Should We Have a Mobile Version Of Our Website

Most big companies are missing out on mobile , even today , knowing how large the market is and that its growing by the day . Scan a Q.R. code to one of these offers the big companies are offering on their marketing material , expect too see a mobile website ? not a chance . Massive corporations , that obviously see the potential behind mobile , after going to all the trouble of adding Q.R. codes to the leaflets and newspaper advertisements , still haven`t actually got a mobile website . Sounds obsurd doesnt it ?

Many websites either just don`t work as intended , or aren`t compatable for use with  mobile phones . Potential customers  will be turned away by the poor experience of browsing your website and will look for more user friendly websites to visit .

Mobile users are  likely to have more immediate and goal-directed intentions than their desk-bound counterparts and are probably out and about ,in need of your service or product as quickly as possible .

Things To Focus On

Mobile Navigation and User Interface
Create an interface that gives the information most applicable to the mobile user . Mobile users  look for information like  more quickly than someone thats viewing the site on a desktop computer with a larger screen .

Scale Back Mobile Content
Identify and prioritise existing content like maps or directions  and phone numbers that will help mobile users get to the information they are looking for much quicker.

Reduce Bandwidth
Reduce bandwidth for slower mobile networks by making your site less clutered and this will make the site load faster.


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