Get Started With Social Media Advertising

October 27th, 2012

Creating a successful social media campaign is like constructing a new building . You need a strong footing , good quality materials and a reliable team to make sure your project  doesn’t just fall down . For many , the thought of their ROI and the amount of visitors always takes priority over the more important stuff that go into planning  a winning campaign ,which in short means more sales . Although returns are a measurable and important aspect of social media marketing, the  results  depend on the basic framework .

The success of a social media campaign depends on elements which are pretty obvious really , such as the content or the videos and pictures . There are  less obvious parts that also need to be included while designing any promotional materials .

It is every social media marketing consultants dream to create the next viral campaign. There are some things that the creators of the  successful promotions did by setting up a solid footing or plan to begin with , and following it up with offline marketing .

One of the biggest attractions for brands incorporating social media into  marketing  is the fairly low investment needed to get started . While large business will need not to worry about how much , securing budgets was said to be the second most difficult task for online marketers . This makes it all the more important to  manage your online marketing budget properly .

Social media advertising is an  inexpensive method , providing you keep an eye on where your  marketing money is actually being spent . Knowing the purpose of your promotion will help to allocate a suitable budget, besides answering the ‘where is the money going’ question . When starting a new campaign  try to realise  the purpose of the campaign , is it long term , for customer inter action or simply for making more sales ?

It’s not an expense , businesses that look at digital advertising as an expense rather than an investment are usually not so satisfied with the returns they will receive from their investment  .

For a social media campaign to have the desired effect  it will need to make a splash just at the right time . A company looking to promote their school stationary , will have a better chance of success if they unveil their ads across  networking sites  during the back-to-school season .

Unveiling little teasers ahead of the  launch is a good way to create abit of hype around your product , such as pre launch discounts or reviews .  A decision to roll-out a teaser video before the  launch will help created excitement among consumers .

A small or mid-size company could think about a local celebrity in order to provide a ‘local lift .

Marketers looking to revive their business could consider including celebrities in their social media promotions . This is a tried and tested method and a successful formula  to boost your reputation  .

Should We Have a Mobile Version Of Our Website

August 26th, 2012

Most big companies are missing out on mobile , even today , knowing how large the market is and that its growing by the day . Scan a Q.R. code to one of these offers the big companies are offering on their marketing material , expect too see a mobile website ? not a chance . Massive corporations , that obviously see the potential behind mobile , after going to all the trouble of adding Q.R. codes to the leaflets and newspaper advertisements , still haven`t actually got a mobile website . Sounds obsurd doesnt it ?

Many websites either just don`t work as intended , or aren`t compatable for use with  mobile phones . Potential customers  will be turned away by the poor experience of browsing your website and will look for more user friendly websites to visit .

Mobile users are  likely to have more immediate and goal-directed intentions than their desk-bound counterparts and are probably out and about ,in need of your service or product as quickly as possible .

Things To Focus On

Mobile Navigation and User Interface
Create an interface that gives the information most applicable to the mobile user . Mobile users  look for information like  more quickly than someone thats viewing the site on a desktop computer with a larger screen .

Scale Back Mobile Content
Identify and prioritise existing content like maps or directions  and phone numbers that will help mobile users get to the information they are looking for much quicker.

Reduce Bandwidth
Reduce bandwidth for slower mobile networks by making your site less clutered and this will make the site load faster.


Marketing & Traditional Means of Communication

April 8th, 2012

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer ,however, the waste is high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one to be targeted .

Enter Social Media Marketing

The revolution that was stirred by the internet  took place because  the fact that it is  personal and provides  content on demand .

The power to create and distribute content is  available to every user.  This is one reason why social media is of utmost importantance  to marketers,  buying decisions are no more influenced as much by advertisements. The traditional word of mouth marketing  has grown leaps and bounds on social networks. Facebook – At the Center of Social Media With 500 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social networking site in terms of activity and subscriptions.  A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to create fan pages and groups are what make Facebook  popular. Another  reason for its  popularity is the wide variety of social applications that have been developed and made available within the Facebook environment. These applications can allow users and friends to do joint activities like playing games that run endlessly, sharing photos, videos, and web links, and many more.

Facebook provides a wide variety of avenues to communicate with the audience, which opens up an entirely different world of possibilities  with customers. Some of these methods used popularly by marketers are: Advertising: The first opportunity, which is the most obvious one, is advertising on Facebook. The difference is  that you can create your own advertisement in a matter of minutes and also specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear.

Facebook allows every brand or  individuals, to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities and their own homegrown businesses. Large brands have also created their official pages on Facebook that have a huge, immediate fan following around the world.  What makes Facebook  more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication  just to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analytics and page insights that give good feedback and measurement on the activity done. The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used judiciously for bringing about maximum benefits to any brand.

Offering Social Media Marketing to Businesses

April 6th, 2012

If you’re a freelance online writer, offering social media marketing to your existing clients is an ideal way to make more money.

Social Media Statistics -The  Big 3

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook  was launched in February 2004. Yet, it has over has 530 million users worldwide , half of its active users log on every day.

Twitter.  The first tweet was sent out on March 21, 2006.LinkedIn. This site is the oldest of the three largest sites like this.

LinkedIn had more than 240 million users, with  one million new members joining every week .

How to Get Social Media Business ?

Start Landing Lucrative Consulting Jobs Almost ImmediatelyIf you freelance as a writer (blogger, web designer, internet marketer, etc.) and probably already know how to interact on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Hence, it can be pretty easy to parlay this knowledge into a lot of money. For example, did you know that the average rate many freelancers charge to manage social accounts for clients is £150-£300 per month ?

A report published by the website ReadWriteWeb way back in 2008 showcased an interview with the top bloggers and consultants on this niche… NONE of them were making less than £80 per hour for consulting and the average rate was around £170.00 per hour.

Now that you know why social media business is there for the taking getting Social Media Business the Easy WayAn easier way to do it is to double or triple your fees and work with less people. Then, you can still bring in the same daily income, but with less work .

Can you really double or triple your fees ? Yes! The demand is there like never before. One freelance writer  reports being so busy because she “only” charges £75 an hour that she’s raising her hourly rate . Why Getting Social Media Business Is So Easy Right Now – CapitalizeMany freelancers are already on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – for their own businesses.

3 Part Email Sales Letters

February 2nd, 2012

Below is a  list of the businesses  you could target with a nice optimized mobile sites.
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Shops
• Bars
• Limousines
• Dentists
• Injury attorneys
• Dentists
• Plumbers
• Lawyers
• Electricians
• Tow trucks
• Roofers
• Landscapers
• Locksmiths
• Car rentals
• Painters
• Computer repairs
• Doctors
• Hairdressers
• Plastic surgeons
• Cosmetic surgeons
• Theatres
• Child care
• Florist
• Funeral directors
• Mechanics
• Pawn shops
• Golf courses
• Pizza shops
• Vets
• Tattoo shops
•  Gymnasiums
• Removal services
• Day spas
• Art galleries
• Dry cleaners
• Pest control
• Airport shuttles
• Handymans
• Carpet cleaners
• Gas stations
• Jewellery store
• Laundromats
• Youth hostels
• Party supplies
• Pool services
• Tanning shops
• Taxi services

And heres a 3 part email sequence you can send once you have someone who shows an interest in your service .

Subject : Mobile Site Report

Hi [Firstname],

Thank you for requesting our “Mobile Web Design” report.

You can download the report here:

If you have any questions about the report or if I can help
you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day,
Your Name

PS – I’ll check back  in a few days to make sure you were able to download the  report .


SUBJECT: re: The Free Marketing Report I sent you

Hello again [Firstname],

I just wanted to check in and make sure you were able to download and view the “Mobile Web Design” report I sent
you .
If you experienced any difficulty please let me know ,and I’ll send you a copy of the report right away .

If you did receive it , I’d love to get your feedback .

Creating a mobile-friendly website may seem a touch complicated  but I hope you found the information valuable .

If you’d like to discuss the report or see how we can help you build a great mobile website, please call me at: (555) 555-1234 or send me an
email to:

Take care,
Your Name
(555) 555-1234


SUBJECT: re: Mobile Website Design

Hello [Firstname],

Have you seen the latest mobile device statistics?

According to CBS News, there are more than 4.6 Billion cellphones in use worldwide and many of these are capable
of accessing the internet.
A recent survey done by indicates that 67% of  smartphone users have used their phones to find information  about a local business .

If you haven’t created a mobile-friendly website yet , you may be losing potential customers.

If you’d like to see a demo of what we can build for you , or if you’d like to learn more about the services we offer,
please give us a call.

Look forward to talking to you,
Your Name
(555) 555-1234

If you would like further help with emailing potential clients get in touch and see what

Steves Designs  – Birmingham Web Design Agency can help you .