“All Nudity Shall Be Punished”, Antunes Saves Surprises

With the premiere of "Wedding Dress" in 1943, the Polish director Zbigniew Ziembinski (1908-1978) brought into the public eye Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues and an expressionist language of persistent mount it for decades. It was the Sao Paulo Antunes Filho who, in 1981, cleared the stage, using minimal elements of scenery and collective movements, to offer new possibilities for reading the compilation "Nelson Rodrigues – The Eternal Return" (1981). Therefore, the manifestation of Antunes year of intense – and as you might expect, irregular – celebration of the centenary of the author arrived surrounded by expectations. Now Playing in Theatre Anchieta – Sesc Consolation tragedy "All Nudity Shall Be Punished" (1965) wins in the final scene of the season and, with the precision characteristic Antunes, some glitches arise, easily relevadas because of his name. lace wedding dresses

The entrepreneur Herculaneum (played by Leonardo Ventura) lost his wife and will to live. lace wedding dresses Concern swept the three maiden aunts and also her brother, Patrick (played by Marcos de Andrade), which broke, do not want to see the source of income of the family dry. By knowing the prostitute Geni (played by actress Ondine Clais Castilho), the chaste widower has transformed the routine, and mad with passion, asks her to marry. He goes on to face the revolt of the only child, the asexual Serginho (actor Lucas Rodrigues), and sees the fragile moral clan gradually collapse lace wedding dresses.

In Rodriguean also "Lady of the Drowned", revisited in 2008, Antunes loaded in paints funeral. A grim and operatic aesthetic bother many people, but left a unique style evident. Now, few inserts authorial hand of director – always so strong – can be seen amid the original. plus size One of the most interesting Geni is present as a ghost that haunts Herculaneum during the action, reiterating flashback tone of the text plus size wedding dress.

Ondina Clais Castilho leverages the chances offered and choreography explores a marked and approaches the character with a strong accent paulistano. Leonardo Ventura builds a Herculaneum just right, and Marcos Andrade mixture of cunning and devilish tone to Patrick. plus size wedding gowns Amidst this central cast, but who in fact is jarring Lucas Rodrigues, still immature to understand the personality of Serginho, not fleeing from a predictable stereotype and even inappropriate wedding gowns.

Realizing interpreters have on hand at the limit of efficiency, Antunes focused attention on conducting this group and made a spectacle of quality, but in economic surprises. Insufficient specific moments that justify the greatness of Ali – and it would become much easier for the director if there are players able to recreate upon the guidance received. "All Nudity Shall Be Punished" does not lose relevance, but it was hoped more personality and invention, ever so notable points in the trajectory of the largest Brazilian director alive.

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