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Crossdressing With Aunt Christy-A True Story

Monday, June 1st, 2015

That first night wearing a nightie might have been my initial step into crossdressing, but it was what happened next that firmly put me on the path for good.

I went to Aunt Christy’s room to discover that all of her regular nighties were gone (in the laundry I assumed). Rather than revert back to wearing her basic cotton t-shirts I fished around in her lingerie drawer until I found what I now know was a poet’s shirt.

It was white and totally sheer except for satin trim at the edges and pockets. I put it on and came downstairs only to meet with a raised eyebrow and stern look from my Aunt.

There was a long, silent pause. I think she was trying to scare me out of my choice when she said, “If you’re going to wear that one, then you must wear the underwear that goes with it.”

She disappeared upstairs with a purposeful gate and came back  just a few moments later with a pair of white satin panties in her hand. “Here!” she said, thrusting her hand out. “Put these on.”

She turned her back and I slipped out of my boy briefs and in to her panties. When she turned around she asked sternly, “So do you like those?”

She looked me up and down and I stood there sheepishly, head down looking at my toes. But then her voice softened a little. “Hmmm, it looks like you do,” noticing my excitement with a warming smile. After that, nothing more was said about my wardrobe choice…


Crossdressing With Aunt Christy

Crossdressing With Aunt Christy


The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

He stood there, a bleached blonde cascade of hair surrounding his prettily made up and very feminine face. The hair curled casually over a tiny pink and white crop top that barely contained an enormous pair of breasts heaving with his nervous, quick breaths.

A few tendrils of blonde reached as far as the tight and very short denim skirt he was wearing. Below it, smoothly hairless legs ended in pink heeled shoes.

Mike’s hands fluttered in embarrassment – hands that Laura couldn’t help notice had long pink nails. He looked panic stricken and confused, trying to hide himself and at the same time show her the dramatic transformation.

He even had a large pair of hoop earrings swinging from his ears.


The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment

The Feminization Hypnosis Experiment

The Search For The Perfect Camera

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I went to look at cameras today, again. The whole thing is very frustrating for several reasons.

First of all many stores carry only the most popular and best selling models. It’s like trying to buy motorcycle gloves, or boots, or a Shoei helmet in white. Even if by some miracle you find the gloves, boots or helmet you want, the chance that they will have your size is as slim as an anorexic model.

Then, there is the variety of cameras to choose from. The DSLRs are so big and bulky I knocked almost every one I looked at off the little stand just putting it back. The EVIL cameras have a small body, but with a big long lens they get heavy and are just not what I want.

So I’ve decided to wait until next year, prices are supposed to drop towards March as new models come out. Maybe something like the Fuji X100S, only for about half of the current $1300 price.

I read a great book last month called The Minimalist Photographer by Steve Johnson. The concept is to look at photography in a different way, and focus more on simple subjects and better composition. For example, instead of an old train with a complete snow covered mountain range in the background, consider just part of one car.

My first attempt at minimalism

My first attempt at minimalism

I also realized that less effort and obsession with perfection can be more rewarding, and certainly easier. Going through hundreds of pictures to edit in Photoshop can take hours.

The camera I have is very, very good at many things and not so good at others, like shooting an old train with a complete snow covered mountain range in the background. I just can’t seem to get enough detail in those mountains!

One thing most compact cameras do extremely well is macro. Flowers, butterflies, leaves, or even the pin on a pinhead.


Macro Setting f4 1/125 sec ISO 100 and HANDHELD!

Macro Setting f4 1/125 sec ISO 100 and HANDHELD!

Yes, I think I’m going minimalist, I think I’m going minimalist, I really think so.