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New Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Most of these are E-Catalogs with discount offers, but some like Talbots and Illusion are beautifully illustrated full color catalogs sent to your home, office or P. O. box. Unfortunately you may have to check out every one to find them.

From past experience I’ve found that if you don’t order anything you’ll probably get two at most. This is yet another reason to stock up your dresser, closet and/or secret box. Yes, I know many of you have a secret box.

This side wrap top from Illusion is a steal at $30 and is machine washable.

 Sexy Women’s Clothes & Swimsuits

Side Wrap Top

Side Wrap Top

The Secret – Lilliput and Felix

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Lilliput & Felix is a new swimwear site launched in February 2015. And they have a secret just like Victoria. See if this sounds like something you might like:

“Lilliput & Felix women are confident dreamers, aesthetes and travelers for whom style and elegance is a way of being. Chic international voyagers who feel at home on any beach, yacht or poolside, but never lose their innate sense of playfulness or their love of life. The L&F woman doesn’t seek to be the center of attention, but she turns heads wherever she globetrots; enjoying life to the full in all its beauty, the world is her playground and effortless style is a given.”

So the question you have to ask yourself is: are you a Lilliput & Felix woman?

Lilliput & Felix Luxury Swimwear

Lilliput & Felix

Lilliput & Felix

Free Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

I just received the latest copy of my Boston Proper catalog in the mail today and its fantastic. Its chock full of the newest must-have dresses and accessories for women. This is only one of many catalogs you can get absolutely free, and sent to your Post Office box, house or apartment.

There are all kinds of catalogs available, featuring everything from silk lingerie to swimsuits in every style and color you can imagine.

Some are online catalogs only with discount coupons, and others like Boston Proper are full color beautifully made hard copies.

Picture yourself poolside in this sexy Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece from Boston Proper.

Tip: you may have to consider laying off the pretzels and beer to fit into it, at least for the rest of the summer.

Free Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece

Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest Winner 2013

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

That’s right, sweetie, I was watching the while time.

From the moment you walked into the boathouse today, thinking you were just going to have a quiet little lunch break alone, until I surprised you a few minutes ago.

Yes, you thought you were alone, which is what gave you the courage to…well you know.

You really should have checked this place better before you did anything naughty.

Sure, Jess and Sam were still at the lifeguard stand, but you know I take my breaks in here too. And on these long, hot, wet days during rainy season, nobody cares if the break stretches a little.

You walked in, all soggy and frustrated from staring at that empty lake for hours on end, and let out the cutest little sigh.

I almost said something then to let you know I was in here too, but something stopped me. A little women’s intuition I guess, it goes a long way. Because when you went into the loft to grab your lunch, you saw it. Sitting on top of my gym bag, looking sooo irresistible, was my red one-piece.

You stopped and stared for a minute, your little hands opening and closing, your breathing getting quick and shallow. And in my dark little corner, I could see you make “The Decision.”


The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn