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September 27, 2010

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

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TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian forces crossed into neighboring Iraq and killed 30 fighters from a group it says was involved in last week’s bombing of a military parade, state TV reported Sunday.

Gen. Abdolrasoul Mahmoudabadi of the elite Revolutionary Guards said the "terrorists" were killed on Saturday in a clash "beyond the border" and that his forces were still in pursuit of two men who escaped the ambush.

While Iran has said in the past it would target armed groups on Iraqi soil this is a rare case of it actually admitting to an attack.

Iraqi officials have complained in the past about Iranian artillery shelling its northern mountainous region where armed Kurdish opposition groups have taken refuge.

An explosion during a military parade in the town of Mahabad, in Iran’s northwestern Kurdish region, killed 12 women and children on Wednesday.

Iran has already blamed the attack on Kurdish separatists who have fought Iranian forces in the area for years, but most Kurdish groups condemned the attack and no one has so far claimed responsibility for it.

Iran has also blamed Israel, the U.S. and supporters of Iraq’s previous regime for supporting the Kurdish groups.

The parade was one of several held around the country to mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war.

The city of Mahabad is home to 190,000 people — most of them Kurds and Sunni Muslims. Iran is predominantly Shiite.

Government forces in Iraq, Iran and Turkey have all periodically battled with the Kurdish minorities straddling their borders. They fear the groups are seeking to unite territory in all three nations to form an independent Kurdish homeland.

The most active rebellion is in southeastern Turkey, where the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, has fought for greater autonomy and civil rights since 1984 in a battle that has killed tens of thousands of people. They have sometimes operated from bases across the border in northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, sparking a large-scale cross-border Turkish military campaign in February 2008 that involved airstrikes and ground troops.

The group in Iran is a wing of the PKK and also sometimes operates inside friendly territory in Iraqi Kurdistan. Like Turkey, Iran’s military has attacked their bases on the other side of the border with occasional artillery strikes.

Inside Iran, their fight has mostly involved occasional roadside bombs and other attacks targeting security forces. Iranian authorities also linked the rebels to a terrorist cell whose members were arrested last month on suspicion of plotting to assassinate officials.

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September 17, 2010

Groundbreaking hit Super Mario Bros. celebrates 25th birthday

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Madden Arcade

Nintendo’s iconic mascot Mario has sold over 240 million video games, been heralded as gaming’s most recognizable face, holds seven world records — and he’s passing another huge milestone this week.

According to Nintendo themselves — and they ought to know — the game that put Mario on the map turns 25 this week. Released on September 13, 1985, NES great Super Mario Bros. would quickly become the top-selling video game of all time, a title it would hold right up until last year when it was passed by Wii Sports.

Since then, he’s appeared in hundreds of games, enjoyed careers as a doctor, an archaeologist, a racing driver, and a golfer, and helped establish the Nintendo name as almost synonymous with video games themselves.

So what’s next for this gaming superstar? Retro-styled 2009 blockbuster New Super Mario Bros. Wii continues to sell well, landing at 6th place on the U.S. charts last month. Given Nintendo just trademarked a new Mario logo in Japan bearing the legend “Super Mario Bros. Anniversary," we doubt this gaming icon is going to retire any time soon.

Five things you (possibly) didn’t know about Mario

  • Mario’s last name is also Mario. He’s Mario Mario, in fact.
  • His first appearance was actually in 1981 in the arcade version of Donkey Kong, where he was known as “Jumpman.” He wouldn’t get his official name until the following year’s Donkey Kong Jr., also the only game where he plays the bad guy.
  • Not only is Mario the best-selling video game character of all time, he’s also its most prolific: according to Guinness World Records’s 2008 edition, he’s appeared in 116 separate games.
  • Mario’s distinctive high-pitched voice is provided by actor Charles Martinet, who also voices Mario’s brother Luigi and his longtime foe Wario.
  • Nintendo released a follow-up to Super Mario Bros. in Japan in 1986, but deemed it too difficult for Western audiences. It wouldn’t hit U.S. shores as a standalone title until 2007, as a Wii Virtual Console title dubbed “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.”

September 16, 2010

Playstation Move 101

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Playstation Move

Starting this week, the Wii won’t be the only game console touting a motion control system. Sony’s Playstation Move hits stores on Sept. 17, bringing a new range of controllers and an accompanying selection of motion-enabled games to the Playstation 3. We’ve spent some quality time with the system; since we’re guessing you’ve got questions, here are a few answers.

How is this different than the Wii?

In theory, it’s not. This is Sony’s response to the Wii’s success; Microsoft’s, named “Kinect,” will be out later this year.

But Move is considerably more advanced than the four year-old Wii control system. In addition to a suite of gyroscopic motion sensors, Move can employ head-tracking, voice recognition, and positional tracking of the controller. It’s unquestionably more accurate, more sensitive, and more high-tech…but in the end, it’s all about getting you playing games that have you jumping about in front of your TV.

Like the Wii.

What do you need to get started?

Playstation Move

At the very least, you’ll need one Move controller — the one with the colorful sphere on the end — a Playstation Eye camera, and a Move-compatible game. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what Sony is offering in its main Move bundle, which includes a controller, a camera, and flagship game Sports Champions. If you want to get the most out of the system, though, budget another $50 for a second Move controller. Some games work best with one in each hand, to say nothing of the two-player possibilities.

If you’re the type who has to have everything, Sony’s also selling what it calls a “Move navigational controller," though it’s really just a trimmed-down Playstation pad that fits in one hand. It doesn’t have motion sensing capabilities, but it is just right for controlling games like first-person shooters. There’s also a charging station that’ll fit two Move controllers, although they also charge over USB just like a regular PS3 pad.

How much is it?

The basic Move bundle — which we recommend, unless you already have a Playstation Eye camera — costs just shy of $100. Separately, one Move controller retails for $50, while the optional navigational controller is $30. Most of the launch games are $40.

How do you set it up?

It won’t take long: if you can set up a Wii, you can set up Move.

Tuck the camera either above or below your TV, pair the controllers with your PS3, and, uh, you’re done. Every time you play, you’ll have to do a brief calibration dance — hold the controller up by your shoulder, down by your side, point it at your belt buckle, do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around — but that’ll be second nature in no time.

Why does it have a glowing ball on the end?

Playstation Move

For starters, because it looks cool. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that.

The camera uses that glowing orb to pin down the controller’s location in 3D space. It lights up when the controller’s in use in a color that will best stand out against the background, which helps greatly with its accuracy. Additionally, some games can flash the ball different colors to give you feedback. One thing to note: if you get your body between the controller and the camera or do anything else that obstructs its view of the glowing ball, you’ll confuse the system.

How well does it work?

Remarkably well. If you’ve been disappointed by the Wii’s sensitivity with sword-fighting games like Red Steel, Sony’s system is what you’ve been waiting for. Compared to the Wii, it’s seriously impressive how sensitive Move is to even the smallest of motions. There’s no perceptible lag, and none of that characteristic wobbliness of the cursor you see on the Wii. In short, Move is the real deal; it delivers on the promise of motion control in a way the Wii has never managed.

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