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AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit Review

AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit Pocket friendly “sub ohm” vape kit,

AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit a little more compact in size than most sub ohm products this one might suit users who don’t want to lug around the larger heavier tanks and battery packs. Using a “pen” style battery this comes with the pyrex and steel tank, micro USB cable for charging, a spare BVC coil (one is pre fitted) and a mini spanner, which is really only for use if the coil is hard to remove; the flat edges are at the bottom of the coil covered with a silicone seal.
AMIGO® FP50 Mini Sub Kit E Cigarette Starter Kit
This is a smaller tank measuring 4.2cm on the flat edges top and bottom with a removable 1.5cm tip. Finish appears to be anodized metal rather than painted and with the glass it feels quite solid. At 2ml it’s not a huge capacity compared to some of the bigger ones around, clearly the idea is to go for a more compact size. Airflow is adjustable twin slots with a bottom fill on the tank.
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Looking at the battery it has quite a nice tactile feel with a pseudo carbon effect, the size is a perfect match for the tank a diameter of 1.8cm, length I measured at 9.2cm. This uses a 510 thread which is common to sub ohm tanks but you can fit a threaded adapter to convert it for use with the smaller atomisers (shame one isn’t included). A single button gives you an indication of the battery state white for 100-50%, blue when it’s 49-20%, and red below that showing it’s time to charge it. Slight unusual placement for the micro USB port on the side of the battery rather than the base (ventilation holes are there). You can charge and vape with this battery pack which is a good move even if the port location might not be ideal for that. The maker says 2-3 hours for a charge I time it at 135 minutes from flat, e cig batteries don’t charge at high amps like a phone.
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In terms of vape performance it’s a different experience using a sub ohm coil it’s worth trying as you can get a more intense vape and bigger cloud production as they say. I would strongly suggest using a lower level of nicotine (if you use any) and a high VG e-liquid: more VG tends to give a smoother less harsh throat hit, though these liquids cost more they are also thicker. Here the coils are better suited to this liquid than the smaller ones (there is a larger coil area by some margin compared to smaller atomisers which tend to clog up more quickly)
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I have no major complaints with this but it should be noted the voltage isn’t user adjustable. Going back a bit I would consider this a flaw, but over time even on the batteries I have I rarely change the voltages it’s much less of a problem than it looks on paper. Quality is good all round on this and the tank is sturdy too. Do take a bit more care not to drop this on harder surfaces the glass is strong but over time they can crack. At around 1500mAh it’s a reasonable capacity for a sub ohm kit, heavier users might want to look at a box style battery pack. At the 510 thread is common you can mix and match batteries and atomisers. User manual is well laid out and easy to follow with a few slightly off translations. A nice kit not for everyone (heavy users might find the battery won’t last a day moderate ones will probably find it enough). Overall an 8.6/10 for me