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Six Digit Profits – Hack The Product Creation Process.


Six-digit Profits is a training system that has been developed to help internet marketing specialists to achieve the success they desire – you can be new in internet marketing or a complete beginner, this training will work for you. They are methods that will show you exactly what to do so that there is no more guessing on the next step and no longer stumble in the hope that you hit on the right method proven.

Detailed overview

With Six-digit Profits you will receive seven training modules that cover all aspects of building a successful online business. The first module will go into the construction of the mentality of a lifestyler (a person having made enough money to live the lifestyle they desire). The second module will help you to think of your business idea – is thought about the most solid idea best the probability that it will be profitable. Module number three will build your reputation and loyalty among your customers and subscribers. Five module goes on various monetization methods that are available, while six module gives you the inside scoop on how to create a lasting impression. The final training module will shows you how to scale your business and expand it in the success you want. You get not only the training, you will get also the action plans that it will be easy to use what you’ve learned.

In addition to training, there are a lot of extras as a member of Six-digit Profits. If there is a marketing topic you want to know on (or you want something clarified) all you have to do is put in a query and information will be available. You will learn the evergreen methods – they are given this name because that just like the tree, these methods will never die. You will always have the support available for any questions or help you to overcome any obstacle you may encounter during construction or to grow your business. You can get quick and full access for 7 days with just a small investment of $5 – will allow you to see what training consists of. If you really like what you can see then you can continue your subscription for only $19 per month and you can cancel at any time.
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People who use Six-digit Profits like that, they receive training on methods and techniques that actually work. Others like that there is always someone available to help you achieve this success. If you are looking for a solid training that will make you money as soon as possible then you want to certainly take a look at Six-digit Profits – try it for $5 and see if it is the right person for you.

(An Excellent Product) Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel.


You know how people will always ask, “If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you pick and why?” Yeah, yeah, everybody picks Lincoln or Jesus.

Me? I’d pick Michio Kaku. This guy is phenomenal! I’d love to sit down across the table from him, ply him whatever libations he prefers and then let him verbally go to town while I sit there and listen to him and occasionally interject asking questions.

For this man to be able to not only explain previous futuristic predictions made by his predecessors with ease and an astutely keen perception of where they were correct and incorrect, but to also be able to go into such great detail about what’s to come, based upon where we are now and where we’ve come from, it’s actually something marvel over as you roll around what he’s written in your brain and let it sink in.

If you have ANY interest in physics or even just in the progress of mankind — past, present and future — this book will not disappoint.

A fun approach to some daunting questions.,

This book tackles questions about physical possibilities.

Michio Kaku breaks the level of impossibilities down into three categories, cat I, cat II, and cat III. Each level of category corresponds to his interpretation of just HOW impossible those things would be. For instance, if it is theoretically physically possible, yet humans do not have the technology to do it, he would classify it as a cat I impossibility. For the remaining two he uses slightly different criteria. He also assumes that there are three levels of civilizations, a type 0, 1, and a type 2 civilization. Each of these corresponds to how masterful of the universe they have become.

Kaku looks at each question separately, such as, “Is time travel possible?” and gives you expert opinions and examples to clarify just how it could be possibly done, based on man’s understanding of the universe currently.

Kaku covers the following subjects: Force Fields, invisibility, Phasers and Death Stars, Teleportation, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Robots, Extraterrestrials and UFOs, Antimatter and Anti-Universes, Faster than light travel, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Perpetual Motion Machines, and Precognition.

I highly recommend anybody who enjoys science, science fiction, cosmology, mathematics, or simply someone who has a greater imagination,than this book is for you!

This book does not require any extensive knowledge of physics, mathematics, or anything of that sort.

Get Ready for the Future with Fun!,

This novel explores the possibilities or non-possibilities of inventions found in our popular science fiction books, television, and movies. Will we be able to join Harry Potter and run about town with an invisibility cloak? You’ll be surprised. Then how many times, when you are driving, would having a force field protecting your vehicle save you ulcers? Better yet, let’s teleport to work!

The above subjects plus time travel and parallel worlds beckon our imagination but what if it is possible? For me, I was fascinated by the Space rockets etc. Or perhaps you dream of Robots. For those of us that wonder how all this could work, Dr. Kaku explains in clear and literal language how these inventions follow the laws of physics as we know them today. Some projects might require updated laws.

Come into the future and see what is possible and enjoy a chuckle with memories of the Jetsons, and Doc of Star Trek, or dream of going Back to the Future!

Do not be afraid of the science as Dr. Kaku walks us through history, the science, and the application of same works to create these dreams! This book is the background of Dr. Kaku’s Science Channels “Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible.”

Now I’m off to begin Dr. Kaku’s “Physics of the Future” which will obviously take us up to a day in our lives in the year 2100. Meet you there?
Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel

(A Splendid Product) Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension.

Amazing, best book of Kaku’s career!,

I first read this book when I was ten years old. It blew me away back then, and it still does to this day. It was my first introduction to the notion of quantum mechanics, or higher dimensions, and it captured my imagination. I’m entering graduate school for physics next fall, as a result, in part, of reading this book over a decade ago.

It is well written, and covers the history of quantum mechanics and relativity, the notion of higher dimensions and curved space (both culturally and scientifically), and then moves on to particle physics and string theory. You want it, this book has it: wormholes, time machines, fate of the universe, quantum mechanics, relativity, they’re all there! Oh, and not to mention the fantastic style in which it is written. It is very understandable. If you have a bright youngster who seems enthralled with time travel, Einstein, black holes, or anything like that, I highly highly recommend this book. It could change their life! And if you are buying for yourself because of an interest in science, it is a fantastic introduction to the subject. If you are interested in learning more complex things, then I’d suggest checking out Brian Greene’s books.

Modern Mathematics and Modern Physics,

The central challenge of theoretical physics today is to unify the four fundamental forces–the electromagnetic force (electricity, magnetism, and light), the strong nuclear force (provides the energy that fuels the star, fusion), the weak nuclear force (governs certain form of radioactive decay), the gravitational force (keeps the earth and the planets in their orbits)–into a single force. Beginning with Einstein, the giants of physics have tried and failed to find such a unified mathematical model. However, the answer that eluded Einstein for the last 30 years of his life may lie in the hyperspace theory. In short, Einstein has three major ideas. The first one is the special relativity, which time can covert into space and vice versa. The second one is the general relativity, which matter (energy) can bent space (time). In other words, forces do not exist; force is a consequence of geometry due to curved space. The third one is the unified field theory. The goal is to describe matter by geometry. But the quantum theory dominates theoretical physics in the next 60 years until 1980s.

The opposite of Einstein’s theory is the Quantum theory. Einstein’s general relativity is a theory of the cosmos (stars and galaxies). Quantum theory is a theory of the microcosm (subatomic particles).

In essence, the key differences between Einstein’s geometric theory and quantum theory are: (1) Forces are created by the exchange of discrete packets of energy, called quanta. (2) Different forces are caused by the exchange of different quanta. (3) We can never know simultaneously the velocity and positions of a subatomic particle. (4) There is a finite probability that particles may “tunnel” through or make a quantum leap through impenetrable barriers.

After 50 years of research, we have the following picture of subatomic matter: All matter consists of leptons and quarks, which interact by exchanging different types of quanta, described by the Yang-Mills field and Maxwell. The Yang-Mills field makes the theory of matter–the Standard Model–possible. The Standard Model is based on symmetry. Symmetry is the preservation of the shape of an object even after we deform or rotate it. The first type of symmetry is rotations and reflections. The second type of symmetry is reshuffling a series of objects. The Standard Model unifies the three fundamental forces by one large symmetry: SU(3) (strong force, shuffle of three colored quarks) x SU(2) (weak force, interchange of electron and neutrino) x U(1) (electromagnetic force, rotates the components of the Maxwell field into itself), which is just the product of the symmetries of the individual forces. SU stands for special unitary matrix. The determinant of the matrix is one. The Standard Model is incomplete, because it does not describe gravity. Second, it is ugly (complicated), because there are 36 quarks, 8 Yang-Mills fields to describe the gluons, 4 Yang-Mills fields to describe electromagnetic forces and the weak,leptons 6 types, a huge number of Higgs particles, and 19 arbitrary constants at the least.

In 1980s, the Einstein type theory (higher dimensional space theory) returns to the mainstream of research in the name of string theory. Probably the most advanced higher dimensional space theory is the Superstring theory. It postulates that all the matter consists of tiny vibrating strings. The theory predicts the dimensions for space and time is ten. The corresponding mathematics for the dimensions is called Ramanujan function, a modular function. The matter in the universe and the four forces may be different vibrations of hyperspace. The required mathematics to understand superstring theory reached the deepest level ever. Any unified field theory must first absorb the Riemannian geometry from Einstein’s theories and the Lie groups from quantum field theory. Then a new branch of mathematics–topology–merges them together. In fact, Gauss, Riemann, and Poincare all considered physics to be the most important source of new mathematics, because mathematics is the language of physics.

A ten-dimensional matrix (space) has enough room to accommodate all four fundamental forces. Furthermore, the ten-dimensional matrix has room to explain the subatomic particles produced by atomic smashers. Thus the matrix, a mathematical object, consists of both forces (consequence of bent space-time) and matter (energy).

The hyperspace theory reopens the question of whether the extra dimensions can be used for traveling. The shortest path between two points in higher dimensional space is not a straight line but a wormhole. The Poincare Conjecture could be used to determine whether a hyper-surface consist a wormhole or not. Our world is simply connected because a lasso of rope can always be shrunk to a point. If the lasso is placed around the entrance of the wormhole, then it cannot be shrunk to a point. Such spaces are called multiple connected. Although the bending of our universe has been experimentally measured, it is still a controversy on whether warmhole exists or whether our universe is multiply connected.

A field is a collection of numbers at every point in space. The numbers describes a force at that point. Field theory allows us to calculate the required energy to form wormhole in space-time. The required energy to form a wormhole is centuries ahead of our current technology. Hence, time travel is not testable.

Michio Kaku’s “Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension” is a must have for whom would like to understand the latest and the greatest of theoretical physics.
Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimens ion

(A Splendid and Excellent Product) The God Delusion.

An eminent scientist – and the increasingly atheistic view of the world – asserts the irrationality of belief in God and the religion of the lesion has inflicted on society, Crusades to 9/11.

With rigour and mind, Dawkins examines God in all its forms, since with the sex-obsessed tyrant of the Old Testament to the celestial clockmaker more benign (but still illogical) favored by some thinkers of the enlightenment. He eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how the war of religion of fuels, promotes bigotry and abuses children, supporting his points with historical and contemporary evidence. The God Delusion made convincingly that belief in God is not all simply false, but potentially deadly. It also exhilarating offer insight into the benefits of atheism to the individual and society, not the least of which is an appreciation clearer, truer of the wonders of the universe, that faith could never gather.

Insightful and blunt,

Wow, this book changed my life. I remember hating on this book when I was brainwashed with Christianity. Okay so this book is from the famous Richard Dawkins, who is no doubt one of the most respected and controversial man on this planet. As it is said:

Dawkins has written that The God Delusion contains four “consciousness-raising” messages:
1. Atheists can be moral, happy, balanced, and intellectually fulfilled.
2. Natural selection and similar scientific theories are superior to a “God hypothesis”–the illusion of intelligent design–in explaining the living world and the cosmos.
4. Children should not be labelled by their parents’ religion. Terms like “Catholic child” or “Muslim child” should make people cringe.
5. Atheists should be proud, non apologetic, because atheism is the evidence of an healthy, independent mind.

Richard Dawkins talks about almost EVERYTHING regarding religion(s). He talks about key points and issues from both sides of the argument, but still maintaining firm in his points. A lot of people complain that he is rude and arrogant, while I may say it may come off as that, I wouldn’t actually agree with that. In his book, he is passionate, firm, and blunt. You need to think about this for a second. When it comes to religion, followers are blunt and set out in their ways as well. We can’t deny the fact that religion has harmed and IS harmful in many ways. So the fact that Mr Dawkins is unapologetic is understood. Note this though, you will need a dictionary and probably will have to study on some things in the book. Because he uses a lot of high vocabulary. Secondly, as you guessed, Science is mentioned a lot in here. So if you are not good in the basics of Science and more (as I, because I never really cared for it till now) you will need to learn more about it.

Anyways, that I can say that’s the part I didn’t like a lot. It can be mind bottling sometimes, so you have to read slower to better grasp what he is saying. Aside from that, I loved everything about it. He discusses morality and how Atheists can live a fulfilled life without the great book. Also, I got this right on time and in exact quality as it was described to be. Very happy. If you are religious, read this book anyway – with a warning already about it, and with a open mind. Who knows, it might just help you understand things differently.

Insightful and Excellent Read,

In one’s life although a person who believes in the importance of religion, the book, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins provides the reader with not only a glimpse into the radical atheist’s mind, but also a basis for the argument for which an atheistic mindset is the most practical. One detail that particularly piqued my interest in this topic was the mention of the founding fathers of the United States. Since a young age, we Americans have all stated in the Pledge of Allegiance “…one nation, under God…”. While the United States government tends to pride itself of the separation of church and state, the argument can simply arise that if the people who founded this nation believed in God, then why shouldn’t its citizens. Although a viable point, Richard Dawkins brings into play the complexity of the politics at that time. While it very well could have been a group of men driven by their faith, it is equally possible that men like Jefferson and Washington could have been using their faith as an advantage in the political and social aspects of colonial society. Furthermore, this shows that the separation between church and state cannot really exist, for they are actually one single entity. Although there were many specific details that intrigued me, perhaps the most mind challenging concept was that of the entire book. While I do not necessarily agree with everything Dawkins mentioned, his piece has opened my eyes to the other side of things. The coexistence of science and religion is a recently publicized controversial topic that has taken over the talk shows and internet blogs of our day and age. This concept has not only caused tension between power forces, but also in more personal relationships. In this book, the author takes an obvious side to this, which makes sense due to the fact that he is an atheist. However, I do not agree with the black and white nature of this particular controversy. Whether or not science and religion can coexist or not depends completely on the people of a given area. In short, the conflict and tension between the science world and religious world will never go away. However, how we deal with this issue is completely dependent on us. Dawkins presents an interesting and insightful piece on the typical, radical, atheist’s thoughts and arguments. Definitely worth reading. “I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied without understanding the issues of the globe.” Richard Dawkins
The God Delusion

Villa in Croatia Adriatic Sea(An Excellent Product) 8 rooms 1 Apartment,Restaurant,Bar,Swimming pool and a lot more,close to Dubrovnik.

Villa is situated in Croatia south Dalmatia in a small town of Klek 100m away from the beach about 55km from Dubrovnik not far from Korcula,near Peljesac,Mostar,Medugorje,Narona,Neretva river,Neretva safari and lot more well know destination.Villa have 8 rooms fully furnish white bathrooms, WC,A/C and lot more and have 1 apartment 2+3 white kitchen,huge balcony white, best view of sea and so rending hills and Peljesac.Have swimming pool,beautiful garden,parking’s and a lot more.
All this is for rent or sale see you hear Tadija.
Villa in Croatia Adriatic Sea 8 rooms 1 Apartment,Restaurant,Bar,Swimming pool and lot more,close to Dubrovnik

(A High Quality Product) Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew.

Cashew coconut QuestBar protein bar

20 grams of protein in every bar

No sugar or artificial sweeteners used

Take advantage of the crisis in the tropics with protein QuestBar coconut cashew bars. These natural bars all deliver them 20 grams of protein with each portion and are also rich in fiber and gluten-free. Quest is the first really low bar carbohydrate that contains no Glycerin or simple carbohydrates, uses no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Quest bars are only bars you can eat without feeling guilty.
Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew
It’s 12 Bars.

Ingredients: Blend of protein (whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate), Isomalto-Oligosaccharides * (100% natural prebiotic fibres), water, erythritol, coconut, almonds, cashew nuts, sea salt, flavours, Lo Han Guo, Stevia natural.

* From plant sources Isomalto-Oligosaccharides are 100% natural prebiotic fibres.

Almonds contain: And milk-derived ingredients.

Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew

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Resale Rights Ninja 10X Complete Resale Rights System

(An Excellent Hightech Product)”FREE SHIPPING” – Digital Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale Weighing Scales Solar Powered.

Brief overview:

A spoon with digital scale of function and volume. Magical and practical gadget for the kitchen or laboratory.

A magic spoon with digital scale of function and volume.
Equipped with sensor system with high precision strain gauge low consumption.
Weight/measure butter, flour, cream, spices, coffee or tea instantly when you need ingredients while cooking or baking.
May be handily taken into any upper drawer or be hanged on each rack of kitchen.
Powered by a 3V 2032 Li-battery rechargeable or solar energy.
Digital display for easy reading.
Scoop removable for easy cleaning.
Auto off function.
Function On / Off (button «I»): on/off switch.
Tare / zero function (position “T”): tare & zero.
Function mode (‘U’ button): selectable (g, ct, dwt, gn) unit.
Accumulator function (key ‘C’): counting.
Wide application: kitchen, laboratory, medicine, industry, etc.

“FREE SHIPPING” – Digital Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale Weighing Scales Solar Powered

Volume of the spoon: 0 – 30ml
Measure weight: 0.1 – 300g
Units: g, ct, dwt, gn
Power supply: 1 * 3V rechargeable li-2032 battery or solar energy
“The LCD screen size: 1.3.
Item size: 23 * 5.6 * 2 cm
Item weight: 48g
Package size: 25 * 8.1 * 3. 5 cm
Package weight: 110g

“FREE SHIPPING” – Digital Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale Weighing Scales Solar Powered

Package including:
1 * Tablespoon balance
1 * 3V 2032 Rechargeable Li-battery
1 * French manual

Packing details
Type of unit:
Package weight:
0.300 kg (0.661 lbs.)
Package size:
26 x 9 cm x 4 cm (10.24 inch x 3.54 inch x 1.57 inch)

“FREE SHIPPING” – Digital Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale Weighing Scales Solar Powered

We have shipped the object directly from the factory of China by china post airmail or hong kong post airmail… by so its cost effective… Your order is welcome…

1. We ship worldwide.
2 Point shipped from China via China Post Air Mail or Hongkong Post Air Mail with tracking number, reach the country in 10 days – 25.Si you do not receive the product within 30 days,

Your comments:
If you receive our goods and satisfied with our service, please take a minute has left us with a positive feedback 5
Before you leave non-positive comments, please contact us to get a better solution, we will improve the best service for your satisfaction!

“FREE SHIPPING” – Digital Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale Weighing Scales Solar Powered

(An Excellent World Class Super Hot Replica Model) TITANIC 20

Ready for immediate display – not a model ship kit
Abundant, finish and quality crafts abound on bridges and the hull of this fine model, historically accurate of historya€ ™ most famous s liner, the RMS Titanic. Miniature stairs and anchor chains metal to registrant decking terrace individual and delicately sculpted the lifeboats, the ship HMS Titanic model proud vapors with greatness on a desk or shelf.

20 “Long x width 3′ x 7 ‘High (scale 1:530)
Built by master craftsmen
High quality wood include birch,cherry,Maple and Rosewood
Meticulous, painting to match accurately the actual RMS Titanic
Replica of the scale model clarifies the real aspect of the RMS Titanic 1912
Design history and details of the superstructure and hull
Design of the triple helix and specific anchors
Amazing detail, including:
Metal railings on the forecastle of before, aftcastle and at the top of the superstructure
Detailed deckhouses, cranes, deck plating and lifeboats with the launch of the davits
Many Bridge objects and features include stairs, wood deck cleats, ventilation shafts, grids of mesh, miniature benches and more
Rigging and stay-lines on all masts and chimneys
Maintenance level increasing each stack
Separated basic wooden display supports the model
In-depth research of original drawings, historical and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the greatest possible accuracy
Note: These models are not toys of RMS Titanic and are not recommended for use in water

(An Excellent Product)Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether by Vulli

Daughter love it, Son still plays with his at age 4,

Both my kids love Sophie my 6 month old daughter and my almost 4 year old son. It is so worth the money, with our next child we will buy another so they they have their own as well. Children love this toy and have for years.
I wanted to address some of the things in other reviews though as well, specifically those that have given horrible reviews of Sophie. First off she is pricey for a few reasons. First off she is made in France and therefore has to be imported to the US for sale. Secondly since it is BPA free and made of natural rubber and food safe dye the cost of making the product so that it is safe for our little ones is higher.
The other thing I wanted to address was those reviews talking about it being dangerous. You shouldn’t be leaving a infant or a child under the age of 2 maybe even 3 unattended at any time no matter what they are playing with or what they are doing, your just asking for something potentially bad to happen if you do. I don’t care if they are in a jumper, play pen or anything else infants and young toddlers should always be supervised. I don’t think those reviews even took place because Sophie’s legs are not long enough to do what the reviews state, gag a child maybe but they can gag on their own fingers, choke a child to turn blue no not at all. Also Sophie has been around for over forty years I had one as a child and so did my mother. If it was not safe for children to have the company would have been told that they could not sell them a long time ago. In fact it has only been recently that Sophie is even available in the states my mom got hers while her dad was stationed in France and my grandfather bought mine in France as well because she was not available in the states.
As far as being a glorified dog toy. Far from it, yes it is made from rubber like a lot of dog toys but thats where the similarities end. Yes she has a squeaker but she is not the only baby toy that squeaks nor will she be the last. Babies are stimulated by the noise and love it, its enriches them. You can go to walmart or target go to the baby section and I can guarantee you that you will find toys the squeak.
Yes, the paint does come off over time and that is because of the natural paint they use. I would rather the toy dull and know its safe for my children to chew on then have a toy comtaminated with lead that they are chewing on and you never knowing that lead is in said toy.
Over all she is a great toy for any child and it will last for many years. My neice is using the one my brother bought my nephew ten years ago, they last and are well worth the cost despite what you may think.

Sophie! Sophie! Sophie! The Lovely Saint Sophie!,

Drool! Drool! And more Drool! You know what time it is? Time for teeth and more drool! At first sight I thought to myself that this giraffe looks irritating with the kind of face you just wanna punch. I guess that’s exactly why our daughter 3.5 months with two front teeth loves Sophie! If you precious bundle of joy is experiencing the added irritation of getting their teeth then get them Sophie. I always read reviews before I order things from Amazon, and I read reviews that said things like “DOG TOY” “BAD SMELL” “DOTS COMING OFF” and a whole bunch of other stuff, and almost passed up on Sophie. NOT TRUE! Get Sophie! She’s so cute and I no longer wanna punch her face in because she helps my daughter so much and now I see Sophie as a Saint! Saint Sophie!

Sophie is in great shape! Not only is she slim and fit but she is also extremely easy for baby to hold! After taking Sophie out of her house…I mean box and washing her well my wife handed her to our daughter and right away she could hold Sophie and chomp on her neck like a vampire! Really! It was so spontaneous! It’s like our daughter was pre programed to know exactly what Sophie was there for! Now she has moved on and taken more interest in gnawing on Sophie’s legs, sometimes she even has fits about chewing on her snout! The best part about this is that she feels better when she’s chewing on Sophie kind of like when a Lion is chewing on a giraffe in Africa.

I wouldn’t wait to get Sophie especially if your baby is irritated all the time because their teeth is starting to protrude. Next time your baby starts to cry and get fussy look at Sophies face and if you feel like punching her in the nose BUY Sophie! I would also recommend getting the Fisher Price Seahorse with the glowing belly!!

Don’t try to resist Sophie, her powers are too strong and you will LOSE!,

When my firstborn son hit the teething age I was determined not to fall for the Sophie hype. I seemed to notice every Manhattan baby in their posh ergonomic stroller riding through the streets of NYC while chomping on Sophie the Giraffe. I would groan whenever I saw Sophie in the hands of yet another babe as I was sure she was just an overpriced baby fashion accessory and I thus, became the quintessential Sophie hater. To me, Sophie resembled an overpriced puppy dog toy with a bad paint job that was more suitable for a 7 lb Pomeranian dog as opposed to my baby. And whenever I heard babies pass by me on the street while squeezing Sophie to make her squeak she only seemed to be that much more of a glorified puppy dog toy scam that was aimed at self conscious striving yuppie urban parents. Thus, I suffered without Sophie at my disposal as my son slurped on other teething toys with little relief when he suffered through his uncomfortable teething phases.

Fast forward another few years and I was still quite anti-Sophie when my second child was born. But her teething was so bad that I was determined to give anything a try to provide her with relief – including the hated and possibly over hyped Sophie. In fact, I distinctly remember grumbling to myself as I was purchasing her on amazon with the thought that I was spending over $20 (and about $19 too much) on what was tantamount to a squeaky looking plastic toy teether more suitable for the canine species. Yet, I will fully admit that my cynicism about Sophie started to wane the moment that Sophie arrived looking cheerful in her pleasantly designed packaging. And once I took her out of her peppy package and ran my fingers over her spots and looked closely at her little face that smiled right back at me, I thought to myself ….well, she is actually … (dare I say it)….cute!

Then I handed Sophie to my teething daughter for the true test of her value and lo and behold my daughter took one look at Sophie’s face and giggled, then licked her horns and promptly started chomping on her head. And once my baby daughter figured out that Sophie not only felt good on her gums but also squeaked, she was truly in love with her. Since then my daughter has spent countless hours gnawing on Sophie and squeezing her to make her squeak. She started referring to Sophie as ‘E’ and would scream and motion for her whenever she saw Sophie sitting on the shelf at home.

I must mention though that the only reason that I am not giving Sophie 5 stars is because my daughter once managed to get one of Sophie’s legs stuffed down towards her throat and she gagged pretty violently. After that, I never left Sophie alone with my daughter at all, Instead, after this happened, I was even more careful to only give Sophie to her when I was holding my daughter or playing close attention to my daughter as she used Sophie for teething, to ensure that my daughter didn’t push Sophie’s legs down her throat. Since I never really left my daughter as an infant alone with toys anyways, it wasn’t that big of a deal for me and it didn’t keep her from using Sophie frequently.

So, the moral of the story is that the infamous Sophie the Giraffe teether has won over another hardened skeptic. I tried to resist her but her powers are too strong and although you may try to resist her too, before you know it Sophie’s magical powers will be causing you to shell out $20 so that your child too can join the other cool kids at the playground and carry Sophie around as the fashionable must have baby/pseudo dog toy, teether that she is. In all seriousness, I would definitely buy Sophie again as a gift for another expecting mom and I have had no problems with her spots coming off despite the amount of teething that my daughter used her for. I would, however, recommend getting a Sophie ‘leash’ because babies love to throw Sophie like a launched missile out of their strollers and you will be cursing yourself for not buying her a leash to secure her to your stroller when you lose her on a walk and then have to spend yet another $20 for a replacement Sophie! You can find a Sophie leash here TutimNYC Pacifier Clip Toy Sitter Teether Keeper for Vulli Sophie the Giraffe – Pink Waves..or at a website with the name Betsy, minus the B. With that said, happy teething!
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether