage process.

Take the ore washing work crushed ore process:

When the crude ore contains mud (-3 mm) amount more than 5-10 percent and moisture content is greater than 5 ~ 8%, fine-grained level will bond clouds, worsening the broken mine production conditions, such as process caused by crushing cavity and sieve crushers extension screen hole jams, generating equipment accident, storage and transportation equipment showing plugging and leakage phenomenon, serious when make production cannot. At this point, should increase in the broken mine ore washing facilities process. Increase ore washing facilities, not only can make full use of the equipment potential, makes regular production.

Improve the intensity of labor, but also able to enhance the recovery of valuable metals, expand the use of resource. Ore washing work is generally located before crushing, depending on size, water content and ore ore washing equipment structure factors and decide. Common ore washing equipment have ore washing sieve (lattice sieve, vibrating screen), and cylinder ore washing machine, two-tank ore washing machine etc. Cylinder After ore washing the net ore, some needs are broken, some can be used as a qualified grain grade. Wash out of mud, if grade close, it may be discarded tailings grade; If grade, then need to be close to run-of-mine ore grade to choose don’t.

For crushing function safety, normal production, first wash ore in lattice sieve, sieve product for crushing, screening product into the vibrating screen before you wash it. After the second screen ore washing of crushing, screening product into product into hierachial machine classification, desliming, grading return sand and finally broken product by dense amalgamative, grading overflow, dehydration, machine buffer of single fine mud grinding, the flotation. Dye; Low cost advantages.

June 25, 2012

Ore crushing, ore crushing production line equipment

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More and more people are now engaged in mineral processing industry, ore crushing is critical, what is the ore crushing it? The broken ore is to be processed chunks of ore or ore, by means of external forces to overcome the intermolecular forces within the broken, the mining process of shrinking the block size. In the beneficiation process, the ore is usually crushed into crushing (coarse stage) and grinding (fine stage) two stages.

In the concentrator, the broken ore is essential to sorting the materials before the job is the preparation phase. First, the concentrator is useful to deal with the vast majority of mineral ore and gangue minerals closely with students together, and often as well as fine grained disseminated. Only crushed them to fully dissociate in order to use the existing physical beneficiation methods are enriched. Secondly, all the physical beneficiation methods are limited by size, granularity is too coarse (useful minerals and gangue dissociation is not implemented) or size too small (too crushed to fine) are not effective separation. Each link in the concentrator, the ore crushing process is the most expensive is the cost of investment and production constitute the concentrator important part. Therefore, the basic task of the ore crushing operations for the sorting operation is selected to provide appropriate materials, quality of work crushing process to directly affect the mineral processing technology and economic indicators.

Metal processing plant in crushing the most common process is coarse, medium, fine plus three sections of the job screening process of closed-circuit crushing, but there are two broken open or closed process. Three sections of the first paragraph of the process that is broken crushing, the general jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; the second paragraph that the broken, the use of standard cone crusher; the third paragraph that is crushing, often short-head type cone crusher machine. Small amount of mineral processing plant for processing, the third stage can be used on the roll crusher. Sec broken in a closed process, the last more than a medium-sized cone crusher used in small processing plant or a crushing brittle materials, can be used crusher or a hammer crusher.

Operating instruction of sand making machine

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Operating instruction of sand making machine:

Sand making machine

Sand making machine

1. Make sure the observation door of whirl chamber is fastening up, to prevent the material run out of from the whirl chamber and arouse risk.
2. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, looking from the entrance of material. The impeller should roll in counter-clockwise direction; otherwise the connection of the motor should be adjusted.
3. The starting order of crusher and conveying equipment should be: layout_crusher_feeding.
The crusher should be start in on-load, and feeding when the crusher running well. The halt order is on the contrary of start order.

The usage of sand making machine:

Sand making machine is an ideal production facility in the domain of project, machine made sand (manufactured sand), subcrust stuff, bbitulith and cement concrete aggregate.

In mining industry, sand making machine is widely used in the ore grinding FEOL, sand making machine can produce a lot of ore fines, reduce the high cost ore grinding load; widely used in centre and small domain in all kinds of mineral, cement fireproofing matter, bauxite clinker, silicon carbide, glass raw material and other high-hard and ultra-hard material. Sand maker is also widely used in the machine-made construction sand, stone and other metallurgy sand.

Sand making machine is more efficacy than other stone breaker. As the series of sand making machine has the feature of low abrasion, they are also be adopted by high wearability and twice disintegrating breaking produce. In addition to this, as zero pollution to the products, impact breaking machine can well adjust to the producing of glass quartz sand and other high purity materials. With the 10-500t/h producing capacity, Impact breaking machine can almost fulfill all producing needs.

June 24, 2012

Nigeria Crusher manufacturer

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Crushing and grinding mill Solution in Nigeria

Nigeria has a vast amount of untapped mineral resources. However, mining Nigeria is not very popular before. The mining of minerals in Nigeria accounts for only 0.3% of its GDP, due to the influence of its vast oil resources. The domestic mining Nigeria industry is underdeveloped, leading to Nigeria having to import minerals that it could produce domestically, such as salt or iron ore. Rights to ownership of mineral resources is held by the Nigerian government, which grants titles to organizations to explore, mine, and sell mineral resources.

By the 1940s, Nigeria was a major producer of tin, columbite, and coal. However, because of the discovery of oil in 1956 , mining Nigeria’s mineral development has been highly focussed on its oil industry. You know Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer and contributes 3% to global production. As a result, the mining Nigeria industry has been neglected and has only been rekindled by the Ministry of Solid Mineral Development, intent in increasing the role of this sector of Nigeria’s economy.Currently mining Nigeria contributes more and more to Nigeria’s GDP. Nigeria has significant coal and iron ore reserves as well several gold, uranium, tantalum and REE showings throughout the country. We believe crusher manufacturers in China will find their way in mining Nigeria.

Nowadays, we can find many stone crusher plants from China in mining Nigeria. There are many crusher manufacturers in China. Among these crusher manufacturers, SHENBANG Company has becoming more and more prominent. We have established a special stone crusher plants agency in Nigeria which is specially dealing with the great demand to stone crusher plants from China.Being the most populous country on the African continent , the mill Nigeria is of a potential market of a population of 127 million. Mining Nigeria abounds with mineral resources. So far, more than 450 kinds of minerals have been discovered in the country, of which 32 kinds are of high value of exploiting and development.

The most popularly required sizes of aggregate in the market are 0~3/16” (stone dust), 3/16~1/2”, 1/2~3/4” and 3/4~1”. In this fines requirement, the operator only get 60~70 tons of aggregate per hour. The existing crushing plant is unable to meet the increasing demand on the aggregate with fines requirement and today’s increasingly high standard on aggregate shape.

According to this operator’s requirement on fines and aggregate shape, our company designs a three stage crushing plant which consists of a primary (900×1200mm) 36×48” jaw crusher , one secondary S51” cone crusher (standard type), and one S51” cone crusher (short head type) in the tertiary section. From this crushing plant, the operator can get a capacity of 240~260tph of aggregate with 0~3/16” (stone dust), 3/16~1/2”, 1/2~3/4” and 3/4~1” sizes.

Because of the application of tertiary cone crusher with short head type, the client can get bigger capacity of aggregate with 3/16~1/2” and 1/2~3/4” sizes (the percentage can reach to 76% in all aggregate), the price for aggregate with these two sizes are higher in the market, so the client can get bigger profit from this stone crushing plant

The aggregate produced by jaw crusher doesn’t have good shape, the percentage of aggregate with elongation and flakiness shape is about 33~38%, so the operator unable to obtain a good price in the market. When this new crushing plant put into production, the client get aggregate with good shape, the percentage of aggregate with elongation and flakiness shape is only 11~13%. Because of the good quality of aggregate, this client becomes the preferred aggregate supplier in local market.

Because of this client also purchased a complete set steel supporting structure for each equipment, so the installation for whole crushing plant become easy. Comparing with crushing plant which built on the concrete supporting structure, the installation period for the crushing plant with steel supporting structure reduces about 20 working days. Considering the cost for concrete and labor in Nigeria, actually, the investment for steel supporting structure is more cost-efficient than the concrete supporting structure.

From this new crushing plant, the quarry operator can get bigger capacity of aggregate with fine size and good shape comparing with the original crushing plant, it means that he can get bigger profit from the new crushing plant in the same manufacturing cost for aggregate.

New Wileman sand and gravel plant for RSG

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Wileman Engineers of have recently played an important role in the supply of equipment for the independent, and privately owned Rotherham Sand and Gravel Co Ltd at their flagship site at Scrooby Top, near Bawtry.

Following continued company expansion over a period of 20 years which included an increase to the range of products and services available planning permission was sought to extend Scrooby Top Quarry.

Sand and Grvel Plant

Sand and Grvel Plant

Approval was eventually granted by Nottinghamshire County Council for an estimated 15 years of new reserves on the condition that a new access road was built and the processing plant re-sited at a lower level to reduce its visual impact.

Following the receipt of planning approval the company made the decision to invest in a new processing plant which included a complete new washing and grading plant and an associated sand processing facility, weighbridge, new ready-mixed concrete plant, pre-pack bagging facilities and a new office block. Including the Scrooby Top Quarry the total landholding of the company amounts to some 400 acres with a number of other RSG sites supplying sand and gravel which is stockpiled on site prior to processing.

As part of the new plant Wileman Engineers were successful in the manufacture and supply of Wileman designed and built washing and grading screens (both 1.5m wide x 3.6m long) and also a 1.5m diameter x 2.7m long Wileman scrubber barrel.

Additional Wileman products include a mechanical clay picker for the removal of large lump clay or stone at the feed end of a material handling process.

The process involves materials being discharged into a 3.6m long x 1.5m wide Wileman double-deck vibrating screen inclined at 15° and equipped with spray bars. The screen is fitted with modular polyurethane screen media with 20mm apertures on the top deck and 5mm on the bottom deck. Washed – 75mm +5mm material is then discharged directly into a Wileman 15M27 scrubber barrel, a 1.5m diameter x 2.7m long contra-flow unit that features perforated polyurethane elements to remove sand and dirty water at both the feed end and the discharge end of the barrel. This barrel is driven by a 30kW squirrel cage motor and directly coupled gearbox through standard pneumatic tyres.

The -5mm sand/water slurry from both the scrubber barrel and the preceding wet screen is flumed to a collection box and then piped to a Linatex sand classification and dewatering system. The coarse fraction from the barrel is then discharged into a Metso Aquamator which separates lower density material from the clean aggregate. The contaminant-free gravel is then fed onto an inclined conveyor, which discharges on to another Wileman double-deck sizing screen fitted with modular polyurethane screen media with 20mm apertures on the top deck and 10mm apertures on the bottom.

This dry screen and the previous wet version are the first screens to be designed and built by Wileman. Both screens feature an all-bolted design for easy maintenance together with a galvanized surface finish for maximum protection.

The dry screen separates the incoming feed into – 20mm + 20mm and -10mm +6mm gravel fractions, which are discharged to ground stockpiles via two 15m long x 600mm wide stockpile conveyors, each capable of handling 50 tonnes/h.
Any oversize off the dry screen is then fed into a 20 tonne capacity surge hopper.

June 22, 2012

Mobile plants crushing and grinding

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Both mobile and non-mobile facilities are designed to optimize the performance-quality-price relationship, with particular care to the fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

Mobile plants crushing and grinding

Mobile plants crushing and grinding

Our technical and commercial departments put great professionality and experience in planning (designing) each facility and machine. Our company is in the position to guarantee the successful achievement of the desidered results concerning either great-production-facilities or small ones.

Mobile crushing plants

Mobile crushing plants

Particular care we currently put, in the design of facilities for the recovery of demolition-materials.

Mobile plants crushing and grinding

Mobile plants crushing and grinding

According to the market requirements, we currently plan said facilities in different sizes, each one including the possibility to displace the machine where necessary, being it planned with wheels or caterpillar tracks.

June 19, 2012

Mobile crushing & screening plant

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crusher machinery supply tracked crusher plant and wheeled crusher plant for the clients, both can combined with cone crusher, jaw crusher , impact crusher even VSI crusher.

Using our large mobile crushing and screening plants, the customer can crush any type of rocks, stones, ore materials in many different plants.The crushing circuits can crush oxide and sulphide ores to your size requirements.And all types of aggregate can be produced from shotcrete fines to roadbase and filter rock.

Mobile jaw crushing plant:

Jaw crusher is widely used in all kinds of oxide quarry deposits like iron ore, gold ore, manganese, chrome ore; The jaw crushing plant can operate anywhere on the mine site in pit, ore stockpiles ore waste dumps;

The jaw crusher can produce up to 300T/H, and the produce final grain size with a CSS of 30mm.

Mobile cone crushing plant:

Cone crushers for hard rock, roadbase construction are available. The cone crushing plant is suitable for fineness crushing, the final grain size can be down to 2mm in diameter. The crushed ore minerals can be fed to grinding plant without any further crushing.

The production capacity of one unit can be up to 500 TPH.

Mobile VSI crushing plant:

VSI crusher is widely used in manufactured sand production line and stone shaping line. VSI crusher can crush and shape the crushed rubble, stones, rocks, gangue into high grade sand used in concrete building.

The VSI crushing plant can produce up to 520 TPH.

Impact crushing plant:

Impact crusher is suitable for producing high quality building aggregate and construction aggregate by crushing granite, basalt, limestone, river stone etc. The final products are in cubic shape with ground edges.

The impact crushing plant can produce up to 450 TPH, which is suitable for small scale, medium scale aggregate production.

Crusher spare& wear parts:

In order to maintain the large number of machines currently working world wide in the field a continuous flow of spareparts and backup is provided by our company.

Due to a controlled warehouse system, the company can give fast and excellent service to customers. Skilled technicians operate within a very short time period to change parts on machines located anywhere in the world.

Tracked versus wheel-mounted crushing & screening plant:

The track-mounted mobile crusher and wheeled mobile crusher boost the efficiency of contracting, and features several applications suitable for recycling as well as various civil engineering projects.

They can be quickly moved from one site to another with high mobility and flexibility, it also can be tracked across the most difficult of surfaces and require only the minimum of space for operation.

Compared with the conventional wheel-mounted crushing & screening plant, the dominant advantages of tracked crushing plant are:
1) less downtime;
2) faster to set up and tear down;
3) much more mobile on site, and often available with remote controls;
4) low maintenance;
And the features of wheel-mounted mobile crusher are:
1) large production capacity;
2) large loading hopper;
3) easy to adapt with auxiliary equipment;
4) the structure is simple;

June 17, 2012


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Crusher Types
The choice of crusher depends on the type and amount of material to be crushed. Gyratory and jaw crushers represent the bulk of primary crushers used at mining operations today, although some operations use roll impact crushers, low-speed roll sizers and feeder breakers. Cone crushers remain the most popular for fine crushing applications, although some mines use vertical impact crushers for tertiary and quaternary crushing.

Major equipment
The major equipment in a primary crushing circuit usually includes only a crusher, feeder and conveyor. Secondary and tertiary crushing circuits have the same basic equipment items, along with screens and surge storage bins.

Additional and Optional Equipment

Other equipment items in crushing circuits can include:

• Rock breaker • Apron feeder to the primary crusher • Overhead crane • Dust collection/suppression system • Freight elevator • Eccentric trolley removal cart • Service air compressor • Man-lift elevator • Sump pumps • Air cannons • Air vacuum clean up systems • Water booster pumps • Rock grapple • Service trolleys • Conveyor belt magnets • Conveyor gravity take-up service winch • Conveyor belt metal detectors • Conveyor belt rip detector • Belt monitoring systems • Conveyor belt weigh scales • Belt feeders • Vibratory feeders • Screw feeders • Lime/cement silos • Bin ventilators • Sampling stations.


A well-designed plant layout balances the capital versus operating cost over mine life. Buildings, infrastructure, and major equipment  items, represent the major cost elements of a crushing plant. The designer must prepare a layout that suits the design criteria,  flowsheet and selected equipment in the most economical possible configuration. It’s important to keep structural costs down, to design for ease of maintenance and operation, and to combine best practices with advances in fabrication and erection. Input from an experienced mining plant structural engineer can be very helpful.

Crushing circuits and ancillaries have not changed a great deal over the years, so “Keep It Simple” is still the best way to design a plant. Owners may wonder why the design of head chutes hasn’t changed in decades, but the explanation is simple: it’s because the old,   well-proven approaches still work best. On the other hand, it’s dangerous to assume that a layout that works well at one mine will work just as well, or at all, at another.

Provisions must be made for the replacement of wear parts (e.g., install man-doors on head chutes with flood lighting inside the chute.) Faster part replacement means less downtime. Layout tools can include cut-and-paste arrangements, 2D arrangements fitted onto site topography, or 3D CAD to superimpose the design on the selected site. The choice of tool depends on whether the work is being done at the prefeasibility, feasibility or detailed engineering level, as well as on the accuracy required of any associated cost estimate. The best designs are developed using basic approaches and tools: site visits, discussions with mine personnel, sketches, and cutand-paste layouts. This writer believes that only after the initial concepts have been developed and optimized does 3D CAD have a role to play.

Different industries have different approaches to crushing plant design. The standard approach in the oil sands industry is to use  MicroStation 3D CAD from the start; in some cases, the finalization of a system design (hopper, feeder, sizer crusher, and takeaway  conveyor) has taken as much as two years, because of the uniqueness of the application. A similar design in the hard-rock mining industry takes from four to six months.


Primary crushers, no matter what type, must all meet the design parameters described earlier. Design details that are fundamental to the layout of gyratory crusher plants are listed in the sections that follow. Some of these details are applicable to other types of  crushers as well.

June 16, 2012

Mining Equipment Sales

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P&H 1997 MinePro mining equipment Sales Brochure
P&H 1997 MinePro mining equipment Sales Brochure bidStart (16031278) Everything Else : Business & Industrial : Construction : Vintage Construction : Manuals & Brochures

Euclid 1972 Mining Equipment Sales Brochure
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P&h 1997 Minepro Mining Equipment Sales Brochure
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Euclid 1972 Mining Equipment Sales Brochure
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OrePro – Used Mining Equipment Sales
Used and reconditioned equipment for the aggregrate, mining, and mineral processing industries

Mining Equipment and Services in Argentina – December 2001

Project Manager – Underground Mining Equipment
Size equipment and prepare specifications and concept drawings
. Translate complex customer requirements into practical and efficient concepts
. Provide technical support to sales, operations, and engineering
Requirements . Registered or eligibility …

Mining Equipment Market In Argentina – November 2006
Mining Equipment Market In Argentina – SUMMARY – MINING MARKET OVERVIEW – Legal framework – New investments – Veladero – Pascua-Lama – OTHER MINES OPENING IN 2006-2007 – Gualcamayo – Casposo – CURRENT MINING PROJECTS BY PROVINCE – Chubut – Santa …

General Sales Manager III
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Open-Pit Mining Equipment in Colombia – May 2006
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Mining Equipment in Australia – May 2004
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Technical Sales-Business Development-Commercial Construction Pro
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Prospecting Dredge Sluice Gold Mining Equipment

Heavy Equipment Sales & Repair
HEAVY EQUIP. Sales and Repair – Miami – Established 20 years – dealer for Hatz, Wisconsin, Lambordini, Iveco, Ford Industrial, Continental, Robins – Suburu / 50% SALES and 50% WARRANTIES and SERVICE CONTRACTS. Very little competiton – GROWTH …

Mining Equipment in India – March 2004
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Mining Equipment, Technologies And Services Copper And Gold Projects in Brazil – January 2003
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Clark Wagner Mining Equipment Replacement Valve 578809
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Plant Engineer
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Plant Engineer
Plant Engineer Job Title: Plant Engineer, Plant Fitter, Service Engineer, Service Technician Area: Luton, Bedfordshire, Enfield, Middlesex, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Harlow, Essex Salary: £26000 – £28000 + Company Van + Pension The Company: We are …

Plant Engineer
Plant Engineer Job Title: Plant Engineer, Plant Fitter, Service Engineer, Service Technician Area: Luton, Bedfordshire, Enfield, Middlesex, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Harlow, Essex Salary: £26000 – £28000 + Company Van + Pension The Company: We are …

Plant Engineer
Plant Engineer Job Title: Plant Engineer, Plant Fitter, Service Engineer, Service Technician Area: Luton, Bedfordshire, Enfield, Middlesex, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Harlow, Essex Salary: £26000 – £28000 + Company Van + Pension The Company: We are …

Inside Sales Representative
Employer: Aerotek
Job Location: Fairfield, CA
Position: Inside Sales Representative
Location: Fairfield, CA
Duration: Contract – to – Hire
Pay: $37440 – $39520, Commission Potential
Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Equipment Engineer
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Equipment EngineerJob ID:905796Location: CA – Santa Fe SpringsFull/Part Time:Full-TimeRegular/Temporary:RegularReturn to …

Lee-norse Coal Mining Equipment Tj1 Mine Jeep 1951 Ad
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