KT TAPE PRO Kinesiology Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 Inch Strips, 100% Synthetic, Water Resistant, Breathable, Free Videos, Pro & Olympic Choice, Kinesiology Tape

KT TAPE PRO Kinesiology Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 Inch Strips, 100% Synthetic, Water Resistant, Breathable, Free Videos, Pro & Olympic Choice, Kinesiology Tape

SERIOUS bits of knowledge – The most advanced kinesiological tape made of 100% synthetic material lasts longer than other brands. Lightweight, latex-free, comfortable, supportive, and mobility -including a safety retroreflective printer and carrying case.
STRONG ADHESIVE – The latest technology that insists on effective skin preparation for days. Our synthetic, moisture-proof, breathable material provides maximum water, sweat and moisture resistance. And precut round corners help to avoid the blows.
Easy to use – Ready-to-use precut strips are perfect for tape applications. There is no need for long cutting with long, non-cut ribbon rollers. Easy to use with free training videos for dozens of common injury areas. Please feel free to contact us.
HOW IT WORKS – KT tape reduces tissue pressure and provides muscle support, helping you recover from pain faster. Ask one of the Pro or Olympic athletes who rely on the KT tape when pain is present and when the tournament is in the queue.
WARNING – Beware of retailers who do not have KT tape. Buy with confidence for our high quality, guaranteed, and impeccable customer service by purchasing a licensed KT Tape Dealer from Amazon, KT Tape or Theratape.

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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C 2-Door Convertible Spider Review

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C 2-Door Convertible Spider

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C
2-Door Convertible Spider, Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat

About this vehicle

Highlights of the model:

Superb allure, stunning handling, powerful turbocharged engine, lightweight construction

Changes of model:

The Alfa 4C is a brand new model of Alfa Romeo, recently reintroduced in the United States by Fiat and Maserati dealers. The 4C is a lightweight 2-seater sports car with an emphasis on driver involvement and precise handling. Despite the nature of car returns, it is a very modern sports car, using a lot of exotic materials and construction techniques, all meant to make the 4C fun and fast to drive.

Value of the model:

The 4C starts at a base price of $ 68,400, where it will compete with sports cars like the Porsche Cayman, and the Chevrolet Corvette. Rather than trying to do better than their competitors, Alfa Romeo has instead opted for an approach centered on finesse and beauty, which the 4C serves as a pike. With its lightweight carbon fiber monocoque construction, the 4C is one of the lightest cars sold in the United States. The result is that despite a relatively modest power, the 4C is still very fast in a straight line.

Model Preview:

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, mounted behind the driver and passenger in the tradition of the best Italian sports cars. The engine is capable of producing 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque. While this may seem rather modest for a sports car of this caliber, Alfa Romeo claims that the 4C is still capable of 0-60 times in about 4 and 1/2 seconds, with a top speed of 160 mph. The only transmission available is a dual clutch unit with pallets.
The 4C uses various exotic construction techniques, including a structure composed of carbon and aluminum fibers as well as composite body panels. The engine, already physically smaller than those used in most of its competitors, is also an all-aluminum design and, therefore, the total weight of the car is maintained at about 2000 lbs.

While the light weight of the 4C maintains competitive online performance, it also pays enormous dividends in other areas. With so little weight on the front tires, Alfa chose not to adapt the 4C to the power steering, which means that the car offers better feedback and more sense of direction than almost anything on the road Nowadays. It should also be relatively fuel-efficient compared to its competitors.

The 4C is sold in two basic versions, the launch edition and the 4C standard. Although the 4C tends to avoid the luxury features in its quest to keep the weight down, there are limits to this philosophy and the standard 4C is still equipped with motorized windows and mirrors, air conditioning, lateral acceleration G-meter and a 4-speaker sound system with USB and audio input jacks.

Launch Edition 4C include bi-xenon headlights, a slightly modified front panel, a carbon fiber spoiler, carbon fiber and leather interior accents, larger wheels, leather seats and a commemorative plaque.

There are several options available on the 4C.Cruise control added to a comfort package, an alarm and parking sensors, while a leather package includes leather seating and contrasting stitching. The undercarriage consists of a revised suspension, larger wheels and track-oriented seats.


3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones

3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones is Comfortable to Wear – Great Optics,

These 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones are well made, comfortable to wear and in black very stylish.
3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones
3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones Construction is all plastic with a nylon fabric padded headband and faux leather padded face cushion.
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The glasses have your typical focal distance and pupil spacing adjustments and feature a magnetic closure flip down front door design.
Inside the front door is a spring loaded cradle which grips your cell phone and is case friendly and will fit most cell phones with thinner gel type cases. I used this headset with an iPhone 6 with Seido wrap around gel case and had no issues.
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Optics were good and the padded headband and face cushion makes these VR glasses comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

Overall I like the design, fit and sleek black color of these 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Mozeat Lens for Smartphones.
Big Sale for Latest Wrist Phones

High-Quality 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow Review

High-Quality 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow Good quality arrows for the price,

I was offered these High-Quality 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow at a discount if I promised to give a fair and unbiased review – so here goes. I am quite new to archery having had a few beginner’s lessons last year and recently I was sent a bow to review – hence my need for some arrows!
High Quatity 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow
These High-Quality 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow just come in a long cardboard box – no extra packaging, no bubble wrap.
You get 12 x 30-inch carbon arrows and they are quite light at 31g each. They have plastic “feather” flights.

I have fired these High-Quality 30-Inch Carbon Archery Target Practice Arrows for Recurve or Compound Bow Review them a few times now and they seem perfectly acceptable – firing them alongside my friend’s arrows (as a comparison) I was getting similar results. So, they appear quite a bargain at the moment. Happy to recommend them.

AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit Review

AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit Pocket friendly “sub ohm” vape kit,

AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit a little more compact in size than most sub ohm products this one might suit users who don’t want to lug around the larger heavier tanks and battery packs. Using a “pen” style battery this comes with the pyrex and steel tank, micro USB cable for charging, a spare BVC coil (one is pre fitted) and a mini spanner, which is really only for use if the coil is hard to remove; the flat edges are at the bottom of the coil covered with a silicone seal.
AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit
This is a smaller tank measuring 4.2cm on the flat edges top and bottom with a removable 1.5cm tip. Finish appears to be anodized metal rather than painted and with the glass it feels quite solid. At 2ml it’s not a huge capacity compared to some of the bigger ones around, clearly the idea is to go for a more compact size. Airflow is adjustable twin slots with a bottom fill on the tank.
DreamDeam - Midnight Dream Collection
Dr Suess Vinyl Wall Decals from CustomVInylDecor.com
Looking at the battery it has quite a nice tactile feel with a pseudo carbon effect, the size is a perfect match for the tank a diameter of 1.8cm, length I measured at 9.2cm. This uses a 510 thread which is common to sub ohm tanks but you can fit a threaded adapter to convert it for use with the smaller atomisers (shame one isn’t included). A single button gives you an indication of the battery state white for 100-50%, blue when it’s 49-20%, and red below that showing it’s time to charge it. Slight unusual placement for the micro USB port on the side of the battery rather than the base (ventilation holes are there). You can charge and vape with this battery pack which is a good move even if the port location might not be ideal for that. The maker says 2-3 hours for a charge I time it at 135 minutes from flat, e cig batteries don’t charge at high amps like a phone.
Something Trendy Clothing
In terms of vape performance it’s a different experience using a sub ohm coil it’s worth trying as you can get a more intense vape and bigger cloud production as they say. I would strongly suggest using a lower level of nicotine (if you use any) and a high VG e-liquid: more VG tends to give a smoother less harsh throat hit, though these liquids cost more they are also thicker. Here the coils are better suited to this liquid than the smaller ones (there is a larger coil area by some margin compared to smaller atomisers which tend to clog up more quickly)
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I have no major complaints with this but it should be noted the voltage isn’t user adjustable. Going back a bit I would consider this a flaw, but over time even on the batteries I have I rarely change the voltages it’s much less of a problem than it looks on paper. Quality is good all round on this and the tank is sturdy too. Do take a bit more care not to drop this on harder surfaces the glass is strong but over time they can crack. At around 1500mAh it’s a reasonable capacity for a sub ohm kit, heavier users might want to look at a box style battery pack. At the 510 thread is common you can mix and match batteries and atomisers. User manual is well laid out and easy to follow with a few slightly off translations. A nice kit not for everyone (heavy users might find the battery won’t last a day moderate ones will probably find it enough). Overall an 8.6/10 for me

Blaze and the Monster Machines Mega Bloks Jungle Ramp Rush Building Set Review

Grandson likes the monster machines trucks and fun ramps in this Blaze and the Monster Machines Mega Bloks Jungle Ramp Rush Building Set,

Our almost three- year- old grandson really enjoys Blaze and he has some Blaze toys and assorted Blaze t-shirts. As we also have a lot of Duplo and Mega Bloks at our house for him to play with when he visits, this Blaze and the Monster Machines Mega Bloks Jungle Ramp Rush Building Set was a great addition for our toy room.
Meritus Hotels & Resorts, Holidays, Travel, Discounts
Meritus Hotels & Resorts, Holidays, Travel, Discounts
Meritus Hotels & Resorts, Holidays, Travel, Discounts
He was very excited to open up and play with this Blaze and the Monster Machines Mega Bloks Jungle Ramp Rush Building Set when he came to visit. He was immediately able to put the trucks together and enjoyed those as well as the ramps that are part of the set. We
have had mixed results in the past with some Mega Bloks being too loose. We did not have that problem with any of the special Blaze trucks or ramp pieces but a few normal blocks are too still loose and can’t be used properly to hold the supports for the ramps. We solved the problem by replacing the loose blocks with Duplo blocks and the set works now, especially when assembled on a large green Duplo base pad.

**NEW** Product Launch Assassin

**NEW** Product Launch Assassin
**NEW** Product Launch Assassin

Dear Friend, ow many times have you seen a HUGE product launch, heard how much money the marketer has made and wished that was you? … wished it was you accumulating sale after sale after sale…
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Crosby, Stills And Nash Review

Crosby, Stills And Nash

Crosby, Stills And NashCrosby, Stills And Nash

The liner notes to this 2006 ‘Expanded & Remastered HDCD Edition’ of CSN’s monumental 1969 debut album opens with an Introduction from Ahmet Ertegun – founder and owner of the mighty Atlantic Records. It describes the first time he heard the tapes by ex Hollies man Graham Nash who had linked up with ex Byrd’s tunesmith David Crosby and Buffalo Springfield’s guitarist and songwriter Stephen Stills. The canny Record Man was stunned and knew something huge was happening. He quotes “Crosby, Stills & Nash immediately became my No. 1 project…” And even now – in the twilight months of 2015 – a full 46 years after the event – their opening salvo is ‘so’ damn good – a melodious masterpiece still casting a harmony-vocal shadow over today’s myriad musical landscape. Here are the helplessly hoping details of three men on a sofa…

UK released January 2006 – “Crosby, Stills & Young: Expanded & Remastered HDCD Edition” by CROSBY, STILLS & NASH on Atlantic/Rhino-8122-73290-2 (Barcode 081227329020) offers you the 10-track album newly remastered and with 4 bonus tracks. It pans out as follows (53:17 minutes):

1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
2. Marrakesh Express
3. Guinnevere
4. You Don’t Have To Cry
5. Pre-Road Downs
6. Wooden Ships [Side 2]
7. Lady Of The Island
8. Helplessly Hoping
9. Long Time Gone
10. 49 Bye-Byes
Tracks 1 to 10 are their debut studio album “Crosby, Stills & Nash” – released June 1969 in the USA on Atlantic SD-8229 and in the UK on Atlantic 588 189. It rose to No. 6 and No. 25 on the US and UK charts. David Crosby wrote 3 and 9 – Stephen Stills wrote 1, 4, 8, and 10 – Graham Nash wrote 2, 5 and 7. “Wooden Ships” is a co-write between David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Paul Kantner (of Jefferson Airplane).

11. Do For The Others [Stephen Stills song]
12. Song With No Words (New Remix) [David Crosby song]
13. Everybody’s Talkin’ [cover version of a Fred Neil song]
14. Teach Your Children [Graham Nash song]

The 16-page booklet is tastefully substantial – the gatefold lyric insert that came with original 1969 vinyl albums has been fully reproduced, there’s a detailed and informed essay on the album by DAVID WILD which includes quotes from the trio and reissue credits. They’ve even included the lyrics to the four bonuses. The centre pages have a gorgeous colour photo the harmonious trio wrapped up in furs. But the big news is the fantastic new Remaster. JOHN NOWLAND (who was involved in the highly praised first four Neil Young remasters) has used the original 2-and-8 track analogue master tapes and transferred them to HDCD (High Density Compatible Digital). It’s a better form of Remaster and HDCD do not require any kind of special player. STANLEY JOHNSON and GREG HAYES were also involved in the transfers with the Mastering done by the vastly experienced BERNIE GRUNDMAN. The results are the best I’ve ever heard this album sound (odd they haven’t followed this release up with a similar HDCD version of “Déjà Vu”?)

Right from opening Acoustic Guitars of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” (written about Judy Collins) and when those magical three voices blend – you realise you’re in the presence of something very special. Although the song is 7:24 minutes long and even includes a Spanish chant-and-dance break – it never seems to overstay its welcome. Having listening to this opener for over four and half decades on various vinyl originals (UK plum labels included) – the Audio achieved here is truly breathtaking. Graham Nash’s chipper “Marrakesh Express” was the first 45 off the album coupled with “Helplessly Hoping” on both sides of the pond in July 1969 (Atlantic 584 283 in the UK, Atlantic 2652 in the USA) – it hit 28 in the USA and 17 in the UK. It’s followed by the stunning ethereal beauty of “Guinnevere” sashaying into your living room with a softly plucked Acoustic. Then you get hit with the full harmonious power and beauty of those three voices as a wall of one. When the trio first got together in Joni Mitchell’s house – they noticed the ‘timber’ of the combo – and this song more than any highlights that magic. As if that’s not good enough – you get the ‘life on the road’ cautionary tale of “You Don’t Have To Cry” where that Stephen Stills tuneful song magic kicks you in the nuts. Fabulous guitar pings, their voices and those words – “…you are living a reality I left years ago…it quite nearly killed me…” Side 1 ends with Graham Nash’s “Pre-Road Downs” – a treated guitar gives us another touring-is-miserable song about missing the touch and presence of his ladylove.

“Wooden Ships” would turn up on the Jefferson Airplane album “Volunteers” in November of 1969 (it was a co-write with Paul Kantner) and I’ve always loved both versions – a strange hybrid of Soulful Rock that seemed to belong to California in 1969. CSN’s original take is shorter and amps up the Guitar and Organ and once again the Remaster is gorgeous. The bass and rhythm section is so warm and sweet but it’s the Stills vocal followed by Crosby and back again that impresses – beautifully handled in the transfer. “Lady Of The Island” is tender and quiet and Nash’s vocals almost aching with his love (written for Joni Mitchell). “…Letting myself wander through the world in your eyes…” he sings – and it’s beautifully poignant. That harmony magic comes marauding through your speakers once again (but in the best possible way) with “Helplessly Hoping” – a stunning three-part harmony and probably the best Audio on the disc. Although from the pen of David Crosby – the slinky “Long Time Gone” nonetheless has Still’s arrangement and production magic all over it – lifting the song into a CSN recording rather than a solo stab. It ends on “49 Bye-Byes” which always seems to get overlooked – but it has magic in it too – especially in that centre passage where all those melodies on the guitars and vocals build up.

The album was recorded straight (what you see is what you get) so technically there are no outtakes from the sessions per say – but the group continued recording that year and the four bonus tracks come from those sessions. “Do For The Others” would eventually show on “Stephen Stills” – his debut solo album from late 1970. The second it opens – you can hear why its been included on this Expanded CD Edition – not only is this song gorgeous to listen too – it’s beautifully recorded – essentially a Demo with Stills on Lead Guitar while the other two harmonise. It’s a genuine wow. Second up is another harmony winner in “Song With No Words” where they “dah dah” the melody that would eventually appear on David Crosby’s magnificent “If I Could Only Remember My Name” debut solo album in 1971. Truly beautiful is the only way to describe the Trio doing Fred Neil’s classic “Everybody’s Talkin'” made famous by Nilsson’s cover as used in the movie “Midnight Cowboy”. Crosby describes it in the liner notes as “Stills at his best…” There’s a demo of the “Déjà Vu” classic “Teach Your Children” which is nice but nothing as good as the magical trio that preceded it. Fans will know that there are five other ‘outtakes’ from the period on the “Carry On” 4CD Box Set (1991) – one day we might get a Deluxe Edition 2CD set covering the event in its entirety…helplessly hoping…

So there you have – an established 60ts nugget – cool and beautiful like a summer breeze and given a truly beautiful audio makeover. It’s even furnished and burnished in Aldershot Sun with Bonus Tracks actually worthy of the moniker.

“…Going to where the sun keeps shining… ” – Stephen Stills sings on their gorgeous harmony vocal cover of “Everybody’s Talkin'”. I’d travel towards this slice of sunshine if I were you…warm on your soul and your mind…and then some…

Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushMy first electric toothbrush!

Finally, I decided to splurge on one and considered disposable types until these dearer. I was afraid to buy that bad given the amount of money you have to invest. A hundred dollars or for a unit against 99 cents for a toothbrush to Reach. Let us not forget how expensive the toothbrush replacement itself heads are a major investment. Initially, I considered the Oral-B because she looked like the round instrument cleaning head dentist, but the comments redirect me to the Sonicare.

My first use of HX6711/02 was rather frightening. The simple force of the brush tooth wants to take a Jackhammer to my teeth! I’m sure I’ve done too much pressure and was not at all used to the brush. Regardless, the end result was beautiful! Clean, as coming from the dentist, and I felt as if I didn’t need to use silk.

The Quadpacer feature is great and made me realize that I had meetings more brushing with a regular toothbrush and it has not yet got my own teeth as a Sonicare because my certainly felt teeth grungy at the end of the day with a regular toothbrush. Still, teeth cleaned by this Sonicare felt reasonably clean just before sunset when I had to brush my teeth again.

The 30 additional seconds for teeth whitening are a good measure to get your additional teeth clean on the front, which easily begins to develop plaque on the gums at the end of day. Like others, I wish it would start again in the same mode come next brushing session, but by pressing the button twice for teeth whitening mode every time is no complaint wholesale.

The device comes with the Pro brush head. Replacement heads, I bought were the DiamondClean variety. Both give a good brushing, but my gums seem to feel as we get a better massage with head Pro, but also gets between the teeth easier.

I can’t compare this to other units as it is my first electric toothbrush, but I think that this model has the best bang for the buck because you can easily find it for less than a hundred dollars. Glad I made the switch and excited what the new models will be like in 5 years when I need to shop for another unit.
Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Zadro UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Blue

Zadro UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Blue

Zadro UV Toothbrush SanitizerNice to feel secure with the form of critters,

This product does what it is supposed to.

I recently bought a brush with very expensive teeth simply because it had UV disinfection in its storage unit. UV failed the second use and a replacement bulb was $50 online, so I searched high and low for something a little less expensive. I found this on Amazon. The price of the unit was about $10, so I took a risk, because I know that UV kills bacteria and other bugs. I used it to disinfect a pool and a whirlpool in the past.

Product arrived quickly and well packaged. It's incredibly simple, and sometimes this is the best design. This sounds like a travel toothbrush case and could double as one. It will accommodate almost any toothbrush manual and easily accepted the brush of my electric head. It is easy-dead. Brush your teeth as usual, rinse and slightly dry brush, then it pop in the case and snap it shut. The UV lights for five minutes and then stops automatically. Thats all. I am the product in the corner behind my toothbrush charger and it is quite discreet.

I can't praise this product enough. It is simple, well done and usable. If he dies, and I do not know that it will be at any given time, I can replace the whole thing for a pittance. I just bought a couple more for the members of the family. Hey, any method to get a head start on germs is fine with me.

Very good product!

I bought two of them. They work great to keep your toothbrushes sanitized households. I have not had a cold or been sick since I these. I've heard that if you don't keep your own toothbrush you can catch colds with other members of the household, if they are all kept reconciled in the traditional door-brush. I change brushes your teeth about every 2 to 3 months and always use the Sanitizer when I finished brushing.

Operated's work for my Oral-B Toothbrush battery,

I was looking for a case of toothbrush and disinfectant for my battery operated toothbrush Oral-B. I read some comments and haven't found much about electric brushes installation of this product. I decided that it seemed like it was big enough and decided to try it. It fits very well. I think any brush fits in this case. The small rubber part that holds the brush seems to be robust and accommodating necks of different size.

Good product.,.

It does what it is supposed to do. My toothbrush is feeling really clean.

1. after brushing your teeth, wash your toothbrush correctly, ensuring that there is no residue of toothpaste.
2. dry your toothbrush with paper towels before placing it in the case of disinfection.
3 remove the batteries after sterilization.

Now, this may seem tedious, but it's really not. It is personal hygiene. There may be any shortcuts.
Zadro UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Blue