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Pheromone enhanced stockings to attract men?

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Polish hosiery brand Ballerina has developed a range of pheromone-enhanced tights designed to attract the opposite sex when worn.

The patent-pending Hush Hush range is “delicately perfumed” and contains a scientifically formulated pheromone concentrate they’ve named Alterego.

In case you can’t read Polish this is from the Ballerina website:

With the latest patented technology stockings with pheromones Hush Hush helps a woman feel special – subtly emphasizing her sexiness. With Hush Hush she will be able to spread a tempting, readable ambient aura of attractiveness and self-confidence. Her voice will be seen as a more alluring, her scent more sensual, her skin more velvety … to capture the magic of the moment at which it most depends.

 So, you get all dressed up in your sexiest outfit including these tights, and walk into your local bar or club. But before you can even order a drink and flirt with the bartender, incredibly hot guys are all over you. Buying you shots, telling you how pretty you are, and doing their best to get into your panties.

Now is that what you really want? Think about it, then order a few dozen pairs.

Ballerina Amouss Collection

Ballerina Amouss Collection

Panty Bra Modeling Tights

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

You’ve all seen pictures of beautiful girls in shiny pantyhose, and you wish you could find out where to buy them for yourself.

Actually, those are opaque modeling tights. Butt wait….

In my never ending search for new and exciting things for the crossdressing community, I’ve found you something really special.

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights!

Panty bra? The name alone is probably getting you excited. Well calm down boys, they are available in your size, two colors, and cost less than a case of your favorite imported beer. Tip: you’ll fit into your Panty Bra Modeling tights much easier if you lay off the beer.

These babies are also equipped with V-shaped girdle on the tummy area.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Shiny pantyhose that are actually called the Panty Bra? They come with a built in girdle? They come in my size and two colors? I MUST HAVE THESE PANTYHOSE!”

Tights boys, call them by their proper name. Wear them any way you like.

You might also want to check out the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights, which unlike you come in five colors including a pretty bright blue. Their smooth glossy material hugs your legs, giving them an extravagant “wet look” and natural shape. Ohhhhhhhhhh-yeah………….

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights