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How to Rebuild Pontiac V-8s (Workbench) (Workbench How to)

Perfect timing,

I am currently rebuilding an engine W72 Pontiac 400, 1977, this book arrived just in time. I wish I had this book when dismantling, there is specific guidance for the Pontiac as the way to find and remove the gel and plugs of the Gallery of oil.

This book, as well as how to build Max Performance Pontiac V8s (currently Design) are a must if you are a nut of Pontiac.

Now for more details…

This book explains the details for how to install a main seal rear Graphite (Graphtite best) attached. As Rocky notes there are also joined back available for the Pontiac Viton and come with their own detailed instructions did so there was no need of covers the installation of them in this book. It is also very important, as shown in this book to avoid normal rope seal because they tend to flee. I personally go with a seal of Graphtite.

Gel and oil Gallery plugs are covered in this book. Make a note of the hidden oil plug location, it is highlighted in step 7 on page 94.

Read the note on the filter oil bypass on page 111. I keep my bypass and do as recommended by Rocky.

Follow his instructions on the Assembly to a T. The only difference that I intend should do not tighten the valve covers until after I have start the engine. I’m having the valve covers in place, I just want to be able to take off to check that the buttons are oiled.

What is missing (and this is really nitpicking): this book is lacking in details how to install/remove the gauge. Although this book briefly explains how to make pressure in the dipstick tube, I recommend doing a search on Google if you’re confused. There are two sections to the gauge, the outer part is inserted from below (inside) of the block and is then held in place by the bottom piece bolts to a tray main caps/derivative. I would have also liked to have seen in Chapter 1, a list of all necessary adhesives, lubricants and necessary joint sealers for a reconstruction. You’ll want to read the whole book and record each lubricant/adhesive/sealant before going to the auto parts store.

Thanks Rocky for an awesome book!

Excellent Book on Pontiac Engines

Rocky Rotella has firmly established himself as one of the upper echelon of Pontiac writers. He has contributed his work for High Performance Pontiac has consistently been of the highest caliber and so when it came for him to start writing books on the Pontiac V-8, we had high expectations. As we expected, he came through with a high-quality, very usable manual for the proper building procedures.

From the beginning to the end. He covers the planning stages, parts location, tool selection and finding the right machine shop before any work begins. With a solid plan formulated, he then shows you the proper procedures for the teardown, inspecting and cataloging of used components, deciding what can be reused and what needs replacing. He also provides a thorough rundown on the factory-supplied parts as well as the current state of aftermarket parts for Pontiac V-8s. He also advises the reader in the areas where an aftermarket replacement is superior to a factory piece.

From there, he provides a step-by-step guide to the re-machining, pre-assembly and assembly, as well as the proper procedures for initial startup, break-in and tuning for maximum performance and efficiency.

As if that wasn’t already a great book, Rocky finishes off the book with several high-performance engine builds. Here you will find everything from a mildly-upgraded 389 Tri-Power from Dave Bisschopp at SD Performance, a street/strip 421 Tri-Power from Butler Performance and for the truly sneaky, a Pure Stock-style Ram Air 400 and a F.A.S.T. (Factory Appearing Street Tire) 462 cubic-inch Ram Air II with 14.0:1 compression!
Rocky does a great job with the topic and if you are looking to restore the engine in your Pontiac, this is a great book.

I love this book!

I read this book twice already. Expect to rebuild my engine in the next three years, so I am slowly gathering information and know-how. This book is fantastic, lovely photos, easy to read and understand with excellent examples. It is very comprehensive but still flows in a pretty slow pace for a beginner with a bit of mechanical understanding of fitness. Play well!

Indispensable for any guy Pontiac/gallon,

This book is a good read. It flows well and the information is presented in an easy to understand fashion. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about attempting a reconstruction or even have a shop build you a turnkey engine. If you decide to enable the key yourself or not, you will know what questions to ask the shop and be able to check if they know their business. Even if you hate to read images and captions to justify the price.
How to Rebuild Pontiac V-8s (Workbench) (Workbench How to)

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set

Interactive language software with exclusive voice recognition technology
Develop your command of the language – read, write, speak and understand
Negotiate complex situations;build vocabulary, sharing ideas and opinions
Improve your learning on the go with the Rosetta Stone of mobile apps for the Kindle Fire HD, iPhone, and iPad. Access included with the purchase.
Improving language games; live online lessons; includes headphones with microphone

Seems to be very effective and fun way to learn,

I never used any Rosetta Stone products before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I was pleasantly surprised by their method of teaching. It if fun, it keeps you on your toes, and it makes you to want to study just a little bit more, and more, and more. So far, I finished with unit 1 and three of the four lessons for unit 2, both from level 1. After I was done with unit one, I scheduled the live lesson and went to play some games on Rosetta World. There are two types of games – one for one person, and another for playing with other people learning the language at about the same level as you are. Since it is new product, there are not yet too many people there to play with, but I did score a few games and it was fun, too. I have never encountered anyone online for the Simbio games yet, but I hope it will change when more people join and start learning. By now I had three live lessons with a native speaker. The lessons last about 50 minutes, and the teachers are nice and supportive. It is nice to hear how the language sounds from different people. You can see the teacher in a little window on the side of your screen, so you can understand them better.
I had two technical issues with Rosetta software, one was resolved, but the other one not. I have an XP computer, and the program would not start when I click on it, but give me fatal error, so I have to go to tweak some settings to get it to work, and I have to do it almost every day, which is annoying. The tech support guy answered very quickly (in just a few minutes, and this was at about midnight) but he couldn’t provide long term solution, and said that he referred my case to his superiors. They called me next day and everything was fixed.
Update – March 2011. I finished the first level and started the second one. I started using the Audio Companion Cds provided, and really like it. It helps to remember the lessons when you don’t have time to study properly. I listen them in the car, and I found that it is better to put them onto my mp3 player, just the lesson I am learning, and maybe couple of the previous ones and make them play in the loop to minimize distractions on the road. And yes, now there is almost always someone at the Simbio place to practice language with.

Great software to help you learn Spanish,

First of all, no software can replace talking with native speakers in an authentic context. If you really want to learn Spanish, then take 6 months off of work and go to a Spanish-speaking country and make some friends. However, most people cannot do this, so Rosetta Stone provides an excellent way to enhance the learning of a second language. With the internet content, you can even speak with native speakers and get feedback on your speaking skills. This is an excellent substitute for actually going to a foreign country!

My only slight concern with this product (and I found this to be true with the French Rosetta stone software that I have as well) lies with the voice recognition element. To encourage correct pronunciation, the software asks you to repeat words and phrases. Having learned my Spanish in Argentina, I would miss some pronunciation exercises because I didn’t sound just like the speaker. Also, I noticed that once in a while a phrase would come up that could be correctly answered 2 different ways, so the learner is left to guess which answer the software is looking for. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it is slightly annoying when it becomes guess work.

Overall, this is the best “secondary” source for learning a second language. Add this software to the real-life experiences that you can have in Spanish, and you’ll be fluent in no time!

Excellent for beginners and for non-beginners,

I have never taken a class in Spanish, but have picked up bits of it from students and parents over the years… just enough to communicate on a very basic level. I bought the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish to help me with vocabulary and with my listening skills.

It is great. I love how the language is paired with pictures so I can recall the picture that conveys the meaning. It is presented in such a way that there is no difficulty figuring out which words the pictures are teaching, and the native language speakers have just enough differences in their accents to provide experience hearing the same words said in slightly different ways.

There is a great deal of review built into the program to help make recall more automatic, and I find myself practicing phrases or thinking of words throughout the day from the lesson I have just finished. They just pop into my head I listen to the reinforcing audio CD in the car after I finish a lesson and find that the pictures used for the words and phrases really do come to my mind.

The online part is a little scary at first, but fun. There are games to play to reinforce learning at the level you have reached that are for single players (not so scary) double players, and more… I have played a few of the double player games and it was interesting to use the language I had learned to communicate with another learner at my level. I have not yet scheduled a session for using my Spanish with an online native language speaker, but plan to soon. This would be a great way for people who do not have access to native language speakers to practice. i have native language speakers available to me at work, and they are helping me practice. The single player games are different enough that they reinforce learning in different ways, all of them beneficial. I particularly like one which reads at a normal pace, a reading or is like a news report and then i am to find the words that I know and hear that are embedded in what I am hearing.

I can’t say enough that is good about this program. I find it fun and I am learning from it. i have not yet reached a point where i am over my head, and I do not expect to get that feeling considering how the material is presented and the multiple ways for review and practice that are built in. I listen, speak, practice pronunciation (which gives me feedback if I am correct or incorrect), and write. I am learning vocabulary, conversation and grammar.

And the Spanish I have been using has been improving according to the native language speakers with whom I work.
Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set

(An Excellent Class Product) Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal.

On Keen
The beaches to the mountains, to the streets of the town, Keen believes that outside is anywhere without ceiling. Keen believes in living a HybridLife, which means playing in a large community that is full of people who create opportunities, outdoor and care for the world that surrounds them.

High heat, we believe in encouraging everyone to create, play and care… for us it is a way of life, we call it a HybridLife. Every day we are digging. We are overscheduled and under the gun. Do not forget the day where we lived the life by the ring of the Bell? This Bell is still inside your head. He sounds now. So stop and resume your niche. Give yourself a pass from niche – have lunch in the Park, take a cup of coffee with a friend or take a 10 minute walk. Whatever your niche, get ready… set… PLAY!

Rubber sole
Heel measures approximately 1.25″
“Platform for measuring approximately 0.5”
Synthetic upper strap
Hydrophobic mesh lining
Rubber outsole

Metatomical EVA molded
Metatomical strap design

Product description

Hidden coves to rushing rivers, the Whisper of vif sandal can handle any day filled with water. The fast draw elastic lacing system adapts to a comfortable and secure fit. The washable polyester top features ® Aegis Microbe Shield-reduction of odours. The molded EVA foot-padding provides comfort on the road.

The beaches to the mountains, to the streets of the town, Keen believes that outside is anywhere without ceiling. Keen believes in living a HybridLife, which means playing in a large community that is full of people who create opportunities, outdoor and care for the world that surrounds them.

Comfort and function merge in the keen Whisper sandal feminine. The synthetic upper webbing has straps designed to fit anatomically with your foot. a quick-draw elastic lacing lends a snug fit. Hydrophobic mesh lining provides water resistance, while antimicrobial treatment Aegis Microbe preventer fights odors to keep a fresh Interior. A metatomical EVA midsole offers long-lasting comfort. Textured of the keen Whisper sandal rubber sole provides traction on a variety of surfaces. Fit Tip: this sandal runs true to its size and narrower than the bright classic cut.

Perfect Summer Sandals,

Perfect right out of the box. They are extremely light and cool. The top by the foot opening is elasticized, so you can just pull them off and put them on again without fiddling with the pull-cord. I am in and out of the garden every day, and when these sandals get muddy, I just hose them off while I’m wearing them. Great for going on the river. They dry very quickly. I can’t stand to wear shoes in warm weather and usually spend the summer in flip-flops or barefoot, which leads to stubbed toes and turned ankles. That won’t happen with these. My feet are narrow and usually can’t wear medium-width sandals, but these have elastic at the top opening that grips the foot firmly. My feet are between and 8.5 and a 9, and I ordered an 8.5 in these and have room to spare. Mine are red, which are really a dark berry color. Kudos to the shoe designers at Keen! These are wonderful.

Cushy, comfy, light,

I bought these in bright blue at the beginning of summer. When I tried them on in the store, the thin skin on my feet was blistered and sore from high heels. I felt an immediate ahhhhh. No rubbing of existing blisters, no hard points to create more – just a cushy, airy comfort. I’ve worn them almost every day since, with shorts, swimsuits, swim dress cover-ups, capris, and jeans. They are cool on my feet and make me feel light on my toes.

Great purchase!,

I have a spinal cord injury and was looking for shoes that would provide comfort, stability, and security for kayaking. These have been exactly what I needed. They are lightweight and comfortable but seem durable. The fit is perfect….fit is sometimes a problem because I have very thin feet and heels. They provide stability when on rough and rocky terrain approaching put-in sites and also provide stability and security on wet and slippery docks. Additionally, they are airy and comfortable while paddling in the kayak. Great choice! I’m quite pleased.

Wear them everywhere,

I am a flight crew member who travels the world. These shoes have replaced my regular running shoes in my suitcase because they are light weight, require no socks, and are EXTREMELY comfortable after 10-14 hours of flying. In cabin pressure puts a real toll on the body, especially the feet. I have hiked through National Parks, beaches, and many water environments. These dry quickly and I can throw them in the washing machine or hose them down to get off any debris. I hope Keen continues to make this style. Never needs adjusting.

Great shoes, sturdy on all terrains.,

These have become my go to shoes every morning and night during the summer when I walk the dogs. Easy to slip on, comfortable, and sturdy. They get wet every morning and every night on the grass or in the streams that we walk through. They dry nicely, don’t show wear and tear, and are read to go after about 4 hours of drying.

Best part is the toe protection. I go through some rough terrain on our walk and have taken a few falls due to tree roots, branches, and vines. No injuries, even when I stub my toe head on.

Only complaint is that they squeak when they are soaked and my foot slides in them a bit….only way to solve that is to tighten a bit tighter than I like.

best suited for light duty,

The toe protection is only for the big toe. The foot bed is thinner and lighter in material. The tread is not as gripey as Venice or Newport.

However, the overall weight is lighter and the last is based on women’s feet (narrower) thus makes it look more feminine and cuter.

I bought these knowing the above. I don’t use them for long/rock scrambling hikes, only if water crossing is unavoidable and for camp site footwear. They will be good for beach combing, strolling farmer’s market, light city street walking and so on. Because they are smaller in profile and lighter, packability is better than Venice and Newport.

Before one blames the product, one should ask herself “did I indeed choose the right footware for the intended purpose?” This model has a lot to offer as long as it is used under the right circumstances.

My shoe size is 6.5M but I bought Whisper in 7M. They are not loose or big. With the draw cord adjustment I can wear my aqua socks with them for my water crossing needs.
Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal

Norton 360 multi-device.

Characteristics of the product

Protects you, your PC, Mac, Android smartphone and Android Tablet against: viruses and other threats; dangerous downloads; Phishing and malicious Web sites. identity theft; loss or theft of your Android smartphone or Tablet
Stops online threats before they reach your computer
Front stays detects and removes threats that have not yet been invented by looking at your PC for suspicious activity
Fixes common computer problems, frees memory, deletes unnecessary files and cleans your hard disk
Cloud controls allow you to install, manage, fix, refresh and renew Norton 360 multi-device on all your devices on the Internet with a few clicks

Norton AntiVirus,

I think this program is very well designed. It was a breeze to install and very easy to use. It has lots of features and functions, such as the ability to scan external drives for threats, and has a really well designed user interface. I really like how it does an automatic update just prior to a full scan. However, it is very annoying that the program asks me to do a system back up every time I run a full system scan. This is highly annoying. You would think that after I click “no” 100 times in a row that it would be get the hint and stop asking me. It is truly annoying as I do not want Norton backing up anything.I simply want it to scan and leave me alone. The program always seems to find something to fix and it almost always finds some tracking cookies. It almost seems as if this program is programmed to find things to fix. Maybe the designers of the program want to make the program seem more valuable to the user. After all, the antivirus program is always “fixing” something so it MUST be very valuable and useful! I tested this program initially on a freshly installed operating system that has not accessed the internet 30 tracking cookies are magically found by this antivirus program Hmmmm…
does’nt matter what, the program ALWAYS finds something to present to the user that it has fixed or alleviated thereby making the program seem endlessly valuable. I can’t help but think about how valuable this approach would be when the subscription expires and it’s time to pay an annual hefty fee to renew that subscription. After all, every single scan has “saved” the user from some sort of mystical threat thereby warranting the purchases of these hefty annual subscriptions. I would not be so suspicious if every single scan didn’t reveal some sort of threat that the product has thwarted nor would I have been as suspicious if even a single scan had said “no threats found.”

Protects A family’s worth of devices with a single key,

I’ve come to accept that all the major Anti-virus, anti-malware software products are substantively equivalent in terms of their effectiveness in detecting and blocking digital threats. WIth that said, the game shifts to ease of installation, management, and use. A single license for up to 5 devices, any combination of PCs,Macs, and Android rates high on the ease of installation and management scale. There’s no cost effective way of adding a 6th device, you have to buy another 5 device license, but Norton 360 offers anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing along with anti-virus. Kapersky, Trend, and Bitdefender all cost the same as Norton 360 but only offer anti-virus. I didn’t explose the 25GB of online storage, I already have that through other services.
The mobile security feature allows you to lock or wipe an android phone/tablet by sending a text message. And you can lock the sim card to prevent someone from just changing sim cards.

It’s a great deal if you have a lot of devices to protect– but when you have a problem you’re support is in the form of norton’s knowledge base.

If you’re looking for everything that norton360 has but want 24/7 live customer support you’ll want to check out Norton One. Norton One also has the advantage of being able to add additional devices for an incremental fee
Norton 360 Multi-Device

2005 Federal Pandemic Influenza Plan Plus Complete Guide to Bird Flu Bush Administration Strategic Plan, Public Health Guidelines,Vaccines,Drugs, CDC Data (Book & CD-ROM)

Book description

It’s a single set combining our reproduction ringbound of the federal Plan to combat Pandemic Influenza with our complete guide to bird flu on CD-ROM: RINGBOUND book:In November 2005 Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt announced ,it is a complete reproduction of the essential federal Plan Pandemic Influenza. A plan of action to prepare for the challenges that await us through this HHS influenza pandemic Plan . Preparation course and respond effectively involves everyone: individuals, communities, businesses, Federal agencies,States, countries international and organizations. » Includes: Executive Summary * part 1 – strategic PLAN * the threat of pandemic influenza * planning assumptions * Doctrine for an influenza pandemic * Pandemic Influenza response key Actions and key capabilities for Effective implementation * roles and responsibilities of HHS agencies and offices * HHS pandemic influenza and response Actions * annexes – the National Plan of action * bottom of pandemic influenza * Phases of pandemic that * NVAC/ACIP recommendations on the use of vaccines and NVAC recommendations on drug use antiviral pandemic * legal * key * HHS HHS research activities current activities * international partnership on avian and pandemic influenza * acronym list * Internet resources * part2 – PUBLIC health guidance for State and local partners * Pandemic Influenza Surveillance * laboratory Diagnostics * health care planning * infection control * clinical * vaccine Distribution and use * drug Antiviral Distribution and use * Community Disease Control and Prevention * risk management related to travel of Transmission of the disease * public health Communications * effective support: psychosocial factors and information needs. CD-ROM: This e-book to date on CD-ROM provides the best collection available anywhere of official information and the federal government documents on the theme of birds avian influenza and pandemic influenza killer.The latest information on the H5N1 virus is inclusive, which some scientists believe could produce a devastating pandemic similar to the 1918 Spanish flu that killed tens of millions worldwide. This CD-ROM uses a new generation search technology that allows complete indexing and all files on the disc fully searchable. For patients, practical information in clearly written patient education materials. For the medical and scientific professionals, texts and medical reference tools were detailed information technical and clinical information documents. This carefully documented collection presents vital information from many sources making authorities: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Includes: * clinical and Medical Information – groups risk, symptoms, Testing, treatment, prevention * Vaccination and antiviral * risk of a catastrophic pandemic * outbreaks of avian influenza (“bird flu”) * clinical trials. This CD includes more than 18,000 pages reproduced using the software Adobe Acrobat PDF and Reader software which is inclusive.Advance search & Indexing features are integrated in our reproduction,thus making a provision of a complete full text index. This allows the user to search all files on the disk at the same time, words or phrases using the find a single command! Acrobat cataloging technology adds tremendous value and rare feature this impressive collection of documents and equipment. There is no other reference that is also fast, practical, complete and portable!

About the author

The disk contains more than 18,000 pages reproduced using the software Adobe Acrobat PDF and Reader software is inclusive. Advanced search and indexing features are an integral part of our reproduction, with a provision of a complete full text index. This allows the user to search all files on the disk at the same time, words or phrases using the find a single command! Acrobat cataloging technology adds tremendous value and rare feature this impressive collection of documents and equipment. There is no other reference that is also fast, practical, complete and portable! Our news and educational CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs are compiled private collections of government records official domain public U.S. and documents — they are not produced by the federal Government. They are designed to provide a practical easy to use reference work using the benefits of the Adobe Acrobat format to uniformly present thousands of pages that can be quickly examined, excavated by finding specific words or printed without untold hours of tedious of searching and downloading. Extensive archive of Government information important public domain that might otherwise remain inaccessible are available for instant review wherever you are. This book-on-a-disc format makes a great reference work and educational tool. There is no other reference which is also fast, practical, complete, well documented and portable – everything you need to know, from federal sources that trust you. (Information on this CD-ROM are not a substitute for professional medical advice; of course, readers are invited to consult with a professional health care provider for any suspected disease).
2005 Federal Pandemic Influenza Plan plus Complete Guide to Bird Flu–Bush Administration Strategic Plan, Public Health Guidelines, Drugs, Vaccines, CDC Data (Book & CD-ROM)

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI 1.5GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer,

Pressure washer is exactly as described. We are very pleased with the performance of our new pressure washer.
It has plenty of power and pressure to get that hard job of cleaning done. Very easy to set up and use.
I love having every thing in one place.
This is the one,if you are looking for a high performance electric pressure washer.
We use a pressure washer almost daily around here. And this one has gotten quite a work out since it came last week. Our old one bit the dust and we were just waiting on this one to get to our house.
I have no problem using this power washer it is so easy to handle and roll around.

Easy Does It!

First, if you wanted the performance of a 3,000 PSI pressure washer, buy one. But if you want to wash off the car or the deck, and don’t want to fill the gas and check the oil first, go here. All the parts store on the unit, they’re all there when you need them. Only thing I might have done differently is the hose connection. I’d rather have had that located where I could leave the connector attached, but it’ll be vulnerable on this model if you do leave it attached.

Great Pressure Washer!

Bought this last week and have used it for approx. 8 hours. No complaints so far. It took off years of Florida mildew from my driveway, patio, outdoor furniture, awnings, storage shed and entire house exterior. There was no leaking as mentioned by many reviewers…not even when I removed the hose via the quick release. Took five minutes to assemble and everything snapped solidly into place. Maybe I just got lucky (?). Just make sure you wear shoes, not flip flops. It stings!

AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer Met Expectations,

A professional painter wanted $950 to pressure wash and apply two coats of stain to my deck. I decided to do the job myself. The AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer arrived two days after ordering it from The cost was $175. A gallon of deck cleaning solution and two gallons of Behr deck stain cost $75 at Home Depot. Total cost of this do-it-yourself project, $250.

The AR Blue Clean did a great job removing dirt from the deck flooring and railings. Besides saving $750, I received some badly needed exercise and now have a pressure washer in my power tool collection..

Very nice, left my driveway and outdoor furniture looking great, some small annoyances,

For the price, this is a very good pressure washer. It’s electric, so it’s more convenient and quieter than a gas-powered model, but it also isn’t as powerful, but for my purposes it has plenty of power.

Our poured concrete back patio hadn’t been washed/cleaned in the previous 5 years, and we have plenty of things contributing to it looking dirty – trees dropping sap and seeds, frequent gardening activities that track dirt and mud, three dogs that contribute their flotsam and jetsam, etc.

I fired up this washer and after a few hours of work it was sparkling white and clean. I also used it on my Polywood outdoor furniture which, while it’s relatively impervious to any permanent discoloration, had built up some surface dirt and grime and were looking dull. After a quick blast they looked like new.

So, the good news is that this unit gets the jobs done that I need doing, and it does them conveniently and relatively quietly.

The less good news is that it could use a few tweaks to make it better, in my estimation. First and foremost, the reel for the hose is a bit awkward. First of all, be sure you understand that you have to unwind the entire hose before use, so it’s not like you can quickly pull out a couple feet of hose for a small job, you have to unwind the whole thing.

Secondly, the diameter of the reel is such that the hose is wound pretty tightly given its relative stiffness, and when you unwind it the hose initially has a lot of leftover coiling that makes it inconvenient to move around the with the hose. The kinks eventually calm down, but having a kinky-curly hose is frustrating at first.

Third, you also have to completely unwind the power cord before using the unit, because the designated storage winding area in the back places the cord such that it blocks access to the where the hose attaches to the body. Again, if you are doing a big job this isn’t a huge deal, but it limits the ability to use the unit for quick jobs.

Fourth, the unit has mounting points to hold all the provided attachments, which is good, however they do not hold them securely, such that any time the unit is moved or jostled there is a good chance of dislodging one or more attachments.

However, the bottom line is that for the price this unit gets the job done. I would definitely recommend it, and have already purchased a second one as a gift. The cons listed above are more like small annoyances and I list them here just so any future buyers are aware of them.
AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

The plan of the timeline by 10,000 fans Discover the Secrets behind using the most popular site in the world to grow your business and connect with new customers. Discover how companies use Facebook to develop their Base of fans, their Email list and create real customers.

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Put in your email and get immediate access to the model and the training video.
The Time Line Blueprint

How to Get Taller – Grow Taller By 4 Inches In 8 Weeks, Even After Puberty! (A Global Hot Seller)

If you have ever felt insignificant due to its size, then it is probably the most important book you’ll ever read…

In how to get Taller, David will take you to the exciting edge of scientific discoveries to show you that prevents you from reaching your full potential height and natural techniques to grow by 2 to 4 inches in a few weeks.

Here are some of the secrets in this guide:

The ‘Secret’ ingredient our body naturally produces to help grow us – discover how you can get your body to produce more of it without the harmful side effects of taking pills!
The four main factors controlling our height – discover at least 3 turns on what you can do on each of them
The three stages of exercises which you must do to get Taller (all other courses only tell you one of them)
Easy to follow SIX exercises to gain height for starters (instructions step by step and included illustrations!)
The fourteen power Gain of height food (eat them in order to maximize the potential of your body to grow!)
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