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The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

He stood there, a bleached blonde cascade of hair surrounding his prettily made up and very feminine face. The hair curled casually over a tiny pink and white crop top that barely contained an enormous pair of breasts heaving with his nervous, quick breaths.

A few tendrils of blonde reached as far as the tight and very short denim skirt he was wearing. Below it, smoothly hairless legs ended in pink heeled shoes.

Mike’s hands fluttered in embarrassment – hands that Laura couldn’t help notice had long pink nails. He looked panic stricken and confused, trying to hide himself and at the same time show her the dramatic transformation.

He even had a large pair of hoop earrings swinging from his ears.


The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment

The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment