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ICL, a multinational fertilizer and specialty chemicals company, today announced that its ICL Fertilizers segment will supply its Chinese customers with 500,000 tons of potash in the first half of 2011, within the framework of its existing supply agreements with its Chinese customers. The price per ton is similar to recent prices concluded by other potash overseas suppliers to the Chinese market. This price is approximately $50 a ton higher than 2010 prices.cement process plants algeria

The new agreements signed by ICL Fertilizers strengthen its growing relationship with its Chinese customers. They also testify to ICL logistical advantage as a potash exporter to Southeast Asian markets. ICL Fertilizers mines potash in the U.K. and Spain, but its primary source of potash is from the Dead Sea which is in closer proximity to Asian markets than most potash producers. ICL continues to strengthen and solidify its market position as an important provider of fertilizers to the large Chinese market, which is similar to its role in providing fertilizers to the Indian market.cement process plants ghana

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The Phase II exploration program will be strengthened by the commencement, on March 21, 2011, of a major high-resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric survey (urvey? over all four licenses. The Survey has been brought forward from Phase III, to provide additional information for the interpretation of results of a scout drilling program, and to assist in planning Phase III Exploration Program.Barite Beneficiation Crushing Equipment Aeroquest (Aust) Pty. Ltd. has been contracted to undertake the Survey. The Survey covers all four licenses (Yanfolila, Kolondieba, Dandoko and Solabougouda) comprises 4,834 line km and is being flown on a East-West orientation at 200m line spacing with a nominal ground clearance of 70m. Areas with identified gold targets on the Yanfolila and Dandoko licenses will be flown at tighter 50m line spacing. It is expected that the entire Survey will be completed within 4 weeks.cement process plants tunisia


Africa Mining confirms that it has commenced the mobilization of drill equipment for the Phase II 5,400m RC (reverse circulation) drill program, which will be expanded subject to results. As previously announced, the aim of the initial drill program is to intersect gold mineralization at depth, in hard rock. The program will focus on drilling the following initial targets:Solona and Yanfolila gold anomalies on the Yanfolila license with drilling to start before the end of March 2011; and?Disse target on the Dandoko license with drilling to start in April 2011. comments disabled due to abuse