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(New Year ideas for family) Kawasaki 28 Liter Quick Release Saddlebag Kit For 2014 Ninja 1000 Green.
Official Kawasaki product.
Reference: 99969-3106
Fit a model: 2014 ZX1000 Ninja
Total installed on the vehicle width: 36 cm
Dimensions of individual bags 12 inches W x H x 17 inches 19 inches L
New Year ideas for family
Product Description
Kawasaki Quick Release ( KQR ) 28 Litre bags offer a multitude of design features that add to the functionality and ease of mounting bag system.Kit Saddlbag KQR also adds the ultimate flexibility and the ability of your vehicle Kawasaki tour.With integral equipment,a key system and elegant design, they will improve your ride. Kit Inlcudes: Playing side, Tandem Grip Set, lock, set of caches color and cut bags Set KQR click on and off your motorcycle saddlebags in seconds, no tools required integrated leaves behind no unsightly brackets mounting system when saddlebags are removed Transition between the full functionality of tourism and sports style easily One Key System – locks Saddlebag use your ignition key vehicle Tandem Grip Kit is great for improved passenger comfort by visiting large enough to fit your equipment necessary, including most full face helmets Sleek modern style matches the aggressive design of your color Kawasaki matched panels and trim to fit your vehicle paint logo Kawasaki exclusive waterproof to protect the content of internal straps weather adverse keep gear safe during your journey Note: not compatible with the observation of trunk: This accessory must be installed by an authorized dealer of Kawasaki.Improper installation may void the warranty of the vehicle and / or accessory.

(New year ideas for family) ePhoto H9004SB2-69BWG 3pieces 6×9 Chromakey Green Screen Muslins Backdrops Background Support Kit 2400 Watt Lighting Studio with Case-Black White.

Great starter kit,

I puchased this kit of lighting and muslins to start my at home photography studio. The package arrived exactly as indicated but it was extremely heavy so be warned. It all comes in a handy carrying case. awful!

1. Set up – I found the instructions to be a challenge to read and understand BUT I was able to set up the lights without a problem as well as the backdrop. My only suggestion to this company would be to include a picture as an addition to the instructions. That could really help.

2. Muslins – You need to run a hot iron over the muslins, if you don’t you will be sorry. It only took me about a half hour to iron it completely smooth. Keep in mind that the black muslin is see through (not pitch black) and you will need to have some darkness behind the muslin. I just wish the muslin was longer and that there was more on the floor. I was able to solve this problem creatively. Other than that it worked just perfectly for my needs.

3. Lights – They created just the lighting I wanted, they were 100% perfect. It is handy to have off/on for segments of lighting (you can turn off two of the four or keep all four on).

Overall I was extremely please with this purchase!
(new year ideas for family)
Exactly as shown…awesome!,

Bought this for my hubby, as he is a photography enthusiast and was very excited to get it in the mail on Friday (kept looking out the window every time a vehicle passed by,like a little Helped him set up, surprised it came with instructions coz the other reviewers said they didn’t get one. Just really basic instructions, but got it done. He is very pleased with it, and couldn’t wait to get started. All items were complete. I did notice the backgrounds were not as long as I thought it would be, we had to lower the backdrop stands to have more coverage on the floor. And the backdrop stands were a bit flimsy, it’s a good thing we don’t have to move it too much, or we don’t have to move too far. Confusing to set up the softbox lighting but eventually we got it. Overall, it was a good buy and price for a beginner’s set-up and my hubby will definitely have better lighting now, which was his frustration when he had the umbrella type of lighting.

Ok I will be the first rate this product,

Ok so there was no reviews for this light set yet but after all the other ones I looked at I kept coming back to this one so I just ordered it. First it got here in two days, and when I opened it everything was intacted and there. I am giving it five stars because everthing was in great shape and easy to put together. The carry bag was also there and has plenty of room for the few other things I also have coming in. All the lights work and the stands were easy set up but I do recommend you get sand bags for the stands because they will tip over as most every stand out there will. The softboxes were alittle tricky to set up but put the three together it gets pretty easy. I also like the fact that there is four lights for each power head because I can adjust how much light I want. I have not taken any pics yet but when I do I will write another review.
ePhoto H9004SB2-69BWG 3pieces 6×9 Chromakey Green Screen Muslins Backdrops Background Support Kit 2400 Watt Lighting Studio with Case-Black White

Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant ( women christmas gift ideas)
Automatic helps improve your driving habits and save on fuel
Once simple installation and everything works fine (automatic requires an iPhone 4s, 5, 5 c, 5 s)
Insights – autopilot captures your trips and displays them in a beautiful calendar
Health car – when the engine light comes on auto shows you if this is serious or not and what to do, including the best is close to the mechanics
Emergency assistance – have the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected

Super Simple Tracking,

I’ve been a fan of tracking my mpg/miles driven, etc from my car for quite a while. I’ve had various OBDII readers that would display the data in real time or hook up to a device to show the data. The automatic takes this a giant step forward in a lot of ways.

You install the OBDII reader into your car, and link it with your phone (and in the process with your online Automatic account), once that reader is synched with your phone, it will now automatically connect and upload whenever that phone is in the vehicle when driving. This means you don’t have to connect it, hit any buttons, open an app — none of that. It just really works.

We have the Automatic Links in both our cars, and my wife and I both have iPhones. Either of us can drive either car and it automatically picks up and uploads the data. It doesn’t matter what phone does it, because it is all synched back to the same automatic account, very seamless.
Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant ( women christmas gift ideas)Now the data you get. It will log by week how far you have driven, your mpg, and your driving score. The score being one that is calculated from three different variables. Time spent over 70mph, hard braking, and hard acceleration. The unit by default also ‘alarms’ when you do any of these items in the car — the alarms/notifications can also be turned off if desired.

There are a few features it offers that we haven’t had to use yet, the crash alert is one, but when it detects a hard accelerometer movement indicating a crash, it notifies your phone, and then uses your phone to call a call center and notify them. You can also have phone numbers listed to be notified as well (in addition to emergency services). Keep in mind since the Automatic Link relies on your phone for all the data, if your phone is not in the car, gets broken, doesn’t’ have service, etc none of this works. The other feature we haven’t used is the Code Reading feature, basically if your check engine light comes on, it can show you what the code was, and potentially in a more human readable form than just the code itself would. Nice thing to have if you don’t already have a code reader, or don’t want to go to an auto parts store to do it.

What are the downsides? The biggest one is that it relies on the phone for GPS data and service. This can slightly reduce your battery life on your phone (although haven’t really noticed this, even on extended trips), and if you don’t have your phone, it doesn’t record any data for you. The other downside is that all this data is sent to Automatic, and currently is only available via the app itself. This means you (currently) do not get aggregate reports of monthly driving, average mpg, etc, you have to manually view it in the app. Hopefully Automatic comes out with an API or even a web interface to view your data. For those privacy concerned, you are essentially uploading all your car routes to their servers, distance driven, etc — which may be worrisome for some, and I am assuming the data is also sold in aggregate (meaning anonymized so they couldn’t identify you) describing driving patterns etc.

Overall it connects very well, offers good features, and some unexpected things (we often look back in it to see how long it took to get somewhere — although can be a pain looking through each week to find something), if you are concerned about privacy you may want to reconsider, and my personal hope is my data I put into Automatic becomes more accessible/exportable in the future.
Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant

2013 NEW DESIGN CLASSIC VINTAGE MERCEDES STYLE 12V TWIN MOTORS KIDS RIDE ON CAR WITH 4 WYAS PARENTAL REMOTE CONTROL ,PINK AND BLACK + mp3 input + digital battery capacity timer + leather seat pad. (Family Christmas Gift Ideas)
It is fantastic, I recomend it to anyone with kids 1.5 to 8 years old,

First of all, it arrived really quick. It only took two working days from the order. I certainly recommend it to anyone with kids, A few years ago I wanted something like this (without the remote) for my kids but they were about £500 so I couldn’t afford it.
It took about an hour to assemble, The only part the I got stuck for a few minutes was how the back gearboxes were suppose to join the body. It is obvious once you know but the picture was unclear (The motor and its wires need to go into the 30mm hole and it sits loose, you don’t have to screw it to the body). Apart from that the rest was obvious and easy.
I’m sure that this is going to be the highlight of Christmas this year. It has remote control and seatbelt, so small kids could ride it and dads (or in my case grandad) would love to play with it.
It has MP3 player socket but it has a number of pre-loaded music on it. Once you connect the battery and switch it on it make a car start noise and when it get stuck against something, it make a noise as it is struggling.
This is an excellent product. I was impressed, and having its value for money . Thanks.
2013 NEW DESIGN CLASSIC VINTAGE MERCEDES...Fantastic little car,

Yes it’s true this is a fantastic car and my grandson is going to be very happy with it. It took little no time to put together 20-30 minutes, and unlike most other electric cars that I’ve looked at this was appropriate, light lenses and so it is a complete set of work before and taillights with a few additional Led and fully functional indicators purchased from the store local maplin and powered by a 6 volt extra battery. Only purchased additional lamp lenses were a couple of repeaters of wing before come from the local scrap dealers which I mounted on the rear of the car and a whole little electrical knowledge and hey hopped into a fully used car. The woman wondered now that the car was bought in fact to his grandson or her husband!
Excellent service by the seller and the car was well packaged. An Excellent value for the money.

Spoiling the Grand kids,

This car is great and small children will love, I like to play with it, using the remote control.
When you open the box you are faced with many parts, but if you follow the instructions and do things in the order it goes together easily.
Some parts were out of their bags, as the box has been addressed and the instructions had lost something in the translation.
The box is not heavy, but it is large and takes little lifting.
Car passes just by a single door, it is a wide and very stable.
I bought this happy, the children will fight on.

Excellent gift, we can’t rate this car enough!,

We have bought this car for our granddaughters Christmas. We had great fun putting it together,was quite easy. My husband has had a fun time driving it around the house with the remote control, had to take it off him in the end. The car is very sturdy, and the lights music, and engine noise and horn are amazing, can’t wait to see our granddaughters face Christmas morning. Excellent looks the part. Also the reviews where 5 star, which was the biggest factor in buying this car,

Seiko Men’s SKA366 Kinetic Black Ion Watch (family christmas gift ideas )

Nice elegant watch,

I loved the watch the moment i saw it in reality. Had my doubts mostly because the pictures here did not show exactly how the watch really is. I tried and posted a photo of my own here made with my phone, not very good quality but at least i think it shows better the color and looks of the watch.
I say that because the color is tricky, it is some kind of black silver in bright light, black in low light and sometimes a brown shaded very interesting color. The golden sections are just as they should, they glow but they’re a fine touch. It may be a little too much for some, as this watch is glossy, but i think that’s exactly the point in this watch. It is a watch to show, and a special one indeed, totaly out of the silvery pattern we all see around. Buy it if you want something different, with style and good looks. It will set you apart from the crowd as it has the style to do so.

Other remarks: the clasp does not inspire confidence. I think it will scratch easily, especially in a office environment. Also the lock seems fragile. The bracelet however looks sturdy built, although i do not know exactly what material is. Probably some kind of titanium coating.
The sound this watch makes is noticeable, but not annoying. It is however audible in a very quiet environment. It’s just some kind of whirrring sound, but of low intensity. Can’t complain about it, i think it is normal for a kinetic watch (this is my first)
It is heavy and a little on the big side, but i like it and feel comfortable with it. However it will not look good on a slim arm. I like this however, as it is very masculine.
I gave five stars because right now it is just what i wanted. Simple, elegant, flashy (in a good sense), masculine and sturdy built. You’ll love it if you like this words.
I for one consider childish the watches full of texts, small lines, numbers, and irrelevant information, but of course it is a matter of taste and if you already looked at this watch probably you feel the same.
ska366 seiko watchEnthusiast,

When I saw this watch I simply had to have it so once my tax return came in I used some of the money I got back and jumped on this beauty.

The delivery had wound it up for a few months already which was great because I could fiddle with it right out of the box. I have a small wrist so I did have to get four links removed but that was quick and easy and now it looks wonderful on my wrist whether I’m wearing casual or dressy clothes.

The kinetic movement in the back gives somewhat of a whirring noise but it’s really not loud at all and after wearing it for a bit you find it hardly noticeable.

I’ve received multiple compliments on it from friends, coworkers, and even strangers. The black and gold finish is just very eye catching as it’s much shinier then the pictures give it credit for.

All in all an excellent watch, seiko doesn’t disappoint and I’m sure to order another one from them in the future to continue adding on to my collection.
Seiko Men’s SKA366 Kinetic Black Ion Watch

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (family christmas gift ideas )

Is it worth the upgrade?,

As a user of LR since version 3, I haven’t been around as long with LR as some. LR3 was an amazing application that gave photographers a great database for photos, but also did “all” of the things photographers used Photoshop for (well, mostly). LR4 upped the ante, added a few nice modules but really missed the mark on performance. The results were worth some of the performance concerns, and LR5 really improves performance over LR4 handily. THIS is the performance LR4 had, so in a way it feels like I’m paying for the product I should have had in the first place.

If you have never used LR before, I highly recommend LR5 as it is easily one of the best tools in the arsenal of a photographer. And if you shoot RAW, your results will be greatly increased over JPG, however JPG development is quite phenomenal in LR5 as well.

That being said, there are NO new modules in LR5 over LR4. It really is a vessel for and few new features and better performance.

The first new feature that makes the upgrade worth the price (past the performance increase) is the Advanced Healing Brush. Now you can actually brush and get good results, not just do basic spot correction. Visualize Spots is really good, as it gives you a little easier way to visualize sensor dust/noise. The image basically goes black and white, making the contrast of sensor dust work to allow for easier correction.

Upright is a great feature in that if you find yourself trying to perspective correct wide angle lens shots, it can have staggering results, bringing the parallel but angled lines into straight perfection.

Smart Previews are great as well. If you travel a lot, or even a little, but have an external drive with all of your photos, you can generate “smart previews” of all of your images. This allows you to leave your drive at home but still edit locally cached versions of the files (compressed, but the results are the same when you get back home and synch the changes). You basically take copies of your photos everywhere you go without really taking them, and the Smart Previews take up a ton less space than their RAW counterparts.
photo editing programs
Radial Gradients allows for a much more granular approach to blurring and vignetting. You aren’t restricted to ovals now, which is really nice.

I rarely use the other modules (besides Basic and Develop), but improvements have been made in other modules as well. There are a lot more options for book layouts as an example.

LR5, as an upgrade, honestly feels like an upgrade due to the performance boost. The additional features, especially the new healing brush, are just delicious icing on the cake.

One thing I am struggling with at the moment, however, is just how much longer LR will remain a standalone product. With Adobe going to Creative Cloud subscription services with the CS line, I can envision a time when, well after you have done all the work for cataloging your photos and pretty much solidified your dependance on LR, they will make this another one of the “Only in the Creative Cloud” apps, which would mean, at the moment at least, a very expensive option for just being able to manage your photos. Sure, you can also get Photoshop (a great, great addition to LR, though honestly much of what photographers do will be best handled by using LR first), but that doesn’t change how expensive it feels). So I guess my message is, “buyer beware,” and know you may be “forced” into upgrading to Creative Cloud at the whim of Adobe in the future. They currently claim LR will remain a standalone product, but just 2 years ago who would have thought they would deploy a subscription model for CS?
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 Velocity 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Use Ladder, 22-Feet (unique gift ideas)
The Last Ladder You’ll Ever Need to Purchase,

Wowee! This Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 Velocity 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Use Ladder, 22-Feet is amazing. Please see the video at to see all the different ladders you can make out of this one ladder. My favorite is the 90° so that when you need to go up the wall you are not getting further away as you go up. But a second close favorite is being able to use the ladder on the stairs. I love that is has rubber grips and plastic slips as well as wheels. It is extremely sturdy and stable. When my handyman came by to do some tasks for me, he elected to use this ladder instead of the one he brought and explained that this Little Giant Velocity is a much nicer ladder than his own. Neither of us know of a better ladder than this.

Amazon had this ladder delivered to me through CEVA delivery service who called to arrange delivery, hand carried it and unpacked it for me and put it in the location I requested. Excellent delivery experience.
little giant ladderAmazing stability, great height with various sizes and durable!,

Little Giant Ladder Systems are actually known for durable, functional multi-use ladders for the best value.

And with the release of “Velocity”, this is possibly the best ladder I have ever used in my life and I have used many.

Upon receiving the ladder, it’s about six foot at first but once you release the hinge locks and release the rock locks, you just realized how this ladder can really extend to great heights.

The Velocity allows for a standard A-Frame step ladder, to a 90 degree ladder (if used against a secure wall), a stair case ladder as one side can be shortened, while the other side can be elongated, the outer sections can be removed and with its built-in trestle brackets, can be made into a scaffolding ladder (trestle and plank). And of course an extending ladder up to 22-feet.

Because of the ladder’s design, the ladder offers hing locks/palm buttons, rock locks for adjustment and also “Tip & Glide” wheels for easy transport and wide rungs for improved balance, comfort and safety.

The ladder does meet OSHA & ANSI standards for the Type IA – 300 lb. rating.


I already have used this ladder thoroughly around my house, near my tree and testing to make sure it can hold my body weight at around 235 pounds and to see if the ladders are locked. It’s a very multi-functional ladder that delivers.

With that being said, it’s important to note that Little Giant offers a PRO version of their multi-use ladder, which features black aerospace-grade aluminum alloy 10126BP goes up to 26 feet. Little Giant 10126BP PRO Series 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Purpose Ladder, 26-Foot.

As for how it’s delivered, it comes inside a big cardboard box. Instructions are in plastic and are easy to follow. And not too heavy to carry around which I liked.

But what it comes down to for me is durability, multi-function and its focus on safety, making the Velocity a multi-use ladder that I highly recommend! 5 Stars!
Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 Velocity 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Use Ladder, 22-Feet

Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel (Best Offer)

Great lock – highly recommend,

I replaced my existing Schlage deadbolt with this lock about two weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. First, the installation was very easy due mainly to the fact that the lock is designed to fit in the same hole as an existing deadbolt, so there were no additional holes to drill. I did not change out the striker plate, so that saved a little time, and it looks like the existing bolt would have worked but I changed it with the new one anyway. 2nd, the instructions are well written and easy to follow. 3rd, and most important, it worked perfectly once it was installed. It is a very clever product. I was concerned that the 9v battery would have to provide the current to a motor to retract the bolt and I’d be replacing the battery all the time, but thats not how it actually works at all. The battery just causes the thumb turn to engage and light the keyboard, your hand does the work of retracting the bolt. So the battery should last a long long time. There is a manual lock w/keys in case the battery dies. But best of all, I found it very easy to program my own custom code (and erase the codes it came with for better security) and now my family can come and go without needing a key. I can program it with a temporary code if someone will be watching the house while we are on vacation, then delete the code when we return. This is MUCH better than giving keys out to people over the years, then wondering how many people have a keys to your front door. I even showed my 85 year old mother-in-law how to use it (I know, I know: why would I do THAT?), and she has no problems using it. I used the same code numbers as our garage door, so its easy for everyone to remember. It comes with a pair of keys which you use if the battery goes dead, which is possible but should never be an issue because the lock alerts you when the battery gets low. Still, I plan to rekey the cylinder to match the other door keys so we dont have to worry about yet another key. If you don’t want to re-key the lock, you can just put one of the keys in a hide-a-key rock somewhere in the yard. Bottom line: Schlage is known for high quality locks, and this device is no exception. If you already have a Schalge deadbolt and your are looking for more convenience and security, then I recommend this lock.
where are schlage locks madeLose your keys, this lock is great!,

We installed this lock on our front and back doors and love it. The lock installed easily in place of the old keyed deadbolts. I had the internal lock cylinders replaced locally to have them match my key for the other doors in our home. The lock was compact enough to fit one of my doors with the deadbolt and knob located fairly close together. The code was easy to program, we use one for family and one for the dog walker and cleaning crew.

I had previously tried out the Kwikset Smartcode Z-wave keyless lock with a Mi Casa Verde Vera 3 unit, but returned it, as it only worked intermittently. The Schlage deadbolt lock is much simpler and works every time.

I like that the deadbolt is not powered. You turn the knob with your hand after entering the code. It’s easy – to unlock: 1) enter the four digit code; 2) you hear a click, and 3) turn the knob. Since the deadbolt is not motorized, it means the lock is much quieter than a powered deadbolt lock and the battery lasts much longer (according to my research). The push buttons light up when its dark and are easy to use – even for me, with large hands and big fingers. The Schlage feels substantial and well made with the covers both indoor and out being made of metal.

Wish we’d made the leap to this Schlage keyless lock ages ago.
Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

(Family Christmas Gift Ideas) Ride on Toy Car 6V Licensed Kids BLUE BMW Ride On Car with Remote Control AND KEY FOR START NEW 2014 MODEL.

Nothing is more elegant than a BMW, and now your children can lead too! AUTHORIZED BY BMW MODEL BY 2014.
Remote parental control optio.Player MP3 input with volume control.Weight limit – 30 Kg.
Steering wheel sound.Safety belt.nWork lights.Charging time – 12 hours for a full charge
Suitable age group – 2-4 (or younger with a complete parental control).Maximum speed – 3.0 km/h
Dimensions – 110 cm x 56 cm x 47 cm. type of battery – 6V (1 x 6V 6.7Ah) lead acid.Running – up to 1 hour of charge complete (depending on the type of use).

Product safety

This product is subject to specific safety instructions

Warning: To be used only under the direct supervision of an adult

Product description

The parental remote control is optional, and this ride on, powered by a car battery can be changed by controls in normal car using the lever speed and pedal. The parental control can operate the car forwards and reverse gears and also to turn the steering wheel left and right. Genuine BMW Z4 – car this children electric is a realistic scale of a real BMW Z4 replica and is authorized by BMW. Start button – realistic start key on the dashboard, turn a quarter turn and hear the engine starts sounds authentic. Even the key is a replica of the original! Option remote parental control – tower on the car can be used with controls in normal car, using the pedal forward/reverse speeds with the steering wheel, or can possibly be used with parental control remotely. Remote parental radio can operate from up to approximately 20 meters and controls front/rear and moves the steering wheel left & right. MP3 player input with volume control-this car battery comes with a cable that connects the dashboard,thus allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a plug headphones to be connected, and play music through the speaker’s car. Plug a device disables sound in the car. Steering wheel sound – the steering wheel buttons include the Horn and turn sounds. Seatbelt – car this kids’ has a seat belt installed, that protect your child if you use the parental remote option. Work lamps – headlights can be put in market and stop using the dashboard.
Ride on Toy Car 6V Licensed Kids BLUE BMW Ride On Car with Remote Control AND KEY FOR START NEW 2014 MODEL

(Hot Offers) Kitchens Of India Curry Paste For Hyderabadi Biryani, 3.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
I love,

A friend has had enough of making me my first pack. He wanted my opinion of expert on taste. What makes me a exercise for him, is that I’m native to South India… I came back to buy more and to leave a comment.

It was wonderful for me.

Warning: Its spicy even for me.

Remedies: (1) any frying whole spices add chopped tomatoes and caramelizes it. I used 2 those juicy sized for a package of dough. It also adds a nice sweetness to the biryani and adds another layer of taste that you enjoy.
(2) Instead of 1.5 cups of rice the recipe, use 2 cups of rice. Basmati has the best ability to confront the spices than regular white rice. Do not use basmati rice as the recipe says. It will not cut the taste, but rather we did taste notes the more mature than the raw scores in spices.
(3) If its still not cool enough for you, then add some starchy vegetables like potatoes.
(4) While frying whole spices in butter, bag spices in a cheesecloth and pick up once the sauce ready for rice. Whole spices sit there and keep leaching of oils and other ingredients in the rice making parts of him biting more than others. I do not personally like for these hot spots.

And no, I’m not a professional. So take what I said with a grain of salt and don’t hesitate to correct me if I gave wrong culinary advice

Note: Lemon curd = yogurt & lemon juice. really not what we call lemon curd in the USA.

At the end of the day, there’s no glove that fits everyone. Then it will really fit well for those who have the taste for this blend of spices. And as a standard to compare to, if you’ve eaten in a South Indian restaurant, you could have had this kind of biryani. This is the kind of real taste you will get this one as well. Have a good appetite!

As good as Indian restaurant dishes,

I agree with others that the one or 2 negative reviews amidst all the glowing reviews for each and every Kitchen of India product might be planted by Indian restaurant owners. They are that good. As a lifelong vegetarian I’ve eaten lots of Indian food at both high end and family style Indian restaurants in New York City. These products are as good as any Indian food I’ve had. The only exception is the one curry containing spinach because I think spinach gets bitter once prepared. All of the others are excellent. It’s hard to believe something this good can come in a freeze dried pouch.
As an added bonus it can be stored in the pantry.

I am a Hyderabadi and I highly recommend this!

I am a Hyderabadi living in the US and my go to masala paste to make Hyderabadi biryani is the Kitchens of India paste!My grand mother taught me how to make Hyderabadi Biryani at home from scratch but it is a cumbersome process.Kitchens of India made my life so much easier.The instructions are not right though.It says use lemon curd.NO!Use 1 lemon and 2 cups curd.My recipe-chicken/goat about 3/4th Kg,1 packet paste,1 lemon, 2 cups curd,6 fresh mint leaves,chopped coriander,1 medium onion long slices, salt as desired.Add 1 tsp chilli powder for added spice.Mix all, marinate.Cook as directed on packet and viola!Not the exact taste as Biryani from Paradise/Bawarchi/Sarvi restaurants in Hyderabad but very close!I have also tried using ground meat and fish.Works well!Use only basmati rice.Take it from a Hyderabadi, go buy this and enjoy some Biryani at home Hyderabadi Ishtyle!