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The #1 Transvestite Myth

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

The #1 myth about transvestites is that they are all fabulous dancers. Unfortunately this is not true.

While some transvestites can dance their little asses off, many more are too shy and introverted to really let go, and that’s sad.

One possible reason for this myth is that dancing may have got confused with prancing.

All transvestites can prance; it’s natural for them. From the first time they put on a pair of panties they began prancing without even realizing it. Much like a smile-under the right conditions it occurs, without effort, without thinking, and it’s beautiful.

Remember boys: prance like there is no tomorrow, and prance tomorrow like there was no yesterday.

A pair of rarely seen dancing transvestites

A pair of rarely seen dancing transvestites