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(Hot Offers)Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

Perfectly Fits my needs…nothing less, nothing more,(Review)

It goes without saying that if you need a high-performance laptop, a CD/DVD drive, or the ability to run specialized programs on your computer, this isn’t for you. If you’re the paranoid conspiracy-type who is wary of cloud computing and has privacy concerns about entrusting your entire life (well, all your information at least) to Google and the NSA, this also isn’t for you.

However, if you’re looking for an ultra-portable, super fast web machine you can throw in a bag and take to the coffee shop (and not stress too much if you drop a cup of coffee on it, because it’s 1/5 the cost of an ultrabook), this might be just what you’re looking for. I had my reservations when purchasing, but thought what the heck it’s a relatively small investment. I’ve had it a week now and LOVE it. The top reasons:

1) Portability. This is huge for me. I have a bulky “real” laptop that I never use because it’s too much of a bother to carry around. This chromebook fits the bill perfectly. I carry it to the coffee shop, I take it to work and use it on my lunch breaks, I take it to bed with me.
2) Keyboard. The keyboard is PERFECT. The keys have just the right amount of sensitivity and I can type super fast without mistakes. The spacing between keys is generous. The ability to type and browse easily — and the larger screen size — makes this much more functional than my iPad which I was using before in lieu of dragging my heavy laptop everywhere.
3) Security. Everything is built in and updates automatically. No need to schedule scans, worry about viruses, and purchase pricy security software on an annual basis.
4) Speed. I think because this little guy’s entire computing power is dedicated to the browser, it doesn’t get bogged down with background applications and it doesn’t get slower with age the way my laptop did after I kept adding programs and didn’t know how to clean it up. The chromebook is FAST – fast to boot up, fast to open webpages. I never wait on it for anything.
5) Silence. Ahhhh yes, blissful zen-inducing silence. With no fan, this thing is whisper-quiet. It also doesn’t get hot. I don’t miss the burnt upper-thigh syndrome and jet roar that accompanied my older, bigger laptop.
chromebook reviews samsungThings that could be better:
1) The screen. It kind of sucks. The resolution isn’t super Hi-Def, and the contrast could be better (black type on white page doesn’t look perfectly black, if you know what I mean). And the side-angle viewing is terrible. Definitely meant to be used by one person, not propped up in front of five. Still, I’m comparing this to Retina Display which is pretty unfair. Compared to current budget laptops or pretty much everything that existed 5 years ago, this is great.
2) The body is plastic, and feels a little flimsy. It also isn’t weighted properly, so you have to use two hands to open the lid (if you pull on the top lid, the bottom keyboard part isn’t heavy enough to stay put by itself and let you open it one-handed).
3) The audio. It’s not terrible, but it’s pretty quiet even on its highest setting. I use headphones and it’s great, but if you want to play music for a room you’ll need some external speakers.

Overall, this can handle pretty much everything I need to do on a daily (or weekly, or monthly) basis. I love it so much I just bought a second one for a friend. And I anticipate this only getting better as Google continues to fine tune the OS and add more functionality through expanded apps selection. A final recommendation: don’t bother splashing out on the 3G version, just get the WiFi. The 3G data is so minimal it’s not worth it, and if you’re an urban jungle Tarzan you’re never far from WiFi. If you find yourself without WiFi, the offline capability is sufficient to let you work on documents and save changes until you get back into civilization.
Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

(A Global Best Seller) I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban.


When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, a daughter spoke. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to education.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012, when she was 15, she had almost paid the ultimate price. She has been shot in the head at point-blank range while travelling home from the school bus and little expected to survive.

Instead, the miraculous healing of MALALA took in an extraordinary journey of a remote Valley of Northern Pakistan to the corridors of the United Nations in New York. At sixteen, she became a global symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest candidate for the Nobel Prize for peace.

I AM MALALA is the remarkable story of a family uprooted by global terrorism, in the fight for the education of girls, to a father who himself is the owner of a school, supported and encouraged his daughter to write and go to school, and of courageous parents who have a fierce love for their daughter in a society which prices sons.

I am MALALA will really make you believe in the power of a person’s voice to inspire for a change in the world.
malala daily showMy opinion:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 just after noon, fifteen years, MALALA was shot in the head at point-blank range. She was riding on a bus with her friends when the Taliban arrested the vehicle and a sniper advancement by the small door and pulled on it where she was sitting on the back seat.

Malala was flying off unconscious out of Pakistan while everyone around her said that she would never return or survive, but survive she did. She lives in Birmingham,England and cannot go home to her beautiful valley of Swat of fear, she will be killed by the Taliban. Malala misses her friends, her room, snow-capped mountains and green meadows waving blue rivers fresh. Lacking especially in her best friend, Moniba which she sometimes Skypes with.

Malala liked school and was a good student and referred to herself as a bookish girl.From the time the Taliban came, her school had no signs and the door ornamented brass in the white wall of the building in front of the Court of the woodcutter has given no indication of what is at the origin of this door. For the girls of the school, it was like a magical entrance in their own special world.The Taliban do not believe in the education of girls and did everything they could to discover anywhere who taught girls.

The school attended by MALALA was founded by her father before she was born. It has been called ‘Khushal School’ and was painted in red and white letters inside the school.All the girls attended six mornings a week and MALALA was in the 9th grade when she was shot at.

Malala was rewarded for having campaigned for peace in their Valley and the right of girls to go to school.Her room was also full of trophies for being on the top of her class and she was proud of its accomplishments, as it should be. However, the Taliban have taken a dim view of her campaign for education.

She began riding on a bus to school that her mother was afraid of her walking home alone for fear of the Taliban.The Taliban had never ever taken a girl before and Malala thought that her own father would be a target for them, because they had received threats year-round. Some were in the newspaper, some were notes or messages transmitted by people.Father of MALALA has always denounced the Taliban so it was a surprise when they targeted him.One of her father’s friends had been shot in the face in August when he went to pray and everyone started saying father of MALALA to be prudent, because he would be the next.

I AM MALALA this book is rich in history and tells how Pakistan came to be, how the Taliban resumed and the history of what had really happened to MALALA, after she was shot in the head. Very well written and kept me glued to my seat. Malala is a brave and courageous young woman!
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

(Hot Offers)Canon VIXIA Mini Compact Personal Camcorder (Black)

An innovator and compact 12.8 MP personal camcorder offering the flexibility to pull the handsfree and the excitement of your hobbies/interests of sharing with ease
Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens (160 films/170 photos) provides a unique and creative perspective to allow you to show your skills or capture moments in a whole new way
Perfect for bloggers
A stance and adjustable tripod integrated allow flexible positioning so it’s easy to shoot any hands-free scene, including scenes where you’re the star
Smart AUTO helps simplify videos superb shooting by intelligently selecting the best settings of 23 predefined situations.
vixia mini blackImpressive camera,

I have several products from Canon, including a Rebel T3i and a Vixia M52. I was very happy with these products, & had been looking for a small video camera that I could use to record videos for the work. I have a pretty good camera on my phone (a 928 Lumia), but the cameras on phones are not ideal for the recording of videos where you need to be sure your location in the framework (you can not see on the upper rear camera, and most of the cameras before were garbage). While some of them may use a high quality webcam for the registration of certain types of videos, you yourself inevitably tie to your computer, which limits what and where, you can save. I have a Flip Mino HD (still a video camera awesome who sadly died at the hands of smartphones) that I use when I don’t want to pull the M52. I’ve ever had in the unit of the GoPro, which is a camera that is more oriented to particular uses (outdoor sports) and inappropriate to create high quality videos, I really wish to share with clients.actually for me, the Vixia Mini does checks all boxes for what I’m looking for in a small video camera.

+ Expandable memory (via a micro sd card)
+ Great optics and an impressive quality on photos and videos (with multiple parameters as well as a fisheye option)
+ Removable battery
+ Perfect framing videos via a Tiltable touch screen, built in the booth with several positions and a standard tripod screw (Mount) on the bottom
+ Surprising quality in the sound recording (which is a plus because it doesn’t have the ability to use an external mic, I think).

-Vixia Mini white is a little shiny (for some reason, I thought it was more textured/pasted). This can cause a slippery camera or traces of dirt & scratches. Unlike the GoPro, with all its protective housing, I do not want to drop this camera too often (or at all)
-L’ screen touch don’t flip 180 degrees from the stowed position, which means that it is still exposed.

I do not know if this product is a little too niche for people who are satisfied with their phones to record video. GoPro has shown that there is a market for small video cameras that correspond to a particular purpose. I think that Canon has a similar product in the Vixia Mini, which offers much more refinement in the video and the sound as a GoPro. I see people who, like me, need to have a camera that is easy to use and saves great videos for presentations, Blogs, videos, etc, but I do not know if there are enough of us out there to delay the likely inevitable disappearance of dedicated small video cameras. Regardless, Canon has done an excellent product that is easy to use, well executed and video capture that far exceeds what other small video cameras can do (including the high end phones).
Canon VIXIA Mini Compact Personal Camcorder (Black)

Oris Limited Edition Wrist Watches And Its History.

In 1904 Hölstein Paul Cattin and Georges Christian found the factory of Oris watches.Both come from capital Le Locle watchmaking in the region of the Switzerland in the Jurassic. From only 24 workers, they tookover the recently closed Lohner & Co.Oris is the name of a Creek and a valley near Holstein in the northwestern part of the Switzerland.In 1906, the 1st of 10 branches in Switzerland is open.In 1911, Oris employs more than 300 people in Holstein, construction of homes and apartments for them and quickly became the largest employer in the region.1929 Painting shows locations of factories Oris: Holstein (1904-1929), Como (1908), Courgenay (1917) Herbetswil (1925) Ziefen (1925), Holderbank (1906). In the foreground is the Holstein subdivision built for the staff of Oris.
(Hot Offer) Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Series Limited Edition Divers Men's Watch 674 7655 71 84 MB+RSFrom 1925 onwards with the opening of its own plating factory, the company specializes in the production of relatively inexpensive yet good quality watches.Oris starts to climb loops simple bracelet for his pocket watches, thus transforming them into genuine wristwatches.Oris watches, equipped with movements of engagement, are having buyers ready, especially in England and colonies and all across the English speaking countries and increasingly more also in South America.Christian Georges dies in 1927 and shortly thereafter, the company became a limited company. Oscar Herzog, brother-in-law of Georges Christian, served as CEO and over the next 43 years continues the tradition of constant growth.Oscar Herzog, brother-in-law of co-founder Georges Christian, takes control of Oris from 1928 to 1971.

In 1937, Oris dial factory opens in Bienne, Switzerland.As an integrated manufacturer Oris produces its own escaped the watch. For this delicate work of highly qualified women are paid.For 40 years, Oris (1941-1981) is aimed at staff in the canteen of the factory.
The components of the movement in brass are reinforced so that watches remain accurate for years.The certificate of the legitimacy of the Office for control of the precious metals, dated 1944, reports the quality of the gilding on Oris watch cases. The quality of the plating of Oris is soon recognized all over the world.From 1946 to 1981, ten buses belonged to Oris bring up to 800 members of staff to different plants.
(Hot Offer)Oris Tubbataha Limited Edition Automatic Divers Titanium Mens Watch 749-7663-7185MB Water resistance is increasingly a selling point. 1949 All water resistant Oris watches bear the special stamp “waterproof”.In 1952 the technically exceptional movement 601 with coil and power reserve automatic is launched. Nowadays it is still very much in demand.
The original Oris 1904 construction is constantly expanded to account for increases in production.In the 1960s, the Oris company, with a workforce of approximately 800, is among the ten largest producers of watches in Switzerland.In 1966, the world famous automatic movement calibre 645 with escapement 25 stones goes into production.This exploded drawing of the year 1966 shows the movement of Oris legendary 645 self-winding.

In 1968 the “Astronomical and chronometric Observatory” in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, certifies Oris full stopwatch – the highest award – for the Cal. 652 accuracy.In 1970 the shares are sold to ASUAG holding (now the Swatch Group), the largest group of watch. ASUAG Oris is assigned a strictly defined niche as a producer markets of good watches – not a very effective strategy. The crisis in the watch industry in the 1970s hits so hard Oris. Despite its production of increasingly cheap quartz watches, it is impossible to avoid the job losses and branch closures.
Final rollover is done in 1982 by a buy-out management, headed by Dr. Rolf Portmann as president and Ulrich W. Herzog as CEO.In 1984, the Oris pointer calendar makes a come back: Japanese trendsetters promote its characteristics and its mechanical workings on the electronic gadgets with LED and LCD displays, they were used to. Very soon the Ulrich Herzog travels regularly to the Japan, surprised by the great interest and passion for mechanical watches Japanese clients. The Japanese economy is far ahead of the rest of the world, but Oris accepts the challenge of meeting the high expectations of consumers focusing fully on High-Mech. A new vision of the company was born: Oris aims to become the world leader in mechanical watches with special movements at competitive prices

Oris saw the slogan: “the passage of time can be seen in so many different ways.” An unprecedented series of exciting new product innovations are launched.The complication movement Cal. 581 is developed in 1991, with lunar phase, day of the week display, date and second time zone that movement is still very popular in the collection today.Oris celebrates its 90th anniversary.An important step in the strategy of communication Oris is the first event large sponsorship in 1996: Oris London Jazz Festival.Sponsorship marks the beginning of a strong emotional connection between Oris and Jazz.Artists such as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Lionel Hampton and McCoy Tyner are commemorated in exclusive, limited Oris editions launched every year.
After 155 years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong became a special administrative region of China. Oris commemorates this historic event by producing 250 commemorative watches from the Oris Hong Kong Special Edition.Oris is investing more in the form of its watches, stressing its intention to become a leader in the design of the watch.Then, clear and up-to-date form defines the appearance of the Oris watch and follow the concept of “form follows function”.With the automatic watch of High-Mech BC3 a new face appeared in the Big Crown – open and light crew, with dynamic features. This is reflected in the design of the case, created by Oris and satin stainless steel. Its simple design form a unit perfect with the metal RAS bracelet and rubber strap sports.

In 2000, Oris commemorates Louis Armstrong with a Jazz watch in two limited editions. Louis Armstrong is the King of Jazz – Satchmo the Great. He is a pioneer of swing, popularize the use of scat and trumpet solos unique creation.In 2001, the French pilot Polly Vacher made a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a single-engine Piper Dakota, a record flight.In 2002 Oris is associated with the formula 1 driver Allan McNish.Oris: signs an agreement to become the exclusive watch of BMW WilliamsF1 Team partner.For the centenary of Oris in 2004 the ‘Oris Centennial Set 1904 Limited Edition’ is launched with the Artelier Worldtimer stainless steel and the clock for eight days. It is limited to 1904, all individually numbered timepieces.
(Hot Offers) NEW ORIS RAID CHRONOGRAPH LIMITED EDITION MENS WATCH 677 7603 40 84 SETOris extends its commitment to sponsorship as a sponsor on the car and launches two new limited editions of the WilliamsF1 Team collection: Oris WilliamsF1 Team Lefty Limited Edition and the Oris Mark Webber limited edition chronograph.Oris sealed a partnership contract with the diving world record Carlos Coste.He is a free-diver from Venezuela,he regularly breaks records for apnea without using the oxygen equipment, he becomes a champion of the Oris brand.In May 2006, Venezuelan Carlos Coste has broken the world record in the variable weight of snorkeling class, reaching a depth of 140 m.Oris F1 Williams stable sponsorship continues with the logo once more on the front wing of the FW29 end plate.

Oris has announced a new sponsorship deal with a new exciting aviation partner. Drivers daredevil team of Blue Eagles Helicopter Display has joined us at the launch of our new BC4 Aviation collection in the United Kingdom in September 2008.Introduction and application of patent for Oris Rotation Safety System (RSS) first used on the Oris ProDiver Chronograph. RSS adds a new valuable security element to the Oris diver’s watches.Launch of Oris developed movement 653 with clock display 24 hours a day.Sponsorship of the Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team continues. The partnership based on a special limited edition with the movement developed recently for 24 hours.New partnership with the Swiss Hunter Team, a group of former pilots military who now fly Hunter jets in the air displays.Launch of the limited edition for the legendary singer, Bob Dylan.

Dear Subscribers and Readers,

These are my highly researched limited editions elegant wrist watches from the House of Oris to suit anyone on your gift list.Including different styles and robust designs.Have a glimpse below:

Lindsey Stirling Hot.(Original Music Videos) Buy MP3 Album.

Powerful and Beautiful,

I bought this CD, played it on my stereo, and was impressed. Tonight, three weeks later, I listened to it on my laptop with headphones. I was blown away by everything that I wasn’t hearing on my stereo. All of this wonderful, rich, complex musical tapestry began to unfold. Her use of electronica to accompany her violin is wonderful. I haven’t enjoyed an album of this type this much since I first heard Enigma’s Le Roi Est Mort. Very different styles, but both have a wonderful way of painting beautiful scenery in my mind as I listen. It carries me away to a wonderful place that I hear and feel. This is a talented young lady. I look forward to seeing her live. Piers Morgan was wrong on this one.

Another shining star emerges in the sport of Extreme Music Talent,

Phenominal is the only way I can describe this amazing talents ability with a violin. Range of ability appears limitless, full of energy, like other emerging music genuis we are lucky to be alive to hear miss Stirling is amazing like Il Volo, amazing like 2 Cellos, amazing like Yanni was to us when he first appeared.
Check out Lindsey Stirling on You Tube and you will find your newest artist to love. ENERGY, Power, ability to move you inside and take you to a million places, love to listen to this gift to the world when I am reading or relaxing. You go girl you ARE unbelivable!!!!!
lindsey stirling hotA great start for Lindsey,

My youngest (of four children) son told me the term “Dubstep” a few months ago and I thought, ok another musical fad to endure in our house. In my 52 years, I have embraced most everything from Mozart to Metallica to Eminim and I can even tolorate some country music.

I came across one of Lindsey’s cover videos and enjoyed the quality of the production and the style her and her friends put on the already great music. I followed the links to some of her other cover videos, her channel and then her original music. I had become a believer. I bought this CD as a Christmas present to myself and play it a few times a week on my headphones at work. I am anxiously waiting for her to follow it up after she gets done with her Winter 2013 tour so I can make a longer playlist.

Her energy and persistance is an inspiration even to an old guy like me. Stay true to yourself Lindsey, and get back to work !

This girl has taken off, prepare to be amazed,

I can’t say I was ever a huge fan or either dubstep or the classical violin, however when I was exploring new music on Pandora, Lindsey’s music kept coming up and I was absolutely amazed by what I was hearing. That sent me to YouTube, where I have discovered a music format that is truly unique and much different than the typical music I listen to. Lindsey Sterling has a very special way of combining the skill of her violin and electronic music to create something you can just listen to over and over again. I’m glad that her music is now available in electronic format on iTunes and Google Play, now I’m just looking forward to hearing what she comes out with next.

Nothing Short From Perfect!,

I didn’t even think I liked the Violin!
I certainly never listened to it on a daily basis anyway, that has certainly changed after listening to Lindsey.
Like many other I first saw her music video “Crystallize”. It was probably my favorite youtube video that I had seen in a very long time,very soon after I watched a video on “freddiew’s” channel and the behind the scenes video and noticed that it was Lindsey playing link in the video.

I had to rush over and go check out more of her work, and absolutely love it! Lindsey… her talent, personality, there is simply no one like her, you MUST give this a listen.
“Shadows” has to be my all time favorite track.

I’ve already booked VIP to see her March 18th, I could’ve bought a signed CD from her website, however… I would much rather have her sign it in person.
This will be my first concert and I’m sure thanks to Lindsey, it won’t be my last.


I don’t listen to a lot of electronica. It has to be a real standout since it can easily become redundant.
I do a lot of music shopping based on the sample snippets I get on Amazon or what catches my ear when I’m out.
I ran across this album while sampling Amazon offerings but put off buying until I found it at my local Bull Moose Music store.
Get to the point dink!

I love it. The mash-up of neo-classical violin with a definite celtic bent and electronica makes for a brilliant listening experience. There’s enough variation so the album never sinks into the mediocrity that a lot of current and past pop pablum dribbles into. You’ll find more than a couple of tunes, here, to rotate into your next party mix.
Lindsey Stirling

SPG366A600 – 600 Watt Solar Power Generator With Light Tower Mast.

Product Description

600 Watt Solar Power Generator with lighthouse tower.This solar generator is Made in the USA.This light tower mast comprises of a mast 18 feet pneumatic aluminum compressor with two solar panels 295 watts,two 8D 265ah gel batteries,charge controllers and MPPT 300 watt inverter.This plant has light towable removable tongue and axles for safer facilities,long term.Solar panels can be reduced for travel and deployed by a person once the trailer has reached watt solar powered generator entity receiving 590,530 recharge batteries amp hour capacity.
Compared to a light installation standard diesel engine,the new plant light solar generator can save thousands of operator in a few months.Taking an average unit diesel electric generator examination costs about $ 6,000 per month to run and maintain,Watt solar power generator 600 could pay for itself in fuel costs eliminated in just a few months.The solar power generator is designed for low voltage applications and is ideal for powering a wide range of our LED lighting products.

We do include a 300 watt inverter that is used to power the compressor.Especially in some kind of situations such as entertainment events,areas of telework , security and other applications where lighting should be placed close to the benefactors,eliminating the noise and fumes typically associated with diesel generators is a great advantage.Solar generators offer a low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel generators engine that require refueling and qualified diesel mechanic to maintain and / or repair.
600 Watt Solar Power Generator with Light Tower Mast

(Hot Offers)Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer.

Great all-around juicer!, (Review)

Before purchasing this juicer, I had been told by friends that Breville was the way to go. Then I came to Amazon and actually spent the time pouring through all of the user reviews on here – and without a shadow of a doubt this was the juicer that stood out from the pack. And the reviews couldn’t have been truer. It’s a great juicer. Fast, efficient, versatile, very little prep (seriously, you just throw the fruits and veggies right in), easy to clean (have got it down to 6 minutes or less), beautiful to look at, and, for all its bells and whistles, not a very big countertop footprint.

What’s even more fun is getting to experiment with different flavor combinations! And here’s a tip: if you want something even more refreshing, top off your freshly made juice with a little sparkling water – it makes for the most delightful juice experience (I promise!).

But one thing I will say to anyone who’s considering buying this machine (or thinking about other Breville options): this one is worth the extra money. It gives you the choice of making straight up juice or more creamy smoothies and it gives you as much or as little power you need to make all of your juice experiments come to life in a most delicious way. And it’s an investment that will pay off down the road. So if you have a few extra dollars to spend, do it. It’s worth it.

Hope you found this review useful! Now I must get back to juicing…

bje820xlPowerful and Well Made,(Review)

I love my juicer! I love the sturdy stainless steel construction and the motor runs strong and much more quiet than my last juicer.
Cleanup is quick and easy and has less parts than my last lower quality juicer.

Tip for making cleanup easier: Line the waste hopper with a plastic grocery bag and just slip it out, and straight to your garden compost, or trash, and you’ve got one less piece of equipment to wash.

The juice pitcher fits so snugly under the spout that I have to tip the juicer up a bit (awkward) to get it to slide into place.

For anyone just getting into juicing, I’d say go for it. You’ll get a hassle free experience that makes juicing so much more enjoyable and it’s worth the extra price for something this well made that will last a long time.


This is an awesome juicer. Before this I had a Champion for many years. I did’nt use it that frequently as I found it difficult to juice with the Champion. The vegetables or fruits had to be in small pieces for the Champion, and it juiced very slowly and took a lot of pressure and “leaning into it” to extract the juice. I even bought a new blade thinking that was the difficulty, but this did not help. As a result, I did not juice that much. I then learned about the Breville through a video I saw. I bought this product, the 1200 watt Dual disc. It is fantastic. I throw in whole apples, whole beets, 4 carrots at a time. It is incredibly fast. Many times I come from the kitchen into the living room and tell my husband, “This juicer is incredible.” It does have several parts to clean, but I have a routine that I stick to that only takes 2-3 minutes. As soon as I am done juicing, I put all the parts under warm running water — all juice and vegetable bits run right off. I let them drain on the wash board — couldn’t be easier. I bought the 1200 thinking the greatest power would be good. I never make smoothies or sauces. A friend has a 900 watt, and his is also incredibly fast and powerful — so I don’t know if the 1200 watt was necessary. Maybe it gave me peace of mind to know it was going to be up to any task. I have no reservations about this product.
Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer

(Hot Offers) Vax V-026RD Rapide Deluxe Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer.


Brought this as my Bissell carpet cleaner was not working correctly anymore, was well impressed infact I would even say it was 100% better than my Bissell (when it was working correctly). Love the ease of how filling and empting the water compartments are and the way the attachements click on so easily, without having to change dials etc. Was so impressed with this cleaner I carried on and cleaned all the carpets in the house. Other good bits are you dont need to have the attachements stuck on the back of the machine whilst using it, (my other machine you had to have these on the machine as they were attached and would come loose and get in the way of the handle) the pre-treatment handle clicks on in one easy turn and sprays good amount on the spot area, also the stairs/upholstery attachment has good spray and suction and again really easy to connect to machine, plus you get 2yr Guarantee, previous reviews have said the machine is heavy – it is slightly heavy when it is full of water but compared to my Brissell this one is not that heavy. Would highly recommend to anyone it does what it says very impressed with Vax.

A very improved and useful asset in one’s household!,(Review)

This is our second VAX carpet cleaner; the first was an All Terrain V125 which packed up after 5 years of regular use. I picked it up from the Citylink depot myself as they never bothered with a second delivery, as they advertise (first one missed). At the time of the purchase, the Amazon price was the most competitive.

The cleaner comes complete with accessories such as the pretreatment wand, a pretreatment solution (small bottle), carpet detergent solution (small bottle), hand tool, spillage collecting tube,and holsters (for tubing and wand). It took 5 mins to assemble without real need to read the instructions.

First impressions and notable differences to the V125:

– The plastic feels more sturdy and the build quality is notably better.
– It is lighter than the V125 and occupies less space.
– Water and detergents are mixed in a single tank (approx. 4.5L up to the recommended level); the tank can be removed very easily and re-attached equally easily.
– The dirty water tank can also be removed and re-attached extremely easily.
– Easy to store.


– The pre-treatment wand and solution did the job on some tough stains, but not on some old blood stains on the carpet. Saying that though, the latter were left untreated for some time, hence not really VAX’s problem.
– Easy to handle, as it is lighter. Two applications were enough for the heavily trafficked areas in our flat.
– Simple to use: press the trigger to release solution, depress to extract the water from the carpet.
– Quieter than its predecessor.
– Cleaned the carpets much better and with less detergent than its predecessor.
– Within two hours the carpets were totally dry!

The only minor gripe we have is that if the dirty tank is filled with water/foam, water and foam will be splattered around from the bottom rear, making a bit of a mess. To alleviate that, we emptied the tank more frequently than we originally estimated.

In all, we are very satisfied with this purchase. It seems VAX did listen to their customers’ complaints/recommendations and improved many features on their carpet cleaners.

We would highly recommend this product without hesitation to others; it has served us ever so very well so far!

Fantastic results,(Review)

I had a couple of dramas with this machine when it first arrived. the first slight drama was with unpacking it – the box is fairly big and there are quite a few pieces of machine hidden amongst the cardboard bits in there. I had to go rummaging a second and third time to ensure I had everything. The second is that the instructions on how to put everything together are not too clear, so it took a while to ensure everything was correctly assembled.

Once I had it together I set to work cleaning our pure wool almost white lounge rug. (Not a colour choice I agreed with as we have 2 kids and a dog!) I sprayed the carpet with pre treatment solution and left it for the required 10 to 15 minutes. I then tried to clean the carpet using the machine – and it refused to dispense any fluid on to the carpet. Panicking I rang customer services and the incredibly friendly lady talked me through removing the airlock in the fluid dispensing system, and within 15 minutes I was back up and cleaning again.

Results are very, very impressive. The carpet now looks like new – which after 6 years of heavy use was a real shock to me. The results are comparable to the machines you can hire from DIY stores. It is quite heavy when full of water, but despite this it is not too hard to push it around. Also included is a hose for cleaning up spills and cleaning upholstery and car seat etc. I used it for reaching into corners and on a couple of really stubborn spots. The cleaning fluids smell pleasant enough without being too overpowering. And the device was easy to clean and put away ready for the next time.

The down sides were the packaging, the instructions and the problem I had with an airlock. But these things are more than made up for by the ease of use, friendliness of customer service and most importantly the five star results.
Vax V-026RD Rapide Deluxe Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer

(Hot Offer)Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000 Watt Juice Extractor.

Saw the movie, too,(Review)

Though we’ve been thinking about a juicer since we inherited my father-in-law’s Jack LaLane unit a few years ago (missing a part so never used it!), I wasn’t moved to pull the trigger until seeing “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” like a lot of other people, apparently.

I looked at the different types of juicers and decided our first would be a centrifugal unit. I realized quickly that I’d want one that had a separate pulp collection container which ruled out the least expensive Breville. Having bought one of their higher end coffee grinders a few months ago (and being pretty happy with it), I was glad to see that their juicers have decent reviews overall as well.

Since this will be a family affair, I decided to go with the 800JEXL for the more powerful motor and having the wide chute (3″) for dropping in the goodies. I also like that much of it is stainless steel though my OCD tendencies should mean not having to worry about staining of plastic parts anyway.

The two speeds seem like they should be sufficient for the things it was designed to juice. Time will tell as we’re just getting started. The unit is built like a tank (i.e., thick steel and plastic parts and a heavy base housing the motor.) so I hope to get many years of use with appropriate care. There is no component that feels like they cut corners; from the pulp collection bin to the the blade basket to the plunger, they all feel substantive and well thought out.

It really does chew through the few things we’ve thrown at it so far and the pulp seems to be reasonably “dry” which is, as I understand it, a representation of a juicer’s efficiency (how well it extracts the fluid you’re after).

I realize that as we grow into this addition to our diets, a masticating juicer or similar may join the Breville on the counter, but this feels like a good start. I didn’t want to save money by buying a less expensive model only to realize that I should have spent the extra on a quality unit. With this Breville, I feel like that’s exactly what I got.
breville elite 800jexlNEVER BEFORE SEEN TIP. PLEASE READ,(Review)

Ok, this juicer works great… and right now you can read about 500 different reviews that will say the same thing…


Well, here is what i find works great when getting more out of your leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, or herbs like cilantro and parsley. (since centrifugal juicers are not particularly good at this.

Feed leafy vegetables or herbs through the chute in a cabbage triple decker sandwich…

So slice a big wedge of the cabbage and stuff hefty chunks of leafy greens and herbs between some folds of the cabbage… you get alot more juice from leafy greens and herbs this way… passing the pulp a seconds time does help a little too. i also clean my mesh screen out in the middle of my juice session for, i think it helps.

p.s. cabbage family is good for cancer.
There you go! never before seen tip that works great!!

other tip for people who are on a budget… i can afford to juice for my whole family everyday because i collect the junk mail and use it for a price match on veggies and fruits at walmart… when i become rich ill go organic and stuff. but for the time being i live in las vegas and not much good produce here. Anyway i really would not like to support walmart at all but sometimes at the great discount i can price match my produce i actually think im hurting walmart. hopefully..

mvery efficient,

There’s a lot of positive reviews here, which is why I bought this one. It works great and makes juice very efficiently. Cleanup is not hard but it does involve washing four or five complex pieces. Therefore I prefer to employ the dishwashing machine and consequently I tend to use this machine only once a day. It would be better if it were somehow simple enough to rinse it off and reuse it throughout the day but siply rinsing it would take several minutes because it is sufficiently complex to take some effort.

I compared this to Grandma’s Juice Factory 2000 and Waring Pro juicer. All these machines work on the same principle as most juicers. However, the lesser machines do not automatically cast out the pulp and therefore they can only produce so much juice before they must be dissembled to remove the pulp. I did not regret spending more for the superior Breville — although I am sure there are cheaper juicers with this feature, the Breville’s many other qualities stack up to make it worth the price.

The pulp is usually fairly dry except with citrus. This isn’t the best type of machine for citrus juices like orange juice anyway because it doesn’t allow any pulp through the fine screen. It does however produce very good juice from citrus peels or rinds — which can be bitter but useful in some respects.

This juicer is great for apple juice. Small apples are best and the ones from our own tree produced a super sweet syrup. The taste is nothing like the filtered and cooked juices from the store.
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

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