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Panasonic KX-TG7732S DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System, Silver, 2 Handsets.(A Global Red Hot Premium Product)

61GNj42eZWL._SL1000_Great replacement with rechargeable batteries!,

We had a similar cordless set by AT&T for a land-line but the batteries suddenly stopped holding a charge for longer than 10 minutes (after 3 1/2 years), even though we didn’t use our the handsets that much. The answering machine on the AT&T product was a little annoying, but we were mostly satisfied until we found how much it would cost to replace the phone-specific batteries for each handset. That’s when we decided to just buy a new set, since it wouldn’t cost that much more.

I reviewed numerous brands on many websites, including Best Buy and Wal-Mart, to find the best system for a great price. Everything Panasonic received a good rating, and this had the number of handsets wanted with recharge AAA batteries that can easily be replaced. I actually read the instruction manuals for most products I buy and was pleasantly surprised to find that we could use the Bluetooth on our cell phones to route those calls to these handsets, For someone like me, who leaves her cell phone everywhere except where she can hear it…this is a nice feature.

You can also check messages from any handset and can call into your phone remotely to check them, too. (We don’t use this feature, since I work from home). There is also a light on the top of each handset that blinks when the phone rings. This comes in handy when I’m on work calls on my cell and need to turn the land-line ringer off but still see when it is ringing, Also good when I’m I’m working out with my iPod…can still see the handset ring.

The large buttons can be seen easily, especially at night because they are back-lit. The screen is also large, so you can see the time, incoming phone #, etc. without having to actually hold it. The sound is very clear, though once in a while it gets a little echo…could be due to our VoiP line. They are also light weight, easy to hold with your ear/shoulder, and can accommodate a headphones or a headset.

Super easy to set-up…don’t need to read the instructions for that. I love these phones. Definitely worth the money!
Panasonic KX-TG7732S DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System, Silver, 2 Handsets

Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 43cm Cutting Width 1800w.(A World Class Best Seller)(Review)

91W1Hc674EL._SL1500_Good all round machine, with some reservations,

Must admit I was somewhat unsure about buying an electric mower as the one I had used in the past, while staying with a friend, was’nt that effective. I chose the widest cut & the most powerful electric machine I could find, which is more or less equivalent to the Honda petrol mower it is replacing after a quarter of a century. The instructions for starting in long grass encouraged me to risk buying it as the manufacturer was implying it might manage my often neglected grass.

Assembly was pretty well intuitive. The trick to assembling the grass box is to line up all the lugs then sharply slap the two sides together.

I have used the machine for a full season. The main grass area was about 10 to 15 cm long by the time of the first cut and fortunately dry. The grass box is a bit of a joke, as it’s too small for a medium sized lawn and was full before the end of each length, so wheelbarrow was needed close by.

The rougher grass areas around trees and shrubs were significantly longer, so I cut these without the grass box and with a cord between the handles to hold the back flap almost horizontal so the grass could be thrown clear. WARNING – there is a risk of injury from stones or anything hard that may be thrown out with the grass. Without opening the flap the cut grass quickly choked the blades especially if damp (just like the old petrol mower). Tilt the front of the mower up and give it time to cut in long grass and weeds. Also, beware of bits of twigs etc being spat out, mine happily crunched up dead twigs up to 1 cm or so in diameter

Once I had the grass down to a sensible length and cut weekly the grass box size was less of a problem but still requires frequent emptying. Being electric stopping and restarting does not require any effort though, and frequent rests may help prevent the motor overheating and cutting out. This is mentioned in the manual but has not happened to me despite spending a few hours grass cutting. The rear roller does leave stripes in the grass, but the machine is so light that my grass was standing upright the next day with all stripes gone.

So far I have not cut the power cord, but do loop it into the back of my belt when cutting so it falls to the ground behind me. This gives some tolerance when stepping back while cutting around shrubs and awkward spots.

To sum up: light and easy to use, cuts flat areas of fairly short grass well, will manage longish rough grass and weeds if used slowly without grass box. Good value when compared to the cost of buying and running a comparable petrol mower.

My only concern is how long it will last. The model name includes ‘flex’ and the unit does just that: it flexes when pushed over uneven ground or into longish grass.
Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 43cm Cutting Width 1800w

(Super Red Hot Brand New Product)Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life (910-003820) Review.

819S6M-5cpL._SL1500_It’s a great mouse,

I’ve been switching off between my SteelSeries Sensei and this mouse since it arrived to do a comparison review.

To me, mouse feel is the most important criteria. I went through a lot of Razer Mice trying to find one that suited me. (I use a hybrid finger/palm grip, so if you use a different grip style, this review might not work for you.) Both the Sensei and the G602 work well with my grip, and feel very nice when mousing around.

Advantages for the G602:
-It’s got 6 programmable buttons on the side of it that are easy to hit, but I don’t press accidentally as with my Sensei. (There’s more buttons, but they’re usually reserved.) There’s a *lot* of neat stuff you can do with these buttons.
-It’s got two buttons reserved for increasing and decreasing DPI. While I think I prefer one-touch DPI switching for sniping, you can in fact adjust this behavior as you like in the software.
-It’s wireless. I’ve had no issues with interference or having it lose a signal, no matter where I tried putting it on my desk. It comes with an extender antenna, but I haven’t needed to use it.
-It has a great mouse press feel and sound when clicking.
-It has a nice texture on it which prevents slipping.
-Indicators for sensitivity and battery life. The sixth programmable button by default is set to display remaining battery life, which is nice for people like me who are paranoid about this sort of thing. =)

-It doesn’t have any right side buttons
-The software isn’t as configurable. I really like the ability to set a deceleration curve on my mouse for every day computing, which makes it easy to quickly fly across the screen and still have fine mouse control when clicking on small things.
-The Logitech software crashed repeatedly on me.
-It is a weird looking device. =)

One additional neat feature is that you can adjust the weight of the mouse by pulling one of the batteries out. (And yes, it uses standard AA batteries, which is nice.) It has an excellent battery life.

The wireless receiver is tiny, which very unobtrusively can connect to the front of your box without it looking weird.

Overall, I am very impressed with this mouse. The software itself needs work, but the hardware side of things is awesome.
Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life (910-003820)

New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)

81-gUa00CbL._SX385_Great for charging my Kindle Fire too!,

I’ve had this little charger for a couple weeks and have been trying to keep track of how many times it will charge different devices, but other family members keep grabbing it to charge their own cell phones and iTouches and Kindles and they forget to record the amount of time or battery level on their devices when they started. This external battery stores more power than we have devices! So needless to say, this external battery is getting a lot of use around here. I do know that I can charge my Kindle HD 8.9 at least twice plus my iPhone 4S three times on a charge. Plus whatever charging of iPhones and iTouches that my family members do. This external battery is nice because you can charge two different devices at the same time.

The size is nice for this high capacity battery and it’s molded in color finish seems to be very durable so far. It’s easy to carry in a pocket, throw into a briefcase or purse and I don’t feel like it’s going to scratch because of the finish. It has a little blue LED light that tells you when you’ve turned it on and has little dot lights that give an idea of how much of a charge is left.

What I end up doing often, and one reason I really like this thing, is that I don’t always pay attention to charging my Kindle until I’m getting warning messages that there’s only 5% of the charge left. So now, I just plug this into the Kindle and it charges while I’m reading or searching the web and I don’t have to sit next to an outlet or drape wires around the room. It’s a great sense of freedom for people like me who don’t always remember to charge their devices when they should.

A week ago I was at a trade show where we spent about 8 hours a day in a booth, with no spare electrical outlets nearby. Using the phone throughout the day ran my iPhone batteries down before the day was over. But with this Trent iCarrier External Battery, I was able to charge my phone (and those of a couple of others in my company) back up to a full charge in a short time. It’s so handy to have when you travel.
New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-HPower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord.

71ocbYx4Z6L._SL1500_It moves water – and costs less,

I had this exact pump as original equipment for my above ground 33 foot round pool. The pool is (I’m guessing – since I bought the house with it) about 8 years old. Sitting out through the winters and being owned by someone that wasn’t a pool expert (based on some other things they did) it lasted that long. Last year a nudge from a hammer got it started, this year – rusted. Taken to a repair place, I was told that it was time for a new one. They even offered to get me one for a great price! We all know the story – pump guy says great price of $250, pool store says it’s on sale for $200. Amazon… $160 with free shipping. Hard to say no to an almost $100 savings.

Pump came very fast, but alas I was in LA at the time and the pool sat with no circulation long enough to turn to a green slurry. A week or so of shock, flocculant, and vacuuming and it’s crystal clear.

The suggestion I would have is that if you’ve got a smaller pool (less than 33 feet) consider stepping down to the 1HP from the 1.5 if you do an online calculator and see what it will save you in electricity, you’ll be surprised. Unfortunately, my pool needs the extra power.

Thanks Amazon!

My above ground pool that I have had for 11 years came with this Hayward pool pump. Well, after 11 years, it finally died. That’s a pretty good run, and not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I went looking for an identical replacement. I was happily surprised to find this pump motor, pump and skimmer for only $142.99 with free shipping. I received the unit only 2 days after ordering. Of course, it helped that it was shipping from Reno, NV and I live in northern California. I was a bit surprised when I compared the new pump to my old unit. The old unit discharged out the side, while the new one discharged at the top. I thought for a while this was going to be a real game changer. Thanks to other Amazon reviewers of this product, I found out this was no problem at all. Simply remove clip between pump and skimmer, loosen four long bolts connecting the motor to the pump, rotate pump as needed, refasten bolts, reattach skimmer/pump clip, and you’re good to go. The second pleasant surprise was how quiet the new pump is. I never remember the old one being this quiet. Sitting in my yard, I have to listen carefully just to see if it’s running! overall its a great product.

A Great Price for a Great Product,

My above ground pool that I have had for 11 years came with this Hayward pool pump. Well, after 11 years, it finally died. That’s a pretty good run, and not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I went looking for an identical replacement. I was happily surprised to find this pump motor, pump and skimmer for only $142.99 with free shipping. I received the unit only 2 days after ordering. Of course, it helped that it was shipping from Reno, NV and I live in northern California. I was a bit surprised when I compared the new pump to my old unit. The old unit discharged out the side, while the new one discharged at the top. I thought for a while this was going to be a real game changer. Thanks to other Amazon reviewers of this product, I found out this was no problem at all. Simply remove clip between pump and skimmer, loosen four long bolts connecting the motor to the pump, rotate pump as needed, refasten bolts, reattach skimmer/pump clip, and you’re good to go. The second pleasant surprise was how quiet the new pump is. I never remember the old one being this quiet. Sitting in my yard, I have to listen carefully just to see if it’s running! overall its a great product.

Great price for a good pump,

I have a 18′ above ground pool that holds about 7500 gallons of water that uses a sand filter system. I’ve used this exact same pump for three years. It was used by the previous owner of this house for many years as well. So it is a durable pump. I didn’t always treat it well: left it outside all summer uncovered, let leaves jam it up a few times, and ran it non-stop for many days. It was a good workhorse. So, I only a had a budget to get an exact replacement at $135 (1 HP). Order it and got it the next day. Plugged into the timer which is hooked into a GFCI outlet and made sure it was primed (filled with water) and it purred like a kitten! It is a little loud, but not too bad. I would recommend it and buy it again, especially at that price and from “In The Swim” with next day delivery.
Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord

Hayward Goldline T-CELL-15 Turbo Cell, 40,000 Gallon Pool Chlorinator with a 15-Foot Cable,Buy Now.

31XO3O7Cu2L._SX450_Works better than the two it replaced!,

My first T-Cell-15 came with a new 20,000 gallon pool. It seems to work fine but I always had to keep it cranked to 90-100% for 12 hours a day. Well, that 1st unit conked out just weeks before the end of the three year replacement warranty so the pool company came out and installed a “new” one. Once again, I was having to run the thing full throttle to get enough chlorine in a pool just half the rated size of the unit. The salt readings also were chronically inaccurate and, after 15 months, and despite multiple interventions with the acid-wash, the second unit died too. At that point I was done with the pool company – no more warranty and no more confidence! Meanwhile, my local pool store pushes Pentair chlorinators but the reviews on Amazon convinced me to give the Hayward product a third opportunity to prove itself at half the pool store price. I could see that some of the negative reviews about the T-Cells were not because of the quality of the product but because of the potential to mismatch the chlorinator with the control board (if it’s an older one.) So, as recommended by several reviewers, I was careful to order the exact T-Cell-15, 40,000 gallon replacement even though I have a 20,000 gallon pool. Two days later (Amazon Prime!) it arrived, I attached it to my existing couplers, plugged it in, and it worked perfectly from the get-go! Not only that, but it’s running at 40-50%, not 90-100%, for half the day to make the right amount of chlorine. It’s only been a month so I’ll update this review if anything changes but so far I’m very pleased.


After months of researching for the lowest and best deal for replacing my T-Cell-15, this supplier is it. When I finally decided to buy it, I called to double check if in fact it would fit my system and to check if they had a re-stocking fee (they do not). I placed the order and within a week I had the cell. What I did before installing it was, I cleaned all the filters and pump to ensure that I would get an accurate reading once it was in.

I disconnected the old cell, installed the new one and immediately it started to register the salt level. I waited a couple of hours before resetting the salt reading so it would be correct. I took a sample to my pool company and the reading was dead-on. I did not have to calibrate or do anything special after installing the cell. I got what I ordered, received it within a reasonable amount of time, and the cost could not be beat. I was a bit nervous for spending so much money for an item I could not physically see, but from beginning to end, I had no problems. Hope this really helps.

Right Product, Great Price,

My local pool store tested my old cell and determined that it was bad. They had one in stock priced more than $250 over this one. They promised to price match any `local’ price, but not the internet. I told them about the one I had found and the price. I was warned that it could not be the same product and I would regret it if I ordered it. They also said I should be a `responsible customer’ and keep my money in the local economy. I prefer to keep my money in my pocket! I ordered this one on-line and it was exactly what it said it was. I installed it in about five minutes and it has been working great ever since. If I were able to get the cell at this price, imagine how much lower my local pool company could get it. Then they tack on a 60% profit! I don’t mind anyone trying to make a living, but that is ridiculous! Do yourself a favor, save some money and order this product. By the way, I also received free shipping which makes it a win all the way around.
Hayward Goldline T-CELL-15 Turbo Cell, 40,000 Gallon Pool with 15-Foot Cable

Tech Armor iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5 Premium High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector [3-Pack] – Retail Packaging.

81AtzzlzN5L._SL1500_The last iPhone screen protector I’ll ever try!,

[Note: I have used Tech Armor’s HD Clear protector for the iPhone 4S and 5, and the Matte protector for the 4S. I’ll be copy-and-pasting this review. I’m sorry for the length! I’ve been very happy with Tech Armor, and very unhappy with other brands. This disparity makes me a little wordy.]

I have tried five different brands of screen protectors. Some were better than others in terms of clarity and touch, but all were difficult to install. It had become routine for me to only get one use out of a 3-pack because I would pick up lint and bubbles on the first two tries. That’s not the case with Tech Armor.

Here’s where Tech Armor excels:

1. Installation. The game-changer for me is the residue-free lint removal tape. It’s really the only way to get a lint-free application site, and Tech Armor is the only company I’ve seen include it in the package. I’ve even tried to make my own tape for other brands, but I ended up getting sticky residue all over my screen. Follow Tech Armor’s instructions and you can’t go wrong!

2. Customer Service. If you end up having installation problems and wasting a few protectors, make sure to contact Tech Armor directly! They will take care of you and make it right!

3. Choices. The glossy and matte versions are both excellent for different reasons. I’ve used both, and like both. The HD Clear is the first protector I’ve ever used that didn’t reduce picture quality OR touch-screen responsiveness. The Matte protector reduces the picture quality a little bit, but eliminates smudges, fingerprints, and sun glare. And I found the ‘feel’ and responsiveness of the touch-screen to be even better than with NO protector!


The only difficulty I’ve had was trying to line up the hole for the pinhole camera on the iPhone 5. Take your time and get the bottom lined up right! If necessary, you may want to try installing from the top-down rather than the bottom-up.


I’ll be sticking with Tech Armor. I use my 4S a lot when I’m out hiking. Lots of sun and dirty fingers. I prefer the Matte version. My wife watches a lot of video on her iPhone 5, and doesn’t get her phone as dirty as mine. She prefers the HD Clear version. At $6 a pack, I’d recommend that you buy one of each and decide for yourself!

Very good,

Love the 4 way privacy! High quality screen protector and edges don’t peel off. My previous screen protector was just as good but it was only 2 way and the material wasn’t as good because the edges were already coming off. However, it was more way clear and less grainy (in fact it wasn’t grainy at all) than Tech Armor so I have to take half a star off this one. I like how it came with two dust removers, the tape and cloth. I didn’t think the little white cardboard was going to be that useful since I usually use my fingers to push out the air bubbles but the cardboard was actually more effective. Overall, great product.

Edit: I don’t understand why there are people complaining that it’s thick. It’s not even thick at all. That’s how all privacy screen protectors are because of the special layered technology. I really thought it was going to be thick after reading all the reviews, but after receiving it the thickness was just like every other privacy protectors. You can only expect a thin screen protector from the regular clear ones.

Very good product, exceptional customer support,

I bought this screen guard for my new iPhone 5 and recieved the product on time, in a very neat packaging. The product is of excellent quality as described and the best available option for a quality device like iPhone.

The screen guard is pretty tricky to put on and of the three sheets that come in the package, I was successful only in my third attempt. I had followed the tutorial exactly as in the product website (heated bath/cleaned surface/bubble removal/scotch tape). I am new at installing a screen protector, so my first attempt failed as a rookie mistake. I was very careful with my second attempt and was able to align properly against the phone as expected. But to my surprise, moisture from the heated bath got trapped between the film and screen and I had to discard the piece. I tried the third one from a normal clean room and was successful with minor dust trapped. Do watch the tutorial to remove dust using the scotch tape, since it works “perfectly” as described. Now I have my iPhone screen protected exactly as described (no bubbles or dust) and there is absolutely no change in Retina display quality (perfect HD clear protector).

I contacted Tech Armor to give my feedback and suggested to have a 5-pack product, since I felt 3 in a pack was less for someone who is new at installing a screen protector. The customer support was very professional and cordial, took my feedback positively and to my surprise, instantly shipped me an additional 3-pack. Amazing !!

High quality product and exceptional customer support. 100% Definitely recommended.
Tech Armor iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5 Premium High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector [3-Pack] – Retail Packaging

Gardena -Thermal Pump 2 time 9 000 / 3 Gardena

The product descriptions

For flexible use without electricity, the GARDENA lightweight and compact heat pump is optimal. Equipped with a gasoline engine powerful 2-stroke, the pump can be ideally used for irrigation, increasing pressure and the transfer or pumping of groundwater from the tap, or rain, as well as chlorinated water of a swimming pool. Regulation without floor allows to adapt the pump performance to each application for efficient and economic use. Practical and safe: integrated check valve prevents the pipe after a break or when the pump has stopped. This reduces also the recycling time after a reboot. The heat pump is equipped with a drain screw that allows to easily clear the imminent freezing. The heat pump is a complete set with suction hose and suction filter, as well as all necessary fittings. You can start the pumping operation immediately. Note: the GARDENA pumps are not suitable for pumping salt water, corrosive or inflammable substances, or food products.
Gardena – Pompe thermique 2 temps 9 000/3 Gardena

Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa, Dark Brown(A #1 World Class Product)


About this couch there are some bad reviews on here . But the only bad reviews that I have seen have been due to shipping/handling. We ordered this couch and it arrived 1 day early. You will have to schedule a drop off appointment because this couch is delivered by ABF. It is large but not heavy. Weighs 78lbs. We love the couch. We have it out on our deck next to the pool. Under a matching cabana. It is beautiful. It is 7 feet long and is a great place to catch a nap. The cushions are a stone color which is perfect and the couch is a plastic/resin wicker material that is perfect. One word of caution. Keep this couch under a canopy/cabana or something, the plastic/resin get so hot that it will burn you. I would not set this up anywhere that sun will hit it directly or you will get burned. Had a party and the whole crowd fell in love with the couch and said that with the couch and cabana, we look like a resort facility. Yes…It is that pretty. Very nice and will seat 3 people with room to spare. Plenty of throw pillows. The ABF company was so nice and actually set it up for us and didn’t make me sign for it until we had checked for everything. They even took the huge box back with them. If you are undecided, please don’t be. Buy the couch, you will not be sorry.

Very nice sofa,

I’m writing this review because before purchasing it I looked at many different outdoor 3 seater sofas at different websites . I read all the reviews on this one & can’t understand how they differ so I kept looking. The one constant was how nice it looked & that it was comfortable. Many people said it was a nightmare that it came damaged & they had to exchange several times. I ordered it anyway and I love it!! It did come damaged. I don’t know what the problem is with this sofa but the back bottom bar is bent so that middle leg or bracket doesn’t touch the floor & it makes the resin wicker wrinkle in that area. I have to say that Amazon has excellent customer service ! They offered to exchange it or refund & pick it up. I asked if they would give me something off the price to keep it and they did. The area damaged wont show where I keep it. That said I love the fact the cushions are neutral so I can change it out with different color throw pillows for different looks. I did have a problem at first that it feels like vinyl but I got over it. The set I’m replacing is round resin wicker but also more brittle. I love the look and the fact the weaving is also on the seat not straps like some furniture . I did send the ottoman back only because the cushion was 2″ taller than seat cushion on chair & I thought it looked funny being higher than the chair. I’m posting pictures to show different looks with different pillows. It is a very attractive piece of furniture, comfortable and much cheaper than most online or at pottery Barn etc. I purchased a weatherproof cover on Amazon so I don’t have to remove cushions easy on & off. I also bought 303 protectant to spray on which is recommended by sunbrella , which by the way sunbrella is very expensive & I wanted to buy those kind of cushions till I found out you have to spray the also after the coating wears off. I keep this furniture under a gazebo with a cloth utopia which I also will spray with 303. Overall it’s very nice looking, a chocolate brown and cushions are more taupe than they look online. A lot of furniture you have to buy cushions separate which makes the cost more than I paid for my living room furniture. In my opinion you can’t beat the price ( also free shipping) or the customer service I highly recommend this furniture!

Love it!,

Neighbors bought some similar furniture and paid twice the price. I love my set. I’ve read some people say that the plastic wicker breaks if exposed to the sun, but we live in the desert and it’s exposed to full sun 12+ hours a day and we’ve had no problems. I sprayed it with Feron 1 Gard for All which has UV protection. I ordered 2 sofas and both arrived in perfect condition. No damage at all so I guess the other people must have been very unlucky or maybe they improved their packaging. The sofas are a light weight and with the strong winds we have out here they would blow across the yard. I weighted them down by attaching some bricks to the frame and we haven’t had a problem since. Even though they blew across our yard, the frames are still straight and solid so they must be pretty strong and durable. Over all I’d have to say this is a great piece of outdoor furniture at a great price!

Great experience and product!,

As published in earlier reviews, this couch is a fantastic deal for the price. I spent lots of time and energy researching all sorts of couches in all sorts of price ranges and was frustrated that an outdoor couch was expensive as an indoor one!! So we finally decided to order this one and cross our fingers that we didn’t have the same issues with the delivery damage that some people were reporting. The couch came is less than a week after ordering and is even nicer looking in person. It is light and easy to move, the cushions are very comfy for laying on for long afternoon naps in our gazebo. The colors are easy to coordinate with. The delivery experience was fantastic—we made sure to open the box before the delivery people left. There was one snafoo–when the delivery guys opened the box they sliced one of the throw pillows since it was on the top of the shipped items. I am sure I can fix it and put the slice in the back—we have throw pillows from our older loveseat that we are using to coordinate with the rest of our set up so one damaged pillow didn’t bother us a bit.

Feel good about buying this sofa and just count the days until you are having summer siestas on such a gem of outdoor furniture!

Just arrived in one piece!,

I luckily found this sofa as I was patio furniture shopping, or more appropriately in my case porch furniture shopping. Most sofa’s are much, much more expensive than the Strathwood offering. I’ll admit I wasn’t keen on the wicker at first as wicker reminds me of old style furniture… not so modern. Upon arrival I was pleased that the wicker is a soft plasticy style, smooth and subtly colored to resemble a dark wood. The weave was of good quality on my sofa, no loose strands anywhere I could tell.

The sofa isn’t very heavy if you’re moving it around but felt substantial enough when sitting on it that 3 adults should be comfortable and have plenty of room. I managed to carry the sofa up on my porch by myself, just a little large and awkward.

I believe I’ll have to address the cushions in some fashion, be it covers or some sort of stain protection as they seem to be a very vulnerable cloth. My dirty pawed dogs were staring intently at them as I placed them on the sofa, already planning on putting some paw prints on them. I’m keeping the plastic wrap on for a day while I figure something out. The cushions were plenty soft and made sitting on the sofa comfortable, I relaxed a while after carrying it onto the porch. Finally the cushions, and the 4 pillows that come along with the sofa are a light tan color, I saw another reviewer refer to them as a stone color, I would a agree with that, offsets the darkness of the furniture well.

There were stories of the frame being bent upon delivery, which I could definitely see happening with this sofa. If it would be dropped on a hard corner, metal tailgate for instance, in just the right way the metal frame would pay the price. Thankfully upon cutting open the box I saw a completely intact sofa.

So for the TL;DR types, good sofa, great price, nice styling, large and comfortable. If you’re worried about stains address the light colored cushions before something happens. Find a number outdoor sofas this stylish, large and comfortable at this price point and I will be surprised.

I’m eyeing up a chair or two of the same style to match, already have the table.
Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa, Dark Brown

(Super Hot Brand New Product) Amplivox Sir285 Infra-red Compac Pa, Just 1 Stock Available,Buy Now.


Characteristics of the product

Infrared 30 Watt PA
To the public up to 200 in rooms up to 1 500 feet square.
Built-in speaker 8″
Wireless microphone (select handheld, tie or pendant)
Two IR emitters

Product information

Technical details
Mark Amplivox
Point pounds 27.8
Dimensions of the product 6.5 x 6 x 8 inches
The number of elements 1
Item dimensions L x w x H 17 x 14 x 12 inches screen

Product description

Infrared technology allows antenna free crystal clear interference of wireless microphone
30 watts power output covers up to 200 audiences or rooms up to 1500 square feet
Security of the line of sight that no one outside the room you can hear your presentation
Wireless microphone volume control
stereo audio 3.5 mm/output taken
Stereo RCA jacks for auxiliary input
Frequency response: 50 Hz – 15 kHz
Rechargeable battery and charging intelligent system allows a totally portable operation with hassle free refill free
Wall or ceiling mounting bracket allows unit to be mounted anywhere
Power supply: built in 100-240 AC adapter 19V or switch / 2.3Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery
Includes handheld wireless microphone, brackets, 2 IR sensors, micro battery charger and power cord
Amplivox Sir285 Infra-red Compac Pa