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For some years after these pioneer machines were developed, requirements, viewed in the light of present practice, were very simple. All mining practice, were simple. All mining and quarrying, whether underground or open-pit, was done by hand; tonnages generally were small, and product specifications simple and liberal. In the milling of precious metal ores, stamp as the final reduction machine. These were generally fed with an ore size that could be produced handily by one break through the small gyratory and jaw crushers which served as primary breakers. Even in large underground mining operations there was no demand for large crushers; increased tonnage requirements were met by duplicating cement mill the small units. For example, at the huge Homestake operation in 1915 there were o less than 22 small Gates gyratory crushers sizes Nos. 5 and 6 to prepare the ore for the batteries of some 2500 stamps.Railway Track Ballast Crushing Plant

Most commercial crushed-stone plants were small, and demand for small, and demand for small product sizes practically non existent. Many plants limited output to two or three products. Generally the top size was gyratory crusher about 2 1/2- or 3-in. ring-size; an intermediate size of about 1 1/2 in., or thereabouts, might be made, and the dust, or screenings, removed through openings of about ? in. In ballast plants the job was even more simple, one split and an oversize recrush being all that was needed. Despite its load-bearing capacity of 1,250t, the transport crawler is only 180mm higher than the previous biggest crawler. The installed engine capacity and chain transmission are around twice as high as on an 850t crawler.The fact that the Grasberg mine is located about 4000m above sea level, presented a further challenge to F?rdertechnik engineers: to allow transportation through narrow tunnels on the way to the site, they divided the crusher ring segments into half shells and designed the steel structure for the lattice girder boom of the stacker to split both lengthways and crossways into segments.Main Supplier For Stone Crusher In China

At its Grasberg open cut mine in Irian Jaya, Indonesia, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold is operating an overburden handling system from Krupp F?rdertechnik GmbH that includes one of the world two biggest gold ore crusher and a transport crawler with a load-bearing capacity 50% higher than any previously known crawler.Situated around three degrees south of the Equator, the Grasberg mine has some of the world largest gold and copper deposits. The ratio of overburden to useable minerals is three to one.

Through the practice, adopting ultra-fine crushing equipment, it can greatly reduce the particle size. More crushing and less grinding, reducing crushing particle size, is one of the most effective means to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption and production costs for mining enterprises. At present, Hongxing Machinerys cone crushers can make the average particle size decrease 2 ~ 6 mm, creating the conditions to improve mill efficiency. Content of broken particle size less than 10 mm reach 95% or more, which make dressing plants production capacity increased by 30%.Mobile Asphalt Crushing Plant For Sale The production capacity of this single device is twice as much PYD2200 type cone crusher, reaching 660t / h, content of broken product particle size being less than 15 mm increased 1.60 percentage points, saving power consumption 110kW per hour, to achieve the purpose of improving production and reducing energy consumption.

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