Artificial Intelligence Age: From Privacy to Control

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No privacy era

Internet society, individuals have no privacy at all, reselling information and telecommunications fraud abound, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Data is gold, manufacturers spend high cost to collect user data are used to do what?


Although letting others know their own house number and telephone number is a terrible thing. However, it is not always clear that information is most valuable, because it is likely that the user is deliberately forging or inaccurate: you are likely to tell the wrong way to contact the real estate agency; instead, to be alert, implicit and natural, to portray the user’s profile : Weekly browsing the news, brushing social media, cycling and payment sharing mode, all contain a wealth of information. Data generated by user behavior is like a 3D printer, shaping a full-bodied person.

In order to obtain the hidden behavior, different applications in as many as possible in almost all corners of the user behavior as detailed as possible in addition to location, read text messages and phone calls into the application every moment, it will faithfully record each reading , Click and stay, more rogue applications will also record the activities of other applications. All kinds of so-called security assistants hide the background, sucking greedily and transmitting data.

We may not understand ourselves, it is more difficult to get acquainted with others, but the machine knows everyone. Artificial Intelligence is so popular that its biggest application is not yet as cool as science-fiction movies. By mastering the detailed behavior of hundreds of millions of users, complex depth models with hundreds of millions of parameters can learn similar user characteristics and behavioral patterns for Business Marketing and Forecasting. For example, when we see the word “殚 精”, our mind naturally pops up. If user behavior is coded as characters, the machine can estimate the later actions with a high probability after analyzing enough sequences of actions. The hacking into the application transfer behavior and the average person is completely different, he will first check the balance, turn over a list of friends, and then see the binding of which credit card, AI background has already started early warning mechanism, and thus require authentication. These technologies are widely used in anti-fraud cash surpluses and so on.

Under the same sky, everyone’s interests and hobbies are very different, that is, the so-called Thousands of Noodles. User information is heavily used for personal recommendation and behavior prediction. But these technologies will be deeper than expected to all aspects of life.

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