Wedding dresses on the Internet: Beware of Fakes!

If you plan to buy your wedding dress online, be sure of its authenticity! Buying your wedding dress on the internet is certainly a good way to save for the big day, but nothing guarantees the authenticity of the items presented as bargains junior. In reality junior bridesmaid dresses cheap, this may be just the opposite and discount are often too good to be honest. A time when the wedding season continues in full swing, brides are the counterfeiters thank you for trying to sell them counterfeit junior bridesmaid dresses.

MarkMonitor has met the following advice to the attention of those who are looking for wedding dresses or cheap engagement on the web:


If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is fishy. Faced with the ingenuity of counterfeiters modest bridesmaid dresses utah, it should be shown the utmost vigilance. If a super model is offered twice cheaper than the manufacturer’s website, it is probably a fake modest, so put yourself in search of MSRP. Even if the dress has a lower discount, say 20%, it is worth checking other elements of the website to see if they are consistent. Indeed, counterfeiters are becoming smarter and are aware that sometimes a smaller reduction is more plausible modest bridesmaid dresses.

The site itself

Although some professional websites appear on their homepage, green bridesmaids dresses counterfeiters do not always put as much care in making the "About" or "FAQ". green This is why it is better to browse the entire site before making a purchase. Also check the delivery terms and the physical address of the company: it correspond to the fashion house? Examine the formulas proposed delivery: questionable sites do not bother with such details. Finally, green when checking your purchase, check for a padlock icon indicating that the site is secure.

Returns Policy

Reputable sites should be clear from the outset what their policy on returning items, an essential aspect when purchasing a dress online. If it does not fit or is damaged, you can return it. A seller in good faith must indicate how to cancel a command and return the items bridesmaids dresses.

Privacy Policy

Counterfeiters do not usually take the time to write a privacy policy in due and proper form. Therefore, if the website does not appear, beware!
If a code is, make sure the text is clear and concise, free of any spelling or gross inaccuracy likely to put you chip in his ear bridesmaids dresses.


Brides would be well advised to do some research before buying the dress of their dreams on a Web site bridesmaids dresses. Check if the site or seller is not associated with scams by typing its name into a search engine.

Identity theft trademarks and "cybersquatting" are becoming more frequent. During your research first on the brand name, check each link for identifying potential misspellings on the website and in its URL. An address beginning with indicates that the site is secure. bridesmaids dresses Some brands have special pages on their website, where consumers can find the list of approved dealers.

Marketplaces and auction sites

This is not because a market place itself is deemed a sign that all items that are sold are authentic. bridesmaids dresses In all cases, not attending as e-commerce sites or auctions which you have heard. Read reviews about the seller, even if it makes you sparkle dress of your dreams!

All our best wishes!

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