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Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

I was going through the friends page on my website to check for broken links, and many of the sites listed are gone. So I’ve updated everything and I think you’ll find some unique places to visit.

For example, do you know how to make boobs? The link is right there under Blogs, Guides and Stories.

Among a wealth of information including photo galleries, transformation salons, crossdressing captions and Shibari Art Photography, are must know lingerie resources.

Do you know where to find garter belt panties? Well look carefully and you soon will.

If you do find a link that no longer works please let me know.

Strapped In Silk Friends Page

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

The Homeless Crossdresser

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

What better time than now to think about those less fortunate than yourself? This post was originally published August 2, 2009.

The majority of crossdressers that I’ve met have thrown out some or all of their prized collection at least once. Whether its a matter of being afraid to keep it around the house, or deciding that enough is enough and wanting to start a new life, its a waste of money and usually some really pretty stuff! The thought of throwing out expensive lingerie and pairs of gorgeous high heels gives me chills, but I do understand.

The price of a few pairs of panties, or even a closet full of dresses is meaningless compared to the anxiety and stress it may cause. I just have a couple of suggestions that might help.

Consider a mini storage unit as an alternative to just tossing all your pretty clothes away. For $50-$60 a month you can find a small one that is roomy enough to stash all your things with plenty of space left over to store bulky items from your apartment, house, or garage. You’ll have complete privacy with your own lock and in most cases 24 hour access with a code. I’ve even seen new ones lately offering the first month free.

Now lets say you decide you’re finished for good. You are never going to wear women’s clothes again. That’s it-end of story. OK, that’s fine, but please don’t just throw everything out in a flurry of enthusiasm. Why not consider giving it to someone who can really use it.

Who you say? Why the homeless of course!

Studies show there are literally millions of homeless crossdressers throughout the country who can barely afford to stay drunk, much less buy beautiful lingerie.

Just imagine the happiness you could bring to one of these people by giving them a very slightly used Victoria’s Secret bra and panty set. Their big red nose would light up like Rudolph, and their whole attitude toward life and society may even change. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

Do the right thing-give generously.

The Homeless Crossdresser

The Homeless Crossdresser

Lawyers in Love

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Robert and Drake really missed those crazy, hazy days back in law school.

The St. Mackenzie girls at

The St. Mackenzie girls at

Is ALT any good?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

A lot of you ask me where you can meet people in your area to play with or to play with you. I always suggest trying a Google search first, because there are more kinky people right in your backyard that you realize.

OK, maybe not actually in your backyard but that’s because you’ve never invited them over.

I was a member of ALT for about a year and a half. I made a lot of friends there and even met one girl in person. It turned out she lived only 20 minutes from me. She was not as kinky as she said she was but we had a good time and still keep in touch.

Why am I no longer a member you might wonder? They kicked me off. Yep. I posted too many links to my websites and they decided I was not playing by the rules. They were right, but here’s what I learned if you ever try it out.

1: Its free to join so you can sign up and take a good look around, maybe see your neighbor on there with a complete list of her fetishes.  If you want to email people and have full access there is a monthly fee.

2: Before you get too excited that you’ve found your dream woman living down the block look at her profile carefully. You can see when she was last on which is important. Sometimes they either get too busy or leave for other reasons. Don’t bother contacting anyone that hasn’t logged in for over a month.

3: There are professionals there, and women that want to be professionals. There are also a lot of average women exploring their kinky side, this is what you want. There are women that like men, women that like men that dress like women, women that used to be men, and pretty much every possible combination of those.

4: Limit the search to your state, then narrow it down to within say 30 miles. If you do meet someone you want to be available for them and they can get very demanding. There are wicked women out there who will actually mess up their house on purpose just so they can have their sissy made come over and clean it. That sissy maid of course is you.

5: While some members are just curious housewives, college students, or the girl at the bookstore, some are very serious and know exactly what they like and want.

They may do terrible things to you and push you beyond your limits. They may dress you up, tie you up, make you their bitch, and much, much more. They may even want to play good cop-bad cop in a very serious way.

Just remember this: Bad boys-bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

OK you’ve been warned.Try it, you might like it.

We can be Heroes

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

I, I will be King.

And you, you will be Queen.

Though nothing, will drive them away.

We can be heroes, just for one day.

We can be us, just for one day.