Motorcycle Girls

I just got back from another 4 hour motorcycle ride and I was amazed once again at all the people not wearing the right gear, or any gear in some cases.

Shorts, sandals, a T-shirt, and sometimes not even a helmet. To strap your helmet onto a rack seems to me the height of stupidity, but I see it all the time in states where there is no helmet law.

Remember, even if you only break both legs and an arm you’ll still be sitting home the rest of the summer, staring out the window.

Here we have the lovely Nina Jay on his Yamaha R1, a crazy fast sportbike. I believe he was doing a photo shoot for Repartee magazine a while ago and he looks fantastic. I’m sure he changed before he got back on the road.

Yes, the danger is part of the thrill, but at the end of the night you still want to slip into a soft, satin nightgown and sleep in your own warm bed.

Ride safe!

Nina Jay on his Yamaha R1

Nina Jay on his Yamaha R1

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