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(Super Hot Seller)The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You,Buy Now

51ti4iAYglLIn her best-selling book, The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder – a Hollywood celebrity albums nutritionists and specialists of beauty – sharing the revolutionary program that keeps its customers a list in the form of red carpet. Now you can get the star treatment with this guide to food 50 albums beauty that will make you the most beautiful from the inside. Stop wasting your money on cosmetics fancy, expensive and achieve concrete results, while spending less at your neighborhood grocery.

-Enjoy avocados and sweet potatoes for the young and radiant skin

-Nibble of seeds of pumpkin for shiny hair

-Eating bananas and celery to reduce dark circles

With more than 85 recipes that taste as good as they make, you can finally support your health and beauty – a delicious bite both at the same time.

Fanatical drive recommends strongly…

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Snyder and eagerly awaited this version.
There is no doubt that there is follow-up, the long-awaited companion to his first title, complete with hold full of easy to prepare snacks and meals. I have this rate with five bright green gold stars! We love tapas in our House and this book is dreaming of a “tapas-phile. I’m usually overwhelmed with recipes and fear that I can not adhere to the strict process multi-step create something wonderful from scratch. It is ideal for new players and long-time supporters. Snyder recipes are simple but decadent. It binds with cohesion its philosophies and approach to eating for health and beauty perfectly well in this book. She shares her wisdom, philosophy and knowledge of food healing through revenues. I am a reader eager to iBooks and download most of my books, rarely hard purchase covers these days, but because I grew up to be quite for Snyder fanatics, this ‘Cookbook’ must be added to your list.

As soon as I tasted her signature and the now famous Glowing Green Smoothie, I’ve been hooked and always want more. I have order her GGS directly from her shop which is shipped to NY every two weeks so don’t miss us a beat in our House; It is very good. Too many bars juice or smoothie remove any pulp, that all this goodness green waste. Snyder GGS is literally a well-balanced mixture salad – or meal replacement (breakfast in a bottle) in the form of a smoothie – which downed even by my husband-loving carnivore. Revenues proved much more in the form of healing foods.

Food Detox beauty is the gold standard for the vegan recipes. This book belongs to all reading, downloading, or hard copy directory.
The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You

(Hot Seller) ObamaCare Survival Guide,Buy Now.

71TJO-7Io7L._SL1360_Cliff Notes, series of models-overview of 2700 + pages of changes

I read this in a Barnes and Nobel because open enrollmenet season is upon us and I noticed several trends that seem to be troublesome over the past 2 years. In short, this ‘guide’ explains a little current and potential changes to health insurance and its implementation. Although I never bought this piece of literature, I read with a cover and is recommended for all those who want a heads up regarding what should be expected and why. There are a series of laws, penalties, fees and surcharges and requirements which affect everyone unemployed,auto employed,corporation,small trader, LLC and retreat that takes place in about 8 years and $ 11, a brief stop at the library or book of the corner will give almost anyone a head of what is to come.

1 Negative criticism I read said that if you’re a right winger this book was for you and if you forget a left winger. Sorry, but in my opinion information is information if you like it or step, I suffer through PBS, CNN, MSNBC and Fox like that I can decide, not to let someone else do it for me.

All the best

Give the advantages and disadvantages
I am a nurse and over 65 years old and wanted to learn more about what the law entails and the deadlines that come. Regardless of your policy, which explains the Act in simple English. It is a good idea – trying to get health care, but what makes a law – and forcing the Government I-leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
There are still large groups which we pay for that they want illegal homeless, emergency rooms, those who cannot afford to buy insurance.
You and I will pay for ourselves and those who can not that’s the bottom line.
The crooks in Washington have themselves exempted from the Act.
As a senior, I’ll watch Committee IPAB, which will “Evaluate and assess treatment Options” in respect of health insurance and so should all other another person on Medicare.I would prefer to take my medical decisions with my doctor, rather than the federal Government.
Download a doctor before they stop taking Medicare or Medicaid.
ObamaCare Survival Guide

(An Excellent Product) All Power America APGG6000 6,000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator,4 brand new stock available.Buy Now.

6000 Watt gas powered portable generator
6000 watt electric generator
291cc air cooled OHV engine
Does any dishes, pneumatic tires and handle
Manual start

Similar to Homelite, KingCraft, other brands Jiangsu Jiangdong

Note: This model no longer has a 240V outlet. Models to check carefully this brand and generators and its various other partners ‘clones ‘. Currently, here is a model on Amazon with 240V output:

This brand and the particular model is similar if not the same as Homelite, KingCraft, and several other brands made or powered by diesel and gas Jiangsu Jiangdong Ltd. engines. There are differences between this model and it was sold in recent years in the size of 6,000 watts, with 291cc to decal engines and the power of the sides of 9 to 13. so… It may be necessary to consider carefully. Based on my calculations 291cc version is probably close to 10HP and is one that I have. Yet the units which were / are sold with 328cc are not listed for more than 6000 watts. Perhaps the size of the unit of the generator itself?

In any case, I assembled mine with the wheel kit in approximately 20 minutes using wooden blocks to support. It is just a beast and take care. Once assembled, I put a gallon of gasoline inside and 1 litre of oil in the engine gas valve put the starter and it started on the first shot. 291Cc engine is quite a bit quieter than my Honda 5.5HP lawnmower. I was worried that I have to keep a distance from the House. But I tested it right to the top on our patio in concrete next to the patio door and closed doors, you can hear a soft drone, but way less than the lawn mower from my neighbor at 8 in the morning. I have let it run twice for 20 minutes each with two 1500 watts heating connected appliances and it worked very well. Even my wife she thought it would not keep us up if we were deprived of electricity for several days which would be required.

Buyers should take note that to connect properly this device up to your home, safety measures and proper installation is required. Here is a link from the State of Washington on various ways to connect according to the codes:

I recommend a circuit breaker interlock kit, with a trusted brand of 30amp outside outlet and L14-30 twist-lock Plug and connector coupling to compensate 10/3 with ground wire. Do a search on the net for “Generator Interlock Kit” and it is a helpful video on YouTube while those also. Depending on the distance to the circuit breaker Panel, you need maybe 50 ‘to 75’ of cable 10/3 with grounding also. For my installation, additional materials just to mention cost on an additional amount of $190, but I already had an ignition interlock device which is another $145 or more. Please don’t be unsafe and try and back feed power through a connection of jerry-rigged for the safety of yourself and your family!

That is all. After that I can use it if a failure occurs I’ll try an update. The quality of this unit is displayed as well as many name brands and, in fact, may be the same as the supply of some “House brands” at home and hardware stores.
All Power America APGG6000 6,000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

(World Class Best Seller)Ultra-Flex QC5000, 12×12 Measurement System, 1 Micron CNC Controlled.Only 5 stocks Available,Buy Now.

Specifications for this article

Brand name


Measurement system

Characteristics of the product

Designed for the workshop or any inspection laboratory which require a quick and easy operation.
Available in manual, motorized system packages and CNC controlled formats.
Icon of easy to use software features Quadra-Chek 5000 software-driven; repeatable video edge detection
Periodical software upgrades available.
The industry standard in the world are Quadra-Chek products.

Product description
UltraFlex QC5000, measure 12 x 12, 2 microns with CNC controlled. Series ‘Granite Z’ video Inspection and measurement systems. UltraFlex is newest Flexbar and more powerful software series video measurement and inspection systems, combines high precision measurements, detection of repeatable contours, documents, video and electronic communications into a powerful tool of inspection. Available in manual, motorized system packages and CNC controlled formats.

Must have if you cook

I am a passionate Baker, and before I bought this camera, it was a real problem for me to follow recipes. Now come, everything is measured in teaspoons, spoons at table and a few mysterious cups. How can anyone measure anything in these inaccurate measurements? I have six tablespoons at home and they are all of different sizes. One is the size of a ladle. It may be a ladle. But then why would I have two ladles? Then, you need a table spoon! Well, you see the image. We were all in the same shoe.

I couldn’t take my recipes rejections anymore. My soufflés found deflated, pancakes – inflated. Basically, your worst nightmare. Then I discovered that 1 teaspoon US = 0.166666667 fluid ounces to US. Enter QC5000 Ultra-Flex! Now, my measurements are accurate and I am very happy. In addition, as a bonus, after 3 weeks, I really love my new Ultra Flex body.

I measure so much!

I especially had to measure the amount of salt, I put on my eggs when I Cook. You should seriously get one.
Ultra-Flex QC5000, 12×12 Measurement System, 1 Micron CNC Controlled

(Global Top Product) Inflatable Sport Boat, 9.5 Ft Dinghy,Skiff, Tender,Rib, Inflatable Boat,Caribe Like, Zodiac Like, Full Boat & Accessories Package,Available in Stock,Buy Now.

You are biding on a boat floor inflatable boat Newport 9 feet 6 inches. This product comes with two oars in aluminum, a carrying case, a repair and a single removable bench kit.
Newport vessels produces products of high quality supported by the best customer service in the industry.
Materials: Floor: 24 mm thick aluminum framed floor custom hard coated plywood. Boat: Triple Layered 0.9 mm Polyester reinforced and coated PVC. Material provides protection against corrosion, the Sun, salt and all destructive elements.
Comes with all original registration documents: MSO & Bill of sale. For hassle free and easy registration.
Newport boats conforms to and is registered with the U.S. Coast Guard. Provides security and easy registration. Motor not equipped on boat. Inflatable boat only!

Product description
Features and accessories:-two oars aluminum – heavy carrying and storage bag – pump for easy inflation – pre packaged repair kit – marine coated seat removable One – one way drain plug – four separate air chambers, for the safety and longevity of the product – D towing rings – two carrying handles – Marine aluminium Interior pads engines to ensure the protection of Stern – transom bracket and the boat up to 10hp outboard – oar and rowing incumbent Dimensions and specifications: Model: the Del Mar, swollen length: inflated 9 feet 6 inches, width: 5 ft, rooms: 3, weight: 116 lbs, maximum power: 10hp, maximum load: 1 124 lbs, maximum number of people: 4,

Landscape marin 9′ Air mat floor dinghy
This is not a review of inflatable sport boat, 9.5′ Dinghy, tender, skiff, canoe of sides on the picture. It is rather a review of the Newport boats landscape marin 9′ air mat floor dinghy. The boat, with that I found was not that what amazon said I have received. Despite all my attempts to straighten the record Amazon or Seascape corrected it. A caller from Amazon told me that the sport 9.5 boat ‘ was out of stock so I changed the 9’ Air floor rug order which was duly delivered.

The boat is exceptional and far from classes my old dinghy in the U.S. boat seaworthy. It seems much better built than the current crop of West Marine dinghies.
The tubes are larger (18 “”) and the main boat has three and not two separate air chambers. With the floor mats and stem there are 5 separate compartments and the best of all that it cost roughly half of what West Marine seeks for a similar boat. It handles beautifully in the rough water and my 2 HP Honda engine four-stroke seems to be made for it. It is a small slut big, sturdy, well built and I love it!

I might add that I am a retired US Commander of the coast guard, a master license of sail and power to 500 tonnes and approximately 40,000 miles under my belt of my boat (A Pearson Vanguard) and assorted other yachts that I sent to their owners.
Inflatable Sport Boat, 9.5 Ft Dinghy, Tender, Skiff, Rib, Inflatable Boat, Zodiac Like, Caribe Like, Full Boat & Accessories Package

(Global Hot Seller) Product Development Control.Create The Product You Could Only Dream Of !

The system of product development Secret used to earn huge income online.

We have been involved in the business of internet marketing for more than 7 years. Our main objective in the internet marketing business is to help people to create other useful products. It is through the control of product development is born.

«We must work hard to plan our next product that we already have the plan all drawn!»

When we started in the business of internet marketing, product development has been one of the most difficult tasks, that we could imagine.Our heads began to spin as the overall structure of the product was so great and confounding fact. We were not afraid to admit it! We were “in the new seat of guys ‘ and our eyes have been opened how this new internet marketing company can in fact be difficult.”

Yes it is true, that we said that it was hard! Are you surprised that we have not told you it is easy and that we have the magic bullet, of special sauce, the magic powder super to make it understandable while 30 seconds and 3 clicks of the mouse?

It is not just a case of throwing an eBook together on a product, system or niche that you think will make you of certain species and expect to do well. It works that way. It’s amazing to see how many guys actually think that it works. The business of internet marketing evolves, more and more people are online every day to come, and they all want a piece of your action. It is time to do more and better very quickly! Just like the mad scientist.

The reality of it all is, without prior planning product and development that your project is set to failure from the outset. Without a structure to follow, you increase your chances of missing the essential elements of the product development process that can prove to be disastrous for your efforts in creating new products.

It is guaranteed that you have seen before.Bad products are displayed on website servers all around the world. OK, maybe bad product is the wrong choice of words, and we should guys the benefit of the doubt without assistance or experience to create a better product. We also give credit for the creation of a product in the first place. It takes a lot to start. However, what guys fail to notice during the creation of a product is the flaws that their products have actually.

From a development point of view, the guys then wrapped in their products and what they have done that they are unable to see the actual faults what they see is a masterpiece and become blinded by their own creation. Most of the time, it takes an outside opinion to report problems such as:

The list is long and the reality really hit home. And is usually followed by “wow this is harder than I thought.

If there is a question we have asked on a regular basis, it’s ‘I want to create a product on ‘X’, I can make a ton of money from it,I am sure. but where do I start?

We spent a long period of development of a killer system that will allow you to create the perfect product time and time again, covering all angles and leaving no stone unturned.

It is not simply a matter of thinking of an idea, write on some post-it notes. It is of course possible to do with the good experience and also made hundreds of times before. We are certainly guilty of this in the early days, but we have developed and developed a strategy that works, nothing left on the table but leave no stones unturned. Our knowledge will become your knowledge, you will learn the skills that we have learned over the years without any of the pit falls.

The key to the success of your product are all the elements and, therefore, a must when it comes to creating your product. Your ultimate goal is to create a great product with zero refunds and incredible feedback!

We have worked with the best and participated in some major product development projects. We had the pleasure of participating in some major gains Web sites and programs. Some of these sites that we own and partners include:
These products are only a small portion of the products that we have participated. All of these Web sites have accumulated huge profits and continue to do so today. Take a look at the earnings of one of our latest launches from this year alone, using the formula for control of product development.

For complete detailed information about this product please click on the hyperlink below:

( Best Seller) Rolex GMT Master II Diamond Automatic 18kt White Gold Set With Diamonds Mens Watch 116769TBR( Buy luxury men’s watch now )

41v9mhLy4sLProduct specifications
Watch Information
Brand, seller or Collection name Rolex
Part number 116769TBR
Call the type of scratch-resistant Sapphire window material
Housing material case set with diamonds 18 k White Gold
Wave diamond dial color
18 K White Gold bezel set Diamond Bezel material
Automatic movement
Type of warranty registration Contact seller

Product description
case in 18 carat white gold, set with diamonds and a bracelet with diamonds 18 k White Gold. Fixed 18kt white gold bezel set with diamonds. Wave hands and points of silver-tone hour markers diamond dial. Dial type: analog. Hands and luminescent markers. Date at 3 position display.The scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal.Automatic movement. Screw the Crown. Solid case back. Diameter: 40 mm. Oysterclasp closure. Waterproof to 100 mtrs / 330 feet.working status: date, hour, minute, second.Watch style casual. Label Watch: Swiss Made. Rolex GMT Master II Diamond automatic 18kt white gold set with diamonds watch 116769TBR.

Amazing shows
I have to say that this watch has made me so much money it’s incredible… I am able to fly banks just walking in bam whip my arm and exposing the watch to light and it becomes bright radiantly reflecting all incoming sources of light it blind all over the world and even to burn the CCD chips in security cameras… I am just able to walk up to the vault and take what I want and leave without anyone able to identify… I made so many millions, I lost count…

Well worth the price of the watch…
Rolex GMT Master II Diamond Automatic 18kt White Gold Set With Diamonds Mens Watch 116769TBR

Love!!! Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter,Buy Now


The cameo silhouette Starter bundle includes an extra mattress (2 total) and cutting (2 in total), all of metal feather pick-me-up-tool blade
50 Cuttable creations and $10 at the Silhouette store gift card
Includes access to thousands of downloadable drawings; Includes PC and Mac compatible software
Discounts up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long; Cut a variety of materials of vinyl fabric
Ideal for Scrapbook Layouts, cards, custom clothing, decor vinyl, frosted, glass drawings sketches and paper crafts.

Just simply amazing!
First of all, I want to start by saying that I’ve owned many machines Cricut, including the most recent Expression 2. I have been dedicated to the brand. This up to what my friend showed me his Silhouette SD. The cuts were so precise! No document no tear, no rough edges, no expensive cartridges and beautiful results! I decided that I was going to buy the new cameo of Silhouette and sell my Cricut. I used it every day for about a week and I have not regretted my decision to separate me from my Cricut! I can say it honestly, this machine is great.

I find myself in a State of shock after the cut of each image. It is very clean, the pictures are stunning! Available via the software provided with the Silhoette are wonderful. If you go to the website of Silhouette, you can preview the designs for free, before purchasing. The images are relatively cheap compared to having to buy expensive cartridges where you only need an image. Almost all the images sont.99 and you can use your own fonts and the supplied software. I used a few sites that sell SVG files and print them out then cut. They are amazing! Included with your purchase Silhoette, you will receive a credit of $10 to the online shop. I should also mention that you can purchase a subscription (which is what I did) instead of paying per image. I used a promo code that has saved 20% on the price of the subscription. A quick search on google will help you find a code. I pay $16 per month for a $150 images! It’s nearly 150 images! Discounted rates are also available, but has decided, it was the best bang for my buck. I am able to use the images of $150 in 2 months, which means, if I don’t use all my ‘credits’ in the month,in the next month they expire. A lot!

Another plus of the cameo on the Cricut is the mat cutting accessories. The cutting mat is beautiful, not too sticky, everything just perfect. Cricut changed recently, their cutting mats in which I could not do anything to stick while cutting, thus ruining the projects! Not the cameo! I used my carpet a ton and it is still sticky, Silhoette claims their rugs changed 5 times longer than Cricut… I completely believe! Another thing about the Silhoette is the sketch pens. I was skeptical to the first bought but metal feathers and designs that is proved so beautifully! The feathers are great quality!

The customer service is another point I want to put in place.Amazing! If you send them during business hours, they answer in 5 minutes, if that. Now that is customer service! Another example is when I called the 1-800 number. I was expecting to wait in waiting after pushing many buttons to reach the right person. I called the number and I heard, ‘thanks for Silhoette calling… ‘. ». Shocking! They were very friendly and helpful.

In conclusion, I must respectfully disagree with the screening. I am a manufacturer of cards and MOM who loves to make goodie bags for school classes from my children and I can say it honestly, The Silhoette Cameo is a great, great product!Trust me,any person who is on the fence will love it! No more Cricut and not much more expensive cartridges!
Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter

Bible for Entrepreneurs,The Startup Company

410NBAMCMWL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_One of the main investment minds more…
I followed the author (as much as I can) since the publication of this book. First of all, let me say that I have read all the books on the venture capital that I met, and this is the best hands down. There is no book written on venture capital of high-tech that can even come remotely close to it. It is absolutely priceless. I would like to thank Mr Stathis for helping me to understand the essentials to build a society of high technology as well as to raise capital. The book saved me potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and time that’s really very important.

I can honestly say that the ideas of this book helped me to succeed in mobilizing venture capital and build my business where it is today.I have highly profited, despite the current economic crisis. Perhaps part of the reason is because I actually used the book as an educational course, rather than just brush through it. I studied the book.

If the book has any weakness, it might be that it is too clever; too detailed. The reading of a typical night might find some contractors. But as you’ll see when you read this book, you can not make a topic like this too simplified or it will lose its value.

In addition, I read his other books since then (knock on wood) as America’s financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the next great depression. Thus, I was able to anticipate in the diffuculties of today’s economy. Wow. Stathis has predicted the current economic downfall with unprecedented accuracy. Take a look at his track record in the economic collapse […]

This is a man who must be followed, if you want a chance to become a successful entrepreneur and investor. It is really fixed his ideas in his books, and you can tell he is really concerned to help ordinary people like me. We need more experts disinterested as Stathis. I just can’t say enough about what I learned from reading his books. Mr Stathis, if you just never happened, I would like to thank you for your ideas.

After reading all of his books now, I have no doubt that Stathis is one of the best investment minds today. There is no fluff in his books; Overview summary only. Truly a treasure. It’s frustrating to understand why he gets no advertising.

A super ‘real world’ startup book, for a change!
As someone who has worked,and funded by companies in startup and teaches now the subject I found two common categories of books start: those academics who have written in a vacuum and therefore seem to clinical and out of touch with reality and those written by successful entrepreneurs who use the pages to relive their glory days. Stathis, balances on the other hand, the conceptual with promising entrepreneurs practices, providing a step by step-comprehensive, well-balanced, but technical guide to starting a business. The minutes of every day – or what Stathis considers boring, nevertheless crucial – details several strategic concepts that can help relieve the path from the entrance, this book deals with the tools needed to start and operate a new business. Annexes to the 400 pages + are a great addition, exposing the contractors to that confidentiality agreements, stock option plans, etc looks real. This book should not only be a starting point for people who are considering starting and owning their own business, but a companion throughout the entrepreneurial journey. The title of business startup Bible really deserves.

A solid reference for Entrepreneurs book,
This book is a summary well thought out and completes all essential aspects of the boot process. As an entrepreneur, who has started several businesses over the years (and as author of a book on the theme of entrepreneurship myself), I can say that I wish I had a copy of this book at the beginning of my entrepreneurial career. If you studied this book and came to understand its contents,it would be nice you prepared for the boot process.

In reality, most readers will not plow through 500 pages of material to prepare to be entrepreneurs. Instead, they go and make reference to the material in this book to discover the details of their current activity (if start-up, put together a team, writing a business plan, get a round of financing, etc.) The book also helps entrepreneurs to better anticipate the next steps. The key is that it is a reference work solid for entrepreneurs and well complementary to other books on the subject.
The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs

(Global Hot Seller)Otona no Chogokin Space Shuttle Endeavour,16 brand new models available,Buy Now.

Product Description
While the Saturn V beautiful moon rocket is credited as being the most powerful machine ever created, the long-serving space shuttle NASA is credited as being the most complex machine ever built, with more than 2.5 million pieces. Following the release of their incredible scale 1/144 Apollo 11/Saturn V Launcher, Bandai has masterfully brings this complexity to the 1/144 scale in amazing detail with this version of the surprise of the space shuttle Endeavour. Standing an impressive 39 cm/15.5 inches tall (43.5cm/17.1 inches tall when it is mounted on the base of the display), this fantastic fully-finished replica is plastic and die-cast metal and shows extraordinary levels of detail and accuracy through intensive use of Bandai’s latest technology data references and photos. The complex heat-resitant tile detail is there, and all markings of NASA, designed with precision and beautifully applied. The orbiter, fuel tank (et) external and Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) can separate to depict the Endeavour in each of the configurations of its mission. The doors of the bunker can be laid, open or closed, revealing details even more amazing on the inside. The ISS (International Space Station) – use RMA (Remote Manipulator arm) can be positioned to manipulate the MPLM (Multi Purpose Logistics Module), clear displays, included to facilitate the realistic pose. Removable panels reveal flight deck and mid-deck details, as well as some details of the rocket engine internal. The landing gear can be shown extended or retracted, and the engine nozzles, elevons, body and rudder/air brake brake flap are all mobile.

Highly detailed replica of the space shuttle Endeavour

I just got this model and it is incredibly detailed. Better than any made ‘American’ a model of the space shuttle, I saw for sale on the Internet.

All parts are mobile, that is, Rabat, rudder, landing gear, cargo cargo in place inside the wing doors.
External tank umbilical doors open and close to mount the orbiter to the external tank.

Crew compartment removable top to see the cockpit and the compartment.

Snap on Solid Rocket Boosters which are detachable! Removable external tank.

Several different are available to view the shuttle launch configuration, configuration of flight with doors open garage, with the payload inside or standing by the robotic arm. Can also display with Shuttle in SRB separation mode and mode of separation external tank, as a means of landing / landed with landing gear down! If no parachute!

Only I had problems was that the instructions are in Japanese. Not English. Has been able to follow the plans to assemble various accessories.
Another problem became open payload bay doors. Instructions left a step, there’s another piece of paper to amend the instructions, but even with this extra step was struggling to get the payload bay doors open without a Nick white paint at the top of the central axis of the payload bay door because I used the nail to release the door open.
Also, I was not able to remove the top of the crew cab to reveal the flight deck and the compartment. I didn’t want to pull too hard, because I didn’t want to damage the model.

Centre stand comes with three lights that can illuminate the shuttle on stand, just as the real shuttle on the launch pad is illuminated.

As an added bonus model came with a mobile crew and crew.

Very good product. Hey manufacturer make other accessories such as the SCA (Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (747)) so that it could fit the model of the shuttle on top of the 747. Also, to make it authentic on Boeing 747, the ‘tail cone’ should be included with the 747. The ‘tail cone’ covers the rear of the orbiter main engines so that there is a flow around smooth Orbiter when it embarked on the back of the 747.

This product is highly recommended for any shuttle fan who wants the best detailed model of space shuttle.

This is no toy!
If you have a strong enough interest in manned spaceflight then this is the must have template for you. I want to emphasize that it is a model high fidelity, it is not a toy. And while most of the pieces is metal it is not a model which will fly you with your hand, or at least not often! Yes, the cost is expensive, but I can tell you that I am completely satisfied with the product.

It comes with a light support, which, in a room dark, makes the stack seems prepared for a night launch. However, you can choose to display in launch mode or in orbit. The shuttle is finely detailed. He engraved the thermal blankets in places appropriate as well as the tiles on the bottom. It has even markings ‘cut here in an emergency’ on the starboard side of the spacecraft. How many of you knew that there were these markings on the shuttle. The doors of the bunker, open and close and reveal a very detailed zone bunker. The model is delivered with an external module that can be “attacked” just like the real thing. And Yes, it comes with a RMS. The external tank and solid rocket motors is also finely detailed.

As the shuttle era ends there are many models of space shuttle’s good, less expensive to choose. I chose it because the manufacturer has a good reputation. And I wanted a model of shuttle in this scale that I would be able to display prominently. This product true to these objectives in all respects.
Otona no Chogokin Space Shuttle Endeavour