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A Sissy Fashion Show

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

At last it was time for the first victim to make his appearance and there was a gasp from the audience as a young man minced into view dressed entirely in shimmering silk.

His blouse was aquamarine, with a prettily embroidered bodice and big puff sleeves, his short flared white skirt, pushed out by a mass of frothy lace petticoats, reached about six inches above the knees, and he was perched on white stilettos with six inch high heels. This sissy was the latest acquisition of Hilda Bradley, who sat beaming with pride in the front row.

“This is Susan ladies. He’s eighteen years old and he’s been in frilly dresses for, what is it now, three months Hilda?”

“Nearly four Beverly,” corrected his owner.

“And I believe you’re sending him to a Sissy Boarding School next week?”

“The Sweethearts in Silk Academy darling.”

There were murmurs of approval from several of the women who had used this excellent establishment themselves. Beverly flounced out his wide satin skirt and swished the lacey petticoats underneath…


A Sissy Fashion Show

A Sissy Fashion Show

Illustration by RocketXpert on Deviant Art

Domination Directory International

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

This issue features an in depth look at the world of Japan’s SM bars, plenty of news and pictures from DomCon, book and movie reviews, and of course, the world’s best Pro Dommes.

Finding a Dominatrix in your area just got a lot easier.

Domination Directory International

Domination Directory International

Domination Directory International

Forced Feminization Fantasies-How will they know?

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Most women have no idea what forced feminization is all about, so you need to explain it to them. But you may find that hard to do.

Can you just go up to the women at work and tell them that you like to be dressed up as a girl? Maybe you can, but then what? You want more, you want much more. How will they know exactly what you want to do once your makeup is finished?

Fortunately I have a Podcast episode that will give them some insight into your special fantasies. Yes, I talk about what I would do to you, but unfortunately I can’t be everywhere for everyone.

You might consider bookmarking the link where it can be easily found on your computer. Or accidentally email it to all the girls in your office. Or your girlfriend if you’re lucky enough to have one, or even your wife who probably has no idea.

Remember; the whole secret of existence is to have no fear. That and to always wear clean panties, because you never know who you might meet.

Listen to Forced Feminization Fantasies Here

Forced Feminization Fantasies

Forced Feminization Fantasies

Crossdressing Panty Thief Caught and Punished

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

I wrote this as a play for a reason. A very wise man once said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Your crossdressing and sissy fantasies are exactly like a play, and you play the girl. So without further ado, on with the story.

Teresa: Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Susan: Oh-My-God. He’s wearing your panties and babydoll Teresa! And look-he went through all of your things. He must have tried on everything in your dresser! And there’s lingerie all over the place! Let’s call the Police.

Teresa: Just a minute Susan, I think we should interrogate the suspect, isn’t that what they do on those cop shows?

Susan: Screw that! We caught a panty thief and he has to go to jail. And we have to tell your neighbors. We have to tell everyone so this doesn’t happen again.

Teresa: But this panty thief is one of my neighbors, he lives right next door.

Susan: Oh My God you know this guy?

Teresa: I sure do, in fact he used to do some chores for me, but things got weird.

Susan: What do you mean, weird?

Teresa: Well, I caught him watching me once from his bathroom window, it was really creepy. I think he was masturbating.

Susan: I’m calling the Police right now…


The Panty Thief by Teresa Bowers

The Panty Thief by Teresa Bowers

New Story-The Closet Sissy

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

I had been aware of his daily visits to my panty drawer for quite a while, and decided that it was time to teach him a lesson he would never forget. He had a room on the floor below me at college, and last term had somehow found a reason to have my key. When I started to notice that my panties were being moved around, it took a while to work out what was happening. Who expects someone to go through their lingerie when they’re out? I certainly didn’t, but after a while it became clear that not only were my panties being disturbed, they were being worn. Worn by someone who was stretching the pretty lace and satin before putting them back, thinking I’d never notice.

Of course I noticed, I take care of my lingerie. And once I figured out my panties were turning someone else on, it didn’t take long to figure out when, and then who was responsible. Each day when I set out for classes, he would sneak into my room and spend a little time there. Each day he was last to his classes, and each day another pair of panties would show signs of being worn.


The Closet Sissy

The Closet Sissy

They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

The forced feminization school girl fantasy is an all time favorite among sissies. Somehow the girls at school discover that you like to dress up when you’re home alone.

Do they keep this a secret? Do they simply ignore the fact that you like to wear panties, lingerie and dresses at home, then pretend to be one of the guys at school?

No, not a chance.

Pretty girls have certain priorities while they’re in school, and one of the most important is power. Now all pretty girls have quite a bit of power just by being pretty, and knowing that most of the boys are infatuated with them.

They also know that a little smile or touch at the right time can turn most boys into a quivering mess of nerves and fear.

What happens when they realize that they have you by the balls, and can make you do almost anything they want? They can make things very hard for you very fast.

There is a good chance that the girls want to see you in your panties. So they insist that you wear them under your jeans for a day. No big deal right? Sure, they tease you a bit and giggle when they see you sitting in class, but at least the whole school doesn’t know that you’re a sissy. But they will very soon.

You see, young, pretty, popular school girls have a limited amount of patience. There are so many things to do and a limited amount of hours in the day to do them. So they soon tire of gently teasing you and figure out a way to wrap this up and move on to bigger and better things.

They are going to dress you up as a girl from head to toe and parade you through the school. Every single girl, every single boy, and even your teachers will know that you’re just a little prissy sissy.

At this point the big question is what to have you wear, and the most logical outfit is a Prissy Sissy Schoolie dress.

OK you think, lets get this over with. Butt wait…there’s more…

You are taken to an empty classroom at the end of a long hall.

First you are put into a pair of silky, lacy, pink satin panties. This is where things start to get hard if you know what I mean.

Next a matching garter belt and black silk stockings.

“Do I really have to wear a garter belt and stockings you ask timidly?”

A long hard slap stuns you into reality, and you know that no amount of begging, bargaining or complaining will make any difference now.

Next is a layered petticoat, which makes you shiver with pleasure.

They put you into your bra and adjust the improvised padding. You stand there helplessly, trying your best not to show that you love every second of this.

Now the blouse. A short sleeve, white satin blouse with a low cut neck line and puff sleeves. You look adorable and this is only the beginning.

They help you into your Prissy Sissy Schoolie dress, zip you up and tie the bright red satin sash around your waist.

Your mind is spinning and your heart is racing. You’ve never worn anything quite like this before, and you’ve never had a group of girls helping you get dressed.

You’re embarrassed, humiliated and more excited than you’ve ever been all at the same time.

A pair of strappy heels appear and you are instructed to step into them. You spend a few seconds staring at them, trying your best to get a grip on what is actually happening, and those few seconds are just a few too many.


The words seem to go though your brain and directly into your panties. Now things are really getting hard. Butt wait…there’s more…

A curly blond wig is handed to you and you look at the girls with a mixture of fear, terror and anticipation.

Without any further thought you put it on the best you can and wait.

They are happy with this sign of submission and work to fit the wig properly and brush it out, then attach a couple of pretty ribbons that match your dress.

Now its time for makeup. This is the icing on the cake, and they sit you down for the full beauty treatment.

Long black eyelashes, eyeliner, blush and eye shadow are applied slowly and deliberately as you watch yourself transform into a girl. A prissy sissy school girl slut.

Now for the finishing touch-bright red lipstick.

They help you up, straighten your dress and stand you in front of the mirror.

“You do it sweetheart; you put on your own lipstick like a good little girl.”

This is big trouble and you know it. Lipstick is your weakness, your Kryptonite. At the mere thought of lipstick you melt, and let go of everything……

Staring into the mirror at yourself like this you are both amazed and shocked at the way you look. So girly, so feminine, so pretty.

A tube of lipstick is put into your hand and you just stare at it.

“Well, lipstick is a girl’s best friend you know?”

You try to figure a way out knowing that you are out of time and options.

The biggest girl comes up behind you and begins to stroke your hair. Oooooooo…

Another girl cups your breasts through your blouse and watches you react. Oooooooo…

A third girl gently lifts up your dress and begins rubbing your ass through your panties. Oooooooo…

“Go ahead honey, put on your lipstick and everything will be fine.”

Hypnotized by the feel of the lingerie, the blouse and dress, and the three beautiful girls touching you, you take the lipstick and without further hesitation slowly coat your lips.

Again, and again, and again.

Looking into the mirror you can’t help but blink those long lashes and smile, and the girls go crazy with laughter.

They grab their bags and stumble out into the hall, still laughing about something you have yet to figure out.

You look at yourself again now that you’re alone, and you are adorable!

As you are adjusting your dress you reach down to touch your panties, just to remind yourself that this is real.

Your panties are wet, very wet.

So this is what the girls were laughing so hard about?

A bell rings and you jump. The girls pulled the fire alarm. Oh this is bad, this is very bad.

You can’t take your panties off because your dress is too short. Maybe you can hide until the fire drill is over, maybe nobody will ever know…

The door opens with a bang and it’s your three new girlfriends, still laughing. They grab your hand and drag you out into the crowd. Into everyone you know. Into a day that you will never forget and a day that will never forget you.

Things just got a lot harder.

Not as hard as they were a few minutes ago, but that’s not your fault. You blame the lipstick.

But as the other boys, all the girls, and the teachers tease you without mercy that really won’t matter at all.

Queen for a day-A Sissy Story

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Bob had been dressing up a lot more since being laid off from his job at the factory. He still woke up each morning at 6, then remembered that he had no job and nowhere to go.

His girlfriend Julie was out of town on business, and her closet full of beautiful dresses, blouses and skirts, her dresser filled with soft, silky lingerie, and her collection of high heels was irresistible to him.

He would get up and shower, then put on the TV and have coffee, promising himself that he would stay out of her clothes. But within an hour he was standing in front of the full length mirror, admiring himself in her fabulous pink satin tulle baby doll, and matching panties.

Despite the anxiety, the worry about her discovering his secret, and the guilt he felt, there was no way he could stop.

The layers of soft, cool, silk and satin on his skin, and the way he felt as he slipped on her nightgown was incredible. It was like a drug that he had to have.

Julie would be back in 6 more days, and he took advantage of this time to try on almost everything she owned. He convinced himself that their relationship was over anyway. She was tired of his lack of sexual interest in her, and his laziness.

Since they would soon be breaking up, he figured he had nothing to lose by shaving his legs. While he was in the tub and had the razor out, he shaved the rest of his body as well. All except a small patch of his pubic hair that he carefully shaped into a heart.


Sissy Stories at

Sissy Stories at

Caught In Panties

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Being caught in panties is easily the most popular forced feminization fantasy.

As careful as you are timing your little dress up sessions, and trying your best to put everything back exactly where it was, there is always the chance that you’ll be caught. But despite that risk you just can’t stop.

You begin to think about what would happen when she confronts you.

Will she be mad? Oh yes.

Will she be somewhat amused despite everything and make fun of you? Oh yes.

Will she want to teach you a lesson, something to think about before trying on her clothes the next time? Something to make you remember this for the rest of your life? Something extremely embarrassing and probably completely humiliating? Oh yes!

You may still find this whole thing very exciting. The reason for that is because you have no idea just how serious this is, and how she sees this. Going into a woman’s lingerie drawer is a complete violation of her privacy, its more than just borrowing something for a few minutes, much more.

I’d love to show you some videos of the many different ways that you would be punished, but I think its better if you don’t watch them. You’ll not only have nightmares but this taste of reality may just ruin your fantasy forever.

Trust me-its not what you fantasized about all these years. Sometimes its best to keep your fantasy a fantasy, safe inside your pretty little head


Forced Feminization Video at

Forced Feminization?

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

A lot of people ask me about the forced aspect of this popular fetish. Of course 99% of the time its not really forced. It isn’t like I have a loaded gun to their head or anything. There are occasions where theoretically I could blackmail someone to do whatever I want but that’s not going to happen. The thing is, that although they do enjoy being dressed up most want it to be a very intense experience. Many also want it to be at the very least somewhat embarrassing if not completely humiliating. So I like to make it memorable for everyone involved.

This past weekend for example I had my new friend Terry come over for a little feminizing. I spoke to him several times and we met at a coffee shop to get to know each better. He told me that he has always wanted to be transformed into a woman as completely as possible. He also fantasizes about being discovered by his girlfriend while dressed to the nines but was afraid of her reaction, even though she knows about his fetish. I assured him that we would take it as slow as he was comfortable with and could explore that another time. It turns out I know his girlfriend very well but that’s just a coincidence.

I insisted he be completely shaved and he showed up around noon. I ordered him to strip in my bedroom and put on a chastity belt that I securely locked. He looked nervous but I could see he was excited as well. He was now given 3 simple rules.
1-To speak in a soft, feminine voice at all times.
2-To do whatever I asked without question, and
3-To learn a song during his makeover and sing it for me later on.

I had picked out a very pretty red nightgown and matching panties and watched as he slowly put them on. Now it was time to test rule#1.

“Whats your name sweetie, and are you ready for your makeover?”
“My name is Terry Miss Teresa and I want to be a pretty girl”, he said in such a cute voice that I had to laugh!

I had him sit in a chair by my bed and began his makeup. I had printed out the words to Shania Twain’s “Feel Like A Woman” and he studied them as I worked. I took my time and had him sing a few verses for me as we progressed.

“Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy–forget Im a lady
Mens shirts–short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild–yeah, doin it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action–feel the attraction
Color my hair–do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free–yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!”

I was having a ball and he was actually getting pretty good with that chorus. I had just finished applying his lip gloss when I suggested he take a break and I’d get us something to drink.
I quickly texted my neighbor who was waiting to come over for the show. Leaving the front door open a bit I went back to get our drinks.

I put the drinks down and carefully put on his wig first so he would be ready for Bonnie.
“Why don’t you sing for me again Terry, here-you can pretend this is a microphone” and I handed him a large dildo.
“Go ahead honey, its just you and me”.

Im going out tonight–Im feelin alright
Gonna let it all hang out
Wanna make some noise—really raise my voice
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout

Bonnie was standing in the doorway and applauded and gave a little whistle.

Terry was in complete shock and couldn’t seem to get any words out.

“What do you think Bonnie-should we sign her up for the next American Idol?”

“Oh definitely, but we have to find her just the right outfit”.

“You’re right, come help me pick out something appropriate. Terry, would you rather wear a blouse and skirt or a dress? I think we’ll just try both. Are you OK-I’ll bet you never thought you’d have an audience today did you?”

“Oh, uh, no, I mean yes Miss Teresa-whatever you think”.

I thought he was looking a little faint so I sat him down on the bed while Bonnie and I went through my guest closet.

“Did Debra ever tell you that we’ve known each other for years? That’s right, I had a long talk with her yesterday and she thinks your being silly not dressing up for her. I’m not sure she wants you to do it every day but you should certainly try it once you know?”

“But Miss Teresa I really don’t think she could handle this-I mean look at me!”

“But you’re gorgeous Terry, isn’t she Bonnie? That wig looks great on you and I think I did a great job with your makeup if I do say so myself!”

“Teresa’s right Terry, and wait until we get you into this dress. Come over here and let me help you.”

I had asked Debra to come over around 2:00 for coffee and wanted to make sure Terry was ready for the second show. I glanced out the window and saw her Malibu pulling into the driveway.

“OK now young lady, I want you to sing for us and make us believe it! Ready-from the top…”

Im going out tonight–Im feelin alright
Gonna let it all hang out
Wanna make some noise—really raise my voice
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout

Well it turned out that Debra actually couldn’t handle it very well and Terry looked like he was about to pass out again.

“Hi Debbie-hows things?”

“What the fuck is going on-is that a dildo he’s holding? And was he singing I feel like a woman? This is insane!”

“How about a nice drink and I can explain it to you. I thought you knew about Terry’s fetish?”

“Do you have vodka Teresa-I need vodka-and a Valium.

“Sure hun, you and I will have a nice talk while Bonnie does Terry’s nails. The same red as his lipstick Bon”.

Debra and I had a long talk and she calmed down considerably after her third drink.

“But Teresa, its just too weird. What does he want to do once he’s all dressed up like that besides sing?” and she let out a little giggle without thinking.

“Anything you want Debbie, anything you want”.

Debbie ended up a little too tipsy to safely drive home so Bonnie drove the two of them back in her convertible. Terry sat in the front dressed in a yellow sundress, stockings and heels, and a silk scarf around her long blond wig. I grabbed a CD and followed them in her Malibu.

The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun and…

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy–forget Im a lady
Mens shirts–short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild–yeah, doin it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action–feel the attraction
Color my hair–do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free–yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!

Several facts were slightly changed to make a point and create an enjoyable post. I would never break up a marriage or unsuspectingly humiliate someone like that unless asked-nicely.
The song remains the same.

Jane Said…

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I’d like to thank my Mom for having me,and the rest of the supporting players that made this all possible.
I may cry.

Janes Adult Website Reviews

Janes Adult Website Reviews

Original & Quality
Strapped In Silk‘s webmistress Ms. Teresa is a woman of many interests. First you must know that she worked in the makeup and fashion industries, where she encountered many folks into cross-dressing and forced feminization. Her site provides resources for those looking to pretty themselves up. Also, she offers her services for the creation of sexy recorded fantasies for anyone, but especially for men into female domination and sissyhood. Some quite long samples are included; these can be streamed or downloaded. Her voice is absolutely lovely. Prices and terms for stories are clearly listed, and she does accept payment via PayPal. Finally, offers a number of quite nice photo galleries featuring the forced feminization theme. –aag

(aag is the reviewer  – “alwaysarousedgirl”)

Female Domination Date Reviewed: 2009-05-29
Cost: free Advertising Content: moderate
Category Listings: Female Domination