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Sissy Audio-Special Requests

Friday, November 25th, 2016

I am recording again and will be adding to my Podcast very soon. If you have suggestions or special requests leave a comment below.

Sissy stories will be considered but must be less than 1000 words. A good example is Saragirl’s Sissy Confession (see my story page or Podcast). Do not send me anything without discussing it first, there are only 24 little hours in a day.

Topics can include forced feminization, sissy humiliation, transvestite bondage, sissy maids, or all of the above. But absolutely no more cheerleader fantasies, too many torn ligaments.



Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

I was going through the friends page on my website to check for broken links, and many of the sites listed are gone. So I’ve updated everything and I think you’ll find some unique places to visit.

For example, do you know how to make boobs? The link is right there under Blogs, Guides and Stories.

Among a wealth of information including photo galleries, transformation salons, crossdressing captions and Shibari Art Photography, are must know lingerie resources.

Do you know where to find garter belt panties? Well look carefully and you soon will.

If you do find a link that no longer works please let me know.

Strapped In Silk Friends Page

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

The Homeless Crossdresser

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

What better time than now to think about those less fortunate than yourself? This post was originally published August 2, 2009.

The majority of crossdressers that I’ve met have thrown out some or all of their prized collection at least once. Whether its a matter of being afraid to keep it around the house, or deciding that enough is enough and wanting to start a new life, its a waste of money and usually some really pretty stuff! The thought of throwing out expensive lingerie and pairs of gorgeous high heels gives me chills, but I do understand.

The price of a few pairs of panties, or even a closet full of dresses is meaningless compared to the anxiety and stress it may cause. I just have a couple of suggestions that might help.

Consider a mini storage unit as an alternative to just tossing all your pretty clothes away. For $50-$60 a month you can find a small one that is roomy enough to stash all your things with plenty of space left over to store bulky items from your apartment, house, or garage. You’ll have complete privacy with your own lock and in most cases 24 hour access with a code. I’ve even seen new ones lately offering the first month free.

Now lets say you decide you’re finished for good. You are never going to wear women’s clothes again. That’s it-end of story. OK, that’s fine, but please don’t just throw everything out in a flurry of enthusiasm. Why not consider giving it to someone who can really use it.

Who you say? Why the homeless of course!

Studies show there are literally millions of homeless crossdressers throughout the country who can barely afford to stay drunk, much less buy beautiful lingerie.

Just imagine the happiness you could bring to one of these people by giving them a very slightly used Victoria’s Secret bra and panty set. Their big red nose would light up like Rudolph, and their whole attitude toward life and society may even change. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

Do the right thing-give generously.

The Homeless Crossdresser

The Homeless Crossdresser

Motorcycle Pussy

Friday, June 14th, 2013

My motorcycle-not my pussy.

You meet the nicest cats on a Suzuki.

Motorcycle Pussy guarding my Suzuki DR650

Motorcycle Pussy guarding my Suzuki DR650

Lawyers in Love

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Robert and Drake really missed those crazy, hazy days back in law school.

The St. Mackenzie girls at

The St. Mackenzie girls at

Robert wasn’t like the other boys

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Robert wasn’t like the other boys at all, Robert was different.

The other boys were all wearing their Mothers pantyhose in boring beige or nude. But Robert’s Mother owned a lingerie boutique, and he got to wear things the others could only dream about.

They made fun of him because he was different, but the truth was that they were all very jealous.

There might be a moral in there somewhere.

Boys will be girls at

Boys will be girls at

Masturbating into your socks

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

That may sound funny to some of you, I know it did to me, but a friend recently told me he’s been doing just that for years. He read about it in Portnoy’s Complaint a long time ago and thought it was a great idea. Two socks, one for that night and one to smooth the morning wood.

OK fine, but technology has cum a long way since that book was written back in 1969. Now we have state of the art masturbators that do everything except kiss you goodnight. This one is about as state of the art as I’ve ever seen and will please both the Zen master and the techie. Its called The Tenga 3D.

It looks kinda like a flower and it feels so much better than a dirty sock. Description: The Tenga 3D male masturbator is a Japanese penis sleeve that provides an incredibly original experience in masturbation: 3D!
Well, what does that mean to me and my favorite sock puppet you may ask? It means that there are 4 different styles of Tenga 3D masturbation sleeves to choose from.

The Zen design for when you’re finished chopping wood and carrying water.

The Spiral is for those afternoons when you really feel twisted.

The Polygon for when you finish balancing your checking account. (It never comes out right does it?)

And finally The Module, which is for after you solve the Rubik’s cube or just throw it out the window like 99% of the world.

Interesting, but what does it cost? Socks are free and this baby must cost thousands. So wrong my little puppet masturbator. The Tenga 3D comes with a packet of Tenga brand lube and a carrying case and is less than $50. Not a lot less but a penny saved is a penny you can put towards porn. Perhaps a 6 MP3 set of Forced Feminization audio erotica that’s on sale?


How to find women to feminize you

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

I’ll bet you’ve asked yourself this question, many times. As usual I have some suggestions.

If you have a job chances are you work with all different kinds of women. Single women, married women, lonely women, and sexy women. This is the perfect place to look.

The women you work with are probably hard working, friendly people. Just what you need.

The first thing to do is become friends with them. When they think about you or talk about you over coffee you want them to say: “He’s really a very sweet guy.”

How do you achieve that you ask? Slowly. Your goal is to be friendly and attentive without being creepy.

Step 1: Compliments. The idea here is to be casual, and not needy or falling all over these poor girls. Mention things about their appearance. Most women spend hours buying clothes and doing their hair and makeup, and will genuinely appreciate the right kind of compliment.

You might say: “Is that a new hairstyle, it looks great on you.” Even if its not you’re off to a good start. If she says no, you now have the opportunity to say something like: “Oh, well you look great today as usual.” Then smile and walk away.

Compliments about their lipstick or heels might freak them out so stick to their appearance, perfume, or even their smile. Remember, don’t push it. Say something nice and go back to work. Its very important that you do this right.

You should also offer to pick things up for them while you’re out on your lunch break. Simply mention that you’re on your way out and ask if anyone would like anything from the store.

Step 2: The Plan. This will take some nerve and talent but don’t let that stop you. Go over it in your mind until you have the whole thing down cold.

Not only are you a very sweet guy, but you’ve decided to go back to college at night to improve yourself. One of the courses is in Abnormal Psychology and you can really use the help of some female friends.

You’ve been assigned a study of fetishes, cross dressing in particular, and have to complete a long paper by the end of the term. Having an extended deadline is great because you’ll need to take this slow once again.

You can begin by mentioning it as casually as possible, then leave it alone unless asked, and even then its good to let the topic get around for a while.

At some point you should approach the woman you feel the most comfortable with and ask for help. Don’t worry, by the end of the day every women in your office, factory, or sardine canning plant will know all about this.

You want to know how women feel about cross dressing (its for the paper). Do they think its strange? Do they think it might be fun? Ask them how they think a person could develop such a deep desire to wear women’s clothes.

You want to just ask a quick question here and there and gauge the reaction. A little at a time, just like the way you want to be feminized. Unless the ladies have a lot of free time during the day, which is very possible, don’t push too hard. After all, this is just one of the many things you’re working on including your job.

Later on, you bring up forced feminization.

“Forced Feminization, gosh whats that?” they ask so innocently you want to break down and kiss their stockinged feet. DON’T. It will just mess up all the hard work you’ve put into this.

You can say something like: “I was doing some research online and apparently some men have a fantasy about being forced to dress like a girl. Silly isn’t it?”

Now, if you’ve played your cards right you should have at least one woman interested, if only out of sheer curiosity. If you feel confident, think about pointing her to a reference book or website.

This whole thing may seem very complicated and extreme to you. Just as blackmailing you into becoming a complete sissy maid may seem to them.


If everything goes right you may just get lucky. One day you and a beautiful secretary are discussing the merits of silk scarves over rope for bondage, and the next you’re in her living room wearing her blouse!

À cheval donné on ne regarde pas les dents!

The Reluctant Sissy

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I’ve been spending some time with a new friend since I bought my bike, and he’s really helping me. He’s a long time motorcycle owner, and has been nice enough to answer all my questions and explain the basics of maintenance, riding, and even modifications (which I have no intention of doing myself). Last night while in the garage he came right out and asked me if I could give him a makeover!

I looked at him and smiled, and said “OK.”
I guess he didn’t hear me or something so he said; “If you could do this for me I’ll buy you the center stand you want and put it on for you.”

“You don’t have to buy me anything, let’s go inside.”

“You mean, now?”

“Sure now is good.”

“Are you sure, I mean, I, now might not be a good time.”

“OK, lets go inside and discuss it, I’m getting cold.”

He followed me inside and I led him into my spare room. He looked like he was going to faint.

“Do you want to wear something pretty?”

“What? Like what?”

“I don’t know, a dress, or a blouse and skirt?”

“Oh my God”

“Whats the matter?”


“Yes whats the matter?”

“I can’t do this Teresa, I’m sorry I bothered you.”

“Its no bother, whenever you’re ready you just let me know, OK? We can even take some pictures, would you like that?”

“Oh my God”


“I’ve wanted to do this for so long, and, I’m terrified!”

“Of what? No one is going to see you.”

“But I, I, I get, uh, sexually excited by this.”

“Great, we’ll have a ball!”

“But its crazy, look at me. Isn’t it crazy?”

“Listen, I’m not going to play psychologist with you, if you want to dress up as a girl I’ll be happy to help you. You can wear a dress, or a cute nightgown, or maybe just a bra and a pretty top. Then I’ll do your makeup. A little mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and you can choose a wig. I’ll help you pose, maybe give you some props, and we can take some great pictures.”


“Are you alright, you look like you’re gonna pass out?”

“I have to go, I’ll order you the center stand.”

“Forget about that, if and when you change your mind just let me know. You’ve really been great teaching me all those things. I can certainly do you a little favor.”

He couldn’t get out of there fast enough it seemed. He actually tripped over the last step and crashed into the door.
“Are you OK?

“Sorry, I have to go, bye. Thanks”

“You’re welcome- take care.”

He sped off like a race car driver and left me scratching my head. Oh well I decided, if he changes his mind and asks me to slap him silly and call him Sally, I’ll let him buy me that stand after all.

Is She For Real?

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

My new friend Tiffany asked me a question today-how could a real woman enjoy feminizing men? Rather than write her directly and explain, I wanted to share this with anyone who might also be curious.

I am a makeup artist and model which means I love fashion, clothing of all kinds, accessories, and makeup. I am also bisexual which means I no longer had to deal with a typical Female/Male relationship (I did eventually get married and it was a tremendous mistake).

I began helping cross dressers with their clothing and makeup early in my modeling career and I realized that I loved the feeling of power, since basically, finding someone who would not only accept them but help make them pretty was a dream come true.
Later on, I had a friend that needed a place to stay and I thought he would be the perfect roommate. As it turned out that was the understatement of the year!
Michael and I had been friends for a long time. Once he moved in we began to go to movies, dinner, and just hang out almost as if we were dating. One night (this was when I was drinking) we talked about the possibility of becoming closer and I drunkenly blurted out “Actually Michael, the only way I’d have sex with you is if your wore a cute outfit, makeup, and perfume”.
He started stuttering, something I’d never heard him do before, and I made us another drink. He explained, with great difficulty, that that was his dream! And sex didn’t even have to be part of it!
Over the next three months that he lived there we explored every fantasy he’d ever had of cross dressing, forced feminization, and humiliation.

We agreed that we would have a normal relationship during the day until I decided otherwise. When I wanted to play I would say “Oh Michelle” in a teasing, sing-song way and that was his cue. He would answer in a soft, feminine voice and do anything I asked.
First I would play with him at home. I liked to make him look like a slut and would always do his makeup myself rather than teach him. The excitement in his face as I made him blot his freshly painted lips was a tremendous turn on for me. I was now in control of another person completely. I could make him cum just by choosing the right word, phrase, or tone of voice.
Sex was fantastic for me as I used him like a toy. He also was very, very good at eating pussy which was a big plus.
Next came shopping trips complete with him becoming “Michelle” at the store much to the girls amusement. Then the beauty salon, which was a huge fantasy of his. I had arraigned a complete makeover during Halloween week and once he was in the chair made “Michelle” confess that he wanted to be a pretty girl, and that this had nothing to do with Halloween.
Public humiliation, lingerie shows for my friends, loaning him out as a maid to neighbors, chastity devices, and strap-ons became our normal routine until finally he got another job in a different state and had to decide whether or not to take it.
I told him I thought he should since by this time I met a woman that I wanted to spend my time with.

Michael did leave that month and we had a three way with him completely dressed as a farewell celebration.
That feeling of power has never left me, and even though I now have sex with women exclusively, I get the same thrill every time I hold up a pair of panties and see them swoon with anticipation knowing that its up to me whether their lifelong dreams and fantasies will cum true this time.