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August 31, 2010

Types of crushers-jaw crusher machine

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jaw crusherJaw crusher  is a widely used stone crusher. jaw crushers are configured for primary crushing of even hardest rock. Our jaw crushers are crushing without rubbing minimum dust oil lubrication, devise having oil or grease lubrication system. SBM crushers are designed for long life service with minimum maintenance for hard, tough, abrasive material and overload high capacity. This service goal has been confirmed by our customers all over the world.

A jaw or toggle crusher consists of a set of vertical jaws, one jaw being fixed and the other being moved back and forth relative to it by a cam or pitman mechanism. The jaws are farther apart at the top than at the bottom, forming a tapered chute so that the material is crushed progressively smaller and smaller as it travels downward until it is small enough to escape from the bottom opening. The movement of the jaw can be quite small, since complete crushing is not performed in one stroke. The inertia required to crush the material is provided by a weighted flywheel that moves a shaft creating an eccentric motion that causes the closing of the gap.

Single and double toggle jaw crusher are constructed of heavy duty fabricated plate frames with reinforcing ribs throughout. The crushers components are of high strength design to accept high power draw. Manganese steel is used for both fixed and movable jaw faces. Heavy flywheels allow crushing peaks on tough materials. Double Toggle jaw crushers may feature hydraulic toggle adjusting mechanisms.

Flexible discharge opening setting of jaw crusher allows perfect match with relative equipments.  jaw crusher is easy to install, operate and maintain. As per Feedback, our experts will make continuous improvements on our products to meet customers’ changing needs. Jaw crusher is widely used in fields of mining, metallurgy, construction, smelting, hydropower and chemical industries etc.
1. The application of world-class manufacturing processes and high-tech materials.
2. Integrated steel structures are used for the base of bearing;
3. The broken cavity using "V"-shaped structure, so that the actual width of feed is same as nominal width;
4. The broken cavity is deep and without dead zone, increased capacity and output feed;
5. Lubrication system is safe and reliable, convenient of replace parts, easy to maintenance;
6. The outlet employs pad-style adjustment devices, convenient and reliable, and increase the flexibility of the equipment;
7. Low noise, less dust;

August 27, 2010

Crusher Maintenance and Operation

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The actual minimum safe setting will vary somewhat, for any given machine, depending upon the character of the material, the amount of fines in the feed, and whether the crusher is being operated under choke-feed or regulated feed conditions. It is possible, when all conditions are favorable, to operate gyratory crushers, with standard throw eccentrics, at smaller discharge settings than are indicated by the published tables. Generally speaking, however, it cannot be considered good practice to do so; and any experimentation along these lines should be accompanied by a close check on the power consumption, to make sure that the crusher is not being overloaded.

When it is necessary, or desirable, to operate a gyratory crusher at discharge settings below the minimum standard, the safe procedure is to fit the machine with a reduced throw eccentric. The crusher manufacturer will be able to advise the operator about these special throws for machines of his make.

If a reduced throw eccentric is installed, the capacity at any given setting will drop off approximately in direct proportion to the reduction in throw. In some cases it is possible to compensate, partially at least, for this drop-off by speeding up the machine. Here, again, the manufacturer will be able to advise the operator as to the maximum safe speed for any particular crusher of his line.


Impact crushers story

Impact Crusher Overview:
Impact crusher is mainly used to crush many kinds of large, medium, small hard size materials with compression resistance no more than 350Mpa,in the fields of highway, reservoir, railway, airport and other fields that need rock with cubic shape. It features in high capacity, high performance, high reduction ratio, cubic shape and low flakiness.

Impact Crusher Working Principle:
When the impact crusher  works, the motor drives the rotor rotate with high speed, on the rotor where installed the hammers. When the materials get into the area which the hammers effect, under the impact function of the hammer at a high speed, the materials are thrown to the impact device above the rotor continuously. And then the materials are rebounded from the impact liner to the area where the hammers effects for being recrushed. The materials from large to small all to be crushed at the impact chamber repeatedly. The process wont stop till the material are crushed to the required size and then discharged from outlet.

Impact Crusher Feature:
Special structure, connected without key, high chrome hammer, unique impact liner, deal with hard material, high efficiency and save energy, cubic shape of product, adjustable output size.


coal crushing plant

Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock normally occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds. Coal has very wide using fields in our daily life. SBM crushers and Grinding mills are neccssary equipments in coal processing.


Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock normally occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds. The harder forms, such as anthracite coal, can be regarded as metamorphic rock because of later exposure to elevated temperature and pressure. Coal is composed primarily of carbon along with variable quantities of other elements, chiefly sulphur, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

Coal Uses

  • Coal as fuel
  • Coking and use of coke
  • Ethanol production
  • Gasification
  • Liquefaction
  • Industrial processes
  • Cultural usage
  • Coal as a traded commodity

Coal Crushing Plant

In order to use coal more rationally, efficiently and effectively, the coal need to be processed and crushed into different sizes, 0 ~ 25 mm particle size for coal gas stove, 25 ~ 8 mm for steam locomotive, 25 ~ 6 mm for the industrial furnace, and coal power plant requires grain coal of 0 ~ 25mm. So coal processing includes coal crushing and coal grinding. Coal crushing plant consist of many types of crushers and Grinding mills. Coal crushers including primary Jaw crusher, secondary Impact crusher and Cone crusher etc. Coal mill include Ball mill, Raymond mill, Vertical mill etc.

Coal Crushing and Grinding Process

If the coal block is bigger than the mill’s max input size, it must be crushed before grinding. The crushing plant common includes Vibrating feeder as feeding material to Jaw crusher, which is as primary Jaw crusher. If need secondary crusher, Cone crusher or Impact crusher can be used. After primary crushing, the coal can be feeding to Ball mill to fine grinding. To increase Ball mill effective, the vertical coal mill or coarse powder mill can be setted before Ball mill as pre-grinding.

From: Coal Crushing Plant, Coal Crusher

August 25, 2010

jaw crusher and jc jaw crusher introduciton

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New generation crusher , jc series jaw crusher is born with innovative significance. It is newly designed and improved by our experts on basis of their more than 20 years’ crusher manufacturing and designing experience. The unique design concept makes this series crusher achieve perfect combination between crushing efficiency and operating cost. Meanwhile, it has wide range of application, particularly suitable for crushing hard rock, such as basalt, river pebbles.


1. Durable moving jaw assembly.
2. Integral cast steel bearing housings.
3. Fast and safe setting adjustment.
4. Reasonable cavity design.
5. Larger-size and larger-carrying-capacity bearings
6. Compact & robust structure

Jaw crusher  main parts: jaw guard, main bearings, eccentric shaft, flywheel wheel (lain/grooved), set adjustment, tension rod, toggle plate, jaw stock, movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, frame, cheek plate (down), cheek plate (up).

Jaw crusher uses motor as its power, through the motor’s wheels; the eccentric shaft is driven by the triangle belt and slot wheel to make the movable jaw plate move by a regulated track. Therefore, the materials in the crushing cavity composed of fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side-lee board can be crushed and discharged through the discharging opening.

JC series jaw crusher also named European jaw crusher is driven by motor. Through the motor’s wheels, the triangle belt and slot wheel drive the eccentric shaft to make the movable jaw plate move by a regulated track. Then, the materials in the crushing cavity composed of fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side-lee board can be crushed and discharged through the discharging opening.

It is similar to the jaw crusher operating principle, but the working result maybe not the same because of JC jaw crusher’s advantages. That’s also the reason why this jaw crusher is famous in the world.

ball mill

August 20, 2010

crusher machine information

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crusher machine Features and Benefits:
1. High reduction ratio and crushing efficiency.
2. No-board connection. The blow bar with high chrome (high chromed blow bar).
3. Impact plate with a special shape.
4. Crushed product with cubical shape.
5. Easy maintenance and reliable operation.
Working principle:
This impact crusher machine crushes materials with impact force. When the materials enter the blow bar area, they are crushed due to the high-speed impact of the blow bar and are thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for secondary crush. Then the materials will be shot back to the blow bar again for the third crush. This process repeats until the materials are crushed to the required size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. The size and shape of the finished powder can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact rack and rotor support. The machine employs self-weigh security device in its back frame. When other objects enter the impact cavity, they will be forced out of the machine by the impact rack in the front and back of the crusher machine.
Material from entering hopper into the crusher machine, feeder the material through sub-divided into two parts, sub-feeder from the middle into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, in the impeller being rapidly accelerated up to several hundred times the acceleration of gravity, and then 60 -70 m / s speed of all three fabrics from the impeller flow channel within the projectile out, first with four weeks from the sub-feeder part of the material from the impact of falling revenues broken, and then with an impact on the vortex branch cavity lining materials, were material lining rebound, oblique on the impact on the top of the whirl chamber, but also to change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, rotation Road, emitted from the leaf material to form a continuous material curtain. crusher machine  material in a whirl chamber being broken twice as well as many chances of impact, friction and grinding effect. Material has been broken by the lower discharge port discharge. And recycling the formation of closed-circuit screening system, general circulation three times the material can be broken into 20 mesh below. Are shattered in the whole process, the impact of broken material with each other on their own, not in direct contact with the metal components, but with the material lining the shocks occur, friction and grinding, which reduces the pollution angle to extend the mechanical wear of time. Whirl chamber airflow within the clever self-loop, eliminating the dust pollution.

August 18, 2010

The Advantages of the Cone Crusher

With the continuous growth of China’s economic construction, crushing machine industry has been developing rapidly. Cone crushers have been widely used and greatly popularized. The machine’s advantageous design and superior performance are the fundamental reason for gradually entering the market. The following two advantages of cone crusher make it have great prospects for developmentin in the competition of the market.
First, the cone crusher adopts innovative design principles and the new crushing technology, and can crush materials of different specifications. Cone crushers are widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry. They are suitable to crush various kinds of ore and rocks of medium or above medium hardness. The cone crusher is of high performance, high efficiency, high capacity, low operation costs, easy adjustment, economic operation, etc. It not only has large reduction ratio, fine and uniform product size but also has low unit power consumption. The machine has few requirements for humidity and is suitable to crush any hard brittle materials. The cone crusher has great prospects in mineral processing industry.
Second, the cone crusher  has high throughput in crushing materials and high capacity. Its unique design greatly reduces repair and maintenance costs, therefore the crushing productivity has been greatly improved and production costs have remarkably decreased. mobile crusher portable crusher crusher machine

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