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(A World Class Super Hot The Best Of The Best Coffee Product) San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Breakfast Blend.(Review)

517bSmV9LeLGreat coffee at a great price!(Review),

I ordered this coffee because of the discount over other k-cups. At first, I was unsure of the exposed filter, but I was pleasantly surprised that they came in several sealed bags with just 8 cups in each, ensuring that they wouldn’t go bad before I could use them. Additionally, they were sent with a container with a lid, in case I didn’t use all 8 in a hurry – I could store them in this container.

I’m a fan of Donut House coffee, and these are really on par. I don’t care for a super strong cup, so I use my Keurig to make the 14 oz size, and these cups brew perfectly (for my taste) at this size. If you prefer a darker brew, I’m sure a smaller brew size would work.

I’m definitely pleased, and I’ve got these babies on auto-ship for the discount and free shipping! Love!

Love this breakfast blend!(Review),

After buying a keurig coffee maker this summer, we’ve been on a search for the perfect morning breakfast blend–our search is over! If you like Newman’s Own…or Tully’s then you will probably love this blend. It’s a nice cup of coffee–strong but not burnt tasting like some I’ve tried. I have a 16 oz travel mug, and I can actually brew 10oz, then run another 6oz of water through the same kcup, and it is perfection! One more thing to mention, these are not like regular k-cups in that they arrive in sealed bags with little cups that have a top of the cup similar to reg k-cups, but the coffee is not encased in a plastic cup, they are in a thick rounded filter material. Looks different, but works perfect in the coffee machine. I love that it is less plastic waste to end up in the landfill. Oh, and if you’re still ‘on the fence’, consider the price of these VS regular k-cups—definite savings!

Very good value(Review),

I’ve been purchasing K-Cups from Amazon for about 6 months now since I found the pricing to be cheaper than what I can get in the stores (even if I clip coupons and look for the sales.) I was excited to see how cheap these were per cup when I first ran across the SF brand. I read a number of reviews and was skeptical of the “cupless” style of packaging. I have to say that I took the chance and I am very happy with the product. First the coffee is very good to me. That’s a matter of taste, but I think you’d have to be VERY picky about your coffee to say that this is a bad flavor in any way. There are 10 cups in each clear bag. 8 bags in my box. I simply cut open the bag and transfer to a ziplock. I have no grounds in my coffee at all. The cups are very clean – no additional mess in the machine at all. Overall, a great product.

Amazing coffee…amazing price!(Review),

I hesitated to purchase this coffee…someone had given it a bad review. But I’m glad I did buy it because I really love it! In fact, I ordered another box right away! Not only is this an excellent coffee (and I’m VERY picky!)…I feel good about using it because the actual K-cups themselves are not made of plastic as all other K-cups I have used. The San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. has designed a K-cup that has a built in filter so the “cup” part is not plastic…it’s like a fabric. The coffee tastes better and stays fresher. The K-cups are packed in individual bags with around 6 or 8 cups per bag and comes with a handy plastic contained to keep the cups from the open package fresh until used. I previously drank Paul Newman’s organic but I prefer San Francisco Bay. I highly recommend it. Not to mention….it’s the lowest price coffee I’ve ever seen!!!


I am very impressed by this brand of coffee. My husband and I use our Keurig machine everyday, and for awhile were using Green Mountain brand kcups. Those were fine, but seemed to be a little bland, even if I made a cup using the least amount of water. San Francisco Bay Coffee is rich and strongly flavored, with a nice bitterness to it. It mixes very well with milk and sugar, though I generally like it black. The shape of their cups is a little different than normal, it almost looks like a small coffee filter attached to the top of a regular kcup. They work very well however, just like the normal size kcups. I would recommend this brand if you are a daily coffee drinker seeking a bargain. It is nice to be able to buy a large quantity at a fairly low price per cup. The box does contain 80, however they are separated into groups of ten or so sealed in plastic bags to maintain their freshness.
San Francisco Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend, 80 OneCup Single Serve Cups

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(Global Red Hot Top Seller) Recharge Mower G2-RM12 30-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Rechargeable Riding Lawn Mower.

619XGbs7ERL._SL1500_A Thumbs Up to Recharge Mower,

I don’t understand some of these weird reviews. I used to sell lawn tractors, and this machine is great for the price.

I bought this mower directly from the Recharge Mower site, because it was a bit cheaper there than here at Amazon. The delivery process was easy, and the mower was delivered in good shape. I am satisfied with the mower. It cuts grass, which is the main point. Also, it easily maintains two acres as advertised.

Also, before I bought the mower I had a couple of questions, so I called their customer service line. Their customer service was knowledgeable and kind.

What is this mower about?
This mower is about giving it to the man.
It is about The Fonz.
It is about the 360 slam dunk in your face, because you just got schooled.
It is about giving up one to the troops, who fought in our Iraq oil war that should not have been done in the first place for oil.
It is about my friend who repaired lawn mowers for countless years, daily awash with unavoidable gasoline and ended up with inoperable cancer, and lift 4 kids and a wife behind.
It is about keeping gasoline out of my home, which the CDC says is so toxic that merely the fumes give you lesions in your lungs.
It is about stopping the 800 million gallons of gas used each year merely to cut grass, according to the EPA, which involves homeowners spilling more than 17 million gallons of gas while refueling, which is equivalent to the Exxon Valdez disaster.
It is about the people currently oppressed in Texas from the land grabbing TransCanada Tar Sands pipeline, and the countless Michiganders suffering from the innumerable pipeline spills.
It is about giving the Polar Bear a high Five because I don’t need to be a part of global warming.
This mower is made of Rock hard steel to eat up your grass, spit it out, and still be able to give it to the man.
This machine says with conviction in the tone of AC/DC “I ROCK!!!”

Excellent Mower,

My husband purchased this mower for our new yard. I admit to being very skeptical at the idea of an electric mower being able to cut two full acres on a single charge…even half that! But this mower is certainly capable of that. It’s quiet, fun to drive (when the husband lets me!), and thanks to the adjustable blade it does an excellent job cutting our grass exactly how we like it…nice and long. I’d recommend this product to anyone…or at least my husband would!
Recharge Mower G2-RM12 30-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Rechargeable Riding Lawn Mower

(Global Super Hot Best Seller) Hayward Power-Flo LX Series Pool Pump with Cord.

71ocbYx4Z6L._SL1500_Hayward Power-Flo LX Series 1 HP Pump(Review),

Let me start by saying that about 8 years ago I bought a pool pump off of an auction site and I always thought it was a little too loud from day one. It did nothing but get louder as time went by. When it finally quit I purchased this model from Amazon for about 1/2 the money I spent on the previous one. I have to tell you how quiet this pump is! I can’t believe I went so long with that loud motor on the last one. Now I hear the water flowing into my pool and not the drone of a noisy pump. I never would have kept the first pump if I could have compared it to this one. Super quiet, the 1 horsepower model has plenty of power for my 9,000 gal above ground pool. Remember not to purchase too large of pump for the filter you have or you could just blow most particles right past the sand and back into your pool.

I love it!(Review),

I purchased this pump online at a great deal from My reasons for buying this item initially was the great price and the pump appeared to look much like the one I was replacing (StayRite Model JWPA5E7L-2, 1 HP, 3450 RPM). I’m dreading the hookup/conversion because things just usually don’t line up. Being a Amazon Prime member I received it quite quickly. I unpackaged the new item and began to remove the old. You would not believe it but everything lined up perfectly! The intake line and line to filter were a match. The entire experience took no more than 10 minutes. I plugged in the power cord and was in business. The pump is extremely quiet compared to the StayRite.

Works great(Review),

When our first pump from the other brand that we bought from our local pool store that came with the pool and about a year and a half later our old pump made a loud grinding noise in the pump that company that made the pump replaced it free then the 2nd pump broke again (same problem) and we gave up. we then purchased this pump because it was a diferent brand. this brand of pump has a history of good pumps. my friend had the same pump for about 30 years an had to replace it recently. and we have a hot tub from the 1980’s and it has a hayward (this brand) and it is still running! (about 25 years old) and we hope this pump is built to last. we definately reccomend buying.

Great pump with some limitations(Review),

This is a great little pump, quiet and efficient. Very simple to hook up. The inlet and outlet ports are a standard internally threaded 1.5″ connector, and the leaf basket features a clear lid with a large handle on the top for ease of removal.

It took me about 10 minutes to remove the fittings from my old pump and put them onto this one – the only part I had trouble with was fitting the on/off valve from my old pump to the new one as the old pump took a larger externally threaded on/off valve (so the water doesn’t run out of the pool from the skimmer when you are cleaning the leaf basket) and the new pump doesn’t come with one. I was able to just buy a replacement valve for $10.00 from my local pool store.

Having connected all the fittings and pipes I fired it up and was instantly struck by how quiet it was. I bought this one because the bearings in my old pump were going and it had become very noisy, but even before that it was way noisier than this replacement unit.

It fit the pump base for my old pump perfectly, I just popped the pins, swapped the pump and replaced the pins – no more than 2 minutes.

The pressure valve on my Hayward sand filter immediately registered a 4-5 psi increase in pressure, and the return jet into the pool is definitely stronger.

The leaf basket on this pump seems no larger than the one on my old pump, but it is clearly visible (the insert/leaf basket is white which helps you see if there is debris in there), and the lid is air/water tight yet easy to remove (don’t forget to lube the ‘O’ ring before first installation of the lid).

There are a couple of limitations with this pump:

The pump is a single speed (but quiet on the one speed it runs at);

There is no on/off switch on the motor – you have to disconnect it from the power outlet to turn it off.

Neither of these things were problematic for me as I would always run the previous pump (a 1.5 HP Hi-Flo) on full speed anyway, and I connect the pump Via a timer which is within easy reach of the pump.

For the price, and provided you don’t NEED 2 speeds or a power switch, I highly recommended this great little pump.
Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord

( A World Class Super Hot Best Seller) A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose SoundDock Speakers- Extra Long Wireless Range up to 60 ft (Sale of 3rd Generation Model After 8/21/2013) (Review)

71Tid3n-foL._SL1500_Better Than Advertised!(Review),

I just got this little gadget. Like others I needed a solution to the bulky Balistic case my iPhone is wrapped with that would no longer mate with my Bose Soundock. I also bought an extension cable just in case this BT thing didn’t work out. It arrived days earlier than expected which was a happy surprise. After reading the enclosed instructions I was a little worried about compatability because of the age of my Bose which neither my wife nor I could truly remember but we think is at least three or four years old. Well it synched up immediately and the sound quality was really very good! I did an A-B comparison with the cable and I think the cable might offer a bit more fidelity, but nearly it’s imperceptible (I’m a musician with very fussy ears and I’m delighted). I have my Soundock in the garage and walked at least 100 ft. away and it was still working! Better yet, the inventor/manufacturer emailed me a few days after I got it to check in and make sure I was happy. That’s awesome! Time will tell how durable and reliable it is but so far I’m pleased!

Works better than expected(Review),

The new Gen 3 adapter is fantastic. I tested it in both a Bose Sound dock and a Sharper Image iPod speaker. It pairs easily and is recognized every time I turn the speaker on. The range states up to 60′ and let’s be fair, that is optimal with no obstructions. My speaker is in my living room and it stays connected until approximately 35-40′ away in my master bedroom. I would say with walls and other interferences in the home that is a respectable range and it will be hard to find a better adapter. I highly recommend this product.

note: I originally received the previous generation adapter and was not very pleased. The seller contacted me after my original review and informed me of the Gen 3 and he would ship it to me to try. Fantastic customer service.

A great customer service from seller. A+(Review),

I ordered this item 6 days before I was to move overseas. I was worried that this product will not get to me on time. As soon as I ordered on Amazon, I contacted the seller via email right away. He replied in less than 5 minutes, ask about my location, model of my Bose and confirmed the day I was leaving. He was very nice to communicate with and guaranteed that I’ll get my product before I leave and he will ship my product right away without any extra charge. Don’t hesitate to buy from this seller. I bought the Bose Gen 3 sound dock 10 that already comes with factory Bose Bluetooth and the 30 pin connector. But I read so many negative reviews from the Bose Bluetooth that’s only good for around 30 feet and sometimes gets disconnected that’s why I decided to buy this product which is twice the range of other Bluetooth adapter.


After switching to iPhone 5, I am thinking buying the lightning adapter to continue using my bose speaker. But after I heard about this device, I cannot wait to buy one. The price is even better than the lightning adaptor at apple store and comes with the Bluetooth function.

Best of all, the Bluetooth wireless range is 17 meters which is good for the downstair in my home while I walked around with my iphone. This wireless working distance is twice that of products sold in Amazon.

Now I can just sit on the sofa with my iPhone or play iTunes collection from laptop through my bose speaker without having to keep my iPhone docked or having to leave my seat!

Good Product, Great Customer Service(Review),

Buy from this seller! There are several similar products available on Amazon. They all work very similarly. I have purchased several for testing with very similar results. This unit had the most consistent performance at 30′ and beyond, using a cell phone. Beyond that, the customer service is beyond what is usually expected from a third party seller. They responded immediately, openly and honestly answered questions; and seemed to truly care about my experience. In addition the product arrived quickly, and I don’t believe the experience could have been any better, even if this product was sold directly from Amazon. I am truly impressed.
A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose SoundDock Speakers- Extra Long Wireless Range up to 60 ft (Sale of 3rd Generation Model After 8/21/2013)

(A World Class Hot Seller) Samsung RF4287 28 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with 4 Doors and Integrated Water & Ice. (Review)

31NbIwlhMALIn love with my Frig,

We bought this back in October when we moved into a new home. With the exception of a few minor flaws/problems we could not be happier. It does a great job keeping things cool and/or frozen. Great space capacity and very well lite inside. Problem one occurred just recently, 6 months after purchase. A weld on one of the shelves broke, but due to the stability of the design nothing fell of and there were no real problems. It is still under warranty so the shelf was easily replaced. Problem two is that the ice maker is a bit slow and a small….not sure that it will keep up during the summer but what auto ice maker in a refrigerator does? The third problem is that sometimes the ice dispenser door remains open too long and a “straggler” will fall out well after you’ve left the area. This has only occurred 3 or so times that we are aware of. The 4th issue is that we have not been able to get all the air out of the water line so the will always drip a few drops of water after using the automatic depenser…no big deal really. Finally, we had a “self-correcting” problem at one point. The freezer door was not making a good seal sometimes and we often would open it to find ice forming along the drawer hardware. Shortly after calling to have it fixed it stopped doing it and it has not occurred again. So all in all this is a very good product…at least at the 6 month mark. It has great capacity and we love the flex drawer. You can put tons of soda cans in there, in the upright position no less. And the freezer drawer has a shelf area just as you open it that can accommodate 6 or 7 pint glasses! Now that is BEAUTIFUL!

Awesome (and big!) refrigerator,

Just had this delivered & set up this past Friday. What a great fridge!
I took off the storm doors spring hinge & decided to play it safe (and glad I did) so I also unscrewed the main door hinge. I have a 36″ door opening & this Samsung beast came through w/ (maybe) 1/4″ on either side!!
The installers placed it near it’s final spot & hooked everything up & described the major features, then carefully pushed it to it’s final spot.
The thing looks and works great!!
I did have some initial water drops coming from the water dispensor but upon reading the sheet that came w/ the instruction booklet it’s shown that some initial drippage can be caused due to air in the water lines. Sure enough; the more I used the water dispensor the less drippage afterward (as all the air must have been purged out). Now there isn’t a drop of residual water after using it.
I had read some reviews concerning the accessive noise from the ice dispensor, to the point of total distraction some would say. My living room is close to our kitchen and neither my wife nor I find the ice maker to be any more or less “distractive” than any other machine. It makes ice, and lots of it. We’re happy and do not find the noice bothersome at all.
Overall I rate this a 5 all the way. Love the features, the led lighting, the touch screen controls on the outside of the machine and the overall quality.
One thing to add: I thought this was warranted for (1) yr. so I did get a 4 year additional coverage; upon reading the specs further it states that it’s essentially (1) year ‘bumper to bumper’ if you will and (4) years for all sealed parts like the compressor, etc. so w/ the 4 yr. add-on I get (5) yrs. bumper to bumper & (9) years for all sealed parts. This is good as my previous fridge (a Maytag) finally died (compressor) after 12 years.
I don’t want to fork out this kind of cash for something that could die in 1 year.
Do I like this Samsung? You better believe it.
Would I recommend it: You betcha’.

Best built of the French door fridges,

Overview: We looked at all of them: GE, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, LG and Samsung.
In addition to the written ratings/reviews we looked at controls, shelf quality, plastics quality and features. GE, LG and Frigidaire utilize flimsy plastics on their covers & drawers; even on their top-of-the-line offerings. LG had the most flexible shelving (glass), but the Samsung was a very close second. LG also has a lot of reported ice maker trouble. Electrolux and KitchenAid were our second choices. The Electrolux were considerably more expensive in our area and not as nice as the Samsung. The KitchenAid had some illogical control placements i.e. the control for the 4th drawer/door was inside, above the drawer/door itself where any spill could leak in and short it out. Frigidaire did have the option of a black (as opposed the gray) cabinet with a stainless steel front; we wish Samsung would have offered that. Frigidaire’s reputation as a “throw-away” brand discouraged us from looking further into their line. Kenmore and the very similar Whirlpool were more than adequate but overpriced for what they offered. GE was the flimsiest with the exception of their Proline which was adequate.

Samsung Pros: Fit, finish, heavy glass shelving, features (self-closing freezer, slide-out upper freezer shelf, fold-up tall bottle shelf, digital temp-control on 4th drawer/door), quietness (other than the ice maker), easy-to-clean, LED lighting & energy efficiency.

Cons: Very loud internal ice cube bucket filling. Ice dispenses very slowly. Water filter replacement indicator comes on after six months whether you use a lot or a little thru-the-door water; a scam to get you to purchase expensive replacement filters. Cheaper, after-market brands work, but don’t fit snuggly. If you feel your filter is working, the filter timer can easily be reset on the control panel. Unit is not available with black cabinet. No egg compartment, no butter compartment, odd shaped door shelves, plastic rather than porcelain-on-steel interior (rare these days).
Samsung RF4287 28 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with 4 Doors and Integrated Water & Ice, Real Stainless

(A World Class Hot Seller Product) Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery and Enhanced Bass Resonator.

71SJezb5ndL__SL1500_Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker resonator and Rechargeable battery with enhanced bass.

•ERCD – expansive resonator Construction Design to give the best performance from low frequency
•Compatibility: all iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, portable CD players, computers with 3.5 mm audio jack
Her body •Full, 360 degrees with modular design. Connecting multiple speakers to a Maximum sound.
•Mini-portable size compact with long-lasting internal rechargeable battery
• Now add a few more color for amazing sound – grey-green, green-white and grey-blue

Product description

The Kinivo ZX100 Mini speaker with rechargeable battery is designed to provide a broad sound, 360 degrees higher. The compact, portable speaker is the best pocket size-sounding board to enjoy your music anywhere.

Main features
-Modularity with maximum sound output: guaranteed to take your music experience to the next level, simply connect multiple units together to multiply the sound boom.
-Rechargeable batteries: take your ZX100 everywhere and just plug and play to share your all favorite music place anytime with its long life up to 6 hours battery life.
-Portability: Compact Design offers maximum portability & allows for easy storage

Operating instructions
To activate the loudspeaker: press and hold the red band under the power button for 5 seconds. The blue LED starts flashing to indicate that the President is ready to use. To listen to the music, simply connect the 3.5 mm connector on the bottom of the enclosure to your mp3/music device and start playing music.
The ZX100 starts at 50% of its volume. Increase volume: press and hold the red band under the Vol button + on the speaker.

Compatibility of devices
-All iPhone, iPods, iPads
-All MP3 players, portable CD players, computers, tablets and other devices of music with audio three.5 mm jack
-Android – HTC, all droids, Samsung smartphones
-Blackberry Smartphones

What is in the box of
-Kinivo ZX100 speaker with built in rechargeable battery and three.5 mm connector
-USB power charging cord
-Pouch bag
-User manual

Kinivo ZX100 is supported by our 1 year warranty.If you do have any questions please contact us by e-mail.

Highest density of awesome on the planet,(Review)

I got this thing for free when I bought a BlueRigger 50ft. HDMI cable & happened to add the speaker in there too (sold by the same company?) so I didn’t know what to expect from a free gadget. Opened it, plugged it in, jaw dropped. This is the loudest, best-sounding palm-of-your-hand speaker I’ve ever heard. Since it showed up, I think I’ve charged it once and played it for well over 30+ hours with no sign of it dying. I used it as part of my Ninja Turtle costume for halloween and had the theme song playing in my backpack all evening and night, forgot about it, went to sleep and woke up 10 hours later and it was still playing. Outstanding for my price (free), still outstanding for the $16 it’s going for now, perhaps worth the full retail $30 too.

True, the buttons are hard to push. That, my fellow reviewers, is called a “feature”. Even though this thing plays forever, there is no point having it turn on in your backpack when you’re not using it. I got over the button thing in 10 seconds.

True, the cord is kind of short. That’s because it tucks up invisible underneath the speaker for travel so it doesn’t snag on stuff. I mostly use this speaker for my iPod so I don’t care how long it is. Using it for your laptop? Buy one of these for a a few bucks: Cables To Go 40407 3.5 mm Male/Female Stereo Audio Extension Cable, Black (6 Feet/1.82 Meters ).

To a real person using this awesome little speaker as intended, I have zero gripes. I wish I could give it 10 stars. I’m back here buying one for my sister and I might just grab myself another one too.

18-MONTH LATER UPDATE: Per the seller feedback, below, I now know that the charging cable also doubles as a longer audio cable. I now ONLY use this longer cable because I don’t want to risk tearing out the shorter cable in a freak accident. So now I have a negative number of gripes about this product. In fact I’ve now convinced several of my friends to buy a pair of these for themselves since they are the best little speakers I’ve ever found for any non-underwater scenario and can be daisy-chained at least up to 5 (as high as I’ve tried). Both of mine are still going strong after almost 2 years of heavy usage. So stop reading this now and buy yourself a pair.

Great little speaker,(Review)

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I purchased it because I like to listen to music from my phone at work, and the volume on my phone only goes up and down like 5 notches, so the volume I prefer is in between two settings, one of which is too quiet and the other too loud so I wanted a speaker that had its own volume adjustment that could provide a wider range of volume and this one works great – it has a really wide range of volumes without too much of a change from one volume setting to another so you can get just the right amount of sound for whatever situation you’re in. The music also sounds really great for such a small speaker.

Also, it is not at all difficult to turn this on – I’m not sure why other reviewers are having trouble with it. While it’s not immediately clear where the power button is (the power sybmol is on the black part but the actual button is on the red part right underneath it, same with the volume buttons) once you figure out where it is, it’s very easy to turn on. There is a clear audible and tactile “click” when you press on the power button (and the volume buttons on the other side) and it’s very easy to tell if the speaker is on or off because when it’s on the blue light is on and when it’s off it’s not. So you just have to press it and hold it and once the blue light comes on, it’s on and vice versa for when you’re turning it off. I have no idea what the other reviewers are saying when they say they can’t tell if the speaker is on or not.

One negative of this speaker though is how short the cord is. It works fine for me because I just have my phone right next to it, but if I wanted to plug it into my desktop at work, it would be too short. The cord is only about 2 ft long. And then, the USB cord for charging (they’re actually one cord split in two, not two cords) is only about 5 inches long, which is very annoying when trying to charge it, but it’s a small annoyance for me although it might matter a lot more to someone else. Also, one charge has lasted me two weeks now of daily use (on a low volume so it might not last as long on a high volume, but still, it’s pretty good).
Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery and Enhanced Bass Resonator

Marshmallow Shooter(An Indoor Outdoor Play,Fun For All Ages,Year Around Fun For All Seasons)It Makes An Excellent Christmas Gift For Your Friends, Relatives and Loved Ones,Buy now.

61RfiZ6n7HLLOTS of fun!!!,

i bought the marshmallow gun for my grandson on his fourth birthday. i’ve never seen him or any other child have so much fun with any toy. i could hear him (and the other kids) laughing even though they were outside and i was upstairs. it shoots pretty hard, but they are only marshmallows, so it’s relatively harmless. it was a little hard for him to pull the trigger since he’s so small, but he had help. he loved it and so did everybody else. if you’re looking for a good gift for a child, a teenager, or even an adult male, this is a GREAT gift!! it was worth the money and if you’re reasonably careful with it, it won’t jam and it will last. i plan on getting one for my niece for her birthday.

Every college student should own a marshmallow shooter!,

One marshmallow shooter can provide hours of entertainment–shooting RAs, random people walking by (shooting up and letting marshmallows drop from the sky is best), etc. Even better, when your roommate also has a marshmallow shooter. We are rallying for more troops and planning an attack on the campus unofficial duck-tape-sword fighting club. I look forward to using my marshmallow shooter often and recommend this great toy to everyone looking to for harmless mischief.Marshmallow Shooter

A Real Blast for Kids, Pets and Parents!,

Great fun for all. Little shooters and parents, too, grin ear-to-ear. Puppy dogs and carefree bystanders gobble up spent ammo! It’s a hoot. Packs a lot of punch for the bucks. Remember to include MINI marshmallows.

For those who disdain the toy gun, Amazon also offers a marshmallow launcher complete with a kiddie science book and lots of stickers for decorating the launcher. It’s equally enjoyable. Don’t forget the “ammo.”

Must buy Marshmallow fun Company marshmallows,

We tried several grocery store brand marshmallows, and they all got stuck in the marshmallow gun, jamming it so that it would not work. We then tried Marshmallow Fun Company mini marshmallows (the brand of the company who makes the marshmallow gun), and they worked perfect! No more marshmallows getting stuck in the cartridge! This is the only brand of marshmallows that worked for us. You can buy the Marshmallow Fun Company mini marshmallows at […] for $[…] a package.


My whole family loves playing with these! We have two of these shooters. Had one originally, but one does need to defend themself! We have had no problems with durability, as other reviews have stated. No broken guns here. We do not use the foam pellets, we use marshmallows. I can see how jamming could be an issue, but we do not have that problem as we use the cheapest, smallest, store-brand marshmallows we can find. We’ve even gotten them at the dollar store.

You have to inspect the different brands in the bags and find the smaller ones-there is a difference! They also need to be loaded flat side to the end of the barrel. That way they are the skinniest in the tube. I can see how cornstarch coating them would help, but don’t really want to see poofs of cornstarch on my walls or furniture…not that we have tried it. For outside play maybe. My little ones (2 and 3 years old) did have trouble shooting at first-it isn’t easy to shoot if your small.

They caught on fast though-just kept trying. Their aim is horrible! Makes it that more fun. I admit that cleaning up after a marshmallow battle isn’t the best fun! We use the dog as a vacuum…also we will give each kid a set # of marshmallows, and once they are all shot out the kid needs to try to find them all before we will reload-like a hunt. They get a kick out of it-it can be suprising ho far and where they go! Good fun!!!
Marshmallow Shooter

Panasonic KX-TG7732S DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System, Silver, 2 Handsets.(A Global Red Hot Premium Product)

61GNj42eZWL._SL1000_Great replacement with rechargeable batteries!,

We had a similar cordless set by AT&T for a land-line but the batteries suddenly stopped holding a charge for longer than 10 minutes (after 3 1/2 years), even though we didn’t use our the handsets that much. The answering machine on the AT&T product was a little annoying, but we were mostly satisfied until we found how much it would cost to replace the phone-specific batteries for each handset. That’s when we decided to just buy a new set, since it wouldn’t cost that much more.

I reviewed numerous brands on many websites, including Best Buy and Wal-Mart, to find the best system for a great price. Everything Panasonic received a good rating, and this had the number of handsets wanted with recharge AAA batteries that can easily be replaced. I actually read the instruction manuals for most products I buy and was pleasantly surprised to find that we could use the Bluetooth on our cell phones to route those calls to these handsets, For someone like me, who leaves her cell phone everywhere except where she can hear it…this is a nice feature.

You can also check messages from any handset and can call into your phone remotely to check them, too. (We don’t use this feature, since I work from home). There is also a light on the top of each handset that blinks when the phone rings. This comes in handy when I’m on work calls on my cell and need to turn the land-line ringer off but still see when it is ringing, Also good when I’m I’m working out with my iPod…can still see the handset ring.

The large buttons can be seen easily, especially at night because they are back-lit. The screen is also large, so you can see the time, incoming phone #, etc. without having to actually hold it. The sound is very clear, though once in a while it gets a little echo…could be due to our VoiP line. They are also light weight, easy to hold with your ear/shoulder, and can accommodate a headphones or a headset.

Super easy to set-up…don’t need to read the instructions for that. I love these phones. Definitely worth the money!
Panasonic KX-TG7732S DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System, Silver, 2 Handsets

(A Global Red Hot Best Seller) Android Netrunner: The Card Game.

61qefx9qBCL._SL1000_Best customizable game around,

I’m beyond thrilled at the revival of such a great game (in the wonderful living card game format, to boot!). Having played a ton of customizable games, (especially ccgs and lcgs), I’d say that Richard Garfield’s Netrunner is easily the best designed and most skill testing game in the genre — hands down better designed than the still excellent Magic: The Gathering (Richard Garfield’s first take in the genre).

One reason the game is so skill-testing is the sheer volume of little decisions one can make. In Magic, one has to draw a card at the beginning of one’s turn. In Netrunner, the runner can choose to draw cards, or instead gain credits to pay for stuff, or instead perform actions. This flexibility greatly reduces the variance arising from the random distribution of cards in the deck. Whereas in Magic you can easily not draw lands and die, or in Vs System not draw the right characters and just flat die, in Netrunner you have far more control over the tradeoff between resources. Furthermore, there is an incredible amount of bluffing and mind gaming, so that just as in poker, quite often you’re playing the cards and the other player more than the cards are playing you.

The game is so skill-testing that you can take any two decks that are in the remote ballpark of equal power level, and a significantly better player will win virtually every game, no matter which side they play. This is not true of a game like Magic, where the higher variance lets weaker players win sometimes (It really isn’t bad, of course).

The minor changes introduced in the Android version are mostly reasonable. The introduction of factions adds some interesting texture to game play and deck-building. On the whole I like the new art more than the old, though they’ve unfortunately added some of the female objectification so predominant in fantasy art. The changes in terminology are superficial, though weird in terms of flavor. For example, how can a hacker accrue roughly the same amount of “credits” as a huge mega-corporation? It made more sense to me when they were called “bits”. But again, that’s flavor that doesn’t affect game mechanics, so for many people the terminology is unimportant. The only change I really don’t like (or perhaps just haven’t got used to) is the reworking of the trace mechanic, insofar as the blind-bidding of old added some interesting strategy. Furthermore, the fact that trace and link can be arbitrarily increased seems (at least in the games I’ve played) to reduce the game-impact of resources and hardware that increase the runner’s link. In the context of the current rules, why would you even play a card that does nothing but give you +1 link? It seems so weak that it it’s not worth a card. Though perhaps I just haven’t adjusted my thinking to the new mechanic properly. These are minor changes though — the game is largely identical to the older version.

If you like very skill-testing strategy games with a touch of variance and a lot of mind-games, incomplete information, and bluffing, then there’s a good chance you’ll love this game.
Android Netrunner: The Card Game